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Now that both The Peanut and P2 have arrived, I am finding myself answering a lot of emails regarding general baby questions. While I find myself doing a lot of diapers, burping, and lullabies these days, I tend to leave the buying of products up to The Girl. So with that, I am going to turn this page over to her to comment and maintain. -Ray

Hey there, I hear you’re interested in baby stuff? I am going to make the disclaimer right out of the gate that I am not a baby expert. Certainly not a pediatrician. And, I am nowhere near being a seasoned baby whisperer… yet! So, this page is simply giving you the insider view on what we are using. I’ll list the stuff we love, and even stuff that we might have tried and don’t get much love out of. I will continue to update the page as our little one gets older, and possibly as we add more peanuts to the family.  Please don’t ask me to write a Ray-style in-depth review on a pacifier, that would just be silly! And I’m sure if you’re a parent reading this you know that no two babies are alike, so what my baby likes yours very well might detest – so please keep that in mind! As always, I’m more than happy to hear from those of you who ARE seasoned baby whisperers! Please feel encouraged to leave me all of your good baby lovin’ advice in the comment section below, I thank you in advance!

-The Girl

Maternity Stuffs

During pregnancy I just tried my best to get on with life as usual, but there were a few little things that made the changes a little easier. Here’s what I found.

Tummy Drops: These little candies kept me from tossing my cupcakes each morning at the bakery. They used to also sell them in peppermint which I also enjoyed, but the ginger ones were good too. A little spicy!

Bellaband: This had to be one of my best purchases! This band went around the top of my regular skinny jeans and allowed me to wear non-maternity jeans pretty close to the 7 month mark! This actually works, I bought it in black and it just looked like I had layered my shirts. Way way better than shelling out for multiple pairs of maternity pants.

Belly Butter: Now I know a lot of people believe that stretch marks are hereditary, and I really don’t know the science behind it all. What I will say, is that my belly was so freaking itchy for about a month before I ponied up and bought a pot of this stuff! It soothed the skin instantly, I about cried with satisfaction the first time I put it on, and in the end, after having a 9lb baby I had Z.E.R.O. stretch marks. Take that as you will. I’ll be buying it again for the next additions!

Belly Support Belt (Running belt): I was one of the lucky ones. Running felt great for me from the get go. In fact, my knees and IT bands had not felt that good since I was like 12 years old, so I ran 10km every other day for 33 weeks! Why sport scientists have not bottled the hormone prolactin and sold it on the black market is beyond me; I’d be paying top dollar for it! Annnnyways, this belly support band helped me out during the latter weeks of the pregnancy while running. More specifically it helped the bladder keep from getting beat up from the pounding of running/babies head bouncing off it! Poor bladder. I was likely going to call it quits on running due to pelvic discomfort, but I bought this belt on a whim and ended up getting another 6-7 weeks out of it. Bonus: it washed really well in the machine, just be sure to put it in a mesh bag or secure the Velcro somehow so you don’t destroy your favorite dry-fit…

Prenatal: This brand specifically was recommended to me by my nutritionist. All the good stuff, 100% food-based vitamins, super easy on my stomach. I’m still taking them while breastfeeding. Skin, hair, and nails have never looked so good.

Prenatal DHA: All the good oils for the baby! No oily aftertaste. Super easy on the belly!

Baby Carrying Systems

This section is dedicated to all things used to carry the little peanut.

Everyday Stroller: This is the Britax travel system. We absolutely love love this entire setup. For city living purposes it’s fantastic, we can pop the car seat onto the stroller making it one sturdy piece, and any time we get tired of walking around and want to grab a cab or our city share car (Autolib), we now have our car safety seat readily available. This whole system is crazy easy to assemble, super durable, and the wheels are big for cobblestone shock absorption. I’m sure there are a thousand more reasons why I love it, but I think you get the point.

Car Seat: This is the same link as the one above. You can definitely buy the stroller and the car seat as separate pieces, but we needed them both and it came with all of the parts to make it one, so this was a no brainer. We love the car seat, which is lovingly referred to as the cow-seat.

Stroller Rain Jacket: Since we are car-less city dwellers, I am constantly running errands with baby in tow via the stroller. I didn’t even open the packaging on this one until October when we started the Paris rainy season. This rain cover is perfect. Easy to just roll up and stuff under the stroller or in my diaper bag. Doesn’t take a PhD to figure out while caught off guard in the middle of a downpour without any awning to cling to for cover.

Lille Baby Carrier: This is one of my all-time favorite baby accessories. Our babe loves hanging out in here, makes my life really easy for getting around, especially in crowded areas where a stroller would be a disaster. Love love love.

Infant Baby Carrier: This is the K-Tan baby carrier/soft sling. Personally I wish I hadn’t put this on the baby registry. Not sure if it was just a bad combo of small mom, big baby, and Paris summers being sweltering, but I used this twice… maximum. Reality is the Lille Baby Carrier has an adjustable seating size, so I popped our little one in that from the get go and felt a lot more confident with that carrier. Just my experience.

Bob Running Stroller: We have this Bob, but we don’t run with it yet because I don’t think our babe is quite strong enough yet. I’ll get back to this section in a few months. We chose this one because other runners and triathletes told us to!

Stroller Sun Shade: So we use this brand “Dookey”, it’s European. So for North Americans clicking I’m sure that’s absurdly expensive for what it is. Normally €12 or so. But this link is similar to the Dookey. Anyways, I like this product specifically because it is SPF material ANNNND allows air flow. I’ve read too many stories on people accidentally cooking their kiddo by just flopping blankets over the whole stroller or car-seat, and that’s super scary and sad. So this thing is like a shower curtain for the sun and still allows air to blow through for temperature control! Phhhhewww

Stroller Carabiners: Since we are living without a car, I am also without a vehicle trunk! Thus, the carabiners are my mode of transporting goods. Yes, I know that what the shopper-basket on the bottom is for, but normally the dog is in the bottom of the stroller. (I know, eyeball roll, but please imagine the stroller, filled with 20+ lbs kid, 20+ lbs groceries, and whatever other errand I’ve done that day… and then push said stroller one handed on cobblestones while holding the leash for the puppers… Nope. Dog goes in basket, and we have a European Minivan!). Now you understand the importance of these gadgets! I’m not sure the brand really matters as long as you aim for ones with leather Velcro straps and metal carabiners… plastic isn’t going to last, I promise.

Foam Stroller Fans: These little gems are just that! Gems. Foam and battery powered! As a little little baby the peanut was just transfixed on the fans, not to mention kept cool! And now almost 15 months later she still loves the feeling of the breeze on her face! Since the blades are foam it’s no biggie if it whacks her in the face or she grabs with her hands, it doesn’t hurt at all. As well, she has given the blades a run for their money with pulling and tearing at them… all three are still attached. I will admit I bought this as a single last Christmas before our trip to Australia, but I can only find them now in the two pack, so twice the price. I’ll buy them again this Christmas before we head to the Land of Oz once again!

Baby Entertainment


There have been some play items that we have come to love, some of which keep baby engaged for long enough for me to get this “Baby Gear” page created! As always, if YOU have suggestions of “must haves” please let us know, we are new at this too!

From Birth – 6 months:

For this portion of our parenting lives, it felt like time blew by, for both kiddos! Like time was in warp speed! So, I’m sure this is not a “complete list”, but since P2 has come along I have tried to edit this list for the things BOTH kiddos utilized to the max!

Play Mat: I have been a big fan so far of the Skip Hop brand. I am sure there are a hundred different styles and brands of play mats, but this one is really doing the trick for us.

Play Mat Foam: We just have this little pack of 9 foam squares. It goes under the Skip Hop mat from above and just creates a little more head-banging safety against our hardwood floors. Nothing fancy, and does its job perfectly!

Jumperoo Play Station: This thing… oh man where do I start? Worth. Every. Penny!

Bumbo: A friend of ours just gave this chair to us. She said her baby hated it and never sat in the for more than a few minutes. Our little one sits in it for 20+ min no problem. I (personally) think it helps her with her core strength as she can sit up for longer and longer now. But again I’m not a baby expert. Just goes to show every baby likes and disliked different things.

Baby Einstein Turtle: This was the first baby toy that we bought, and she love love loves this thing! She’s become very efficient at giving the buttons a solid whack and gets a good kick out of it every time! I would say this toy really encouraged her/motivated her to stay on her tummy longer.

Muffin the Moose: I am Canadian (and so is the Peanut), so how could I not get this fantastic teether and activity toy?? It’s awesome! Patriotic duties complete!

Manhattan Toy Company Sensory Ball: This has been a great toy addition for us. It doubles as a teether and a sensory ball. With all of the little loops to manipulate her hands can double grab the ball and shake. There’s a really soft sounding rattle in the middle piece as well, which is stimulating but not annoying.

Bright Stars Floor Mirror: From the beginning we noticed The Peanut liked mirrors. She was enchanted by them, and more often than not, when mid melt down, they provided as a distraction to whatever it was that ailed her. She received this mirror as a present around 5 months, and it was awesome, made tummy time an enhanced experience! Wish we had had it a few months earlier!

From 6 months – 12 months:

Ray and I have tried to be very aware of the amount of stuff we collect for The Peanuts. I would like to say we are sticking to a conservative amount of stuff, and as well “purposeful” purchases. It’s incredible how quickly toys, presents, and knick-knacks pile up, and we simply do not have the space in our European living spaces. We have found going to friends’ homes with similarly aged kiddos is the best way to figure out what the girls are interested in playing with. Also, mom’s with slightly older kids than you will likely know what actually works for feeding, cleaning, and organizing! As always, if YOU have suggestions of “must haves” please let us know, we are new at this too!

VTech Sit to Stand Activity Walker: We love this activity toy. We got it for her when she was just getting used to sitting on her own. There are spinners and toys low enough on the front that if the baby is still doing tummy time they can still reach things to do. But it was the first toy that actually motived The Peanut to sit up for longer periods of time (without any supports) and smack around at all the buttons, spinners, pull tags, etc. Now, on the verge of walking, she can use it as a push support walker, and the wheels have two different degrees of resistance… like a bike trainer with the screw down flywheel!

Leap Frog, Peak-a-Boo, Talking Octopus: You’re going to be super sad, but we received this gal second hand, and it looks like Amazon now outsources this toy to expensive sellers. I can’t suggest paying $100+ for it, but if you happen to find it in your country for less, second hand, or maybe eBay, BUY IT!! Oh, my gooooodness. This Little Octopus is great. Teaches looking under things, coordination dropping balls into two different openings, numbers 1-8 and colors! Plus there is a music button on her belt that plays different songs that will inevitably haunt your dreams. But your kid will love it, sit there clapping to the songs, and stay engaged for a long time! If nothing else, take a peek so you know what it looks like and can keep an eye out for it. But please don’t drop a paycheck on it.

Poppity-Pop Musical Dino: To be honest, The Peanut received this at Christmas from my best friend, and at 6 months-ish, it sort of scared the crap out of her… and the Dog! Now at 13 months she’s coming around to it (the Peanut, not the dog) and it’s a lot of fun!! I only drop that honesty bomb on you because she really didn’t like it at first, maybe too animated? But I have hosted several “mommy play groups” and I’ve had some kids as old as 4-5 years old still playing with it. So I think it’s great and will last a long time, compared to some toys the babes outgrow as their motor skills improve.

Fisher Price Classic Infant Trio: Here’s a set of three toys, stacking rings, shape box, and Xylophone. She’s been using this for months, and at first most items were just chewed on. Now she plays the xylophone, and is starting to figure out putting the shapes into the correct holes. The stacking rings… well they mostly get thrown. She’ll get there! Ha

Buggly Wuggly Ride-On Snail: A birthday present from Ray’s Parents, and what a ride it is. Although the Peanut’s legs are quite long enough to touch the ground and push yet, she loves sitting up on the snail and hanging onto its eyeballs… which honk! Yes, you read that right. The eyeballs honk and light up. There is a storage compartment which sometimes stores blocks, other times leftover Cheerios, you choose. Pushing her around the apartment is hilarious.

Box Buliding Blocks: I can’t find these anywhere on Amazon, (sorry, that’s literally how most of my shopping happens). Ray and I bought these for The Peanut’s birthday and she loves them. If you don’t have access to this brand in particular, I would look for a type of block that is semi-flexible and has smooth edges. She climbs and crawls all over these things and it doesn’t scratch her, and she can chew on them no prob. I think the semi flexibility in the blocks allows for a little more success (and thus motivation) in creating stacks.

Bubble Machine: I bought this for The Peanut’s first birthday party, and it was a wild success! Ours is Little Mermaid branded, but the same toy manufacturer… different stickers. We love it. Loads and loads of bubbles, the kiddos went nuts trying to catch and poke them. Worth every penny. We use it all the time for entertainment and some beautiful pictures as well.

10 Little Bears Book: A present from her Aunty, this has proved a favorite book! It’s a “board book”, which means the pages are as thick as the cover. As the story progresses, one squishy bear disappears after each turn of the page. And finally, you can read the entire story in the tune of “Bah Bah Black Sheep”, which is a lot of fun. We read it pretty much daily.

Sesame Street Waterproof Bath Books: These are great for bath time. We love reading books, and the bath is no exception. I find them easier to clean and they last longer than the squirt toys that inevitably get moldy inside. I think you can even find these at your local dollar store! I wouldn’t spend more than a dollar or two per book, they can’t really improve that much in quality! Haha

Munchkin Bath Squirt Toys: We love bath time, and having toys in the bath is a great addition. I personally love the squirt toys because it raises the level of fun, and our Dog Lucy LOOOOVES being squirted. So it’s a whole family gathering around the bathtub with these things! A word of warning however, squirt toys are a mess to try to clean… and thus once the squirt toys start adding algae to the bath, just chuck them. Please! You will get maybe 2-3 months per toy, so if I have a 9-10 pack of toys I only unload 3 or so of them at a time (plus a bath book). That is more than enough, and then it doesn’t seem so wasteful to be tossing toys in the bin. Also, the Munchkin brand is our favorite, and we often get these as add ons to presents (I told you, you will accumulate a lot of stuff), but if I had to buy these myself, I would maybe check out a TJ Maxx/ discount-y type store and see if I can’t get them for cheap? Or, again, check out your local dollar store for something similar!

“Chewelry”: Get it? Chew-elry… like chewable jewelry? I wasn’t sure if this should go in toys or the eating category? But basically the Peanut goes nuts for this. I have several, she chews, pulls, plays, you name it, with these necklaces. It keeps her from pulling and chewing on my hair, and they are actually really cute jewelry pieces so you can still wear a necklace that your kiddo won’t destroy or choke on. Honestly these were a lifesaver on the airplanes as well!

Sassy Suction Cup Wheel: So we just recently had former expat friends in town with their 20 month old, and they had this creation in tow! Winner winner! The suction cup could use a little more “umph” but in general this is great for entertaining babe at a restaurant or anytime you’re sitting and waiting… and not totally on board with sticking an iPhone/iPad in the kiddo’s hands. Good find! It’s always good to have older baby-friends! They have all the good finds!

Baby Nursery

European living has made my life so nice over here. I feel like we have really pared down on the amount of “stuff” we have; our nursery is little and we only have the things we need! It’s great! In addition to this list I also highly recommend cruising through your nearest IKEA to see all of their great baby furniture and stuffs!

Noise Machine: I love this noise machine for so many reasons. I definitely initially picked it because of looks – pretty little owl. But now that we use it every day for 3 naps and throughout the night I realize I really lucked out! It has two different light options (soft glow light, and star projector), and the “noise” selection is everything from songs to rolling beach waves! All of the different options can be controlled individually from one another so your options are endless! We love it; if you are still deciding on buying a noise machine or not, PLEASE do yourself a favor and buy one! You might not want this one, but you DO want one!

Mobile Motor/ Music Box: I really wanted to make our mobile decorations as a project with my mom. So originally I purchased this mobile and it was total crap! Music played for a whopping 2 minutes… But the arm and attachment pieces were fine. So I made my decorations and it looks pretty, and eventually upgraded the sound box. The Shiloh music box is perfect. Music plays for 30 minutes or so, you can control the volume, you can skip a song or even find one song that you like and put it on repeat. We use this a few times a day as well!

Change Pad: This thing is great. I’m really not sure how different these products can really be from one another, but this seemed to be the most reasonably priced and I like it! We didn’t buy change pad covers, we have a surplus of bath towels so I use those and toss them in the wash every few days.

Wipe Warmer: I thought this was a little silly at first, but it was a gift we received so I gave it a shot! Ummmmm do you want a cold wet towel on your squiggly bits in the middle of the night while you’re half asleep? No? Well, neither does baby! hahaha I am a wipe warmer convert now. Think of me as you want 🙂

Boppy Nursing Pillow: Everyone and their grandma told me I “NEEEEDED” one for the best breastfeeding experience… Both our babes were been exclusively breastfed 6+ months and I used that thing one time and flung it across the room out of frustration 2 minutes in. The reason I recommend it is because we actually used it a lot for photos and propping up the girls. Lay a nice blanket over it and voila!

Baby/Child Weight Scale: The Withings weight scale is pretty great. I am sure you tech-focused people out there might have some choice words for their current version of the pairing app, but for me non-techie I like it. The scale chats with the phone, and keeps track of everything for me. I used to use the app for tracking feeding and napping schedules as well, but now I manage that daily in my head. We even get cool graphs for our Peanuts’ weight gain and percentiles.

Baby Feeding Equipment


The different types of bottles, spoons, heaters, etc. are endless! It can be overwhelming! I since learned that in America, and most of Canada, you can go into big box baby stores and get a “sample box” when you register for a registry or something. I know lots of moms who un-apologetically went to every store possible to get a variety of samples. I say Kudos to them! You DO NOT need to have your bottles fully stocked before the baby comes. Some babies are super picky on tip shape etc. Even go borrow some different bottle brands from other moms if you want. Don’t rush it and spend your hard earned money on silly things… believe me, you’ll be spending enough dough as you go!

Milk Pumps! : I think the general consensus is that Medela is the brand of choice. I chose this specific model because it seemed to be the most travel-friendly one. It does a great job, isn’t super loud, and it’s easy to assemble and operate. I don’t have any experience comparing this to other brands/models, however I’m super happy with this one and would not be looking for a different option.

Baby Bottles: I chose this brand specifically because my mom told me to! haha, it’s what my parents used with 4 kiddos without any issues, so it’s what I bought too. Our little one has no problems latching on to this tip, we started with the 0-3month “slow” tip, and now we have moved up to the 3+ month “medium” flow. If you go with this type of bottle, please don’t forget you need to buy these “drop ins” to go inside.

Color Changing Spoons: I think this is the coolest thing! The spoon tip changes color if the food is too hot! I know, I know, you can just stick your pinky in the bowl and you’ll know if it’s too hot, but I like it.

Munchkin Snack Catcher: We discovered these nifty contraptions on our road trip in California back in April (2017). The Peanut has only spent limited time in cars, so the whole “magic” of putting a kid in a car- soothing/ sleeping trick… yeah that didn’t happen for us! She did not appreciate the car as much as was promised by our North American parent-friends. However, she really appreciated these containers. I could only sit in the back seat entertaining her and feeding her Cheerios for so long before I would be car sick, so this gave her something to do, figure out, and also have a reward at the end of the rainbow! Probably saved our wallets as I was threating to buy plane tickets for the rest of the legs of our West Coast travels!

Munchkin Spoons: Earlier we exclusively used the Munchkin color changing spoons, and they were great for learning how to eat off of a spoon (I know that sounds crazy). But these earlier spoons were much shallower, more like a paddle, and that was perfect. But now The Peanut is eating bigger spoonful’s of sloppier foods, and thus we have graduated to this deeper spoon. I know… it sounds bananas. But it changes the stress level and success level of dinner time, in my opinion and experience. Maybe my kid is just a pain in the bum.

Clip On High Chair: This chair is great for apartment living. She’s just hanging out with us at the table during meals, and we can all enjoy eating together. This material is great and has been through a lot! Including the wash many many times. Super easy to disassemble, store, wash, you name it!

Advent Bottles: We have recently added these bottles to our arsenal. I love love love the disposable liners when Peanuts were really little and could have 5-6+ bottles a day or when we are traveling! They are perfect for in and out of hotels, airplanes, etc. not having to sanitize the bottles. But, these are more environmentally friendly, it’s the brand they use at the daycare, etc. Our girls had zero problems switching back and forth between brands, so we pick and choose as the situation dictates.

Universal Bottle Handle: Some bottle brands have brand specific handles you can clip on, or screw into the top, but Playtex didn’t have that. So I have to say this might have been one of my favorite baby finds! It took maybe 3-4 days of propping the girls up on a pillow and they became self-feeding pros! And mommy could take a gloriously long shower while the kiddo was in a bouncy chair, content with her very own milk bottle! #MomWin!

Stay tuned over time as the Peanuts grow, so will the list!

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  1. Julio Aprea

    The Avent Microwave Sterilizer helps too for quick sterilizing without boiling large amounts of water.

  2. Ian Marchant

    Our first one loved the Bumbo to the point of falling asleep in it on a number of occasions. The second despised it with a passion but couldn’t climb out and just sat there protesting…

  3. David

    We found the Sit n Stroll to be the best carrier for the long haul. It’s the only stroller and car seat with retractable wheels so you can go from carrying your infant on the plane to strolling through the terminal and then back as a car seat when you get your rental. Ours lasted for years on trips all over the world and through two children. Its sold on Amazon (my kids were pre-Amazon)

  4. tom

    having become a father myself a few weeks ago i find this article very useful. why is this page not linked from the main website (or did i miss it)? please report how you get on with the running stroller. planning to buy one myself and not sure which one to choose. someone recommended the thule chariot to me which costs more than twice what the bob costs.

    • The Girl

      Hi Tom,
      I’m planning on writing a running post in the new year. Including running while pregnant, running postpartum, and with the Bob.
      The Bob was highly recommended by several competitive running friends as well as ironmans, so I took their word for it! stay tuned!

    • David G

      Any updates on the BOB stroller? My wife and I are looking into solid running strollers (we already have a good everyday stroller). I’ve heard great things about the BOB but they’re expensive so we’re putting in the research. Also, if I’m using this only for running should I get a fixed or swivel front wheel?

      Definitely would love to learn what your experiences have been.


    • I love it. Works great.

      I personally prefer the ability to switch between locked and unlocked wheel. While running I use locked only, but sometimes in the city it’s easier to use unlocked to walk around a bit. So for example the first few hundred meters I usually walk the stroller around some tight corners/turns in unlocked mode, and then I get onto my running path and hit up locked mode.

  5. Michael

    Almost as passionate about baby gear as I am about triathlon gear!

    – totally agree about the white noise machine, it’s a nap-saver
    – Medela pumps truly are the best
    – haven’t tried the BOB running stroller, but we love our Chariot (now owned by Thule). Made in Canada, and has optional adapters for biking, hiking and even cross-country skiing! There’s a good used market for these (at least here in Canada) in case cost is a concern.
    – my wife also didn’t care for the Boppy, but then she discovered the My Brest Friend nursing pillow and can’t imagine going back. But to each their own of course
    – haven’t tried the Lille, but finding the perfect carrier for you and baby is huge. We love woven wraps (Woven Wings is our fave brand) and the Ergo carrier. As a dad (aka non-milk-producing parent), there’s nothing better when baby is overtired and won’t sleep than popping the little squirt into a wrap, going for a walk or bouncing on a Swiss ball, and watching them magically fall asleep every single time. Babywearing ftw.

    Other favourite things that come to mind:
    – Stroll-Smart Hands Free Jogging Stroller Adaptor (takes some getting used to, but once you do it saves your running posture)
    – baby swing (we used the Fisher Price My Little Snugabunny for basically all naps until 3-4 months for both our kiddos, works like a charm)
    – good quality recliner for nursing (because up to 25% of your time is spent nursing, so you’d better be comfy)
    – Nosefrida Snotsucker (with saline drops or spray prior to use – looks disgusting, but clearing out your baby’s nose properly when they’re stuffed up so they can breathe/sleep better is a godsend)
    – Baby Buddy Secure-a-toy (to prevent an endless game of pick-up)
    – so many children’s books to recommend, don’t even know where I’d start

    • The Girl

      Great info here! Thanks!
      Man I wish I had had a recliner chair for the first 5 months, if not at least a rocking chair. I bought a beautiful chair for the nursery and it seemed comfy while pregnant, but man… my posture is shot now!
      The Lille is my best friend, and the noise machine is worth every sent! I’m hoping Santa brings a baby swing! We’ve used them at friends apartments and the peanut just loves it!
      Thanks again for the input! Off to amazon I go! ha

    • Frank V.

      Soon to be Dad so no experience with running/biking strollers.
      Curious about your opinion on going with the Chariot vs the Thule Glide and a burley D’LITE (or similar). Do you wish you had a dedicate run stroller and bike trailer or is the convertible the way to go? It seems like the Glide is over 5lbs lighter than the current Chariot CX1.

      Would love to see the Rainmaker style grid comparison of these products.

      Curious on thoughts on the Bob Vs Chariot Vs Glide as well from anyone.

    • Michael

      I’ve only ever tried the Chariot so can’t comment on the Glide or Burley or others convertibles.

      I think a dedicated run stroller and separate bike trailer is completely unnecessary. If you want to run and bike with kids in tow, no question I would get a Chariot or equivalent. I’ve tried a dedicated run stroller and could in no way justify the extra expense or space of having two pieces of equipment, for minimal to no increase in quality of experience.

      Chariot (Cougar 1, soon to upgrade to a 2-kid Chariot for springtime) plus the Stroll-Smart hands-free adapter for running has been amazing.

    • Barry D

      I bought the nose sucker too then I saw a study that showed it wasn’t effective. The big thing that works is just the saline drops according to this study. Tried using the sucker and my daughter won’t sit still to get suction so just using drops and sometimes a humidifier now and it has worked well.

    • Barry D

      Forgot to ask, would he stroll-smart work well on potholed roads and trails?

    • Michael

      The kid needs to be lying on their back for the snot sucker, and yes it works best with saline drops. Anecdotally it has worked great for us and our friends, and all the pediatricians I work with recommend them. Haven’t done a full literature search myself to respond to your comment about the study you saw.

    • Michael

      The stroll-smart would work fine on potholed roads, but trails or anything with lots of fast ups and downs and quick turns would be challenging and likely not worth using it

  6. Graham R

    awesome list – i just spotted it now – we have a 21 month old and a 5 month old born on the same day as your peanut and its interesting how many of the things i would suggest overlap 😀

    the skip hop owl is amazing – we have 2 – one for each kid, and I’m sure once #2 is in his own room ill buy one for me…
    Skip hop has some great stuff – we have inadvertently ended up with a ton of things they make not even realizing it.
    They just came out with an activity table/exersaucer thing that our guy loves – and what sold us on it was that it converts to a kid sized table once they are out of the middle part.

    our #2 hasn’t been able to fit in his bumbo since he hit about 4 months old (legs like tree trunks), and we had a “basic simple” bouncer with the first guy and splurged for a nice graco swing for #2 – he hates it, and loves the little bouncer.. to each their own i guess.

    Shameless Plug – If you are looking for a fun book check out “A Secret Life Of Squirrels” by Nancy Rose (My mom who’s a Nova Scotian author) – its the first in her series of 4 books and just came out in a board book – amazon, indigo etc 😉 my guys love chewing on the pages 😀

    • The Girl

      Hi Graham,

      First of all I’m dying looking through the “Secret Life of Squirrels” preview on Amazon. I’m going to have to do an interview with your mom on how they get the pictures!

      As for the baby gear, I totally agree with Skip-hop being a great brand, sometimes a little more pricey but definitely solid products. And in regards to each baby liking different things… yup! I’m in the market for a second bouncer or swing, something for her when we are at Ray’s man cave. So I’ve been sticking her in all of our friends baby equipment first before deciding, sort of like a baby buffet of gear!

      Thanks for your comments. Now I’m off to buy squirrel books!

    • Michael

      K this is just crazy. I’d never heard of the book before, then 2 days later our interior designer for the house we’re building came over and brought our kids a book. Guess which one she brought?

  7. Toby Anscombe

    Another vote for Chariot (now Thule)..

    2 kids – running, cycling (including trails from 1 year old), beach, music festivals… you name it, it did it with no hiccups. The rear has a luggage compartment that will swallow a 35l rucksack and totally stable.

    Ebay will be your friend, they hold their value well. Just don’t try to use a carbon-framed bike..

  8. Toby Anscombe

    ..oh and for comedy value photo of eldest with youngest..

    When the peanut gets old enough make sure you check out Islabikes – proper bikes designed for kids and don’t even think about stabilisers!

  9. Juro

    Interesting that you are satisfied with the Withings Scale – the app wasn’t updated since 2013 (the scale is marketed to be good from birth to ~8 years so having an app with a lifespan of 1-2 years is unacceptable) and had serious stability issues for my partner (she was also logging breastfeeding in the app for the first couple of months). In addition, when used daily, the scale used to lose connection and had to be re-paired which on itself was a painful process. Having a 100% flawless experience with the “normal” Withings scale this has been a disappointment for me. We kept it for now but I lost a lot of my trust in Withings.

    • Yeah, as The Girl mentioned, the scale itself is great – but the app is horrible. At least in that like you said it hasn’t been updated in years and there’s a bunch of quirks about it. Still, for simply weighing her in once every few weeks, it works out.

  10. Paul

    Can you tell something about your experience with the BOB? I have a 5,5 month old girl, and looking forward to running together (also off-road) as soon as she is 9 months old.
    I think it is a lot of money for the BOB, and you seem to prefer the other stroller.

    • Isaac

      Personally I can’t recommend the BOB stroller any more highly. I am not a marathon runner or hardcore trail runner, but for general jogging, baby pushing, etc. it is tough to beat. Those tires roll so nice and soak up a ton of bumps. The infant carrier attachment also worked quite well.

      The only negatives that I can think of:

      1) It is pretty big. It’s surprisingly nimble, but if you are walking through a crowd you have to be careful about where the nose of the stroller is. Also, it doesn’t really pack up that small. Having said that, it has gone on cross country (US) trips and faired well.

      2) Not a ton of storage room. For runs that wasn’t ever an issue, but for general use we found that we were always wishing for more useful space.

    • Barry D

      I am looking forward to doing some base runs with the BOB in about a month. Waited until about a year old just to make sure all should be good because roads and trails aren’t smoothest where I am. Glad to hear that you found it pretty good because most people I see are using a Chariot. Might be because they can use for a variety of things, but I just want the stroller for running. Fingers crossed I like it for running because for anything else it has been great.

  11. Evo C

    hubs and i used the chariot carrier CX1 – it was sold to Thule not too long ago – but it is

    – a stroller
    – a running stroller
    – a XC ski sled
    – a bike trailer
    – baby supporter for years 1-2.

    and we used all the packages that came with it for the first 5 years of life. we recently sold it (last year) as our little one is now 6 years old and XC skis and bikes herself.

    REI recommended it to us as outdoorsy parents and after 5 years of usage, hubs and i highly recommend the combo. i believe either mountain tales mama or similar bloggers also recommend the chassis.

  12. helcatmichael

    I love your posts and my husband has been following DC Rainmaker’s thoughts on all running and tri tech for years.
    So happy you’ve found this niche to give us some pregnancy fitness and baby insights too. Husband and I very excited about the running baby stroller and other things- more interesting to research than cots after all!

    I’m now four months into first pregnancy no 1 and like you guys our lifestyle before this revolved very much around running, cycling, triathlon, races, the outdoors…. that is when we weren’t working!

    Very excited to read you were planning on writing more on your experience running with the baby and during pregnancy (!): this sort of thing is giving me hope life will go on.
    I’ve had pretty awful morning sickness which meant I really had to scale down what I was doing but I still get out when I can for a short jog/ a walk at least even if I have to stop and retch at the side of the path (nice).. but I hope this will improve: am determined to stick at it- the only thing that makes me still feel like me at the moment!

    We look forward to reading more!

  13. Daniel

    Hi there,

    great article, nicely written and full of helpful information. Thx for that!
    Just one little thing: some of the amazon Links seem to be broken. Maybe you can check…

    • Thanks!

      I think the issue is that I think you’re in Germany, and the Amazon.com links are trying to redirect to Amazon.de automatically. Unfortunately, there aren’t some of these products in Amazon.de, so it…well…craps itself. 🙁

      Maybe I’ll try and get the names added, so folks can try and find them more easily. I’m sorry!

    • Daniel


      thank you for the reply! Please don´t put too much effort / time in “reconstructing” those links…
      I´ll try and find them somewhere in the interwebs… 😉

      But again, really great article, for me and my wife getting a little lady this year very very helpful!

      Have a good time!

  14. Scorp

    Man, I know it’s old… but I’ll also vote for Thule Chariot CX. We got the CX2 because, well, we got 2 Kids (figures). Best purchase ever! My wife and I can go biking, running, use it as a normal stroller and with the infant kit, we could put both our kids in it while they were still little babies. And it has lots of luggage space. And for us it’s simply the best. And well, you know, my wife’s got no excuses not to go running anymore *g* And… OK, I’ll stop!
    This section remembes me, when my wife and I were shopping for our first… Good memorys… (less good for the wallet though) 😀

  15. Jeremy

    Any thoughts on baby monitors yet? Thought DCR would be all about from wifi cams

    • We use Nest, works great.

      We’ve also used the Withings Baby Cam as well, mostly while travelling (got them both). I think the Withings Cam is actually a better overall design in terms of being able to see/here the video on your lockscreen (on iOS). but we use Dropcam/Nest for everything else in our businesses and house. So…it’s nice having everything in one spot.

      The one thing we like about both is we can check on the baby if we’re out (and there’s a sitter), from anywhere with WiFi.

    • Tyler R

      do you pay for the nest cloud service or just live video? That’s the biggest turn-off for nest for me :\

    • For the baby cam, just live video. For our other stuff we pay for the 7-day.

  16. Tatsuji

    Hi, we (ok, my wife 🙂 just had our first in January, and your guide came in very handy! We ended up going with the Chicco Bravo travel system instead of the Britax, but love it as well. We live in Tokyo, so your comments regarding using the travel system in a city are right on the nose. We can easily put into a taxi and then snap it into a stroller and wheel away. However, our kid will probably outgrow the infant car seat in a few more months and was wondering what solution you had found (assuming the Peanut has outgrown her car seat). I’ve been looking around and none of the 1+ year old sized car seats seem to be able to snap into a stroller. They’re great if you have your own car, but not if you’re liberally relying on rental cars or taxis. Because of that, most mothers here just end up carrying the toddlers in the back of a cab, but that scares the s@*# out of me…

    • Yeah, we don’t really have a good solution there either. We just bought a toddler carseat, but it’s still a pickle otherwise for quick trips around town where we might walk one-way. :-/

  17. Emily

    The links for the stroller and carseat expired. Will you please update them?

  18. Pablo

    Hi Ray,
    Any updates of the baby monitor? Still using Nest?


    • Yup! Three of them now. One wide shot in the kids room that gets both cribs, one close-up of the littler babies crib, and then one really old one we use if we end up putting the little one elsewhere in another room in a pack & play to sleep if one of them is sick or something (we call that cam ‘The Roamer’, and just plug it in wherever).

      Continues to work awesome for us.

    • Pablo

      Thanks for the answer!
      Have you tried the Amazon Cloud Cam? Is on sale 😉

  19. Misha Monder

    Any recommendations for baby carrier for hiking?
    For running I got the babyjogger summit x3. Love it.
    Keep up the good work.

  20. jay

    Some of the links are dead 🙁