A weekend in the sun

We’re gonna keep this weekend update post pretty short – since you’ve got a boatload of detailed posts coming up this week covering all sorts of goodness.

As I mentioned on Friday, The Girl and I had a long scheduled weekend away with a couple of friends of ours.  The only requirement when the trip was originally conceived was ‘hot and sunny, beach location’.  Of course, over time a few more requirements got tacked on and we ended up choosing a place in the Dominican Republic.

Aside from a very brief work trip to Santo Domingo back in July (you know, the one where I managed to accidentally swim into a police compound), I hadn’t spent any quality time here before – so I was looking forward to it!

The nice part about many Caribbean destinations from Washington DC is simply that it doesn’t take long to get there.  After months upon months of trips where the first flight alone is 14 hours and crossing a dozen time zones, to only have to fly a few hours was pretty darn sweet!

After arrival, I found a lot of this:


Of course, the majority of my time was spent looking at either this:


Or just simply straight up at this:


Yes…the tough life… I know.  I took one for the team here.

Well, I did have to manage the never ending and fully included stream of these:


And these:


While I don’t believe I ever came back in one trip from the dessert buffet double-fisted…I can’t say the same for the girl’s:


Yes…that is indeed both full individual dessert plates…and ice cream bowls. Well done I say!

Fear not though, we actually got in some good quality training.  Because the resort property itself was just simply gigantic, we could run 1.2 mile loops around the perimeter on paved pathways.  So for a 10K run, it isn’t too bad at all!

And then the exercise room had plenty of equipment to choose from:


So we utilized the spin bikes a bit…and in the process helped to give back some of the drinks we consumed.  Without a fan, we simply created huge sweat puddles.  Though the below picture is pre-puddle…aka…PP.


And finally, we lounged our nights away either relaxing next to the sound of the ocean…or going at it full tilt in a vicious game of Monopoly.  And if you thought for just one moment that being pregnant (our friend, not The Girl) got you an easy pass…you’d be wrong.  It was all out war.


With the long weekend over, we boarded up our little US Airways plane and are bumbling back to DC as we speak (yup, WiFi on this plane…pretty sweet!).

Hope everyone’s long weekend was enjoyable (for those with the holiday off in the US)!


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  1. Sweet!!! Glad you got to enjoy a little break from winter :-)

  2. Very nice – what resort?

  3. That looks like a great place! What place was it?

  4. Thanks all!

    Paradisus Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

  5. Nice! Looks like everyone had a great time.

  6. Glad you had a great short vacation. I still haven’t made it to the DR yet. I will have to put this on the list.

  7. I lived in the DR for two years and never made it to Punta Cana. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip! (I like Cabarete if you ever decide to go back again).

    (Also, I somehow missed your previous adventure in Santo Domingo. Hilarious! I can picture it all. But man, you are brave to swim in the ocean near Santa Domingo – they don’t do much in the way of sewage treatment out that way and you never know where an outlet pipe is!)