Middle East

A Doha (Qatar) Nighttime Runaround

I landed in Qatar rather late Sunday night, about 11:30PM or so, making it roughly 12:30AM by time I got to the hotel.  For the super-quick geography reminder, here’s where Doha is: With work meetings taking up most of the … Read More Here

A Bahrain Run & Swim Brickaround

The last 48 hours I’ve been in Bahrain, a tiny little island country in the Middle East that floats to the east of Saudi Arabia.  So close in fact that when I’m on work trips to Saudi, I often just … Read More Here

A Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) Runaround

After my meetings finished on Sunday, a run was in order.  Now ideally I would have done said run at 6AM on Sunday, well before my meetings.  But when my alarm went off there was lot of snooze button pushing and … Read More Here

A Night Cycling Around the Autodrome Race Track in Dubai

On Monday when I posted that I was heading to Dubai for a few days, a reader suggested I check out the Wednesday night ‘open track’ at the Autodrome.  Each week they open the track to just cyclists and runners … Read More Here

Swimming, Riding, and Running (and sightseeing) our way around Israel

After wrapping up work late Thursday evening, I was ready to join The Girl in enjoying the rest of the weekend wandering around Israel and checking out the country.  It would of course be a bit of a whirlwind tour, … Read More Here

An Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia Runaround

I arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Monday evening for two days of meetings.  I had flown first to Bahrain, and then drove across the causeway that connects the two countries.  The actual driving portion of the journey probably … Read More Here

A sandy day in Muscat, Oman

After leaving Dubai, we arrived the next morning in Muscat, Oman.  Muscat is about 300 miles east of Dubai, and pretty much the most easterly point in the Persian Gulf.  Here’s a quick refresher map: We didn’t have either a … Read More Here

A Dubai Runaround (Night Interval Edition). And a camel.

We landed into Dubai at around 10:30PM Saturday night, after a 7 hour flight to Doha, Qatar, and then another hour flight onwards to Dubai.  Customs took a wee bit more time, due to The Girl’s Canadian Citizenship (the UAE … Read More Here

Cycling in Jordan, and other adventures in the desert

After 6 days in Jordan, I’m now on my next leg of the trip, headed up north to Athens via Istanbul.  I lucked out in that this work trip ended up on a holiday weekend, giving me an extra day … Read More Here

Egypt Day 4: Planes, no trains, and some messy automobiles

Very little in life goes according to plan at 4:30AM.  The fact of the matter is that nothing should be happening at 4:30AM, so when you try and apply complex international relations at that hour in the morning…things invariably go … Read More Here

Egypt Day 3: Blowing Bubbles

After driving a gazillion miles from Cairo, it was time to do what we came here to do – diving.  Both my brother and I certified scuba divers, so it was mostly just a matter of picking out a reputable … Read More Here

Egypt Day 2: The long road ahead

(Waking up to sunrise in Giza) When most people start off on a long drive, they tend to bring useful accessories such as maps, directions and perhaps even a little GPS navigation system.  We however…decided against all of those.  We … Read More Here

Egypt Day 1: Perfecting telling people off

It all started like any other international arrival.  Our plane from Dubai descended under a cover of darkness to land out at a remote stand at Cairo International Airport. However, the first sign of things perhaps not going as smoothly … Read More Here

Dubai Day 4: Sand Dunes, Soccer and Suits

This was effectively our last full day in Dubai, and quite full it was.  Without question it was the busiest day, first starting where every day starts – the hotel breakfast buffet.  I call this out only to note the … Read More Here

Dubai Day 3: Skiing in the desert- Prepared two ways

Those who read my blog semi-regularly will know that I’m a huge fan of skiing.  I’ve been known to go a bit out of my way (say a few thousand miles) to get some skiing in.  So it wouldn’t be … Read More Here

Dubai Day 2: Relaxing? Umm…maybe.

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day.  And in theory – it started off that way.  A nice breakfast from the buffet, and then I went out to the beach to hang out for a while and just enjoy … Read More Here

Dubai Day 1: Sighting off camels…while swimming

Over the course of the last few days I’ve hop scotched across the country a to Seattle, Whistler and then back to Seattle before swinging through DC for a bit. Shortly after that my brother and I left for a … Read More Here