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I travel a fair bit, both for work and for fun. Here’s a bunch of random trip reports and daily trip-logs that I’ve put together and posted. I do a lot of work travelling, so some of those trips aren’t really worth a post or anything – thus the list of places I’ve travelled is a fair bit larger than the posts here. All of the sections pages are in the order of the trips (Day 1, 2, 3…). And finally, you can see everything I’ve ever tagged while travelling by clicking this link here. Nifty, ehh?
I’ve sorted it all by world geography, in an attempt to make it easy to figure out where I’ve been:
United States:
I have so much domestic travel that a lot of the time I don’t even write posts about it, but here’s a handful of tidbits that I have written about, mostly in chronological order.  My favorite might be the Honolulu one and the Lance Armstrong Bike shop one.
Gambling at the track – (Vegas – November 2008)
Things are bigger in Texas – (Dallas – October 2008)
I found some Red Rocks – (Vegas – April 2009)
Two puddles of water and a desert – (Vegas – May 2009)
Aloha – from the Hawaiian Islands! – (Honolulu – May 2009)
Cows and Corn? Welcome to Lincoln, NE – (Lincoln, NE – May 2009)
Texas Training Extravaganza – (Austin, TX – October 2009)
Lance Armstrong’s Bike Shop – (Austin, TX – October 2009)
Running in a blizzard (Lincoln, NE – December 2009)
The Nebraskan (Lincoln, NE – March 2010)
A New York Minute (NY, NY – March 2010)
Adventures in triathlon RV’ing (Central Virginia – April 2010)
Getting pushed out of a plane at 14,000 feet (Orlando, FL – May 2010)
Checkin’ out a Space Shuttle launch (Orlando, FL – May 2010)
The NYC Red Bull Air Races…and other items in NYC (NY, NY – June 2010)
Training in the middle of nowhere (Southern Virginia – June 2010)
Trying not to get skunked on a 3AM training ride (San Diego, CA – July 2010)
Beating the heat in Connecticut (Connecticut – July 2010)
The NYC Tri Expo and Underwear Run (July 2010)
A short trip to the Big Easy…with a side of BBQ in Memphis (Memphis & New Orleans – September 2010)
A ‘Magical’ Weekend (Disneyworld, Orlando, FL – October 2010)
My Movie Star Trip to New York City (NY, NY – November 2010)
We’re not in Kansas anymore…or wait…are we? (Kansas – April 2011)
My photo shoot day at Men’s Health Magazine (NY, NY – May 2011)
Seattle Area Posts (My Hometown):
Vancouver 2010 Olympics – February 2010:
Whistler (Canada) Skiing:
Calgary, Alberta – September 2009:
Newfoundland Posts (Home of The Girl):
Central America/Mexico/Caribbean:
Great White Shark Diving – November 2009:

Pre-trip: Getting all ready and packed
Day 1: The journey to the island
Day 2: Arrival at the island and the first day in the water
Day 3: Great White Sharks – woot!
Day 4: Sea Lions and Great White Sharks – double woot!
Day 5: The journey back to land and the trip home

Mexico City – July 2010
Guatemala City, Guatemala – July 2010
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – July 2010:
Jamaica – October 2010:
Haiti – October 2010:
Honduras – October 2010:
Mexico Coast – April 2008:
Ixtapa (after Oceanside 70.3 – April 2008)
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – February 2011:
France Skiing – February 2007:
Spain – March 2009:
Rome – May 2009:
Run around Rome (Rome, Italy – May 2009)
The Great Swim Search…and other Rome notables (Rome, Italy – May 2009)
Zurich Trips (Varied Dates):
Italian Coast/Greek Islands/Turkey – Honeymoon, July 2011:
The Honeymoon- Part I (Amalfi Coast in Italy)
The Honeymoon- Part II (Cruise from Italy through Greek Islands to Turkey)
Athens, Greece – January 2011:
Middle East/North Africa:
Jordan – January 2011:
Dubai, Egypt, Kenya – December 2008-January 2009:
(See Kenya section in Africa for continuation of trip)
Africa (West/Central/East/South):
Dubai, Egypt, Kenya – December 2008-January 2009:
(See Middle East Section for first half of trip)
Kenya and Tanzania – May/June 2009:
Welcome to Tanzania, by way of Zurich and Kenya (Tanzania – May 2009)
24 hours in Tanzania (Tanzania – June 2009)
Swimming in Kenya’s Nyayo National Stadium (Kenya – June 2009)
Wanna buy a Kenyan Bike? (Kenya – June 2009)
South Africa, Botswana and the Seychelles (off coast of Africa) – January 2011:
Ghana (Accra), Kenya (Nairobi) and a bit of South Africa – February 2011:
A circular tour of Africa (including a brief bit in Amsterdam)
Cycling around South Africa
Asia, India, & Indian Ocean:
Southeast Asia/Asia (China, Bali, Maldives, Hong Kong, Tokyo) – December 2009-January 2010:

Day 1 – The Tokyo shuffle and beyond
Day 2 – (A very cold) Beijing and some really big wall
Day 3 – The Singapore Sleepover
Days 4-6 – A prelude to a Bali Triathlon
Days 7-8 – A Bali Triathlon
Days 9-10 – Welcome to the Maldives
Days 11-13 – Maldivian water games, a night and day difference
A day with the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme
Days 14…and 14 – Three countries, one 30+ hour day

South Korea, Bangkok & Vietnam – November 2010:
India and Indian Safari – November 2010:
India (New Delhi) – December 2010:
South Pacific/Oceania:
SaipanTankNoTextPalau (little islands in the South Pacific) – December 2007:
Guam Recap: The Tour de Guam
Scuba Diving: One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish
Kayaking Day 1: For the love of all raindrops holy, please stop raining!
Kayaking Day 2: Here comes the sun!
Kayaking Day 3: Jellyfish Lake
Helicopters and Peleliu: From the Air
How to get around Palau: Palau Travel Information and Logistics
Saipan – November 2010:
Other Travel Posts of Note:
ConcordeHeaderTrip Report – Flying on a British Airways Concorde


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