Hello! Thanks for taking the time to reach out to me! I love hearing all the stories that you’ve got, especially the ones that stem from something around my little blog.

Unfortunately over time it has become more and more difficult for me to balance work, life, eating ice cream, training and answering the many many many e-mails I receive each day. On average I receive upwards of 200-300 e-mails/questions per day related to the blog. So I ask for your forgiveness in that I’m unable to answer most e-mail. I do indeed read each and every single e-mail however!


Here’s a massive list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Enjoy!

Technical Support/Troubleshooting:

Your best avenue for Garmin technical support issues is actually the Garmin Forums – that’s where I go anytime I’ve got an issue I can’t solve (and, to answer any questions I might not know). Virtually every issue ever seen by anyone is there, it’s a bit of a goldmine of free information.

Unannounced Products:

Unfortunately, I don’t have any information I can share on unannounced product – and in general I won’t answer e-mails asking about products that are unannounced.  Like most media/press, I’m typically under embargoes that prohibit me from doing so.  Sorry!

Looking for recommendations?

I’ve got a few posts right for you! Here’s my:

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Plus hit up the big ‘Buyers Guide’ tab up top there for all the different buyers guides I’ve put together.

If you’ve done some research and are still unsure – please post a comment/question to that post, as then others can benefit for my answer as well.  Win-win!

Finally, as a ‘pro tip’, the shorter/more concise your message below – the more likely I’ll be able to answer it.  Thanks again for stopping by!