The 2016 Holiday Sports Tech Deals Page


Updated Dec 24th, 2016: Last day for many sales, especially Garmin ones!

It’s that time of year again when there are tons of sales on all sorts of sports technology items.  Everything this year is pointing to earlier sales than normal, as manufacturers and retailers alike try to lock in your dollars ahead of time.

The typical ebb and flow of this time period is:

Pre-Thanksgiving deals: These are everything ahead of the US Thanksgiving, on November 24th. These are and will be more pronounced this year than in past years.
Black Friday deals: These are tied to Black Friday (BF), on November 25th. Some span that weekend.  Generally speaking most retailers have access to the same major deals (i.e. Garmin, Fitbit, etc…).
Cyber Monday deals: These are on Monday, November 28th. Occasionally they spill into that Tuesday as well.
General December deals: We tend to see ‘repeats’ of some deals in the mid-December time-frame (usually around the 10th-15th). These are rarely better than BF deals, but usually quite good.

Most deals aren’t announced until a few days prior, if any prior announcement at all.  Some deals have a specific quantity of items attached, which may be a few or a ton.  And others are very time-limited, like Amazon deals.  Note that while many deals are US-focused, in recent years we’ve seen Europe really get into the Black Friday/Cyber Monday side. So definitely good news there!

With that – let’s get into it!  I’ll update the list and cross things off as we move through the season:

Current Deals!


Here’s what’s currently active.  The ones I feel are the best bang for the buck, have a little * at the front of them.  Of course, many of these are great deals if you’re in the market for it already.  It’s just the ones with the stars are exceptionally unusual.

Garmin Deals:

You can also find all Garmin product deals here and all general Holiday Deals here.

Garmin 2016 Holiday Deals

Item - DCR Review Regular Price Sale Price SavingsSale End Date Clever Training Amazon Link
Garmin Edge 20 $129 $99 23%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Edge 520 $299 $249 17%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Edge 520 Bundle $399 $349 13%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin FR230 $249 $179 28%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin FR230 HR Bundle $299 $219 27%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin FR235 $329 $269 18%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin FR630 $399 $229 43%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin FR630 HR Bundle $449 $279 38%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin FR920XT $449 $199 56%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin FR920XT HR Bundle $499 $249 50%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin FR920XT Triathlon Bundle $599 $349 42%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin FR920XT (Amazon Canada) $392 $259 34%UnknownNot in CanadaGarmin FR920XT (Amazon Canada)
Garmin Fenix3 HR (Optical Version) $599 $449 25%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Fenix3 HR (Optical Version) with Bundle$649 $487 25%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Fenix3$499 $374 25%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Fenix3 HRM Bundle$549 $412 25%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Fenix3 Sapphire$599 $449 25%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire HRM Bundle$649 $487 25%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Fenix3 Titanium$699 $524 25%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Forerunner 25 $139 $99 29%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Forerunner 25 HR BUndle $169 $129 29%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Vivoactive HR$249 $199 20%1/14/2017Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Vivofit3$99 $79 20%1/14/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Vivofit Jr.$79 $69 13%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Vivomove Sport/Classic/Premium$149-$249$99-$219 12%12/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Vivosmart HR$149 $99 33%1/14/2017Clever TrainingAmazon
Garmin Vivosmart HR+ (has GPS)$199 $149 25%1/17/2017Clever TrainingAmazon
Expired Deals Below (Columns slightly different order)
Garmin Epix (Amazon Only) $549 $25953%11/28/2016AmazonDCR Post Here
Garmin FR25 $139 $99 29%11/28/2016AmazonDCR Post Here
Garmin FR25 HR Bundle $169 $129 24%11/28/2016AmazonDCR Post Here
Garmin FR235 $329 $249 27%11/28/2016AmazonDCR Post Here
Garmin Fenix3 HR (Optical Version)*See Notes Below* $599 $399 33%Nov 28thAmazonDCR Post Here
Garmin Vivofit3$99 $59 40%11/28/2016AmazonDCR Post Here
Garmin Vivomove Variants (All models)$149-$209 $99-$199 33%11/28/2016AmazonDCR Post Here
Garmin Vivosmart HR$149 $69 53%11/28/2016AmazonDCR Post Here
Garmin Vivosmart HR+ (has GPS)$199 $119 40%11/28/2016AmazonDCR Post Here
Garmin Vivomove Variants (Sport & Classic)$149-$199$99-$149 33%12/10/2016AmazonDCR Post Here
Garmin Vivofit Jr.$79 $49 13%Starting 11/24/2016Clever TrainingAmazon

Note I do not expect any further Garmin deals this season beyond these.  And obviously, don’t expect any new product announcements from anyone at this point.  The time is over for new products.  The next time that train arrives at the station is CES 2017 (first week of January).

Here’s my very brief notes on why you see some of these products and whether they make sense to purchase.

Forerunner series: With the FR230/235/630 only a year old, I don’t see a near term replacement there.  This to me just seems like a typical Black Friday type sale of a 1yr+ old product.  With the FR920XT, that’s two years old.  Given the FR735XT came out this past summer (not an exact replacement, but kinda close), I think we’ll see Garmin continue to wait on a direct FR920XT replacement for the near-medium term.

Fenix3 series: Garmin has pretty much established a yearly cadence of Fenix series units.  2014 saw the Fenix2, 2015 saw the Fenix3, 2016 saw the Fenix3 HR, and I suspect 2017 will bring whatever is next. In all recent cases, these products were announced at CES in early January, but not available until the February-April timeframe (depending on exact product).

Vivo Series: These are Garmin’s favorites to discount, since they have a much wider appeal.  I see these sales as ‘simply keeping up with everyone else’s sales’, and by ‘everyone else’, I mean Fitbit.  I wouldn’t read into these too much other than being good deals. Oh, and for Vivofit Jr, that was just announced last month – so these sales are just a vehicle to get more exposure there.

Edge Series: While the Edge 1000 may be due for an update, any release cycle there would likely be tied to late Spring (i.e. Sea Otter announcement), which Garmin has favored in recent years for announcing products.  In the meantime, it continues to get new features on a near monthly basis.  As for the Edge 20, not sure there, seems like it just came along for the ride.

TomTom Deals:

TomTom Runner – $69 (normally $129)
*TomTom Spark – $89 (normally $149)
TomTom Spark Music – $129 (normally $199)
*TomTom Spark Music + Cardio  – $174 (normally $249)
TomTom Spark Music + Cardio w/headphones – $224 (normally $299)

Note that the ‘Cardio’ version means it has optical HR in it.  My review of all these watches can be found here (Runner) and here (Spark).  Note, I see absolutely no logical reason why you’d get the older Runner vs the Multisport Spark, given they are the same price and the Spark has more features.

Everything else!

And then there’s a ton more things:

Current Deals
Copyright DC Rainmaker - Updated

Top Deals You Ordered Weekend:

I thought it’d be fun to list the Top 10 Sports Tech items people ordered over the weekend, using links from the site.  They are:

Fitbit Charge 2
Garmin Forerunner 920XT
Garmin Fenix3
Garmin Vivoactive HR
Garmin Vivofit Jr. (WTF?)
Garmin FR235
Garmin Vivosmart HR+
PowerTap P1s power meter pedals
PowerPod power sensor
Scosche Rhythm+ optical HR sensor

The major pattern was basically the most heavily discounted options.  The Vivofit Jr was definitely the surprise there, as was the P1s (which is the left-only one).  The others made sense, as they were all major discounts on things.  All of these are linked above, and all of them as of Monday, are still on-sale for quite a discount.

European Deals!


What’s that? You’re not in the US and still want a deal?  No problem!  First off, you should note that some retailers do send some items overseas.  For example, Clever Training can send many products overseas, and do so at a flat-rate $29USD shipping cost.  You’ll want to check the individual item.  For some deals, that could be a huge savings!

Beyond that, I’ll be tracking Euro-specific deals here.  These will include both Clever Training Europe (UK) as well as Amazon European deals.

Woot – important! The Clever Training Europe deals below can be combined with the DCR 10% discount coupon code DCR10BTF.  Boom! So yes, another 10% savings on top of these prices!  Plus free shipping in Europe for orders over 75EUR (almost everything in the list from CT).

Note: On Amazon Europe deals, generally speaking you can order from any Amazon European country site (i.e. Amazon France) and have it shipped within the EU (i.e. Spain). Thus, many times deals are duplicates across the sites.

European Deals

Item Regular Price Sale Price SavingsSale End DateDCR Post
Garmin Fenix3 HR (Optical) - Amazon Germany (Add Coupon Code Welkom for 10EUR discount) 549€ 439€110€UnknownDCR Post Here
Garmin Forerunner 230 £209 £189 + 10% off!£20Dec 26thDCR Post Here
Garmin Forerunner 630 £309 £269 + 10% off!£40Nov 25th- Dec 26thDCR Post Here
Garmin Edge 520 Bundle - Amazon Spain 389€ 304€164€UnknownDCR Post Here
Garmin Edge 820 + Varia Vision £649 £549 + 10% off!£99-Dec 26thDCR Post Here
Garmin Edge 820 Bundle + Varia Vision £709 £609 + 10% off!£99Dec 26thDCR Post Here
Polar M450 with HR strap- Amazon Italy/a> 199€ 144€ 55€UnknownDCR Post Here
Withings Body WiFi Scale - Amazon UK 109€ 79€ 30€UnknownDCR Post Here
Withings Body WiFi Scale - Amazon Germany 129€ 83€ 46€Nov 29th OnlyDCR Post Here
Expired Deals Below
Garmin Edge 520 Bundle - Amazon Spain 389€ 224€164€Nov 25th-28thDCR Post Here
Garmin Forerunner 230 £279 £199£80Nov 25th-Nov 28thDCR Post Here
Garmin Forerunner 630 Bundle £339 £269 + 10% off!£70Nov 25th-Nov 28thDCR Post Here
Garmin Varia Radar £159 £109 + 10% off!£50Nov 25th-Nov 28thDCR Post Here
Garmin Vivoactive - Amazon France 249€ 99€ 150€Nov 25-28thDCR Post Here
GoPro Hero Session Bundle - Amazon UK £200 149€£51Nov 28th OnlyDCR Post Here
Polar A360 - Amazon France 199€ 109€ 90€Nov 25th OnlyDCR Post Here
Polar M400 with HR strap- Amazon France 199€ 104€ 95€Nov 25th OnlyDCR Post Here
Polar M450 with HR strap- Amazon Italy/a> 199€ 119€ 80€Nov 25th OnlyDCR Post Here
Polar V800 Triathlon Bundle - Amazon Spain 450€ 264€185€Nov 25th OnlyDCR Post Here
Scosche RHYTHM+ Optical HR Sensor £59 £49 + 10% off!£10Nov 25th-Nov 28thDCR Post Here
Sony FDR-X1000VR 4K Action Cam - Amazon France 550€ 289€ 261€Nov 25th OnlyDCR Post Here
TomTom Runner GPS Watch 129€ 74€ 55€Nov 25th OnlyDCR Post Here
TomTom Runner 2 GPS Watch 129€ 74€ 55€Nov 25th OnlyDCR Post Here
TomTom Touch - Amazon Italy 149€ 50€ 99€Nov 25th OnlyDCR Post Here
Wahoo Speed & Cadence Sensors Bundle 69€ 49€ 20€Nov 28th OnlyDCR Post Here
Withings Activité up to 40% off - Amazon UK £139 £87£52Nov 25th to Nov 28thDCR Post Here
Withings Activité up to 40% off - Amazon France 149€ 60€ 89€Nov 25th to Nov 28th OnlyDCR Post Here
Withings Body Cardio WiFi Scale - Amazon France 179€ 135€ 44€Nov 28th OnlyDCR Post Here

Didn’t find what you wanted?


No worries, you can still save a bundle, or help support the site.  With Clever Training you can get 10% off everything they sell (except most sale/clearance items).  You’ll just use the DCR coupon code DCR10BTF and boom, good to go!  Plus, you’ll get free US shipping over $75.  For a handful of items you may need to use the DCR/CT VIP program to get points back instead, but it only takes a moment to sign-up.

In addition, you can support the site with purchases from any of the below three retailers – no matter if it’s sports tech, or toilet paper.  Just click on the link and you’re off!


Thanks for the support!

Expired Deals:


Clever Training 20% VIP Sale: In this sale, each CT VIP member is given a coupon code (GIVETHANKS) that’s good for 20% off a single non-sale item.  It doesn’t matter if that item is the Wahoo KICKR2, or gel packets.  Your choice, but it’s only available to CT VIP members.  Sale through Nov 19th, 2016 – details here.

Past DealsRegular PriceSale PriceStartEndAmazonClever Training - Save a bunch with Clever Training VIP programOther siteSale Notes
Copyright DC Rainmaker - Updated December 24th, 2016 @ 4:57 am
360Fly 4K 360* Action Cam$499$399Nov 20 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkThis is a sweet little 4K camera 360* camera, see my review for the original non-4K variant (identical otherwise).
CEP Compression Gear-20% offNov 21 2016Dec 11 2016LinkAll CEP - All items 20% off
CycleOps PowerBeam Pro$799$639Nov 21 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkAll CycleOps Stuff 20% off, except Hammer/Magnus
CycleOps PowerSync$809$575Nov 21 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkAll CycleOps Stuff 20% off, except Hammer/Magnus
CycleOps Trainer Gear-20% offNov 21 2016Nov 28 2016LinkAll CycleOps 20% off (except Magnus/Hammer)
Cycliq Fly12 Bike Camera/Light$349$279Nov 28 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLink
Cycliq Fly6 Bike Camera/Light$169$149Nov 28 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLink
DJI Phantom 3 Professional (with 4K camera)$999$799Dec 11 2016Dec 24 2016LinkN/A
DJI Phantom 4$1,059$999Dec 11 2016Dec 24 2016LinkN/A
Fitbit Alta$129$99Nov 24 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLink
Fitbit Alta$129$119Dec 11 2016Dec 24 2016LinkLink
Fitbit Alta$129$99Feb 05 2017Feb 20 2017LinkLinkAlso - 50% off most Fitbit Alta Accessory bands!
Fitbit Aria WiFi Weight Scale$129$109Dec 11 2016Dec 24 2016LinkLink
Fitbit Aria WiFi Weight Scale$129$99Jan 01 2016LinkLink
Fitbit Blaze$199$149Feb 05 2017Feb 20 2017LinkLinkAlso - 50% off most Fitbit Blaze Accessory bands!
Fitbit Blaze$199$129Dec 11 2016Dec 24 2016LinkLink
Fitbit Blaze$199$149Nov 24 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkAmazon only - $50 off! Unknown end date
Fitbit Charge 2$149$129Nov 24 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLink
Fitbit Charge 2$149$129Feb 05 2017Feb 20 2017LinkLink
Fitbit Charge 2$149$129Dec 11 2016Dec 24 2016LinkLink
Fitbit Flex 2$99$79Dec 11 2016Dec 24 2016LinkLink
Fitbit Flex 2$99$69Nov 25 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkAmazon only - Unknown exact end date
Fitbit Surge$249$179Nov 24 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkAmazon Only - $70 off. Unknown end date
Garmin Edge 1000$599$374Nov 11 2016Nov 21 2016LinkLinkEdge 1000 Bundle On Sale - Normally $599
Garmin Edge 20$129$99Nov 11 2016Nov 21 2016LinkLink
Garmin Edge 520$299$263Nov 25 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkAmazon only!
Garmin Edge Explore 1000$449$337Nov 11 2016Nov 21 2016LinkLink
Garmin Forerunner 235$329$269Feb 16 2017Feb 28 2017LinkLinkAmazon only deal - unknown end date, could end any moment.
Garmin Index WiFi Scale$149$129Dec 25 2016Jan 14 2017LinkLink
Garmin Vivoactive HR$249$199Dec 11 2016Jan 14 2017LinkLink
Garmin Vivoactive HR$249$219Feb 13 2017Feb 25 2017LinkLink
Garmin Vivoactive HR$249$199Nov 01 2016Nov 21 2016LinkLink
Garmin Vivofit Jr$79$69Feb 05 2017Feb 18 2017LinkLink
Garmin Vivofit3$99$79Nov 27 2016Jan 14 2017LinkLink
Garmin Vivofit3$99$79Feb 05 2017Feb 25 2017LinkLink
Garmin Vivomove-$99Nov 27 2016Jan 14 2017LinkLinkNote: Price varies by model/style
Garmin Vivosmart HR$149$99Dec 11 2016Jan 14 2017LinkLink
Garmin Vivosmart HR$149$119Nov 01 2016Nov 21 2016LinkLink
Garmin Vivosmart HR$149$69Nov 25 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkAmazon.com only (Unknown end date)
Garmin Vivosmart HR+$199$169Feb 05 2017Feb 25 2017LinkLink
Garmin Vivosmart HR+$199$149Dec 11 2016Jan 14 2017LinkLink
Garmin Vivosmart HR+$199$179Nov 01 2016Nov 21 2016LinkLink
Garmin Vivosmart HR+$199$119Nov 27 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkAmazing deal!
GoPro Hero (Base)$129$89Nov 25 2016Nov 26 2016LinkN/AAmazon Only!
GoPro Hero4 Session$199$20 credit backFeb 05 2017Feb 18 2017LinkLink$20 in Clever Training Points back on the purchase of a Hero Session
GoPro Hero4 Session Bundle$199$179Dec 01 2016Dec 24 2016LinkLinkIncludes bunch of accessories, still cheaper than camera-only
GoPro Hero5 Black$399$60 credit backFeb 05 2017Feb 18 2017LinkLink$60 in Clever Training Points back on the purchase of a Hero 5 Session (enough for a few extra batteries or mounts)
GoPro Hero5 Black$399$399Nov 25 2016Nov 25 2016LinkLinkLinkTarget Only: $399 with $60 gift card
GoPro Hero5 Session$299$45 credit backFeb 05 2017Feb 18 2017LinkLink$45 in Clever Training Points back on the purchase of a Hero 5 Session
Mio Fuse$149$5411/25/201611/28/2016LinkLinkUnknown exact end date
Mio Link$79$6011/25/201611/28/2016LinkLinkUnknown end date
Newton Running Shoes-25% offNov 25 2016Nov 28 2016LinkAll Newton Running Shoes 25% off
Niterider bike lights-25% offNov 11 2016Dec 29 2016LinkAll Niterider bike lights 25% off
Pebble 2 HR-$30 offNov 25 2016Nov 28 2016LinkPebble 2 HR at $30 off, starts at $99. This is a solid deal for a brand new product.
Pebble Classic-From $29Nov 24 2016Nov 25 2016LinkAmazon only - Pebble Classic at $29 and $39
Pebble Time-$50 offNov 25 2016Nov 28 2016LinkPebble Time models $50 off, starts at $149
Polar A360$199$116Nov 27 2016Nov 27 2016LinkLinkNote: Sale seems to be certain sizes only
Polar Balance-$58Nov 27 2016Nov 27 2016LinkLink
Polar Bluetooth Smart Running Footpod (Bluetooth Smart Only)$79.00$40Nov 27 2016Nov 27 2016LinkLink
Polar Loop$55$27Nov 27 2016Nov 27 2016LinkLink
Polar Loop 2$99$63Nov 27 2016Nov 27 2016LinkLink
Polar M400$179$85Nov 27 2016Nov 27 2016LinkLinkAmazon Sunday Deal only!
Polar M450$169$129Feb 19 2017Feb 28 2017LinkLinkAmazon only - unknown end date!
Polar M600$329$299Nov 25 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkNote that this includes wireless music storage/playback
Polar Speed & Cadence Sensors Package-43% Off!Nov 27 2016Nov 27 2016LinkListed at $45 on sale, pretty good deal for two Bluetooth Smart sensors.
Polar V650$253/€220$162Nov 27 2016Nov 27 2016LinkLink
Polar V800 Bundle (HR Strap/Cadence Sensor/Mount)$449$279Nov 27 2016Nov 27 2016LinkLink
Polar V800 Bundle Deal-Nov 27 2016Nov 27 2016LinkContains: V800 GPS watch, H7 Bluetooth Smart HR strap, Cadence Sensor, Bike Mount, Magical Javier Gomez red color.
Power2Max NG Deals-It's complicatedNov 01 2016Dec 15 2016LinkThis is a complex deal, but essentially if you have a friend, you can purchase two power meters (one NG, one Type-S) for a massive discount. Hit up link for details.
PowerPod$299$249Nov 26 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkNote: While supplies last
PowerPod$299$199Dec 12 2016Dec 12 2016LinkLinkOne-day sale only!
PowerPod$299$199Nov 25 2016Nov 25 2016LinkLinkThe $100 off deal is Black Friday only!
PowerTap C1 Chainring$699$559Nov 21 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkAll PowerTap Gear 20% Off!
PowerTap Everything-20% offNov 21 2016Nov 28 2016LinkAll PowerTap Power Meters 20% off
PowerTap G3 Hub$599 (no wheel)$479Nov 21 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkAll PowerTap 20% Off! Note this also includes complete wheel sets, this link shows all PowerTap Options.
PowerTap P1$1,199$959Nov 21 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkAll PowerTap gear 20% off!
PowerTap P1S$699$559Nov 21 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkAll PowerTap gear 20% off!
PowerTap PowerCal (Dual ANT+/BLE)$99$95Nov 21 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkAll PowerTap Gear 20% Off!
Runscribe Pro-$20 OffNov 24 2016Dec 04 2016LinkUse coupon code RSBLACK to save $20
Samsung Gear 360 Camera-$225Feb 01 2017Feb 15 2017LinkN/ASamsung has dropped the price about $75, down to $225 - pretty solid. Note: Unknown end date.
Saris Bike Racks-20% offNov 21 2016Nov 28 2016LinkAll Saris Bike Racks 20% Off
Scosche RHYTHM+$79$59Dec 17 2016Dec 19 2016LinkLinkMy favorite optical HR sensors by far
Scosche RHYTHM+$79$59Feb 05 2017Feb 08 2017LinkLink
Scosche RHYTHM+$79$59Nov 25 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkMy favorite optical HR sensors by far
TomTom Runner$99$69Nov 25 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkWithout question the best deal on a (solid) GPS watch out there. Period.
TomTom Spark$149-$199 (Features Vary)$99Nov 25 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkSpark Music Edition is only $99 (from $199), with optical HR and music, it's $149 (from $249)
TomTom Spark 3 Series$149-$299 (Features Vary)$20 offFeb 05 2017Feb 20 2017LinkLinkInclusive of Music, Cardio, and Bundle options
TomTom Spark 3/Runner 3$149-$299 (Features Vary)$99Nov 25 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkFull list of options: • Spark 3 Basic: $30 off (from $129 to $99) • Spark 3 Cardio: $40 (from $189 to $149). • Spark 3 Music + headphones: $20 off (from $169 to $149) • Spark 3 Cardio + music + headphones: $20 off (from $249 to $229)
TomTom Touch$129$119Feb 05 2017Feb 20 2017LinkLink
Training Peaks-25% off!Nov 28 2016Nov 28 2016LinkCoupon code: cyberpremium
WKO4 Software Suite-25% offNov 28 2016Nov 28 2016LinkCoupon code: cyberwko4
Wahoo Blue SCv2 - Bluetooth Smart/ANT+ Speed/Cadence Sensor$59$53Dec 12 2016Dec 12 2016LinkLinkOne-day sale only!
Wahoo Blue SCv2 - Bluetooth Smart/ANT+ Speed/Cadence Sensor$59$44Nov 25 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkLink
Wahoo ELEMNT$329$279Nov 25 2016Nov 25 2016LinkLink
Wahoo ELEMNT$329$296Dec 12 2016Dec 12 2016LinkLinkOne-day sale only!
Wahoo Fitness KICKR2 (2016)$1,199$1079Dec 12 2016Dec 12 2016LinkLinkOne-day sale only!
Wahoo Fitness RPM2 (Bluetooth Smart/ANT+ Cadence Sensor)$49$35Dec 12 2016Dec 12 2016LinkLinkOne-day sale only!
Wahoo RFLKT$79$71Dec 12 2016Dec 12 2016LinkLinkOne-day sale only
Wahoo RFLKT$79$29Nov 25 2016Nov 25 2016LinkLinkLinkWAHOOFITNESS.COM SALE ONLY!
Wahoo RPM+SPEED Bundle (Dual ANT+/BLE)$69$54Dec 18 2016Dec 18 2016LinkLink
Wahoo RPM+SPEED Bundle (Dual ANT+/BLE)$69$49Nov 25 2016Nov 26 2016LinkLinkAmazon only
Wahoo SPEED ANT+/BLE Sensor$39$35Dec 12 2016Dec 12 2016LinkLinkOne-day sale only!
Wahoo TICKR$59$44Dec 12 2016Dec 18 2016LinkLinkOne-day sale only!
Wahoo TICKR X$99$69Nov 25 2016Nov 25 2016LinkLinkLinkWAHOOFITNESS.COM SALE ONLY!
Wahoo TICKR X$99$79Dec 12 2016Dec 18 2016LinkLink
Withings Activité$450$294Nov 24 2016Nov 26 2016LinkLinkAmazon only - $157 off!
Withings Activité Pop$149$59Nov 24 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkAmazon only - $70 off!
Withings Body Cardio$179107Nov 24 2016Nov 28 2016LinkLinkAmazon only - $72 off!
Withings Body Cardio WiFi Scale$179$107Jan 01 2017LinkLink
Withings Body WiFi Scale$129$74Nov 24 2016Nov 26 2016LinkLinkAmazon only - $55 off!
Withings Body WiFi Scale$129$77Jan 01 2017LinkLink

Suunto 2016 Holiday Deals

Item Regular Price Sale Price SavingsSale End DateDCR Post
Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire HR Bundle $649 $412 37%12/9/2016DCR Post Here
Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire $599 $374 38%12/9/2016DCR Post Here
Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR Bundle $549 $337 39%12/9/2016DCR Post Here
Suunto Ambit3 Peak $499 $299 40%12/9/2016DCR Post Here
Suunto Ambit3 Run HR Bundle $349 $172 51%12/9/2016DCR Post Here
Suunto Ambit3 Run $299 $150 50%12/9/2016DCR Post Here
Suunto Ambit3 Sport HR Bundle $449 $217 52%12/9/2016DCR Post Here
Suunto Ambit3 Sport $399 $195 51%12/9/2016DCR Post Here
Suunto Ambit3 Vertical HR Bundle $519 $389 25%12/9/2016DCR Post Here
Suunto Ambit3 Vertical $469 $352 25%12/9/2016DCR Post Here

Suunto Ambit3 Series: Suunto virtually always puts the previous edition of their Ambit lineup on sale at Black Friday each year.  This year is no exception.  With the Spartan series being the new variant, the Ambit3 becomes the old variant, thus the sale variant.  The Ambit3 Sport at sub-$200 is very solid for that particular device.  For the Ambit3 Peak (which nets you barometric altimeter access), it’s a good deal, but not a great deal in light of the FR920XT being at $199 above.

Thanks for reading and supporting the site!  And remember to keep checking back regularly.  I’ll be posting updates to Twitter, so that’s probably the best place to follow for new updates.

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  1. Kyle Polansky

    One of the sellers on Amazon is Clever Training. Does this mean that buying through Amazon supports the site twice as much?

    • It’s all about doubling down!

      Nah, only singular support for me that way. Though, it does help Clever Training in the general sense of having more volume (which in turn could help them with prioritization down the road in new product releases). It’s all handled as with any other Amazon Prime purchase, so to you, no diff.

  2. EK

    Whats the difference between the 920xt US and EU versions. Been looking to get one for a while but the deals aren’t half as good in the EU. What would I loose out on if I went with the US version? Thanks

  3. Tim

    I just saw something on Facebook that the kickr snap is $100 off does that change anything with your recommendations

  4. flarunner

    Since you don’t live on this side of the pond any more:
    Thanksgiving Day is the 24th, which makes Black Friday the 25th.

  5. John

    Will Garmin Connect (easily) merge steps/HR from a wrist unit with an Edge cycling computer into one profile? If so, that would make the Vivosmart and Vivoactive better deals. Last I checked, this was still a PITA?

  6. Charles

    Do you know if Clever Training will have comparable deals in Europe?

  7. Wannes

    Going through the feature chart for the 920xt and Fenix3 and I don’t see that much of a difference. Fenix3 has somewhat better battery life, and you can charge it while in use.

    So yes, looking at the Fenix3 pricing this is a rediculous good deal!

    I noticed link to privatesportshop.fr will have a Garmin sales starting the second of november (they advertise 45% off) That should take care of us european folks :-)

  8. Edwin Aerts

    Hi Ray

    The deal for e.g. the Garmin FR920XT is only available on Clever Training US and NOT Europe.
    Is this normal since living in Belgium I would have to pay customs etc. Do you know if Clever Training Europe will also present similar discounts?
    The link to Amazon informs you that the Garmin FR920XT is currently unavailable!?
    Thanks for answering.


    • Correct, it’s normal for US and Europe to have separate deals – since unfortunately Garmin forces retailers into doing it that way.

      With Clever Training Europe, you wouldn’t have any customs payment upon arrival, since VAT is included in the purchase price and is handled intra-EU.

      For the Amazon links, depending on which country you’re in, it may be forcing you to a local Amazon page (vs Amazon US). Most of the times the links workout when it does that, but sometimes it fails. :(

      That said, if you are on Amazon US and it’s showing unavailable, it’s likely because it’s sold out due to the sale. My understanding is Clever Training placed another huge order of 920XT yesterday, which are being overnight-ed today. While they expected high demand, not quite this of of demand. No worries, it should be good again tomorrow (and CT lists via Amazon as well).

  9. Anna

    For Canadians, Amazon.ca has now put the 920 on sale as well ($260 without the HRM).

  10. bryan

    Is this all you expect from Garmin this year? They always slash prices in the Oct/Nov time period each year (usually you can get an even bigger discount through REI). I was hoping the Edge 520 would be included with the introduction of the Edge 820.

  11. TriMonk

    ok so i need something which will show me on screen in real time while riding normalized power and avg.normalized power next to other regular things. i still have 310xt and its just fine. i was thinking of getting edge 500 just cause of that reason but my question is what do u suggest? and even if i decide to go with 920xt should i still wait with spending money untill next spring cause ill spin next few months indoor only and for that i use trainer road. do u think it will be possible to get it for 200 on spring? thanks :)

  12. spiro

    Wait, the 920xt is still 350 on Amazon. Where is the 199 deal?

    • Kyle Polansky

      I think Clever Training (who was selling for $199) sold out, and therefore is not listed on Amazon right now. If you look at all the sellers, one is (as of writing this) selling new for $219. My guess is that once more come in stock, the price will drop back down to $199, or you can buy on Clever Training for $199 and they will ship once it comes back in stock.

    • spiro spyratos

      Thanks Kyle. I just saw it on Amazon for 249 w/the HR bundle which is totally worth it.

    • Kyle is correct. Others are also able to sell through Amazon (including Amazon themselves) at that price, but those also sold out within a few hour instantly.

      CT’s inventory should arrive tomorrow, which will also be exposed via Amazon. I’m not sure if that means inventory will be updated later tonight to show the arrival/shipping tomorrow, or tomorrow (on Amazon).

  13. spiro spyratos

    no fenix 3 optical sale? makes the 920xt that much more fun

  14. Iain Ramsey

    Thanks for the heads-up, been waiting for the next wave of sales to pull the trigger… $260 in Canada, which is a bit better than the exchange rate for a change!… Time to retire the trusty old 310xt! :)

    • Sam

      Been having this same debate myself. Definitely want to upgrade the 310XT, and want a Fenix but the price is almost double the 920XT (and exchange is actually on our side with this sale :p)

  15. wannes

    920xt white and red + hrm on amazon germany for 189,80 euro.

  16. wannes

    Fenix 3 HR on amazon germany 248,80 euro (ray-affiliate link I think) link to amazon.de

    • MikeBo

      Damn I am sitting here in the UK waiting for those deals to materialise :)
      Still not sure about the accuracy of that sensor though. Especially comared to my Mio which performs flawless

    • wannes

      Just order in Germany, have them ship to mailboxde.com and forward them to the UK (did the same because they only ship to Germany, not Belgium)

      Only one left though.

    • MikeBo

      Hm, they actually seem to ship to the U.K. (At least there was no error message). It’s a new seller on amazon but since amazon has pretty good customer service I don’t expect any problems or I’ll just get my money back.
      Thanks for the tip. Wasn’t in the market for a new watch but this deal is too good considering that I bought all my past watches used for over 200€ when they were ok the market for a long time and a potential Felix 4 will run 400+++€\£.

    • MikeBo

      Oh and finally I got to support ray with this purchase :)

    • Richard

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m pretty confident that sale price is scam.

      Similar deals been popping up on amazon.co.uk for over a month and only last for a day or so before they disappear (presumably taken down). Each time from a different seller but with the same dodgy info “contact us before purchasing etc etc”.

      The one that’s on amazon.de currently has a review saying it’s a scam.

    • MikeBo

      Yea, my order my cancelled tonight by the seller. It did sound too good to be true but on Amazon it’s not a big risk since they have good customer service.

    • wannes

      Ditto, my to good to be true order on Amazon Germany was also cancelled.

      Waiting for the EU-deals :-)

  17. Nicole

    Ray, do you expect price movement on the 735XT around Black Friday? I have a 910XT and want to upgrade, but can’t decide whether to take 920XT deal or wait for a price drop on the 735XT. Thanks for all of the great information!

  18. JC

    Thanks for the great reviews of the FR920XT and FR230! What are the differences between the two? They seem similar in functionality. I just got the FR230 and use it for running and biking, but now this deal on the FR920XT is giving me buyer’s remorse. Is it just differences in design and target marketing (FR seems more runner centric)? This is my first GPS watch, so I’m still figuring out how it fits into my training. Your insight is much appreciated!

  19. Jacob

    I was looking at getting the Garmin 235 for running. Would you recommend the Garmin FR920XT for $199 over the 235?
    Thanks in advance!

  20. Ross

    I’m looking to buy the FR 230/FR 235 for running purposes and am based in Europe. Do you anticipate these items will be subject to heavy reductions in the BF and Cyber Monday sales?

    They haven’t been heavily reduced online on recent months.


  21. oldsap

    the 920xt offer is now gone?

  22. Stuart Dunne

    Any thoughts on the chance of the Edge 520 going on sale anytime soon?

  23. Dmitry Pupkov

    Vivoactive HR has now even with a better discount (199$ or 20% discount) at both Amazon and Clevertraining. So you should consider moving them back to Active deals from Expired.

  24. C Robinson

    Hi Ray, how likely do you see the 2017 versions of the Tacx Neo or Wahoo Kickr going on sale in Europe around Black Friday? I see the Neo currently for around €1100, but I’d kick myself if it was several hundread Euros cheaper in a few weeks.


  25. Greg Hilton

    really like the forthcoming discount on the Vivoactive HR, but sadly this product isn’t even on the CT Europe site and I’d get clobbered with VAT + Import Duty + handling fee if buying from the USA CT site.

  26. SPR

    I know this may be hard to predict but what’s the lowest UK price you’d expect for the 230? £155 and £185 for watch only and with HR strap respectively is what I’ve seen. Could it get lower or is that already pretty low?

  27. Dmitry Pupkov

    Wahoo TICKR / TICKR X and Speed Cadence sensors are on sale now @ Amazon, but not @ TC:
    Wahoo RPM Speed and Cadence Sensor – 55$ instead of 70$
    Wahoo TICKR X – 80$ instead of 100$

  28. John McGovern

    So looking over the smart trainer recommendations I keep bumping up against a question, and I hope someone could help me out here. I have a Stages power meter, and want to get a trainer that can be controlled by apps, but don’t really need them to transmit power in theory since I already have that meter. What would be the most cost effective trainer to go with just for smart control, but not worrying about the power side since I already have that covered?

    • Eric Oshlo

      I use a Quarq PM in conjunction with both a Wahoo Kickr and a Tacx Vortex Smart. Generally, you are correct IF the app you are using is controlling the trainer with respect to grade or a generated course. Probably the most popular example is Zwift where you can pair both your Stages for power and the trainer for resistance changes associated with the “course”. All is well for me in this scenario and both my trainers are great even though the Kickr reported power is much closer to my Quarq data than is the Tacx, which requires much more calibration fiddling.

      However, if you are wanting to do structured workouts such as intervals with specified power levels, the power the trainer thinks is being produced is still important. Virtually all workout apps (including Zwift’s workout mode) will NOT control the trainer based upon a separately paired PM. Generally, they just tell the trainer “set xxx watts” and the trainer sets resistance to what IT thinks is xxx watts, not what your Stages is reporting. TrainerRoad is the only workout app I’m aware of that has an option to control the trainer based upon a separate power meter, and even so, I’ve seen many forum threads reporting issues with its “Power Match” function.

      Just my experience and two cents…

  29. Leo

    Target in-store and online has the Vivoactive HR for $169.99. There’s a discount code valid today only “TECH” that takes off 10% bringing it to $153. 5% Red card discount stacks on top as well. Better than Black Friday price!

    • Matthew

      Leo – Thanks!


      Sorry, I would have used one of your links, but the Target deal (32% + another 10% off) was too good to pass up. I still have a new cycling computer + probably the Garmin Virb 30 Ultra to give you some affiliate love.

      Keep up the great site

  30. Lynn

    Ray, As always sincere thanks for fantastic information. Are flash sales included in the marketing/sale price limitations? I benefitted from an Amazon flash sale on the 910xt years past at significantly less than the otherwise discounted BF price. Is there no possibility of this type of limited quantity opportunity this season for the 920xt?

    • Individual retailers can work with Garmin for an approved sale, and sometimes we do see flash sales from Amazon on things. Typically speaking it’s not super new stuff or super high-end stuff. Vivo things are the most common.

  31. Carlo

    Any thoughts on power2max’s BF sale?

    link to power2max.com

    Hesitant to jump on a type S with the NG so close to arrival

    • Carlo

      To clarify, I’m not interested in getting myself an NG, but rather I’m interested on how it will affect the pricing and availability of the type S.

      One would think they will only get more aggressive in trying to move their “old” product.

    • It’s not a bad deal. The language is confusing at the bottom though – is it valid or not valid on the NG? :-/

  32. gingerneil

    Sorry- I am sure you will get this question lots!
    Any view on what may be available in the UK ? I have promised my 7 yr old a GPS watch when she hits 50 parkruns, and she’s getting close! My 10yr old has a tomtom runner, but if I can get the Spark for a decent price then I’ll go for that.

  33. Tom

    Apparently, the TomTom Spark Deal is no longer available on Clever Training

  34. morey

    Ray- did you ever get clarification on the BestBuy ad for the Fenix3HR at $399 vs $449?
    Is it a typo, or will Garmin let CleverT match it?

    And on a separate note- at one time Garmin seemed to release a *silver* version of the F3HR. Where the heck are they? I like the stainless colored bezel.

    big fan. :)

    • Yup, just added in updates there (and other updates, more coming shortly).

      In short, it was a Best Buy ad typo. Clever Training will indeed honor that price as long as Best Buy is still showing inventory on their site. Once Best Buy pulls inventory, then CT will go back to the intended sale price at $449.

      If I remember correctly on colors, there was a nuance where the Silver F3HR was in Europe, and the plain black in US. Or the inverse. One of those two.

  35. bikegeek

    FYI: The VA HR @ $169.99 is already live on amazon and target


  36. kazan

    There is a sale of the Recon Jet:

    link to store.reconinstruments.com

    Of course given they are now part of the imploding as we speak wearables division of Intel, chances are high you’re going to get a full MSRP refund within 6 months.

  37. David

    I just want to give Clever Training a huge shout-out for treating customers the right way. Now a happy PowerTap P1 customer.

  38. Brad

    Does the Fenix 3 HR $399 deal start at midnight tonight?

    • Yes, though, they may wait to validate Best Buy’s listing goes live at $399. If so (on US EST), then at midnight – so in about 5hrs and 29 minutes. Roughly.

      They have staff up all night watching things over.

    • Brad

      Thanks Ray, purchased it at Clever Training. Also it doesn’t look like Best Buy has listed the watch at $399 yet.


    Target is $119 on the Vivosmart HR+

  40. Toby

    Currently looking for a good bike trainer. Have you seen any that are discounted for holiday sales/Black Friday?

    • CycleOps has all their stuff 20% off, except the new Magnus and Hammer. See the links up above.

      Unfortunately, you missed the 20% off all trainers deal by Clever Training that ended last weekend. :(

  41. Goran

    Oh, man!
    I really hope that CT Europe will have some deals on Friday for us in Europe, because I’m really getting jealous going through your list…

    Thanks, Ray for info on all the deals!


    • I just got the final list, and will have them added to above listing by mid-morning European time. The deals will run Nov 25th (Fri) to 28th (Monday). I’ll update here in the comments once I get it done.

      They include on the FR230/630/630 bundle, Edge 820, Varia Vision, Varia Radar, and Scosche. They will also be stackable with the DCR coupon codes.


    • Goran

      Thanks, Ray!


  42. Chris

    FYI for everyone waiting for the Fenix 3 HR at $399, it is now listed at that price on Clever Training.

    • Ricky

      The link above for Fenix3HR is linking to Fenix3… and I cannot find the F3HR in Clever Training… did I miss out sth stupidly?…

    • On the Fenix3 page, there’s a drop-down on the right side, which lists all the 98 versions of Fenix3 units. Within that list is the Fenix3 HR, the optical one.

    • Conor

      Still seeing it as $450 on clever training at 6 am central time. Amazon and best buy still showing it as $399. I’d like to support everyone here, so hoping it gets adjusted…

  43. Gerrie Delport

    Best buy has the Fenix3HR curently for $399.00. I just ordered mine. Thanks DC for all you reviews.

  44. Gabriel

    Any heads up on a gopro hero 5 deal for Europe? Clever training don’t stock them over here.

    • No, you won’t likely find any Hero5 deals. At least not in the US. You’ll see some Hero4 deals out there. On the European side, you might see deals (not at CT though) because retailers can set their own GoPro prices, which they can’t do in the US.

  45. PeterE

    Withings seems to have dropped the price on scales/activity trackers here in Canada (Bestbuy).
    Body scale $99 (-$50)
    Go tracker $60 (-$30)

  46. EvilEuro

    When did the Fenix 3 HR go on sale for $399 at CT? I have been checking that page all night and it has been $449 for the Sapphire Gray with Optical HR since 9pm Pacific. This was both before and after it went on sale for $399 at Best Buy.

    Doesn’t matter the browser or machine I use, all of them show $449. Sucks as I’d rather spend my money at CT and support both a DC Rainmaker sponsor and DCR himself / itself.

  47. Christian C.

    Let’s see if the European deals can keep up with the US…

  48. Goran

    Thanks, Ray for updating this page with European deals.

    I’m really disappointed with CT, FR630 is on sale at 13% savings and compared to US deals (43%), this is a joke.
    I’d rather risk waiting for possible sales with my domestic retailers, which if they even happen will certainly be 20%.


    • It’s actually at ~23%, because as the note above the table notes – you can stack the 10% discount on top of it. So you save another 10%.

      As for differences between US and Euro deals, unfortunately, that’s just the reality of MAP policies. Within the US, Garmin and others subsidize these sales. Outside of the US, that generally doesn’t happen. So it’s the retailers taking impact of the cost.

      On the flip-side, in the US, retailers can’t generally make sales up as they see fit, which they can do in Europe. So Europeans tend to get better prices year-round on items that US folks don’t get.

    • Goran

      You’re right, it’s 23%.

      Bur I don’t get it: if I order FR230 from CT with DCR10% and free shipping it’s just 17£ less than full price with my domestic retailer.
      So i think I’ll skip CT’s Black Friday deals and hope for the best around the holidays


  49. David

    The $399 Fenix 3 HR deal is live on bestbuy.com right now.

    • David

      It’s also available on Amazon (I just ordered mine there)!

    • Morey

      I ordered the Fenix3HR from CleverTr- and paid $449 for it, and sent them a note. Even 14 hours later, Best Buy still has them in stock at $399 as does Amazon. Haven’t heard back from CT yet (although it’s still a holiday), so I’m assuming that they’ll credit the difference…. because Ray said they would.

  50. JJohnny

    Even at $399, isn’t better to go for the performance bundle that comes with the hr strap for more reliable data?

    Am I missing something?


    • With that bundle you don’t get the optical sensor, so you don’t get 24×7 HR. If that doesn’t matter though to you, then yup, it’s better.

    • Conor

      Assuming you want the features of the hrm run strap and don’t already own one and want a new one, yes.

    • JJohnny

      Hey Ray, Happy Thanksgiving, C,a va bien?

      I was not clear enough, I meant the HR bundle at $487, vs $399, since the straps sort of are round $100 alone?

      Related question: Can the swim (blue strap) be used for running with good results? I am wondering since I’ve seen bundles of the Tri strap and swim also the red and blue straps together.

      I wish the Clever Training $399 was alive on Amazon since I have a birthday certificate, ha!

      Thanks and Cheerio!

    • Ahh, gotchya.

      No, the totally blue pool strap is miserable for running. However, the tri strap (which is a blue pod), is great. I often use it. The red-pod, which is the HRM-RUN, is identical, just…some different internals inside the pod (lacks storage of blue pod).

    • JJohnny

      Ray, thanks that is great info. I will then go for the Tri-HRM as I do run, and cycle a lot, but also swim, albeit a lot less frequently.

    • Kimber

      I read that the Garmin – HRM-Swim is made for resisting pool chemicals but the tri is not. The tri is for open water – no chlorine.

  51. Bjoern

    You have news if there any deals on the trainers coming out tomorrow? Tacx? Wahoo?

  52. Robert Black

    Amazon U.K. Have just removed the start times for both the fr230 and fr630 probably too many watchers lol

    • SPR

      What was the start time? There isn’t a deal showing anymore.

    • Right now Clever Training is planning on starting the Garmin deals at 5:00AM UK time. Though, I’m working to get that closer to midnight UK time.

    • Also note, they are listed under European deals: link to dcrainmaker.com

      Further, remember that you get another 10% off that price with the DCR Coupon code DCR10BTF

    • Robert Black

      07:10 fr230 and 18:20 ft630. Phone alerted me they had been withdrawn

    • I’ve confirmed Clever Training UK will now list these deals at midnight UK time. I’ll circle back once live.

    • SPR

      Thanks both. So either Amazon UK have decided they can’t beat what’s already out there or will be an all day thing/ another day lightening deal.

      I’ll have a look at Clever Training when their deals go up.

    • Kyle

      Heads up that Target in the US has GoPro Hero 5 Black at 399 with a $60 gift card while supplies last (BF deal started at 6pm EST). I went ahead and got it thinking that may be the best price we will see for the holidays given GoPro is not likely to allow price reductions.

    • Just as a heads up to European folks:

      Clever Training UK has now lit up all of the CT UK Garmin deals. Again, remember to add the DCR Coupon Code for another 10% savings (it’s DCR10BTF).

      Also, I just added in a crapton of Amazon Europe deals. I’ll continue working my way to the rest of the Amazon country sites, though they tend to mirror each other. All of which have been added to the European section above: link to dcrainmaker.com

  53. pverst

    As quite a few have referenced the Garmin 735XT. Not to take any business away but Slane Cycles in UK has a good offer on Garmin 735XT https://www.slanecycles.com. Just purchased run bundle for 275GBP. With code SUBSCRIBE5 you get an additional 5GBP off. International delivery is free of charge.

    • David

      How did you get £275? Its now £329.99.

      Edge 520 bundle has a good deal too: £249.99

    • pverst

      David – strange ….

      I see still right now the following pricing (note that it is pounds sterling not USD):
      Garmin Forerunner 735XTGarmin Forerunner 735XT
      £262.49 (reduced from £299.99)
      Garmin Forerunner 735XT Triathlon Bundle
      £324.99 (reduced from £374.99)
      Garmin Forerunner 735XT Run Bundle
      £274.99 (reduced from £324.99)

      Is it possible you look at cached information? Initially it also showed to me the full amount. When added to the shopping cart it got reduced.

      By the way I am not affiliated whatsoever to this shop (live in Asia) so have no clue on their offerings or how it works ….

    • David

      Maybe it depends on country. When UK is chosen:
      Garmin Forerunner 735XT Run Bundle
      £329.99 (reduced from £389.99)

      However if Singapore is chosen:
      Garmin Forerunner 735XT Run Bundle
      £274.99 (reduced from £324.99)

  54. Erik

    Wahoo has the original Kickr refurb model for $649. Do you feel the new model is worth spending double that amount? I also considered the Snap version as I’m trying to stay within a budget. Which one would you buy right now?


  55. Joel

    How about european clever training (or other sites in Europe) discount on power meters like the powertap p1 or garmin vector 2(or the bepros, quarq dzero, powertap c1)?
    The only one i´ve found is 10% on powermeter24.com

  56. Johan

    Hi Ray,

    For the european deals, I think prices are mixed up for some products between regular price/saving/new price (ex garmin vivoactive, polar M400….).

  57. Anth

    Which is the better deal from the below?
    Fenix 3 £234 (€275)
    Fenix 3 HRM £290
    735xt HRM £275
    920xt normal/HRM £160/£201 ($199/$249)
    It will be used for running on roads (lots of tall buildings) and trail. The Suunto Ambit 3 Sport has some really good deals, £155 with HRM, but the lack of being able to create interval workouts is a problem.

  58. Gustavo

    In Europe Runner Inn / Bike Inn has 15% blackfriday deal on almost everything.

    735xt is for 313€
    Got the Tri bundle for 415€

  59. Luis Javier

    Thanks Ray for updating the post with the European deals.

    I was waiting for the discount you had announced for Scosche Rhythm+ at Clever Training Europe (£49) but I see it continues at its regular price (£59).

    • Hmm, odd. I’ll get someone on it. No worries it’ll get fixed shortly!

    • Luis Javier

      Thanks for your help.

    • Patrick Utrecht

      Also waiting on the Scosche price update.

      Also you claim ‘free delivery on all items’ but on clever training it states minimum amount of 75€ before you’re eligible for free delivery. One Scosche will be slightly below that, will there still be free shipping to European countries?

      As always, thanks for keeping us updated on the sales, much appreciated!

    • Oops, good point, forgot that it’d slide below that. I don’t believe it’ll be free shipping on that item then*. I’ll fix the wording.

      *Of course, you could buy something else to push it over.

    • Now that I’ve been using the Scosche for a few months (having previously worn a Wahoo chest strap), I don’t know that I’ve even care about the price point of the Scosche — it’s that much more comfortable/pleasant to wear! The charging is a bit of a bummer, but I’m used to plugging everything in anyway (eTap batteries, lights, garmin, Di2….), so one more device isn’t going to matter.

      Really, try a Scosche and you’ll probably love it. For me, the DCR review was the final convincing I needed to ditch the chest strap.

    • Julien

      Hi Ray, I’m also waiting for the price update as this is on top of my “must-have” list ;-)


    • Just a quick update – they’re working on it and trying to figure out why it’s not showing correctly. I’ll update as soon as it is. Sorry!

    • Ok folks – the Scosche pricing issue on Clever Training UK has been fixed. The person responsible for fixing it received a lollipop as a reward.

      Thanks for the support!

    • Luis Javier

      Ordered. Thanks again for your help Ray.

    • Patrick Utrecht

      Well nice job, but seems they are already “out of stock”
      A bit of a let down, first I wait for the correct price, but once corrected it’s gone within minutes? Thanks for contacting them though. Seems like I won’t be able to get one after all.

    • Julien

      Out of stock !!!

      It makes me wanna cry…

    • Julien

      Looks like someone will have to give his lollipop back… oh wait!

    • Fixed again! Lollipop given back.

    • Julien

      Ordered! May he enjoy his lollipop as I will enjoy my new gadget!

      Thx Ray!

  60. Morten Eghøj Vanggaard

    In Denmark there is a really good offer for the Garmin 735xt
    link to joyrun.dk

    link to intersport.dk

    The price is 201 euro /171 pounds!

    • Anders Majland

      And the Fenix 3 HR Silver at 2200DKK ~296€ / 323$

      link to intersport.dk

      That is the non-saphire version

      Pusure.dk then have very god discounts on the HRM-Swim and TRI

      link to pulsure.dk

    • P

      Seems the Danish stores don’t ship internationally, pity because those prices are really good.

    • pverst

      Morten – your chance for setting up a side business. I would have bought an extra one for that price. But I cannot even create a login account and as P pointed out, no international shipping.

      Great find though for the Danish amongst us!

    • Jesper

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but all F3 HR has Safire, don’t they???

    • Anders Majland

      No the silver is not – it is newer than the claim that the all were… You can fint it in the comments section of in depth review

      I bought the fenix 3 hr for myself from intersport and the swim belt from pulsure.dk

      Time to upgrade from my almost 5 year old 910 XT :-) I was torn between the FR735 and fenix since i’ll mainly use it for swimming and cycling (and as my daily activity tracker, replacing and old vivofit.

      The postage of sending things from denmark to just the rest of EU is expensive if you want a tracked and insured packet. <1KG will cost 200DKK ~27 EUR as i found out when i sold a "Bragi The Dash" BT headset to UK last week.

      Intersport still list 728 fenix 3 hr in stock and 337 fr 735 – prices valid until sunday, Does not seem to be a limit on order – for fun added 100 of each to the basket
      Pris i alt (inkl. moms) 36999000 DKK ~50000 Euro ;-) Migh be a buisness opportunety on ebay but …

    • Anders Majland

      Pulsure.dk has the edge 520 bundle at 1599 DKK ~215€ with postage of 175,- DKK ~23.5€ to many europeans countries(free in DK) – Also a solid deal.

    • vector

      Yes … I don’t understand why. It is sooooo sad :(

  61. Thomas Wylie

    You list the varia vision as £109 down from £159. I think something has gone wrong as when I click on the link it shows £23well.

  62. Tom Vika

    Scicon bags are 50% off.

    link to us.sciconbags.com

  63. Lieven

    On the GoPro4 on amazon.es: it’s only on the Spanish version. What does that mean? How does it differ from the German or English version? Is it the interface’s language? I’d think this would be changeable in the system settings?

    Many thanks! I’ve never owned a GoPro so would love to know if I wouldn’t end up with a GoPro that only “speaks” Spanish.

  64. Alex

    There’s also a BKOOL deal for the week-end –

    – Bkool Go + 1 year Premium Subscription for only 329€: link to goo.gl
    – Bkool Pro + 1 year Premium Subscription for only 449€: link to goo.gl

    Source: link to facebook.com

    @Ray: considering the price, do you think that’s a good deal compared to other Black Friday deals for trainers. I’d be happy to go for a Kickr snap, but is that worth the price difference? (I have a Edge 520 so can broadcast with FE-C)

    • Those are indeed good prices. The advantage of the KICKR SNAP though is that for iOS based apps, everyone supports the KICKR SNAP via Bluetooth. Whereas people pretty much only support the Bkool trainers via FE-C (not available on iOS). So for example, Zwift on the iPad is KICKR only

  65. Rich

    Hi everyone

    Great job Ray, Thanksgiving went well.

    Any word on TrainingPeaks discount code?

  66. Jonas

    I think the Canadian deal on the VAHR is better than the US one on Amazon… its 40% off (199 down from 330).

  67. Bertram

    Looks like Power2max has also discounted all their powermeters – € 100,- for the most models, up to € 320 for the pricy ones with crank (like from 1595,- to 1275,- ).
    Could find no mention if this was a “black Friday” deal, and how long it will last.


  68. Luka

    Regarding EU Amazon deals – planning to buy FR 235 and Amazon Italy deal looks great. Am I safe to order it to another country (I’m not from Italy) or should I rather get it from a local seller? I guess warranty isn’t worldwide, any other differences?

  69. Kevin

    The link for the WAHOO RPM+SPEED BUNDLE (DUAL ANT+/BLE) is incorrect. The second “0” has been omitted.

  70. Scott

    Got an email from Training Peaks this morning saying that you can get 25% off Premium upgrades and WKO4 software. Cyber Monday only.

  71. Christian C.

    Amazon Germany are selling the Fenix 3HR for €318.99

  72. Peter Vanleeuwen

    920XT or VAHR? Better training tool vs sleep tracker? The price is so close!

    • Reed

      If you like training more: Garmin
      If you like sleeping more: the other one.

    • Reed

      That was my poor attempt of a joke as I did not know what VAHR stood for until I checked it just now. I’d go with the latter.

    • Peter Vanleeuwen

      I’ve keep going back and forth. It’s the multisport mode and battery life that has me swaying 920XT. Do people even find the sleep mode on these watches useful? Or just gimmick-y?

    • It’s interesting for trending sleep durations, but I wouldn’t overthink the actual data during the night.

    • Resi

      I don’t use the sleep tracking data much, it’s interesting but really doesn’t tell you anything new.

      VAHR has optical HR. If that’s really important I would go with that. 24/7 heart rate can be interesting (elevated the day before I get sick for example).

      If you often do things where you need longer battery (over 11-12h) life then I would go with 920xt. If you often do triathlons then go with 920xt.

  73. eric kim

    Hi guys before pulling a trigger on the fenix 3 HR, anyone think that the price will go lower than $399?

    • Zero chance. The $399 was already a mistake, it was supposed to be $449. Even if a new model happens in Q1 per historicals, I wouldn’t see the F3HR going below $399 till next summer at earliest. Essentially following similar pricing patterns as 920XT.

  74. John Carlsen

    Fenix 3 HR silver for around $315 at link to loparshop.se
    Swedish version of a Danish online store.

  75. zoltan

    Re European deals

    I checked the Spanish Amazon page for Fenix 3 HR, but the price was already much higher than in the table above. Thanks for God I made a glance on both amazon.co.uk and amazon.de, and I could buy a Fenix 3 HR for EUR319 on the latter. With free shipping within EU. It was just a brief time slot, afterwards the price jumped up to EUR369

    So it seems that even if fairly rarely but one can find a better European Black Friday deal than a US one.

  76. John Smith

    Tomtom Runner 69.99 clever training

  77. Sam Dumcum

    Add another 920XT sale for Ray (via Amazon.ca)! REALLY want a Fenix3 but with exchange its $499 Cad for the base model (unfortunately not riding that much anymore) that’s a bit outside my weekend warrior budget. The 920XT with Scosche Rhythm+ (which will be purchased once the calendar turns and called #birthdaygift) comes to $325 Cad total (+ 13% tax #thanksfreehealthcare).

  78. Melanie W.

    Thanks Ray! Finally went ahead and picked up the Scosche Rhythm+. The folks at Clever Training were exceptionally gracious.

  79. Alex

    Do I understand correctly that the last day when I can buy a Garmin FR920XT Triathlon Bundle discounted price of $349, it’s December 24th?

    • Yup, that’s correct. Definitely a bit odd – but I triple-checked it.

      I think the logic is that rather than doing on again, off again, sales like Garmin has done the last few years (i.e. on for a week prior to Black Friday, then on again for Black Friday to Cyber Monday, then on again from Dec 10th to Dec 20th), they’re just keepin’ the darn thing on the whole time.

  80. John Frank


    I am Christmas shopping for scales. Withings.com has the Wireless Scale
    Smart Connected Scale $49.95. Is that the WS-30 that lists for $99.95?

    Now the tough question what is a better deal Withings Body for $77 or WS-30 for $50.

    I am pretty much a Garmin centric.


  81. Romster

    Ray, unless it’s a really lousy deal, you may have got some figures mixed up on the European Vivoactive deal… :-)

  82. FDS

    I just found this Spanish website that shows the sales going on in Europe. I don’t speak Spanish but just look under Marca to see the brands. link to buscopulsometro.com

  83. SPR

    Amazon UK have the 230 at £149.99 and the 235 at £199.99

  84. MAGNUS

    When is Zwift scheduled to release the run update?

  85. Jonathan

    Looking for the best deal for the Edge 520. Slanecycles selling 185.65 US$+12.73US$ Shipping to the US. Seems too good to be true. Anyone else come across this? Thoughts?
    link to slanecycles.com

  86. gingerneil

    Hoping sporttracks might come out with something so I can top up my sub…

  87. MTB Rookie

    Anyone else seeing a price of EUR 299,95 instead of EUR 224 for the

    link to amzn.to

  88. Tony

    Target in the US is having an additional 15% off sale through today. It even is working on Garmin items, but it is Target, so they dont have all of the fun stuff

  89. Jonas S.


  90. Marco

    Also the Fenix 3 Hr is up to 449 instead of 369 on Amazon.de

  91. David E.

    RE: Wtf on the Vivofit Jr. I can tell you that activity trackers have become huge in the affluent suburban school that my kids attend. Lots of kids have them as hand-me-downs from their parents, and it’s at the top of my ten-year old’s Hanukkah wish list this year (but he insisted that the Vivofit Jr. was for younger kids than him!).

  92. Tomasz Gie

    Garmin Forerunner 235 WHR on amazon.de – 188,99 EUR (flash deal)

  93. the boxers

    I tried, I really did. None of the stuff I’m wanting for Christams presents has been reduced.

    So when something I’ve been tempted by, since its launch, was reduced. I just had to step in and buy something, for myself. I now have a Garmin Varia radar wending its way to me. Thanks for the discount code.

  94. Turn The Damn Cranks

    Ray — Am I doing something wrong, or is the Vivosmart HR deal dead, like failing to use a required code? You’ve got it listed at $69 with an unknown expiration date, but yesterday is was $85 and then $95, and now it’s $120.


    • Indeed, the deal is dead. Or at least, different now. As of 12:01AM it’s now $119 ($30 off). The schedule I have says it’s now good at that price till Dec 10th.

      I should have all these finished cleaned up by the end of the day. Kinda a mess, as I stupidly used three different table formats (Garmin-Suunto, European, Everything Else), so when moving them to Expired, they don’t mesh anymore and I end up with three different expired tables. So I’m manually recoding them which is taking some time.

      But, i like having the ‘What were the deals’ from a historical perspective year after year, so I think it’s long-term worth it.

    • Turn The Damn Cranks

      Thanks. Do you think there’s a reasonable chance the price will get better before Christmas, or do you recommend buying before December 10?

    • Joe Hart

      FYI – If tracking expired deals, the Vivosmart HR+ (with GPS) was generally $119 over the weekend, but when I went to order from Amazon yesterday, the price had dropped to $101, which is what I purchased at. Now up to $169.

    • Romster

      Wow… $101 is an incredible deal. I ordered it from CT (together with a Scosche Rhythm) for $119. Unfortunately, the DCR code did not seem to work so I was not able to support Ray (and get the additional 10% off.. :-)) but I guess that’s ok for the sales…

    • Yeah, the $99 was the approved price until 12:00AM last night. Now the approved sale price is $119.

      I don’t know if we’ll see anything more beyond the 10th, though historically Garmin has renewed sales around then, but usually not re-dropped prices further than before. The reason is that often causes headaches for retailers who then have to deal with either refunds or the like.

      Thanks for the support all!

  95. Jeroen V

    I hate this site. It makes me addicted to electronic running gadgets and is a disaster for my wallet. Thanks to this awful post I couldn’t resist buying a scosche rhythm + on clever training Uk. Guess I’ll be eating old bread and water for the rest of the year.

    Anyway :p , thanks for the great reviews on this site and the useful buyer’s advice, the sports realm is a better place thanks to this site and I couldn’t imagine buying my electrronic gadgets without this site. Very pleased I could support this site with my purchase.

    • Thanks for the support!

      I continue to hope you hate the site! ;)

    • Zoltan

      I also realized this addiction of mine. And you know what I did? The next day after I bought a Fenix 3 HR at a glorious price of EUR 319 on amazon.de I cancelled my order. I did the same with two items bought on amazon.co.uk. I had a strange, mixed feeling, but was happy that I was able to relinquish them.

  96. Nedim

    I have been looking at this for a while; am I the only one noticing that the Garmin Fenix 3 “Regular Price” is wrong ($499 vs. $599) and that there is a “<" to properly close the HTML tag after the Vivofit 3 name? Am I the only one with OCD? :))

    Anyhow, thank you for this list. Invaluable. I am a somewhat reluctant owner of the fenix 3 HR now; classic impulse buy, fully aware of the fact that I will regret it in January when the 5 comes out.

  97. Mike

    Thank you so much for this Ray. I want to get my wife the Vivo smart HR. I see you have it listed twice, one for 119 and one for 169. I cannot find the 119 anywhere. Is that maybe the one without HR? Thanks.

    • There are two versions of the Vivosmart HR.

      Vivosmart HR: This is with optical HR
      Vivosmart HR+: This is with optical HR *and* GPS

      The Vivosmart HR is $119, whereas the Vivosmart HR+ is $169.

      Both are on sale though – so a good deal either way. Hope this helps!

  98. Sam Striano

    Here’s my dilemma. I bought the Garmin Vivoactive HR for $169 and then I also bought the Fenix HR 3 for $399.

    I currently have the 910XT and love the device! I also want the daily activity tracking bits as well, so I need to upgrade.

    I had the Fitbit One and still have the Aria Scale, and want to go Garmin only. I like Connect the best…

    I run a little, hike, am fairly active and just want to really love the F3HR… I mean I really do, it offers everything I want. My only concern is the next iteration probably being right around the corner, F4/5HR/S whatever.

    So do I:

    A) Rock the F3HR at a great price and be stoked?
    B) Sport the Vivoactive for the daily tracking/sleep bits and continue using my 910XT for running/workouts?
    C) Return them both and wait for the successor to the F3HR?

    Thanks for the input!


    • I have thought long and hard about the Fenix 3 HR. I also bought the Vivoactive HR, and it has become my everyday watch. I am a personal trainer and gym owner, so I teach multiple classes a day and have personal training sessions as well. For my personal workouts, I use the MyZone chest strap or Scosche Rhythm + for greater accuracy. The Vivoactive provides loads of information, displays incoming calls and texts, and it even lets me control the music in the gym. It is light, has great battery life, tracks a ton of activities, and it lets me customize data screens for each one.

      So, why am I considering the Fenix 3? Because it looks so damn good! I missed my $399 window, so I’ll probably wait to see if there is a similar Christmas discount. If not, I’ll hold off until CES to see if a new model is announced. If it is, they’ll probably discount the Fenix 3 even more.

      Bottom line is, I’d recommend keeping the Vivoactive. If you explore all the features and customizations, you may end up retiring the 910XT (although it is a great watch). I’d return the Fenix 3, and wait for the next product announcement. Then again, if you’re like me, you’ll keep everything. Although the Vivoactive is my daily watch at the moment, I still use my TomTom Spark 3 Cardio and Suunto Ambit 3. The only brand I have completely dropped from the rotation is Fitbit (Charge and Surge).


  99. Juro

    Interesting that FR 235 is now discounted to $AU 296 (approx $US 220) across numerous retailers in Australia. That’s quite a bit lower than anything I’ve seen on US/UK sites. Seems like a permanent cut or the product is doing particularly bad Down Under.

  100. john

    where do you put the Scosche on your arm. still trying to get any the of consistency with it

  101. Goran

    Hi, Ray!

    Is CT EU preparing any Xmas deals with Scosche Rythm+ ?
    Unfortunately, I found out too late that my order was declined by their fraud system.
    It is a complete mystery to me why this happened.
    I hope their future sales will be less ‘conservative’ compared to CT US sales.


    • Aris

      How did you find out it was cancelled?
      My order has not been dispatched yet (placed on 25th for rythm+ which had 5-7 business days delay).
      I sent them an email today, but nobody got back yet.


    • Goran

      Hi, Aris

      Although i received an e-mail confirming my order, they didn’t send me the e-mail with a number to track my order. So after a few days i logged into my account on their website and under ‘My orders’ i saw that it was declined by their fraud system.
      In a way i’m kinda glad that it happened because their EU sale offers were poor compared to the US ones.


  102. Ben

    Can anyone advise if Garmin 920xt from US Amazon carries international warranty?

  103. LisaR

    Do you have recommendations for a GPS watch that will display distance, time, pace all at one time? With or without HR, budget to mid range price. Thanks!

    • gingerneil

      That’s pretty much all of them I think! I can’t think of GPS watch that won’t do that…. So take your pick from the excellent writeup above. I have a fenix 3 and love it, my daughter has a tomtom runner and is perfect for her – so from the bottom to the top of the cost spectrum, you have some great choices.

    • LisaR

      Thanks! I will check these out. I know they all do this but not all put all 3 items on 1 screen view. Some of the budget models make you scroll through screens to get different combos of data.

  104. Lorne

    Have the 910xt triathlon pkg. will 920xt work with my 910 triathlon pkg (hrm strap and cadence sensor?

  105. David E.

    Quick correction: you have the one-day sale price of the Elemnt accidentally transposed: it’s $296, not $269. I almost fell off my chair when I saw $269, but too good to be true. . .

  106. Bob2Bob

    Has anybody heard about any one day sale in Europe?
    Either today or in the near future?

  107. Thomas

    FYSA – Amazon has both the Withings Body and Body Cardio discounted. Body (with additional 25% discount) is running about $68, and the Body Cardio is sitting at $129

  108. Florin

    The Coupon code WELKOM for 10Euro discount doesn’t work, Any Idea?

    • Patrick Utrecht

      Either the product you selected wasn’t sold and delivered by Amazon.de or the code has expired, also the code only works once per account.

    • Bob2bob

      Fyki even if the code does not work you can get a Fenix3 HR at a fair price. On amazon.it it has been selling for EUR 399 since 15th December.
      And since the Italian VAT is higher by 3 percentage points than in Germany, your final price will be less by an extra 9 compared to a purchase in Germany.
      I mean that in case of same prices in these two amazon sites the displayed Italian gross price always means a lower net price. To cut a long story short I saved 59 euros for you ;-)

    • another guy

      And amazon.fr joined, the price is EUR399 there, too.

      It seems that it will be the new price level in the mid-term.

  109. Enoch

    I just saw a holiday deal at Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) for the Fenix 3 in Red/Silver for $250. Would rather shop through Amazon or Clever Training (to support the site) but this seemed like a good last minute present for someone…

  110. Jeff K

    I just noticed that clever training (US) listed garmin varia radar for $150, 25% off. Not sure if the VIP points work, but great price.
    link to clevertraining.com

  111. Greg

    Does anyone know if there is ever “boxing day” sales on sports tech? I don’t see it referenced anywhere and wondering if anything will pop up again post CMAS. Thanks.