Day 3 – The Singapore Sleepover

After a 6 hour flight from Beijing, China our Boeing 777 landed in Singapore, Singapore (the city with the same name as the country, sorta like New York, New York).  By time we cleared immigration, customs and everything else it was close to 11PM.

Thankfully though, the trip from the airport to the hotel downtown was a short 15 minute jaunt.  Our itinerary was only a stopover for the night here, once again taking advantage of the free stopovers allowed on international itineraries if less than 24 hours.

We arrived at the rather posh Fairmont Singapore (which I got a ridiculous steal of a deal on back this fall).


Our 25th floor room had a pretty amazing view of the surrounding city:


But instead of enjoying the view then, we quickly exited back out of the hotel and headed down to one of the last remaining open food markets at this time of the night to grab some post-dinner-time dinner.

After a very brief cab ride we arrived at a place with a whole array of satay stands outside, along with an adjoining section of food stalls inside.  We choose to stay outside with the BBQ’d satay stands.

IMG_8631The place was abuzz with night life, and we simply selected the one that both looked the best, but also had the most people.  Locals are usually never wrong.

IMG_8632After a quick consultation of the menu we got our order underway and the cook got to work.

IMG_8645 IMG_8648

Soon our satays came – a set of chicken, and a set of beef – along with peanut sauce.  Looked pretty darn good.


And tasted pretty darn good.  All gone!


After finishing up our food we decided to just walk the 2 kilometers or so back to the hotel, along the harbor.


The harbor was strangely full of a gazillion floating white balls.  Something to do with this years New Years Eve celebration.  Every dot you see below is a floating ball.

IMG_8655 You can still see the balls behind the dragons below.

IMG_8678 IMG_8699After getting back to the hotel around 1-2AM, we were pretty exhausted.  Time to sleep.

The next morning didn’t give us really any time to check out the city in daylight as our flight was at 9:25AM.  Yikes!

I did take one quick shot from the balcony though using a tilt-shift lens I rented for the trip.  Been playing around with it a bit here and there.  Produces a bit of a miniature effect.  One of the cool part about renting lenses is affords you the ability to play with lenses you’d otherwise not buy due to price.

IMG_8713AWe cruised on over to the airport and wandered around a bit.  Singapore’s airport is often ranked the best in the world due to all the free amenities it offers.  Everything from Koi Ponds with real orchids hanging above them, to little stamp things to stamp papers or boarding passes.

IMGP8909 IMGP8912 IMGP8915IMG_0040

Once we were done playing we boarded yet another Boeing 777.


And this plane even had Nintendo games on it – for free no less!  I played a few rounds of F-Zero, just like a 10-15 years ago.  Good times!  No Mario Kart though…a shame.


About two hours later we started our descent over the southern portion of Bali – a tropical island that’s part of Indonesia, and where we’ll be for the next 5 days.


So with that…onwards!


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  1. Thanks for the travel updates! I am quite envious of your trip.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Have a good vacation and a happy 2010 filled with everything you could wish for ;)

  3. Have a great beginning to 2010 in Bali! Look forward to lots of photos and stories…

  4. Koi pond!

    You probably saw this already, but if not, worth your while:

    link to

  5. It looks like you are having an amazing trip!! The Singapore airport is definitely one of the best ones I’ve traveled through, and I have had some fairly lengthy layovers there. I think the free iSqueeze foot massage things are my favourite. Have a blast in Bali. If you get a chance I highly recommend taking a white water rafting trip. One of the highlights from when I was there back for my grade 11 spring break. Happy new year!

  6. Anonymous

    Something is way slowing down the loading of this blog…it’s getting pretty unbearable.

  7. Happy New Year!!! Hope you and The Girl are having a great time in Bali. Looking foreward to the next installment.

  8. hi i am from singapore and it was fun reading about your experience – that place you had dinner at is called lau pa sat (literally “old market” in hokkien, a chinese dialect). next time, come do the 70.3 in march! keep up the great work.

  9. Awesome trip “stop overs”

  10. Paul N.

    Those aren’t dragons – they’re Merlions!