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DCRainmaker’s, AKA “The Girl’s” approved baby list of must haves. Readers more often than not want to know what we are using in our household to successfully wrangle three tiny hoomans, and still manage a crazy busy schedule that never seems to let up.

Well, I have always maintained that we are by no means baby experts. But now, by our third baby, we have done a lot of sorting and filtering what baby and toddler products are worth hanging on to, and what are total fluff that the baby industry has conned you into thinking you need.

Keeping in mind we live in Europe and space in our house is a commodity. We continuously beg family and friends not to send more toys, especially plush toys, as they just end up in a giant bin of plush animals that never see the light of day. So if there’s a toy that has made the lists below, then it MUST be the holy grail for our kiddos (within that specific age category).

Hope these lists help you in your baby buying struggle! Below you will find, “Infant”, “Toddler”, “4 Years and Under”, and “Baby Transportation”.

Please remember anytime you are shopping through the product links below, you are helping support our family and keeping the website in business. It’s like shopping local, and we can’t say thanks enough!

~The Girl.


Baby Activity Floor MatThe first few months, babe can’t do a whole lot. Being able to lay back and whack at some floating animals is the name of the game.
Baby Einstein- Neptune TurtleLots of fun for babe as they start to coordinate their hands and get the cause and effect reaction. “I smack turtle, it plays music”. Best of all this music won’t drive you nuts!
Black and White Baby CardsI had no idea until I received these as a present, that infants can only see black and white! It takes about 5 months before they have a full spectrum of color. So these baby cards are a great way to get baby’s attention and help them focus and track objects!
Boppy LoungerWe found the Boppy Lounger to be the best propping up vessel for the first few months. Gentle incline avoiding the dreaded chin to chest position. **Also great holding device for infant photos!
Bright Stars- Tummy Time MirrorThis mirror was one of few things that would hold our daughters’ attention for more than a few moments during tummy time. Call them vain, but baby’s love looking in the mirror!
Dock-a-Tot DeluxeThis baby pod is a sleep miracle. With the bumpers on the side it helps calm those startle reflexes. As well a great way to ween off swaddles. Bonus, we traveled with this instead of a bulky travel cot up until four months or so!
Foam Safety Floor MatUndoubtedly babe will tire of tummy time and whack their forehead on floor. So, having some foam below is a nice concussion avoidance tool! Also, keep in mind these foam mats are going to occupy your flooring for the better part of 3 years, so best to buy “nice looking” ones than the bargain buy.
Infant Bath InsertDo yourself, or better yet your back, a favor and have a bath insert for the bath, counter top, kitchen sink… wherever you are going to bathe the babe.
Lille Baby Complete 6 Position CarrierThis carrier would single-handedly be the one item as a mom that I would not, could not, go without. Maybe because of our travel heavy lifestyle or car-less living situation. But all three girls LOVED being in "the pack", and I simply could not count the hours spent in there. Also of note, I'm still using our original purchase, and 4 years, 3 kids, and countless continents later it is in fantastic condition!
NoseFrida SnotSuckerI was totally grossed out when I received this as a baby shower gift with a note “don’t knock it until you try it”. Then, the first time I tried to breastfeed our eldest with a stuffy nose, I understood!
Wubbanub PacifiersAlso loving referred to as “wubby” or “wubs” in our house. We did not know about Wubanub on our first daughter, and having one on hand for P2 and P3… game changer! Just do it. Yes, they are worth the money! In fact, buy two!

Baby to Toddlers ~ Under 2 Years:

Crayola BathTime CrayonsYesssss. These super washable Crayons let your kiddos sit in the bath for a long time and be creative, and a little naughty coloring on the (bathtub) walls! I have spent many a Saturday mornings enjoying a quiet coffee as the littles become bath time Picassos!
First Toddler SlideA great first birthday present! Since it was raining the day it arrived I built it inside just for fun… it has since never left the living room. *** I specifically like this model because it has a bit of a "landing" area at the top of the stairs for the toddler to learn to transition from stairs to sitting and then swinging legs around to the slide. Makes for less falling backwards off the slide situations!
Fisher-Price JumperooIf you have the space for a “Jumperoo” please please don’t hesitate on this. You won’t regret it! It's basically a built in babysitter.
Fisher-Price Poppity Pop Musical Dinoa gift we received from a seasoned mom. Too much fun watching baby crawl after balls getting “bopped” out of the dinosaur and getting to throw them back into the bouncy pit!
Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor SeatIt’s a sit me up sling that is more developmentally appropriate than other prop-up seats to encourage baby in the sitting position. Our daughters loved this!
Monster Pop Up SurpriseThis toys is a must. Hours and hours of entertainment. Honestly, even our 3.5 year old still steals it from the youngin’s to have a go at it from time to time!
Munchkin Brand Snack CatchersThe girls call them "snack traps", and I also call them awesome. Once your kiddo can start eating dry cereal or baby puffs, this baby accessory is a must. Also, starts the era of your little one getting to gain a little independence!
Munchkin Heat Safety SpoonsFor first time parents entering the puree stage of life, these were great. Just a good mental reminder that “hot” for adults and “hot” for a baby are different temperature standards!
Nesting BlocksSo simple yet, so entertaining. You as the parent will likely do most of the building, but toddler getting to crash the blocks is well worth it.
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning WalkerGreat for babes who are just sitting- it has an interactive front panel to play with while sitting. Then it is awesome for the transition to start pulling themselves up to standing… eek… and then walking!

Toddler – 4 Year Old:

Baby Doll StrollerIf it's any indication of the popularity of these things, keep in mind we don’t have a ton of space, there are now two of these doll strollers in our house. **Doesn't have to be fancy no expensive! As long as they can put their doll in it, it's a winner!
Kids Kitchen PlaysetThis is a no brainer. It’s just simply choosing what style kitchen to get and how big! Also a fun present to let family chime in on, as they can buy the accessory fruit, plates, coffee makers, etc! **We try to stick to the wooden playsets and accessories**
Little Blue Truck Book SeriesWe have been avid readers to our girls since day one. This series of books has been slowly collected as our girls have continued to fall in love and recite by heart ALL the books! If we had to burn all of our books but one “set”, these would be our family’s fav. Don't miss out on the seasonal Blue Truck Adventures "Beep Beep Beep"
Melissa & Doug Stack and Sort ColorsIn general Melissa and Doug brand comes up with fantastic learning toys. Almost always of wood, are creative and quality! This one is a favorite because of the continuous learning we can teach with it.
Micro Kickboard - Mini DeluxeHuge hit in our house. And since we are European living, it’s a good thing to get started early on these as it soon becomes a regular mode of transportation! But don’t forget your helmets!
Nutcase - Little Nutty Bike Helmet for KidsWe love the Nutcase brand. They have quality helmets from one year up. Great designs that the kids love and want to wear!
Osmo - Little Genius Starter KitWe LOVE this educational game! Especially through out the different lock downs and stay at home orders, our 4 and 5 year old get really into it.
Play-Doh EVERYTHING!There is good reason why Play-Doh is a house hold recognized brand name. Honestly some mornings I send a text message to my parents in Canada stating “God Bless Play-Doh”. That’s it. The text message needs no further explanation.
Ready BedIf your little one has graduated to a “big kid bed”, this little bed has been a game changer for us and travel! Also when guests who are coming for a visit with other kiddos, super easy to pull out for a nap or over night. I’m SO happy to get rid of our “pack and play”/Travel cots!
Stand Up Water & Sand TableThere came a point our winter was so cold and long here in the Netherlands, that I put one of these in the shower for the kids! Suddenly all was right in the world again! **There are so many size and accessory options for these tables. It's just a matter of what works best for your home
Tommee Tippee Okay to Wake ClockYes. Just yes. This idea of teaching the child to stay in bed, or even just stay quiet (haha…serious), “until the sunshine wakes up”, is a must. Both of our daughters totally get it. And if they happen to wake one day 30 minute before normal, they just sneak over to their book shelf and get a story and sit in bed until they know they are allowed to get up! We started as young as about 18-20 months with our oldest! **Comes with great story book about the "sleepy farm"

Baby Transportation: 

Keep in mind we do not have a car. I would not want to recommend a specific car-seat model, as different countries have differing regulations, as well, everyone’s car and child size requirements are broad spectrum. We rely heavily on “wrangling children devices”, and these are our best finds!

Baby Jogger - City Select StrollerThe famous double stroller that Ray hoofed along in a 5km race in Cape Town, SA. This stroller has been our work horse for the last 2 years. At the moment the stroller currently supports the baby bassinet, 2nd seat, scooter board for eldest, and Lucy (yes the dog) in the bottom basket. All 4 sisters in one mode of transportation! **Buy just the single stroller and then build on it as your family grows!
Baby Jogger City Select LUX Pram Kit (Bassinet)I didn't know about the bassinet attachments on our first daughter, so she (angrily) spent a lot of time in the car seat attached to stroller! This is so much better to have the space to stretch out and snooze just like it's a crib "to go"!
Baby Jogger Glider BoardAwesome stroller "graduation" accessory! Our eldest daughter doesn't want to ride in the stroller anymore, but often we need to keep her "contained" and moving quickly! So the scooter board keeps her happy and us moving quickly! This stroller system is basically our car after all!
BOB Revolution PRO Jogging StrollerThere's just no competition in our minds on the best running stroller - it's what we use. In fact, we actually have two of them - one at home in Europe, and one with family in Canada that we picked up used. Go Bob Go!
Lille Baby Complete 6 Position CarrierThis carrier would single-handedly be the one item as a mom that I would not, could not, go without. Maybe because of our travel heavy lifestyle or car-less living situation. But all three girls LOVED being in "the pack", and I simply could not count the hours spent in there. Also of note, I'm still using our original purchase, and 4 years, 3 kids, and countless continents later it is in fantastic condition!
Yepp Maxi Bike SeatThe Maxi seat goes on the rear of the bike, just double check your bike set up as there are two "mount" options for the rear option!
Yepp Mini Bike SeatThe Mini mounts on the front of your bike. I LOVE the front seat. I was super intimidated at first, the seat was on my bike for about 2 months before I had the nerve to put our daughter on it. But now, I find the balance and steering with the weight of the child on the front easier than the back. Also, I think the girls love being up front right next to mom to sing songs!

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  1. Julio Aprea

    The Avent Microwave Sterilizer helps too for quick sterilizing without boiling large amounts of water.

  2. Ian Marchant

    Our first one loved the Bumbo to the point of falling asleep in it on a number of occasions. The second despised it with a passion but couldn’t climb out and just sat there protesting…

  3. David

    We found the Sit n Stroll to be the best carrier for the long haul. It’s the only stroller and car seat with retractable wheels so you can go from carrying your infant on the plane to strolling through the terminal and then back as a car seat when you get your rental. Ours lasted for years on trips all over the world and through two children. Its sold on Amazon (my kids were pre-Amazon)

  4. tom

    having become a father myself a few weeks ago i find this article very useful. why is this page not linked from the main website (or did i miss it)? please report how you get on with the running stroller. planning to buy one myself and not sure which one to choose. someone recommended the thule chariot to me which costs more than twice what the bob costs.

    • The Girl

      Hi Tom,
      I’m planning on writing a running post in the new year. Including running while pregnant, running postpartum, and with the Bob.
      The Bob was highly recommended by several competitive running friends as well as ironmans, so I took their word for it! stay tuned!

    • David G

      Any updates on the BOB stroller? My wife and I are looking into solid running strollers (we already have a good everyday stroller). I’ve heard great things about the BOB but they’re expensive so we’re putting in the research. Also, if I’m using this only for running should I get a fixed or swivel front wheel?

      Definitely would love to learn what your experiences have been.


    • I love it. Works great.

      I personally prefer the ability to switch between locked and unlocked wheel. While running I use locked only, but sometimes in the city it’s easier to use unlocked to walk around a bit. So for example the first few hundred meters I usually walk the stroller around some tight corners/turns in unlocked mode, and then I get onto my running path and hit up locked mode.

    • Zacharias Zachariou

      Hello happy new year. Any one knows for the best portable baby bottle and food warmer suitable for travel with battery

      Thank you


  5. Michael

    Almost as passionate about baby gear as I am about triathlon gear!

    – totally agree about the white noise machine, it’s a nap-saver
    – Medela pumps truly are the best
    – haven’t tried the BOB running stroller, but we love our Chariot (now owned by Thule). Made in Canada, and has optional adapters for biking, hiking and even cross-country skiing! There’s a good used market for these (at least here in Canada) in case cost is a concern.
    – my wife also didn’t care for the Boppy, but then she discovered the My Brest Friend nursing pillow and can’t imagine going back. But to each their own of course
    – haven’t tried the Lille, but finding the perfect carrier for you and baby is huge. We love woven wraps (Woven Wings is our fave brand) and the Ergo carrier. As a dad (aka non-milk-producing parent), there’s nothing better when baby is overtired and won’t sleep than popping the little squirt into a wrap, going for a walk or bouncing on a Swiss ball, and watching them magically fall asleep every single time. Babywearing ftw.

    Other favourite things that come to mind:
    – Stroll-Smart Hands Free Jogging Stroller Adaptor (takes some getting used to, but once you do it saves your running posture)
    – baby swing (we used the Fisher Price My Little Snugabunny for basically all naps until 3-4 months for both our kiddos, works like a charm)
    – good quality recliner for nursing (because up to 25% of your time is spent nursing, so you’d better be comfy)
    – Nosefrida Snotsucker (with saline drops or spray prior to use – looks disgusting, but clearing out your baby’s nose properly when they’re stuffed up so they can breathe/sleep better is a godsend)
    – Baby Buddy Secure-a-toy (to prevent an endless game of pick-up)
    – so many children’s books to recommend, don’t even know where I’d start

    • The Girl

      Great info here! Thanks!
      Man I wish I had had a recliner chair for the first 5 months, if not at least a rocking chair. I bought a beautiful chair for the nursery and it seemed comfy while pregnant, but man… my posture is shot now!
      The Lille is my best friend, and the noise machine is worth every sent! I’m hoping Santa brings a baby swing! We’ve used them at friends apartments and the peanut just loves it!
      Thanks again for the input! Off to amazon I go! ha

    • Frank V.

      Soon to be Dad so no experience with running/biking strollers.
      Curious about your opinion on going with the Chariot vs the Thule Glide and a burley D’LITE (or similar). Do you wish you had a dedicate run stroller and bike trailer or is the convertible the way to go? It seems like the Glide is over 5lbs lighter than the current Chariot CX1.

      Would love to see the Rainmaker style grid comparison of these products.

      Curious on thoughts on the Bob Vs Chariot Vs Glide as well from anyone.

    • Michael

      I’ve only ever tried the Chariot so can’t comment on the Glide or Burley or others convertibles.

      I think a dedicated run stroller and separate bike trailer is completely unnecessary. If you want to run and bike with kids in tow, no question I would get a Chariot or equivalent. I’ve tried a dedicated run stroller and could in no way justify the extra expense or space of having two pieces of equipment, for minimal to no increase in quality of experience.

      Chariot (Cougar 1, soon to upgrade to a 2-kid Chariot for springtime) plus the Stroll-Smart hands-free adapter for running has been amazing.

    • Barry D

      I bought the nose sucker too then I saw a study that showed it wasn’t effective. The big thing that works is just the saline drops according to this study. Tried using the sucker and my daughter won’t sit still to get suction so just using drops and sometimes a humidifier now and it has worked well.

    • Barry D

      Forgot to ask, would he stroll-smart work well on potholed roads and trails?

    • Michael

      The kid needs to be lying on their back for the snot sucker, and yes it works best with saline drops. Anecdotally it has worked great for us and our friends, and all the pediatricians I work with recommend them. Haven’t done a full literature search myself to respond to your comment about the study you saw.

    • Michael

      The stroll-smart would work fine on potholed roads, but trails or anything with lots of fast ups and downs and quick turns would be challenging and likely not worth using it

  6. Graham R

    awesome list – i just spotted it now – we have a 21 month old and a 5 month old born on the same day as your peanut and its interesting how many of the things i would suggest overlap :D

    the skip hop owl is amazing – we have 2 – one for each kid, and I’m sure once #2 is in his own room ill buy one for me…
    Skip hop has some great stuff – we have inadvertently ended up with a ton of things they make not even realizing it.
    They just came out with an activity table/exersaucer thing that our guy loves – and what sold us on it was that it converts to a kid sized table once they are out of the middle part.

    our #2 hasn’t been able to fit in his bumbo since he hit about 4 months old (legs like tree trunks), and we had a “basic simple” bouncer with the first guy and splurged for a nice graco swing for #2 – he hates it, and loves the little bouncer.. to each their own i guess.

    Shameless Plug – If you are looking for a fun book check out “A Secret Life Of Squirrels” by Nancy Rose (My mom who’s a Nova Scotian author) – its the first in her series of 4 books and just came out in a board book – amazon, indigo etc ;) my guys love chewing on the pages :D

    • The Girl

      Hi Graham,

      First of all I’m dying looking through the “Secret Life of Squirrels” preview on Amazon. I’m going to have to do an interview with your mom on how they get the pictures!

      As for the baby gear, I totally agree with Skip-hop being a great brand, sometimes a little more pricey but definitely solid products. And in regards to each baby liking different things… yup! I’m in the market for a second bouncer or swing, something for her when we are at Ray’s man cave. So I’ve been sticking her in all of our friends baby equipment first before deciding, sort of like a baby buffet of gear!

      Thanks for your comments. Now I’m off to buy squirrel books!

    • Michael

      K this is just crazy. I’d never heard of the book before, then 2 days later our interior designer for the house we’re building came over and brought our kids a book. Guess which one she brought?

  7. Toby Anscombe

    Another vote for Chariot (now Thule)..

    2 kids – running, cycling (including trails from 1 year old), beach, music festivals… you name it, it did it with no hiccups. The rear has a luggage compartment that will swallow a 35l rucksack and totally stable.

    Ebay will be your friend, they hold their value well. Just don’t try to use a carbon-framed bike..

  8. Toby Anscombe

    ..oh and for comedy value photo of eldest with youngest..

    When the peanut gets old enough make sure you check out Islabikes – proper bikes designed for kids and don’t even think about stabilisers!

  9. Juro

    Interesting that you are satisfied with the Withings Scale – the app wasn’t updated since 2013 (the scale is marketed to be good from birth to ~8 years so having an app with a lifespan of 1-2 years is unacceptable) and had serious stability issues for my partner (she was also logging breastfeeding in the app for the first couple of months). In addition, when used daily, the scale used to lose connection and had to be re-paired which on itself was a painful process. Having a 100% flawless experience with the “normal” Withings scale this has been a disappointment for me. We kept it for now but I lost a lot of my trust in Withings.

    • Yeah, as The Girl mentioned, the scale itself is great – but the app is horrible. At least in that like you said it hasn’t been updated in years and there’s a bunch of quirks about it. Still, for simply weighing her in once every few weeks, it works out.

  10. Paul

    Can you tell something about your experience with the BOB? I have a 5,5 month old girl, and looking forward to running together (also off-road) as soon as she is 9 months old.
    I think it is a lot of money for the BOB, and you seem to prefer the other stroller.

    • Isaac

      Personally I can’t recommend the BOB stroller any more highly. I am not a marathon runner or hardcore trail runner, but for general jogging, baby pushing, etc. it is tough to beat. Those tires roll so nice and soak up a ton of bumps. The infant carrier attachment also worked quite well.

      The only negatives that I can think of:

      1) It is pretty big. It’s surprisingly nimble, but if you are walking through a crowd you have to be careful about where the nose of the stroller is. Also, it doesn’t really pack up that small. Having said that, it has gone on cross country (US) trips and faired well.

      2) Not a ton of storage room. For runs that wasn’t ever an issue, but for general use we found that we were always wishing for more useful space.

    • Barry D

      I am looking forward to doing some base runs with the BOB in about a month. Waited until about a year old just to make sure all should be good because roads and trails aren’t smoothest where I am. Glad to hear that you found it pretty good because most people I see are using a Chariot. Might be because they can use for a variety of things, but I just want the stroller for running. Fingers crossed I like it for running because for anything else it has been great.

  11. Evo C

    hubs and i used the chariot carrier CX1 – it was sold to Thule not too long ago – but it is

    – a stroller
    – a running stroller
    – a XC ski sled
    – a bike trailer
    – baby supporter for years 1-2.

    and we used all the packages that came with it for the first 5 years of life. we recently sold it (last year) as our little one is now 6 years old and XC skis and bikes herself.

    REI recommended it to us as outdoorsy parents and after 5 years of usage, hubs and i highly recommend the combo. i believe either mountain tales mama or similar bloggers also recommend the chassis.

  12. helcatmichael

    I love your posts and my husband has been following DC Rainmaker’s thoughts on all running and tri tech for years.
    So happy you’ve found this niche to give us some pregnancy fitness and baby insights too. Husband and I very excited about the running baby stroller and other things- more interesting to research than cots after all!

    I’m now four months into first pregnancy no 1 and like you guys our lifestyle before this revolved very much around running, cycling, triathlon, races, the outdoors…. that is when we weren’t working!

    Very excited to read you were planning on writing more on your experience running with the baby and during pregnancy (!): this sort of thing is giving me hope life will go on.
    I’ve had pretty awful morning sickness which meant I really had to scale down what I was doing but I still get out when I can for a short jog/ a walk at least even if I have to stop and retch at the side of the path (nice).. but I hope this will improve: am determined to stick at it- the only thing that makes me still feel like me at the moment!

    We look forward to reading more!

  13. Daniel

    Hi there,

    great article, nicely written and full of helpful information. Thx for that!
    Just one little thing: some of the amazon Links seem to be broken. Maybe you can check…

    • Thanks!

      I think the issue is that I think you’re in Germany, and the Amazon.com links are trying to redirect to Amazon.de automatically. Unfortunately, there aren’t some of these products in Amazon.de, so it…well…craps itself. :(

      Maybe I’ll try and get the names added, so folks can try and find them more easily. I’m sorry!

    • Daniel


      thank you for the reply! Please don´t put too much effort / time in “reconstructing” those links…
      I´ll try and find them somewhere in the interwebs… ;-)

      But again, really great article, for me and my wife getting a little lady this year very very helpful!

      Have a good time!

  14. Scorp

    Man, I know it’s old… but I’ll also vote for Thule Chariot CX. We got the CX2 because, well, we got 2 Kids (figures). Best purchase ever! My wife and I can go biking, running, use it as a normal stroller and with the infant kit, we could put both our kids in it while they were still little babies. And it has lots of luggage space. And for us it’s simply the best. And well, you know, my wife’s got no excuses not to go running anymore *g* And… OK, I’ll stop!
    This section remembes me, when my wife and I were shopping for our first… Good memorys… (less good for the wallet though) :D

  15. Jeremy

    Any thoughts on baby monitors yet? Thought DCR would be all about from wifi cams

    • We use Nest, works great.

      We’ve also used the Withings Baby Cam as well, mostly while travelling (got them both). I think the Withings Cam is actually a better overall design in terms of being able to see/here the video on your lockscreen (on iOS). but we use Dropcam/Nest for everything else in our businesses and house. So…it’s nice having everything in one spot.

      The one thing we like about both is we can check on the baby if we’re out (and there’s a sitter), from anywhere with WiFi.

    • Tyler R

      do you pay for the nest cloud service or just live video? That’s the biggest turn-off for nest for me :\

    • For the baby cam, just live video. For our other stuff we pay for the 7-day.

  16. Tatsuji

    Hi, we (ok, my wife :) just had our first in January, and your guide came in very handy! We ended up going with the Chicco Bravo travel system instead of the Britax, but love it as well. We live in Tokyo, so your comments regarding using the travel system in a city are right on the nose. We can easily put into a taxi and then snap it into a stroller and wheel away. However, our kid will probably outgrow the infant car seat in a few more months and was wondering what solution you had found (assuming the Peanut has outgrown her car seat). I’ve been looking around and none of the 1+ year old sized car seats seem to be able to snap into a stroller. They’re great if you have your own car, but not if you’re liberally relying on rental cars or taxis. Because of that, most mothers here just end up carrying the toddlers in the back of a cab, but that scares the s@*# out of me…

    • Yeah, we don’t really have a good solution there either. We just bought a toddler carseat, but it’s still a pickle otherwise for quick trips around town where we might walk one-way. :-/

  17. Emily

    The links for the stroller and carseat expired. Will you please update them?

  18. Pablo

    Hi Ray,
    Any updates of the baby monitor? Still using Nest?


    • Yup! Three of them now. One wide shot in the kids room that gets both cribs, one close-up of the littler babies crib, and then one really old one we use if we end up putting the little one elsewhere in another room in a pack & play to sleep if one of them is sick or something (we call that cam ‘The Roamer’, and just plug it in wherever).

      Continues to work awesome for us.

    • Pablo

      Thanks for the answer!
      Have you tried the Amazon Cloud Cam? Is on sale ;)

  19. Misha Monder

    Any recommendations for baby carrier for hiking?
    For running I got the babyjogger summit x3. Love it.
    Keep up the good work.

  20. jay

    Some of the links are dead :(

  21. Sally Lawrence

    Hi there, have you found a fitness tracker / watch that counts your steps whilst pushing a buggy? Thanks for your help!

  22. Marko Toplak

    Did you ever try putting the Yepp Mini seat on a road bike? Would it fit that geometry? It looks amazing, but if I try to visualize it on my gravel bike, I am not sure if there is enough space for my knees. Thanks!

  23. Jonas Muller

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