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A New York City Runaround

I flew out to New York late Tuesday night, only in town for a little under 48 hours – just enough for a full slate of work meetings. I ended up swimming on Wednesday at a place just a few … Read More Here

A San Francisco Swimming Flight Connection Layover

When I booked this particular flight combination a few weeks ago, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with the 5 hour layover.  Additionally, I had mentally thought the flight left at noon, rather than 10AM – meaning that I … Read More Here

A rockslide ride in Los Angeles, plus some aerodynamic testing

I arrived into Long Beach (greater LA area) around 7:50AM on Friday, from a week in Las Vegas. First on the agenda was finding Starbucks. With a 5AM departure to the airport, I needed it. Badly. I actually don’t like … Read More Here

A recovery week riding and swimming in Vegas

No, not recovery swimming in the gigantic leisure pools here at the hotel.  Rather, swimming laps at the actual municipal city pool.  But before we get to that, I had to get to Las Vegas.  So after running the Paris … Read More Here

A weekend in Seattle playing with the Garmin Fenix and other gadgets

Important Note: I’ve published a full-scale Garmin Fenix In-Depth review (13,000 words!) over here at this link. The below were initial thoughts on beta hardware with highly beta firmware. Specific hardware changes were made since then to address some altitude … Read More Here

A weekend bouncing up and down the East Coast (and a look at the new Joule GPS)

While we may have moved to Paris, it certainly doesn’t seem like it yet.  In fact, since moving to Paris, I’ve spent more time outside of Paris than in Paris – go figure! We had long since planned to come … Read More Here

A week of relaxing (and product reviewing) in Florida

Ahead of our big move to Paris, we’ve spent weeks…if not really months preparing.  Since we had to be out of our house back on June 4th, we’ve actually been hoteling it since – with locations dependent on my work … Read More Here

Photo of the week: A summary of my week

I started writing a post highlighting a couple photos from the craziness that’s been the last 7 days.  But then I realized, the above drink napkin I filled in during one of my nine flights this week actually covered it … Read More Here

Weekend Tidbits: Running with Chris Lieto, shooting with the pros, and a DSLR tethered iPhone

The two previous posts I did around Ironman Texas 70.3 in the past couple days were more finitely focused on the race scene (day before and race day), so I wanted to take a second to show off some of … Read More Here

A bit more than a weekend in Seattle

For roughly the past week I’ve been hanging out in Seattle for work.  Of course, since Seattle is where I grew up – that also means I get to spend time with the rest of my family, and enjoy some … Read More Here

A quick travel day, plus some new gadgets

The past week has been pretty crazy busy workwise, with the only saving grace being that training is on a ‘flexible’ schedule – which basically means I run, ride and swim when I want.  Take for example today. Today started … Read More Here

A Thanksgiving Weekend in Seattle

I flew out to Seattle Tuesday night, ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US – to enjoy a bit of relaxation after a rather busy fall, with my family (it’s where I grew up).  Of course, in the … Read More Here

A relaxing weekend in San Francisco

This weekend I was out in San Francisco for the last Men’s Health Urbanathlon of the year.  The event was held on Sunday, but we actually went out Thursday to enjoy a bit of the city and make a weekend … Read More Here

A bit of a Canadian Rockies Weekend

We bumbled our way across the US (and Canada) most of the day Saturday, eventually arriving in Calgary later that evening.  Normally this would have made for a relatively calm 90 minute drive up into the mountains, but due to … Read More Here

Loops around the track and airport in Seattle

This week my workouts have largely been centered around my hometown in Mukilteo, WA.  I’ve been out here for work all week, but I stay with my parents and do all my workouts in the area near my house. For … Read More Here

We’re not in Kansas anymore…or wait…are we?

Shortly after landing at Kansas City International airport on Friday evening The Girl expressed some concern that the car rental driver said we were actually in Missouri.  It’s at this point I remembered from the last time I was in … Read More Here

A ‘Magical’ Weekend

When I was ‘signed up’ for this past weekend almost a year ago, I didn’t exactly expect for it to be slotted in between weeks of back to back international travel…but then again, I’m not exactly what I was supposed … Read More Here

A brief tour of my hometown…Mukilteo, WA

While the initial driver of my weekend at home was my 10 year high school reunion, and then the Kirkland Sprint Triathlon – I was also looking forward to showing off a bit of my hometown to The Girl in … Read More Here

A short trip to the Big Easy…with a side of BBQ in Memphis

We’re gonna keep this quick…because quite frankly – I’m exhausted. I headed down to New Orleans rather early on Tuesday.  It’s nice in that they had a nonstop morning flight from DC, making it easy to avoid having to stay … Read More Here

Beating the heat in Connecticut

Monday midday we (The Girl, my Mom, my Dad, and I) packed up the car and headed up to nearby BWI airport to catch a flight to Hartford, CT – just a short 45 minute hop away.  This is where … Read More Here

Trying not to get skunked on a 3AM training ride

I’ve crisscrossed the country hundreds of times, though today’s flight home is a bit of a different experience.  Because of a mechanical issue, my little Airbus 320 is being kept below 28,000 feet – thus providing a slightly different view … Read More Here

A log cabin, and following strangers in pickup trucks

Way back at the Rumpass in Bumpass Triathlon, our friends Lindsey and Carl had planned to join us for the weekend (and race) down at Lake Anna in the RV adventure.  The lake is about 90 minutes south of DC … Read More Here

Training in the middle of nowhere

My travel for work goes in spurts – sometimes there are dry spells, and sometimes it gets…umm…undry.  I’m currently in the midst of a rather busy work travel set.  While sometimes my travels take me to interesting places at home … Read More Here

The NYC Red Bull Air Races…and other items in NYC

When I heard about the Red Bull Air Races a few years back, I mentally jotted it down as a pretty sweet thing to eventually go check out (btw, check out videos like this to see what I mean).  At … Read More Here

Getting pushed out of a plane at 14,000 feet

As you may remember from yesterday’s little Space Shuttle adventure, we had a brief stop to make on the way home…or so I thought.  I had been told by pilot and crew (aka…The Girl) that we were just picking up … Read More Here