Dubai Day 2: Relaxing? Umm…maybe.

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day.  And in theory – it started off that way.  A nice breakfast from the buffet, and then I went out to the beach to hang out for a while and just enjoy relaxing.



From my little perch I watched the camels go back and forth again.


Eventually I decided that my current state of laziness would have to end, so I went for another swim.  This time to the breakwater and back.  The Garmin said I swam 1.7 miles, but I think it’s closer to 1.4 miles.  Either way, a perfect 36 minute workout.


Then I went back to more beach laziness.  It was a hard life.


Eventually the sun went down though, so I headed upstairs.  My brother was busy taking sunset photos from our little deck.  He’s just starting to use an SLR camera – but has gotten quite good at it pretty quickly


Here’s one I snapped off on the way out the door:


Where was I headed?  Well…a while back I was searching for a running race to do in Dubai while here, but couldn’t find anything.  But I did find a local running club that had open training sessions.  From the website it looked like the run would be in a nice huge park (Safa Park) – like Central Park in the middle of the city – at night.  Sounds perfect.  I caught a taxi and headed over to the main park gates.


So I figured I’d be a casual run – probably because my running group in DC is a casual group. A nice run in the warm (and very humid) Arabian night.


It was actually 10 x 3:30 (time) with 90 seconds rest.  The pace?  VO2MAX pace (5:50ish/mile).  It was rather tiring.  Especially for someone who basically hasn’t run in 5 days.   And someone who is ‘on holiday’.  Oh, here’s the route we ran – mostly on grass, which was nice.  The park is incredible  – I’d highly recommend it if you’re in Dubai.


I did have a good time though.  The people were very friendly and were eager to chat.  There’s also some fast ducks out here that were there (both male and female), which was pretty cool.

And here’s me afterwards:


I got back to the hotel, ate, and collapsed asleep on the bed.  Now it’s morning and we’re headed out into the desert for a jam-packed day,


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  1. You need to be careful…

    Taking “lustful” pictures of camels is illegal in Dubai.

  2. you’ve never looked better!!

    i love this adventure!

  3. Hah I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a picture of you looking so beat.

  4. Holy crap. If I was there running with that group, I would only go half as far as them in the alloted time.

    Way to keep working out even though you’re on vacation… you’ve got some serious determination.

  5. So I can’t help thinking when I see the camels on the beaches… are there lots of camel “messes” making the beach less pretty?

  6. Great pics, as always. Enjoy your trip, and give those camels some space. They spit.

  7. The water looks amazing! Sounds like quite the run you had there too!

  8. What an amazing adventure! I love all the pictures.

  9. Ben

    Hey Rey,

    Been following your blog for quite a while now, and only just realised you’ve been to Dubai, and actually ran (i think) with my running club. (Although it was before I joined).

    Anyway thanks for the blog, I really enjoy reading it and have learnt a lot. It also costs me quite a bit of money on buying all the new gadgets that you use like Swimmate, Edge 500 etc!

    If you’re ever in Dubai again, you should enter some of the races over here!

    A Brit living in Dubai.

  10. Hey Ben!

    Very cool, I really enjoy Dubai – and the running group there was completely awesome. I’d love to be able to get out on the desert roads some time too with the bike…would be pretty cool.

    I’ll let you know when I’m in town next…probably later this year.

    Good luck with the training!