Supersapiens Announces It’s Shutting Down

Continuous glucose monitoring platform sports tech startup Supersapiens, has announced it’s shutting down. The company had been using Abbott Labs continuous glucose monitoring patches, in conjunction with their own app/platform, for the last few years in Europe. The general idea … Read More Here

FIT File: The End of MIP Displays? Garmin Forerunner 165 and New Cycling Power Meters

 For those not subscribed to the FIT File (it’s free!) via your regular podcast app or on YouTube, here’s a quick post with the highlights from the most recent episode. In this episode, we talk about the new Garmin … Read More Here

Apple Watch vs Garmin Watch: Skiing Features Tested!

 Many people track their ski (or snowboard) trips with their watches. They do so in all manner of sports profiles, from running to cycling to skiing. However, for both Garmin and Apple watches, there are features and apps that … Read More Here

Garmin Forerunner 165 vs Forerunner 265 Comparison Review: All 107+ Differences Detailed

While only one digit separates the two models, the reality is that there’s a pile of differences. Many big-ticket differences (like Training Readiness), but also lots of little and more nuanced differences. The last time I did this type of … Read More Here

Garmin Forerunner 165: The Complete Beginners Guide

 Here’s your complete Garmin Forerunner 165 Beginners Guide, which covers everything you need to know about how to use the watch day to day. This is a bit different than my review videos (or the Garmin Forerunner 165 In-Depth … Read More Here

Garmin Forerunner 165 In-Depth Review: Best Budget Running GPS?

Garmin’s newly announced Forerunner 165 marks two notable occasions. First and most importantly, a revamp of Garmin’s budget running offerings. And second, likely the end of MIP-based displays for Garmin’s Forerunner series. The new AMOLED-based Forerunner 165 is now the … Read More Here

Favero Assioma Pro MX MTB (SPD) Power Meter In-Depth Review

 Favero has finally officially announced their new SPD Favero Assioma variant, called the Favero Assioma Pro MX-2 MTB. I say ‘finally officially’, because the unit was actually non-announced back in November or so on their site. And that followed … Read More Here

4iiii Precision 3+ Pro Power Meter In-Depth Review

4iiii has just released its latest power meter, the 4iiii Precision 3+ Pro dual-sided power meter. Admittedly, at this point, the naming scheme has gone off the rails (see the chart later), but from an underlying product standpoint, it’s firmly … Read More Here

Apple Vision Pro and Cycling: Indoors & Outdoors Tested!

 For those curious about whether or not Apple’s Vision Pro works well in cycling, I dig into all the questions you may or may not have had. Both from an outdoor standpoint, but also an indoor riding perspective on … Read More Here

FIT File EP3: Apple Vision Pro, Zwift Layoffs, Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One, and Burritos

 For those not subscribed to the FIT File (it’s free!) via your regular podcast app or on YouTube, here’s a quick post with the highlights from the most recent episode. In this episode, we talk about our first and … Read More Here

Zwift Lays off 100+, co-CEO Resigns, Zwift Hub Series Discontinued

Despite Zwift just announcing the new jointly-launched Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One trainer, this hasn’t been a strong week for Zwift as a company. In fact, it’s arguably been the worst week the company has had in its history, with … Read More Here

Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One: In-Depth Review

 I know, the name is confusing. Look, I didn’t choose it, I just review it. A more explainable name would be the Wahoo KICKR CORE Cog, which is what this is: The Wahoo KICKR CORE, with the Zwift Cog … Read More Here

FIT File EP2: Wahoo KICKR RUN, COROS Updates, WearOS in 2024, and Garmin jabs at Apple?

 For those not subscribed to the FIT File (it’s free!) via your regular podcast app or on YouTube, here’s a quick post with the highlights from the most recent episode. We talk about the new Wahoo KICKR Run treadmill … Read More Here

Strava’s Chipotle Burrito Challenge Ends With Insanity

I’ve been hard at work on a whole slate of new things popping up over the rather near term. Until then, we have burritos. A lot of them. That’s because 6 questionably lucky individuals have won themselves a year’s supply … Read More Here

COROS Firmware Update Adds Running Form Test & Wellness Metrics

COROS has announced a new firmware update that’s being rolled out in public beta, with a target of early February for production release. The watches being updated are: – COROS Vertex 1 & Vertex 2 – COROS APEX 2, APEX … Read More Here

25 Wahoo KICKR RUN Questions Answered

 After yesterday’s announcement by Wahoo of the KICKR RUN, there were a boatload of questions I hadn’t covered in my first-run post/video (check that out here). Some of them were minor spec things (like deck height), while others were … Read More Here

The FIT File Podcast is Back!

 Yup, you heard that right – the FIT File Podcast is back, and this time with video too! As always, we’ll be digesting the week’s sports tech news with a bit more debate, and geekery nuance than we might … Read More Here

Wahoo KICKR RUN Treadmill: First Run Thoughts!

As a general rule of thumb, I avoid running on treadmills as much as humanly possible. I save the dreadmill for only the most miserable of sideways almost-freezing rain windy of winter nights. Usually, I make a point of going … Read More Here

Apple to Sell Apple Watch Ultra 2 & Series 9 Tomorrow without Blood Oxygen Feature

On Wednesday, Apple lost its most recent appeal, which had sought to delay the import and sales ban of the Apple Watch Series 9 & Apple Watch Ultra 2 watches. Apple had won a different appeal back a few weeks … Read More Here

Samsung Announces Galaxy Ring: Everything You Need to Know

Samsung has just announced their Samsung Galaxy Ring, and with it, provided approximately zero details, except a pretty picture. But sometimes, a pretty picture speaks quite a bit. To set the stage, literally, they had just finished talking about a … Read More Here

Here’s Why Peak Zwift Is Always a Tuesday

It might seem ‘odd’ to declare a Peak Zwift concurrent user high watermark only two weeks into the year, but that’s actually the way it generally works. With the exception of COVID lockdown-induced Zwift moments, the company has virtually always … Read More Here

Running Track Measurements: A Brief Rabbit Hole

Last week I posted about the update to Garmin’s wearables that now includes a database of running tracks for their running track mode, in addition to the pre-existing ‘learned’ track mode where it learns the running track you have without … Read More Here

Week in Review – Jan 14th, 2024

The Week in Review is a collection of both all the goodness I’ve written during the past week around the internet, as well as a small pile of links I found interesting – generally endurance sports related. I’ve often wondered … Read More Here

Garmin’s 2024 Q1 Wearables Beta Update: Huge New Features!

 This is the first time I’ve written one of these quarterly posts where I can actually put “Wearables” in the title, rather than specifically ‘Fenix’ or ‘Forerunner’ or ‘Epix’. That’s because Garmin is actually close enough now that all … Read More Here

Garmin Connect App Revamp: Complete Walk-Through

 Earlier this week Garmin announced the beginnings of a revamp of the Garmin Connect Mobile app – something that many people have been eager for…for many many years. As part of this revamp, they’ve also opened it up to … Read More Here