A brief tour of my hometown…Mukilteo, WA

While the initial driver of my weekend at home was my 10 year high school reunion, and then the Kirkland Sprint Triathlon – I was also looking forward to showing off a bit of my hometown to The Girl in between some of those activities.

So we spent some of Saturday afternoon after the race in ‘downtown’ Mukilteo.  I went to high school just up the hill from here.  Mukilteo is a small town on the water within Puget Sound and is about 30-35 minutes north of Seattle by car.  It lies just beyond the runway at Paine Field – where Boeing makes the 747/777/767 and new 787.

Mukilteo’s primary tourist draw is both its lighthouse and ferry route – which takes folks across to Whidbey Island.  Though on weekdays, the ferry is the main artery to folks living on the island.


The lighthouse still operates today, in fact, you can actually go up in it (or down it as the picture below shows):


Once up at the top, you’re able to more clearly see the tiny bulbs which power the light that’s visible some 12 miles away.  Interestingly, the system is designed so if one bulb fails, the next one automatically moves into place.


Looking the other way, you can enjoy the view south along the beach.  And until as recently as 1996 two Coast Guard families actually lived in the two houses on the property.


The beach though is probably one of my favorite parts of the waterfront area.  Large pieces of driftwood collect here, stripped of any rough edges, as well as color.  Though, mixed with a warm summertime day, the beach comes alive with folks and activity.


Though, some portions are still quiet if you just want to simply relax and enjoy the day.


Walking north a bit, you’ll find the ferry terminal and the primary food-related attraction on the waterfront: Ivar’s.  Ivar’s is Seattle’s best fish and chips seafood place.  They’ve got a few stands at the various beach-edge towns around the sound.


Though, some locations also have a dinning room inside, should you want something a bit less fried…as we did.


But not all good must come from a restaurant in Mukilteo on the water.  Nope, quite a bit of it comes from home cooking – and in particular, my parent’s home just up the road from the ferry.  On Saturday night we got a slow cooked beef pasta made for us.  It started as slow cooked beef ribs that fall off the bones:


Then it advances to simmering in a wine tomato sauce for quite a while longer…


…before finally being served over fresh penne pasta:


And with that, my short little trip in Seattle was over…off to Vegas I head – ready for a week of Interbike!  Hope you enjoyed my brief tour into my hometown.  Thanks for reading!


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  1. Wow, that must’ve been a harsh acclimation period when you went from the weather in Washington State to the weather in the Washington DC area… jesus. Although I imagine it’s convenient to just say “Washington” when people ask you where you’re from… kinda like only dating girls named Sarah!

    That aside, I was hoping you’d invent some super weird tradition that you’d convince The Girl she would have to do to earn the trust/respect of locals. Maybe a naked swim in the frigid waters, or perhaps looking north and singing the Canadian national anthem each morning, followed by taking a shot of maple syrup.

    Dad looks just like you, btw… even when you’re both squinting into the sunlight. When are you going to get him on a bike?!

  2. Wow, that pasta looks amazing! Any links available for the recipe? I’ve been to Mukilteo but I didn’t see the super cool lighthouse. So pretty.

    Congrats on the race and have fun at Interbike!

  3. Jim

    I’m with Leana. Can I get that recipe? It looks friggin awesome.

    I’m really looking forward to your Joule review and anything that comes out of Interbike.


  4. Anonymous

    I just sent Ray the Recipe so he should be posting it soon.
    Ray’s Dad

  5. Hey all-

    Here’s the link to the recipe:

    link to sites.google.com


  6. Olivier

    Just been exploring the travel section of the always-awesome-blog, and came across this. My aunt lived in Mukilteo for YEARS!! I’ve been there 3 times!! Too bad your blog did not exist the last time I visited…probably close to 10 years ago! She’s now in Florida. Anyhow! Congrats on the blog as always.

  7. Michael

    I just started reading your blog site and really appreciate all the information you post. It’s a small world because I also attended the schools in the Mukilteo area as well. Keep up the great job and I look forward to learning more from your blog.