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First look at new Mio Link ANT+/Bluetooth Smart optical heart rate wrist band


Today, Mio announced their newest product, the dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart optical heart rate wrist band: Mio Link.  This new product is about half the size of their previous product (the Alpha), and transmits across both protocols.  This is notable as prior to Link the Alpha was Bluetooth Smart only (they did a special ANT+ production run for Kickstarter, but not for full production).  Finally, Mio Link, costs $99US – half the cost of their previous unit which was $199US.

I’ve been playing with the product now for a few days, and thus can give you a bit of an overview of how it works – though, I can kinda just start off with the simple version:  It rocks.

Why’s that?  Well, it’s exactly what folks have been asking for since Mio’s first generation Alpha: Make it smaller, have it transmit both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, and oh, reduce the price.

Understanding Optical HR Monitoring

But first let’s start back at the beginning though and explain what exactly an optical heart rate (HR) monitor is.  These are heart rate monitors that use optical light sensors to view down into your capillaries and then read your heart rate, which is typically transmitted to you in beats per minute (BPM).  While the end metric is the same, the measurement technology is different from heart rate straps of the last 30 years, which have been worn around your chest and pickup your heart rate electromagnetically.  In the photo below you can see this green light emitting from inside the band of the watch:


Mio initially introduced this technology about 18 months ago with their Kickstarted funded Mio Alpha unit, which I subsequently reviewed once they produced final units.  During the Kickstarter deal, they offered both an ANT+ version as well as a Bluetooth Smart version.  However, after launch and public availability, they were only able to offer a Bluetooth Smart version to non-Kickstarter folks (Kickstarter people got what they ordered).  As you saw in my review, the unit did exceedingly well for sport use – producing accurate data.

Following Mio’s launch, another company – Basis, launched an optical HR device, the Basis B1 watch.  However, that device wasn’t aimed at the sports crowd, but rather more at the activity monitor/tracker crowd.  For example, it worked well for the 23 hours of the day you weren’t exercising, but didn’t measure HR during exercise.  Ultimately, it uses slightly different technology and algorithms on the optical side.

Finally, fast forward to a few months ago, and Adidas launched their Smart Run GPS with the optical HR sensor built in.  That sensor was provided by Mio.  And just like the Alpha, it worked spot-on for me as well in measuring heart rate optically.

Now, we find ourselves looking at Mio’s second generation product, the Link.  As you can see below more clearly, they reduced the size by nearly half, where it’s about the width of a stick of gum.  The Mio Link is on the left/right, and the older Mio Alpha in the middle:


This is an impressive technical feat, because the ‘enemy’ of accurate optical HR measurement is actually light.  You need to reduce/eliminate ambient daylight from clouding the sensor’s view of things from the (green) light it emits.  Thus far, from what I’ve seen in extremely limited testing over the past few days, they’ve done that well.

Dual ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart:

Next, and probably the most important change is the addition of both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart to the unit.  No more choosing between one or the other (or rather, only having one choice).  The unit will concurrently broadcast on both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart your heart rate.  For example, this means you could pair it to a Garmin cycling computer (via ANT+) at the same time as an iPhone app (via Bluetooth Smart):


Using ANT+, you can pair it to as many devices as you’d like concurrently.  For example, I did a test run where I paired it to two ANT+ devices (an Edge 810 and a Garmin FR220).  The unit acts just like any other ANT+ heart rate strap.  Which means that basically every ANT+ device ever made on the planet can talk to it (any Garmin/Timex/Magellan/etc… watch/device).  I often hear from cyclists, especially woman, who have been extremely interested in Mio offering the ANT+ variant.  This now solves that problem, and does it in a smaller package than the Alpha.


On the Bluetooth Smart front, it can be connected to any device that supports Bluetooth 4.0 and apps that support Bluetooth Smart heart rate profiles.  On iOS, that’s the iPhone 4s and higher, as well as the iPad Gen 3 and higher.  On Android, that’s any Android 4.3 device and higher, along with an app that supports it.  On Windows Phone, that’s WP8 and higher, with an app that supports it (Handy tip: Adidas app on WP8 supports it).


Note that in the case of Bluetooth Smart, like most all Bluetooth Smart devices on the market, you can only connect the Link to a single display device at at time (i.e. a phone, watch, etc…).

Data Accuracy Samples:

I’ve done a few test runs, along with a number of hours of generic HR monitoring with the device.  First, we’ll start with a nice 40 minute run I did.  In this run it was paired concurrently to an Edge 810, Garmin FR220, and an iPhone 4s with the Wahoo Fitness app – all at the same time.  Below, is the HR file from that run:


Of course, a HR file by itself isn’t terribly useful.  Instead, you need to compare it to a HR strap to see how things performed.  Below, is a HR strap worn at the same time:


(Note: I’ve slightly cropped the above, since the battery on my FR220 ran out three minutes early. This makes it easier to compare the two graphs.)

Now, you know what’s funny above?  It just happened that this shows exactly why optical HR can be so handy.  In my case, on this run, my legacy chest HR strap was funky for the first portion of it.  It was reading low – about 20bpm low.  I know it was reading low merely because I know my paces and perceived efforts pretty well.  Plus, later when I adjusted the chest strap a little bit, it then immediately matched the Mio Link optical HR:


In the above cases, the extreme dryness  of the air, and 17*F (-8C) weather contributed to the legacy fabric chest HR strap being wrong.  I had waited too long after wetting it (since I was taking photos), and on top of that, I wasn’t really wearing enough clothes for that weather, so it quickly dried things below my shirt.

Next, we look at a longer run I did the next day.  In this case, I ran for 90 minutes.  I made an effort to quickly get out the door to keep the chest strap on-target to see a better comparison.  However, the @#*$&#@ battery gods struck again, but this time on the Mio Link, dying about 8 minutes into the workout.  Sigh.

For fun, I also wore the HR strap on my wrist for a few hours the previous evening – just sitting around, going to the movies, dinner and other miscellaneous activities (all, non-fitness).  Since I hadn’t fully charged it, it didn’t last the full duration of the activity file.  In this case, I paired it via Bluetooth Smart to the Wahoo Fitness app. Here’s the results from that:


As you can see, almost all of it looks fairly normal, and within 80-120bpm.  There’s an initial ‘flat-line’ section there that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but otherwise, being up and moving around you’ll get pretty normal variation.  The 145bpm or so spike also seems out of line.  But then again, I don’t see unexplained spikes while doing sporting activities – so I’m not terribly concerned yet with it for non-sports activities that the unit doesn’t really target.  And of course, we’re still 1-2 months away from the unit being on the market.

I’ll be doing a ton more running over the next 24-48 hours, so I’ll keep updating this section with new comparisons as I do it.  And as I head back home next weekend I’ll layer in cycling too.

Other Functionality:

Unlike the original Mio Alpha, this doesn’t have a display on it.  Instead, it just has a single status light.  Honestly, I think this is just fine.  The overwhelming feedback I got from folks is that because the original unit, Mio Alpha, didn’t actually record anything (only display of current HR), it always was being streamed somewhere else.  Thus, there was more interest in that ‘somewhere else’ device and using that as the primary display (or audio feedback from a cell phone app).

VIRB Picture

The unit does however allow you to set zones on it.  You can set zones in two different schemes.  The first is a 3-zone scheme, and the second is a 5-zone scheme.  Each scheme will use the LED on the front of the unit to indicate your exact placement within the zone.  The unit does not include any audio or vibration functionality.

Sizing and Fit:

The unit comes in two sizes, a smaller one for wrists 145-187mm in size, and a longer one for wrists 162-216mm in size. The internal pod can be popped out of the rubber casing, thus allowing you to change the band color if you’d like (from white to black, or black to white).  Mio says down the road they may make additional color bands if there’s interest there.  The unit is waterproofed to 3ATM, which equates to roughly 30m (90ft).

You can see these two straps on my wife’s (small) wrists (she’s tiny, 5’2” tall).  In her case, both straps actually did fit her.  Though, the larger strap required it be placed on the absolute very last connection knob, so the smaller/shorter strap was a better fit.  This is notable because the previous Mio Alpha strap was too large for her to use.  Like her, I was able to wear both strap lengths without issue however.




Charging and Battery Life

To charge the unit, you’ll use the included USB adapter.  The battery is currently lasting 7 hours in active-on mode (measuring HR), though, can last weeks in a standby mode (hanging out looking pretty) (Update: They’ve increased it to 10hrs).  You can use any USB port on the planet to charge the device.  The USB adapter in the beta version is about the only area I have complaints on (not quite secure enough), but I’m told that it’ll be fixed in the next beta iteration.


Mio Go Mobile App:

Lastly, Mio will also be releasing an App – Mio Go, to complement the Link.  The app connects to the Link and has various fitness gamification scenarios designed around having you hit your target heart rate to progress through the app:

IMG_4377 IMG_4374

IMG_4375 IMG_4376

Since I just got to the app moments ago, I’ll be diving into the app more as part of the final in-depth review:

IMG_4369 IMG_4371

IMG_4370 IMG_4372

Availability wise, the Link should be available starting March, for $99US.  In Europe, it’ll be 99€.  Price-wise, this is fairly impressive, as most other chest-based Bluetooth Smart heart rate straps on the market aren’t too much cheaper.  There’s only one other strap that does dual transmission at the exact hour I’ve published this, the 4iiii’s Viiiiva.

As usual, once the final unit is available later in February/March I’ll be doing a typical full in-depth review then on the final hardware (and any applicable software).  Thus, like any other beta/pre-release product, things could change for better or worse between what I’ve written now and when the final device is released.

As always, thanks for reading – and feel free to drop any questions below!

Found this review useful? Or just want a good deal? Here’s how:

Hopefully you found this review useful. At the end of the day, I’m an athlete just like you looking for the most detail possible on a new purchase – so my review is written from the standpoint of how I used the device. The reviews generally take a lot of hours to put together, so it’s a fair bit of work (and labor of love). As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments – and there’s quite a bit of detail in there as well.

I’ve partnered with Clever Training to offer all DC Rainmaker readers exclusive benefits on all products purchased. You can read more about the benefits of this partnership here. You can pickup the Mio Link through Clever Training using the link below. By doing so, you not only support the site (and all the work I do here) – but you also get a 10% discount on your cart – just for DC Rainmaker readers with coupon code DCR10BTF . And, since this item is more than $75, you get free US shipping as well.

Mio Link Optical HR sensor (both colors, strap lengths, choose from drop-down)

Thanks for reading! And as always, feel free to post comments or questions in the comments section below, I’ll be happy to try and answer them as quickly as possible.

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  1. Havelaar

    I was all sold on the item until the following sentence: “The battery is currently lasting 7 hours in active-on mode (measuring HR)”. Sorry but that’s far from sufficient for long cycling tours.

    Even for my day to day activity, I hardly imagine myself with yet another device, which requires charging every other day instead of changing a coin cell one or two times a year.

    • KenZ


      As an aside question, do you know if it transmits R-R intervals? Could be good HRV device when waking up at least. Eli asked similar question below.

    • Gretchen

      I too was totally ready to buy it today (if it were available) until the 7hour battery limit was mentioned. 🙁 Still, for $99 and a whole lot less chafing, it’d be worth it for that 95% of training.

    • Hi Havelaar,

      Thanks for your feedback. The battery life has been updated since this article was published to 8-10 hours with continuous HR mode on. We hope that helps.

    • Changren Yong

      It’s true. From my 3 straight days of testing the Mio Link, the battery life ranged from about 8 hours to almost 9.5 hours.

    • George

      I’d really like to wear one of these in an IronMan event but I need 10-13 hours battery life. Probably 14 because I need to check it and then wear to start line. When can you have that level of battery life?

    • Changren Yong

      George, you should probably look at the new Tom Tom Multisport watch with built-in optical HRM using Mio’s technology. According to Ray’s review, it has a battery life of more than 24 hours.

    • Hi Changren,

      We’re continually working on extending the battery life of our products. Stay tuned on our Twitter (link to twitter.com) and Facebook (link to facebook.com) for regular product and community updates.

    • Edwin Knepshield

      Scrolling through the comments and the review wearing the mio while swimming was alluded to, but I couldn’t find any specific reference to whether the mio was waterproof. So, let me ask: Is the mio waterproof? Can you wear the mio while swimming, particularly the swim leg of a triathlon? Will it transmit to a Garmin910XT while swimming? If you wear it during the swim leg will it begin transmitting to a 910XT as you exit the water?

    • Colin Lowen


      I’ve never had any problems switching mine on after swimming. The larger challenge is to Garmin, to be honest. They advise that the Garmin does not pick up HR info when swimming rather than HR monitors not transmitting it.

      My understanding is that the signal might have problems passing through water anyway, but I’m not sure.

    • Many folks have used the Mio without issues swimming, and transmitting to a Garmin device.

      The challenge is that the Garmin devices won’t enable the HR profile within swim mode, so you have to use it in one of the other modes (i.e. running), so you won’t get stroke/lap type data if you have something like a FR910XT or similar.

      The reason it (the Link) works is simply a matter of distance. You have to wear it next to the Garmin on the same wrist, as ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart only transmit about 1-2″ underwater. Hence why a chest strap is too far away.

    • Donna

      I just bought a vivofit2 only to discover it wouldn’t measure my water aerobics exercise. I’m disabled so this is my main source of exercise. Would this heart rate monitor work for me?

    • @KenZ

      No it does not. Excerpt form manual.

      Heart rate calculation of Mio LINK is not based on instant R-R interval, and will not
      work for apps that require heart rate variability (HRV) data.

    • Kimberly N Peterson

      MIO Global, I’m wondering if I got a lemon MIO link…my lasts only for 6 hours of continuous HR mode and sometimes even less. I check the battery life before starting in the app and it looks to be 100% charged.

    • Hi Kimberly.
      Sorry to hear that.
      Please email us with your receipt, shipping address and phone number so we can look into an exchange for you.
      Mio Support Team
      1 877 770 1116

  2. Richard McDowell

    I was about to buy an Alpha until I realised that they weren’t doing ANT+ any more, this looks ace. However as Havelarr has pointed out above, the 7 hour battery life isn’t exactly ideal. Even strapping it on in T1 of an IM most mortals would struggle to finish before the battery died!

    Any thoughts on whether the battery life may be similar to the MOTOACTV and there might be potential for extending it with firmwear updates?

    Cheers, Rich

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      As we mentioned in our response to Changren, we’re continually working on extending the battery life of our products. To date, the Mio LINK and ALPHA battery will last between 8-10 hours with the continuous heart rate feature on. Stay tuned on our Twitter profile (link to twitter.com) and Facebook (link to facebook.com) for regular updates.

  3. Martin

    Lovely serial number! 😉 If they would add gym-devices compatibility and basic water resistance, the product would be flawless!

  4. Terra72

    Thanks for pre-release review.

    Great improvement from the first version.
    Have you tested it under water / swimming?
    I believe the Alpha worked under water.

    I assume the ANT+ would work with a Suunto Ambit S2 – have you tested this?

    I have never been able to get used to HR chest straps so this product is of great interest to people like me.

    I can see why 7 hours might be a limiting factor for some people but at €/$99 and the small size I would suggest getting two.

    • The unit is waterproofed to 30m. I’ve taken a shower with it, but haven’t yet gone swimming with it (since my attempt today was thwarted by a swim meet). It will work just fine via ANT+ to the Ambit 2s (or any other ANT+ device). I’m travelling at the moment, so I didn’t bring my 2s with me.

    • Ant+ and BLE are both 2.4GHz which gets blocked by water so don’t see how it could work under water. Sure it won’t get damaged same as the garmin strap, but there won’t be any data.

    • Polar uses a 5 kHz HR strap for measuring HR under water

    • Terra72

      Oh, is that correct? That it won’t be able
      to transmit data to a Suunto Ambit 2S while swimming?

    • Wahoo Murray

      If you put the S2 and the MIO next to each other on your wrist you might be OK.. 2.4GHz can travel a little bit.

    • This really makes me wonder if you, say, wore this thing on the same wrist as a 910, would it be close enough to receive HR while swimming? Would love to know if it works. 🙂

  5. Sebastien Spieser

    Still testing a MIO Alpha (ANT+) – second device as I returned the first one: not really accurate… I compare std. HR belt charts w/ MIO charts (Sporttracks & Trails plugin) — I can share the doc…

    => Do you really think this is reliable?

    I mean: 100% ok on a spinning bike. Not always ok on running (often some HR drops, lasting from some seconds to several minutes or more…). ALWAYS KO for activities using sticks (ski mountaineering, ultra trail running…). Did you test trail running, or even using sticks?

    • I’ve done some pretty extensive testing of the original device and comparison of HR data across running and cycling, indoors and outdoors. Trail running and regular running. The same for the Mio variant inside the Adidas GPS unit as well, I haven’t seen any issues.

      In the original (Mio Alpha) device, the only issues I saw were with my wife, because she couldn’t get the strap tight enough, so it giggled, thus producing spikes/drops/etc, and was generally not useful. With this device, she’s able to get it tight enough, but she didn’t have a chance to run with it yet.

      If you’re getting HR drops on your Alpha unit, I’d really suggest contacting Mio support so they can help troubleshoot it. I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone ever getting multi-minute drops.

    • Sebastien Spieser

      I Ray,

      The french support team I’m in contact with is not really of any help, except sending a second device…
      I think I can get it tight enough (in some case test my hand became red :-D)…

      Did you test any activity with stick? I suppose you are not a ski mountaineerer, but maybe nordic walk?

    • No, no activity with poles/sticks/etc…

    • Michael Benis

      I have smallish wrists, though larger than your wife’s and got long dropouts hillwalking, running and – less surprising – when doing any exercise involving wrist flexion (press-ups and weightlifting etc.)

      I loved the Alpha but it simply wasn’t reliable for me, so I had to return it and continue with the Polar chest straps that very rarely have any drop-outs and recover immediately.

      I’ll be very interested to hear how threw your wife gets on with the Link.

  6. Tim

    Awesome! cant wait to get one. I assume though it only streams the hr data. Was just thinking if it did have the ability to save hr data then after a swim you could at least download that info.

  7. Geert

    How is this device compared to the WTEK HS-2BT ?

  8. Axn40

    Great first review! I was actually wondering if wahoo was working on a dual band strap HRM, but this seems even better!

    Has other above, I am particularly keen on it for swimming (more convenient than strap) could it stream consistently in Bluetooth Smart ?

    By the way, I guess that the lack of battery life is somehow linked to it broadcasting on both bands at the same time, do they plan to allow switching of either of the broadcast (using it only on Bluetooth would significantly improve battery life)

    • Neither ANT+ nor Bluetooth Smart will transmit more than about 1″ underwater.

      The primary reason the battery is so much less than the Alpha is because the unit is much smaller than the Alpha.

    • Marco

      wouldn’t this make it feasible though? If they can transmit about 1″ can’t you just put the mio right next to the watch and have it work underwater? it’s not like a strap that would be way too far, since both would be on the wrist might it not work?

  9. I also find this an almost perfect HR-strap replacement option, but the 7 hour battery life is indeed not enough for those long bike rides :S If it had at least twice this battery life, I would definitely buy one.

  10. Mark

    I’m curious about the actual reason for the limited battery life of the Mio Link, and related, the reason for it needing to be charged by USB instead of using a coin cell battery. By contrast, the Viiiiva, which also does ANT+ and Bluetooth simultaneously, uses a coin cell battery and has a claimed battery life of “over a year”.

    • They key difference is the optical HR sensor. It’s battery wise “cheap” to measure HR on a chest, whereas measuring optically requires that nifty green light be illuminated continuously as well as then measuring what’s being illuminated.

      That said, I had over 30hrs on the previous generation Mio Alpha units. So the significantly reduced size is likely the main contributor.

      Note that Mio has told me that they are targeting 7hrs as a minimum/floor, but it remains possible it could go higher.

    • gingerneil

      Ray – thanks for the clarification on 7 hours being a floor for them. This is pretty major and I think would be a useful change to the original review text. Lets hope its a good chunk more than 7 hours. Do you know if its set to auto turn off after a certain length of time with no HR detected ?

    • Joseph M

      ……green light be illuminated continuously as well as then measuring what’s being illuminated…..

      I wonder if MIOs engineers considered using pulsing green light instead of continous. That should save some power and allow for longer use.

  11. Daniel

    7 hours is very disappointing 🙁

    • Hi Daniel,

      We’ve updated the battery life, which is now 8-10 hours with continuous HR on.

      Hope that helps!

      You can see full specs here: link to mioglobal.com

    • Thanks Mio-Team.

      I already have mine for nearly 2 weeks now. I do not have problems with the battery life, but the drop outs of constant heart rates to my garmin 310xt.
      There every few minutes, the heart rate is not available to my Garmin for 10, sometimes more seconds. It is very irritating.

      Another suggestions: Is it possible to invert the LED ?
      If the LED just lids up every 30 seconds, you are getting crazy starring at the Link to see which zone I am while running. It would be nice if it would be constantly on and goes off when it measured the next beat.

    • Hi Daniel,

      Try wearing your Garmin o the same arm as your Mio LINK. ANT+ doesn’t transmit through the body, so if you’re swinging your arms while running or doing another activity, you’ll likely see HR drops. Let us know how it goes. 🙂

      With regard to your suggestion, that’s a great one! We’ll pass it along to our Product Development Team.

      Thanks, again!

    • Daniel

      Some updates and experiences:

      A) The battery lifetime is really working as announced. I had my first ultra-run last saturday and was running for 9 hours. After that I forgot to stop the Mio link and saw at aproximately after 30 minutes it was still running. So battery lifetime of 9:30h is a real life experience on my side.

      B) whereas I had no blisters on my feet (Thanks Altra btw.), I had 2 blisters were the Mio link was tight to my arm. One huge at the position of the “locker mechanics” and the other at the lower end of the Mio Link device.

      Never hand such issues with a watch, but they are not as tight as the Mio Link ofcourse.

    • Alex

      Out of curiosity, the Link is used with a wrist band as I understand that the light must detect changes in capillary flow. I take it that in that case, the actual unit is not limited to just the wrist? Could the detection module be popped out of the wrist strap and placed within an arm band/ankle bracelet etc as long as it is in immediate contact with the skin, and preferably in an area with low adipose fat?

      Just a thought for those who may want to use a Forerunner watch without having a band in each wrist or two band on one wrist.

    • That’s correct. For example, I took it out and placed it under a swim cap on my forehead. Worked just fine.

      Obviously, results will vary person to person.

  12. gingerneil

    I’ve ordered a non-HRM FR220 (due to CT stock levels) and am looking for a HR strap to go with it. This could be perfect, but I do worry about the 7 hour battery life. In the real world, I can only assume that this equates to about 5 hours. I’m bad enough at remembering to charge my GPS…. and I just know that I will run out of HR juice far too often with such a short battery life. Its a real shame.

  13. scott buchanan

    Was expecting Garmin to do an optical HR with the FR610 upgrade. Is it even on Garmin’s radar?

    Am wondering if its worth paying £70? and losing Run Dynamics to get rid off the Garmin chest strap?
    Definitely seems a close call

  14. JimL

    Garmin 910xt on the wrist, MIO right next to it.

    That could actually give swim tracking!>!

  15. a_circelli

    What about under water measurement? Ant+ can trasmitt only a few cm in water, but if MIO is very near to garmin receiver, could it works?

  16. Does it do real HRV? Some of the firstbeat algorithms in the 610/620/910 need that data to work along with apps like ithlete on the phone. (By real I mean its easy to fake by dividing the HR by 1024 to give a value may be much more smoothed then the real values which would mean it would give useless HRV data)

    • Aart

      Really interested in that too! It would be great to use an app like ithlete without the hassle of putting on a chest strap under your clothes.

  17. Lars

    Did I miss something?
    Why are you suddenly referring to The Girl as your “wife”? 😉

  18. Greg

    Mio just needs to have an “endurance” version with a bigger battery i.e. longer battery life to match for example the 20 hr battery life of a 910xt. I would definitely take the trade-off of a larger/heavier unit in order to be able to use it for races like an Ironman. They have already proven they can do the battery life with the first gen…

  19. Efraim Shaw

    My Garmin HR monitor sucks. Would totally get one so I can have some more tan marks on my arm in addition to my 910. Although, a longer lasting battery would great.

    Thanks Ray

  20. Rob Ford

    I am pretty new to devices and how they all interconnect. I am curious if this can connect to watches like Garmin Forerunner 10 and Nike+ Sportswatch?

    • No, the FR10 doesn’t have any sort of capability to connect to a HR strap. And the Nike+ unit is unfortunately the only one out there that doesn’t connect to any open-platform sensors (ANT+, Bluetooth Smart, anything). If, you had picked any other two watches out there…you’d be in business. 😉

    • Rob Ford

      Ok, thanks for taking the time to reply. I am looking at the Garmin 220 to take over for my Nike+ one. I just don’t like the idea of a chest strap. I think I will keep an eye on this one and I also agree with the comments about battery life. If they can improve that to say 14 hours I am likely in. Will look silly with 3 things on my wrists in the summer though lol.

    • Andreas

      But… wouldn’t it be great if they made it work with the Nike+! I think Nike needs to expand, just one HR strap option is just being silly. And this is a great opportunity.

      (I’ve recently bought the Nike+, I was between that and the Garming 210, but I managed to get the Nike+ for $100 so I compromised)

    • Yeah, the challenge there is really on the Nike side, and retaining their closed Garden. They don’t use any of the open protocols (ANT+, BT or BLE).

  21. Joe

    I agree Greg. I’d be willing to compromise on size (a little…of course) if it meant battery life was ~ 20 hrs. I definitely love the overall concept and where this is heading. I just purchased the Viiiva this weekend as I really want the Ant+/Bluetooth Smart capabilities.

  22. Edward

    Add me to the pile of users who think that the battery life is a deal breaker. I have an original Mio Alpha, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to turn off the HR functionality after a workout. Without a display to remind me, I, sure it would happen even more frequently, and with the Link’s short battery life, it would almost certainly spend more time dead than charged. I hope they can find a happy medium between the suggested battery life and that which would work for endurance athletes.

  23. Steven

    Interesting niche. It negates the need for a HR strap, but now you have to wear TWO gadgets on your wrist. Not sure I see the point. On the bike straps don’t get in the way, but running and such they would, but you wear a gadget on your wrist for those activities. I wonder if there’s an ANt+ pod or some such?

    • The key scenario’s are:

      ANT+: To other non-wrist devices such as cycling computers (and the slim number of folks that want to wear two devices)

      Bluetooth Smart: To both non-wrist devices, as well as phones. So anyone running/riding/etc with a phone to record their activity (which, is a huge segment of the “non-hardcore enough to buy a GPS watch” population).

  24. AES

    Can the Ant+ or BT protocols store the heart rate data during swimming and do a batch (burst) transfer when it connects as your run out during T1? It’d be nice to log heart rate underwater without needing yet another device…

    • Lars

      As Ray answered to Tim (currently #13):
      “Correct, just streaming data – no recording of the data within the Link itself.”

    • The protocols can (in the ANT+ world, it’s called ANTfs). And, the scenario you’ve outlined is the one most commonly used as a great use case of ANTfs. However, the key thing is it takes a device (such as a Garmin watch) to be told how to read that data stream. To date, Garmin hasn’t done that.

    • Eli

      Ant+ doesn’t have that but could be faked as a file transfer but no standardized way to do it. BT 4.1 seems to have added that based on the PR they released but not sure how its supposed to work as I didn’t read the actual spec (not that bored, yet :-p) Don’t think anything implements 4.1 yet

    • Lars

      Oops… I seem not to have a (technical) clue about the gadgets I use, so I will stop trying to answer technical questions… 😉

    • Can you clarify this? Does the device store data and allow syncing / upload to a device (eg phone) later? Or do you always need an additional device with you? Thanks!

  25. Paul

    Message to Mio seems simple, get the battery life up to ~12 hours and you have a highly attractive offering!

    Would actually be fantastic if it could transmit accurately enough while pool swimming. Could never justify wearing the HR strap while swimming (uncomfortable and looks naff) but this would be very inconspicuous!

  26. Sam

    So… if you stuck this on your arm *right next to* a Garmin swimming watch (eg.. 910XT) would it be able to track HR through the swim?

    • I did some of that testing within the Mio Alpha review. While it technically transmitted, I saw too much interference/variability in the HR stability while my actively swimming. While standing still at the wall underwater, it was fine.

    • Tisztul_A_Visztula

      The simple solution would be to integrate the HR sensor with the logger. While it can be implemented as a memory belt on your chest (see Suunto’s Memory Belt), on your wrist it could be a simple watch with an optical or other sensor.

      To be honest I dunno why the manufacturers keep on launching separated wrist-based HR sensors if they already have watches in their palette. I bet people would agree on getting a bit thicker watch as a price for its operability underwater too,

  27. Nic

    Are you planning on taking this to the pool to test out “water-worthiness”? It is an intriguing use case for me being a swimmer to finally be able to put a number on the effort in the pool during workouts.

  28. David Corsi

    Ray…. having used the HRM/Run on your 620 for a while (with running dynamics etc.) do you think (aside from testing of course) that you would choose to run with this Mio band on one wrist and the Garmin 620 on the other and therefore lose running dynamics vs. the issues/less-comfort of just running with the old-fashion HRM/Run chest strap but still having the running dynamics?

    • For me personally, I don’t mind the HR strap, so since I enjoy the (rare) days where I don’t have to wear two devices on my wrist already – I’m unlikely to add it in. Now, I could be tempted while cycling however.

    • Eli

      There is also the important aspect of if this will report proper HRV data. If it doesn’t then VO2 max, recovery advisor, and training effect may not work correctly.

    • Mike S.

      ? I don’t understand. Wouldn’t this device replace a HRM strap and all it’s functionality? What does wearing the mio on the other wrist have to do with anything?

      I think this sounds like a winning combination until Garmin incorporates the technology into a single watch like the Adidas one.

    • Well, just simply having to wear two devices – regardless of which wrist. As for the technical side, yes, there are some items that both David and Eli have correctly noted, that are likely of interest to FR620 users (and some other units that use HRV as well).

    • Gingerneil

      I wouldnt like to see this in the watch itself. I tend to wear my watch on top of a long sleeve top/jacket and use it to hold the sleeve in place. It’s therefore not against my skin. Having a separate device on my wrist that would need to wear below clothing would be perfect.

    • Bachulator

      Another potentially interesting device in context of optical HRM – ScoscheRhythm Smart+. Not sure regarding water resistance, but it has its own memory for “offline” data logging. Hey Ray, could you try to get that and pilot these two for us? 😉

    • Yeah, I’ve gotta dig up my contacts for those guys and give them a poke to get a unit…

    • AdamAnt

      Yeah I would be interested in your take on the Scosche version as it appears that can be worn on your upper arm under your sleeve.

    • So far, near flawless. Review planned for approx Thursday. Unless I get lazy while on vacation at the beach. We’ll see.

    • AdamAnt

      I emailed Scosche about the Rhythm+ unit and received the following:

      The RHYTHM + uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery that provides up to 8 hours of workout time.

    • Sorry, did indeed get lazy on vacation. But, coming up next. So far, zero problems.

  29. Michael Neal

    Have you tried the Mio with the Sweetbeat HR Variability app? The biggest drawback I’ve found is having to use the HR strap to test HRV when I first wake up, it would be nice to use the Mio instead.

  30. Paul

    Anyone, I’m still looking for the best way ( device ) to get my morning heart rate?

  31. Lee

    Will it act as a bridge for other ant+ devices like a foot pod to an iPhone?

  32. BillM

    Using a garmin 910xt, heart rate strap is always a pain as I use gel on it and it’s fiddly when I’m cold as it can slip until a sweat builds up. Was thinking of getting the next generation garmin if it has optical hrm, now with this mio I can save some bucks on having to upgrade and just use the optical strap on opposite hand. Battery life of 12 hours would be highly desirable though.

  33. I love how it is engraved “RAY’S SAMPLE 01”. I’ve worked with prototype/sample hardware before but never have seen it customized!

    I too, would consider pairing this with the FR620 Santa delivered. The HRM Run strap is better than any other I’ve used, but still requires about 10 minutes of sweat buildup to work properly. I would have bought the Mio Alpha and used it with my old 610 months ago if it had supported ANT+.

    • Raymond_B

      I am thinking the same thing, I’ve been debating swapping my 610 for a 620, but hesitated since the 620 eliminated the small bit of cycling support the 610 had. Seems to me a 610 + this Mio is a really nice combo.

  34. Jeff Allen

    Looks like a great solution.

    Similar to other posters and even using Ray’s recommendations to fix the problem, I returned a 910XT in total disgust as I wasn’t able to get consistent HR readings. Now, I use a combination of an Edge 810 and Polar RCX5 (with GPS unit) but have to contend with both units on the bike – royal pain in the arse.

    This seems like a great solution assuming Mio could improve the battery life. A 910XT with an optical HR integrated would be ideal.

  35. Tommy

    What kind of range does it have? Since I do not see the Mio and a watch on the same arm in the photos, I assume it can be on the other arm in the case of a watch or you can have a phone in an arm band or waist pack and still stay in range?

  36. Ted

    Very interesting device. I would probably use this to replace my Polar BT smart strap I use for HRV monitoring with ithlete and then use this with my Ambit 2 instead of the Suunto strap that tends to be difficult to nail down a solid HR during the first couple miles of a run. I’ll be curious to see how reliable this is after further testing! I get the feeling at CES next year Mio will be out with this device + activity tracker function like FitBit etc built in…

  37. I could have sworn someone asked about whether the unit support battery status via Bluetooth Smart. Yes, it does.

  38. Henrik

    I understand the above comments about battery life from the triathletes and cyclists – but as a runner this device sounds like a dream come true! I love monitoring heart rate and pouring over the data post race, but the never-ending inconstancies I’d get with the Garmin straps led me to abandon heart rate altogether in my training. An above comment lamented having to strap another device to your wrist – As one that has wrestled with the chafing, ill-fitting Garmin straps for years, I CANT WAIT to strap a small unobtrusive reader to my wrist!

    Thank you so much for the in-depth review!

    • Ed

      Agree. I hated having to lick the chest strap like a locker room cat. I also have a problem with acid reflux, and the chest strap can aggravate it. Looking forward to the wrist strap. In fact, I can’t wait!

    • Mark

      Hi Ed
      Sorry everyone else for the off topic and sorry for the late post. Everyone might have already gone home 🙂 I used to suffer re-flux, indigestion and heart burn all the time. Took medication every day. Then I read somewhere about apple cider vinegar being good for these problems. I had a particularly bad heartburn one day so took a gulp of the apple cider vinegar. The symptoms disappeared within seconds. I kept the $3 bottle of apple cider vinegar close by for a few months, sipping every time I had symptoms. It has probably been 12 months now and I think my stomach has gotten better. I average about one sip a week now. I look at all those medications in the pharmacy and think “what a scam”. Hope this help with your issue. I have suggested to a few friends now and I can report 100% success.

  39. Bob Rothschild

    DC Rainmaker, have you seen the Epson Pulsense yet? It appears it will have constant wrist-based HRM with battery life measured in days. If it works during exercise, it will be a game changer.

  40. miguel

    I hope it works swimming. I guess wearing in the same hand as the watch could work, at least when in the hand is outside the watter as the GPS

  41. Roger

    I saw on Twitter that the Vivofit band will allow the Road ID tag to slide right on. This would be a nice addition to the Mio Link as well and would eliminate another band on the wrist! I’m with everyone else though, it’s a no-go for me if the battery life can’t be improved (minimum of 13 hours).

  42. Denise

    Ok, this is going to sound like an odd question – but if ones ankle is thin enough, would this work wearing it around the ankle? Perhaps Ray could ask the Girl/Wife nicely if she’d try the large size on the ankle and see if it gets proper data?
    I wear my Road ID wrist ID around my ankle and never take it off. I’m not one for “stuff” around my wrist and probably wouldn’t mind a Garmin and this, but if I can put it on my ankle….hey why not!?!
    Just curious. 🙂

  43. Diana Kissman

    I’m not a cyclist or a marathon runner, so I basically don’t fit in to the same categories as the other posters. Right now, I have a desk job and my main concern in my health is making sure that I’m not consuming more calories than I am using and losing some excess fat I have, and monitoring heart-rate is the most accurate way of knowing what my body actually needs.
    Ideally, I would want the battery to last a lot longer than 7 hours, but considering that it is transmitting Bluetooth CONSTANTLY, I’m neither surprised or concerned with the battery life, although it seems to be the most common complaint in others comments.
    I would buy it today if it was available, does anyone know about pre-order options?

    • Unless you are in a rush, there will be better options for what you want.

      BTW its not the BLE that drains the battery, its the LED and data processing. Notice how the chest straps have much better battery lives.

    • Michael

      Diana, I’m not sure how much the price-point is influencing you, but the Basis is probably a better fit for what you’re describing.

      link to mybasis.com

  44. Ed

    They still haven’t updated the website. Either guerilla marketing tactics or its some ways away from being ready to shipped.

  45. Ed

    Then they are lame not to be catching the preorder excitement from DCRM!

  46. Ed

    Found a link – not available from the main site but from FB. Maybe they want to sell out the current devices?? link to mioglobal.com

  47. T

    I apologize if I missed this in the review or in comments but if I don’t have a device to pair it with does it store data and then allow you to upload that data later? I currently run with the Nike GPS Sport Watch and am starting to sour on the heart rate chest strap. Looking for a better option but it seems the Nike watch will only accept the Polar heart rate monitor for Nike+.

  48. Joseph M

    Ray, is there any information or rumors, when Garmin will come out with the successor to the 910XT ?

    With new competition (Polar) out there, I wonder what new features it will come out with. Would’t it be awsome if it included optical HR (like the Mio) in the watch

  49. Michael Neal

    Morning HR is fine and good but Heart Rate variability gives you much more information. The simple finger over the lense apps will not do HRV.

  50. yannis

    The original Mio did not do HRV so I bet this one does not do it either.

    • Correct.

      The Link won’t do true HRV. In talking with them this week, they plan to institute a form of HRV estimation, but at present the optical technology lacks the capability to get truly accurate HRV readings.

  51. So you still have to run with a Garmin or phone or another device in addition?

    That was my biggest problem with the MIO Alpha. That it was a great heart rate monitor, but it sucked as a basic watch. I don’t want to have to carry another device; I’d like it to do all the key watch functions and ideally GPS. And, really, I’d like it to not beep continuously while using the watch function if you’re ‘out of your heart rate zone.’

  52. al

    Hi, I am interested in the Mio Alpha but wanted to know if you had been told if the app will be on android or just Ios and also will the Alpha be able to pair with the app successfully?

    Thanks for your efforts in your reviews, great help.

    • That app, I think they’re just looking at iOS right now, but I’ll check.

      That said, the Link (and Alpha) can pair to any capable Bluetooth Smart app on a capable Bluetooth Smart Android phone. Thus 4.3 and above, with a compatible app (Polar Beat, Wahoo Fitness, are two that come to mind).

  53. Steve Knapp

    Any word if your friends at Clever Training are going to stock? Preorder?

  54. Mario Geyer

    Hello dear Ray, this sensor is compatible with Polar V800?

  55. Bubblemaker

    If Mio could think of tuning the design to allow for coin cell like battery space. I would buy it otherwise 7h. Nope.

  56. chris

    Hi ray.
    So it should work with an ant footpod and iphone for treadmill use?
    Ideally if apple would let the new nano’s have apps and bluetooth we could have music too and a smaller form factor!!!

    • The Mio Link will send heart rate (HR) data to an iPhone and any ANT+ capable device (i.e. a Garmin). It won’t send cadence data though to the iPhone (or Garmin device).

      If you have an ANT+ footpod, that won’t send data to an iPhone without an adapter (such as the Wahoo ANT+ adapter).

  57. Would you know of this can connect to the Garmin 620?

    • Yes, it does/can. I’ve used it that way on a few runs – most recently last week when I left my regular HR strap in the back of a rental car after returning to the airport. :-/

    • gingerneil

      Do you prefer it to a normal HR strap for running ? I like the idea of not having somethign strapped around my chest when I’m struggled to bang out an interval session!
      (on the lost strap – I’m sure you’ll have a spare or 100 ! 🙂 )

    • Remember it obviously won’t give ground contact time and vertical oscillation as it lacks the sensor and doesn’t broadcast it but also won’t give correct rr interval data so the data fields like VO2max and recovery time won’t work correctly

    • For me, I’ve long-since gotten used to the HR strap, so that’s not so much a factor. And honestly, HRV isn’t too much a factor on the other side.

      With the FR620, i do however use the cadence within the HRM-Run, so that’s the piece I find most valuable, plus the Running Dynamics (even if I’m not yet 100% certain what to do with said data). While cadence on the FR620 can come from the wrist, that gets dorked up when I take photos/etc…

  58. jolaca

    Hi, nothing yet regarding putting it next to a 910xt while swimming?? We’re eager to know if that combo is reliable!! Thanks Ray!

    • I plan to look at that in my final review. Keep in mind that I have a prototype unit, so things are planned to vary slightly by final devices.

    • jolaca

      OK Ray, thanks. I’ll be patient then. 🙂 )

    • Oh, one thing I was thinking about during my ride today and your question – is that on the FR910XT in swimming mode, you don’t have the option to connect to a HR strap. Thus, it’d be a choice between the HR data in the ‘Other’ mode, or swimming metric (stroke/distance).

    • Anders Majland

      Damn – yes that is a showstopper. I was hoping for it to my solution to tracking pulse while swimming.

      I have never gotten the Finis AquaPulse to stay put while turning in the pool even trough i’ve tried a handfull times with different googles. (Slightly used unit for sale 🙂

  59. Joe Hallett

    I wonder if anyone’s thought of making an ant+/bt optical HRM that could sit inside, or actually replace the standard watch strap…?

    • Yup, see the Adidas Smart Run GPS – does exactly that. Also, the new Soleus unit does it as well. I’m sure we’ll see more this year.

    • Gingerneil

      I wonder if there will be a generic strap with hrm – kind of like one of these previewed units but with a mount for a gps unit? May be too big and bulky though, but would integrate the two devices.

      I’m getting impatient waiting for launch… My Garmin strap worked loose today, and my marathon is at the start of April. I hope q1 launch doesn’t mean the last day of March! I may end up just getting whichever hits the market first, and living with poor battery vs the Viiiva

  60. Les Borean

    If they could give the capability to switch to only Bluetooth or only ANT+, they could probably extend the battery life by using only one transmission medium at a time.

  61. Dick Morris

    It will be interesting to see if the Finnish startup named PulseOn produces an even better device.

    As in :- Bluetooth and ANT+ with at least a 12 hour battery life.

    Anyone know how the PulseOn device works.?


  62. Jeff Blackman

    How far does the unit broadcast via bluetooth? If I’m in a taekwondo practice and leave my iPhone 40 feet or so away in the dressing room, will my Cyclemeter pick up my heart rate? (It currently works at that distance with the Polar H7, but I always feel like a doofus or an invalid wearing a chest strap in the dojang.)

    • Generally not. Technically speaking the BLE spec calls for a min of 10m (so about 30ft), so the fact that you manage it with the H7 is pretty solid. Generally I see about 1/3rd to 1/2 that with most BLE devices unfortunately.

      I haven’t tested the distance here, and I’d be hesitant to do so until final hardware (simply because things could change for better or worse).

  63. Rob M

    My brain has a weird way of working sometimes ….. I was just pondering the ‘low’ battery life (7hrs? I think I’d be lucky to be able to go continuously for half of that, but I’ll accept that it’s ‘low’ for some of you super human types 🙂 ).

    I note that it charges from a USB port, will it continue to work (stay switched on, carry on reading HR info, transmit to paired devices) whilst it’s charging? If so ….. would it be possible to use one of those little portable battery charging units (the ones people get to keep their mobile / cell charged while out and about) to keep this topped up while still running / cycling along?

    Like I say ….. I have an odd mind :-/

  64. Jon L

    Morning Ray, great website, read it everyday!

    In the text above you state that there are 3 or 5 zones.

    I presume you configure these with the Mio Go app is that correct?

    Where does that leave you if you are an Android user?

    • Yes, with the app. Android is on the radar, but I don’t remember them saying a timeframe for it. I’ll swing back and check.

    • bure

      From MIO support:
      “Currently, the only way to configure the LINK’s heart rate zones is through the MIO GO app, which will release initially for iOS along with the retail launch. We are unable to comment further on Android development for the GO app currently.”

    • Gingerneil

      No great shocks there. We’ve seen Garmin struggle with the Android bluetooth implementation – I assume Mio will face the same challenges.
      On a different note Ray – how does the device show charge level? I get so frustrated with poor implementations of leds for this – good example is my ipod shuffle. I get a red to indicate it needs charge, but then dies in 10 mins – not much use at the start of a 60min run!

    • In general, doing point in time transactions over Bluetooth Smart to an Android device isn’t horrid (it’s not fun either). What’s really challenging everyone is the continual streaming of sensor data, or non-sensor data (i.e. live tracking). The stack is just really flaky.

      As for charging level, that’s my singular annoyance with the unit. It’s somewhat similar to your shuffle, an LED indicator just before it dies.

    • gingerneil

      Hopefully they can tweek the thresholds with an update. I would much rather have a battery warning at 30% (assuming = 3 hours left) than 10%. If you get less time after a warning than your average run length, then I can see myself having to charge it after every run just in case.

  65. Jason Silvers

    Good Morning Ray,

    I was just wondering if you have heard any additional information about the link? Release date? improved battery life?



  66. 6co2000

    Hello Ray,
    do you have any plans to review (even out of the box would be great) the scosche pulse monitor?
    this one is ahead it seems and already available when it seems the MIO LINK wont be for another few weeks.
    Interestingly, this company seems to be doing lots of products very similar to wahoo when they started up with their BLE HR straps or speed/cadence sensors, phone cases etc…

    • I’ve been meaning to poke into it. Which exact model are you referring to? I only ask because their site has a bunch, some are more ECG style on the arm band, versus optical that this is. I understood there was an optical one, but finding it on the site is messy.

      If so, I’ll order one and try it out.

    • 6co2000

      Well I was really thinking about the so called RHYTHM smart + that had received some innovation award at CES.
      But it is true they do have others. I believe they are more like pulse measuring devices with arm band rather than optical HR.
      To be honest, whichever way this goes, optical or not, what I find interesting is that we could get rid of the chest strap and still get an HR monitor that lasts a long time.
      Mio presented above is pretty cool, but the battery is too short. We need something that lasts a year! And I understood that the scosche has no such issues with batteries.
      For me, any wrist band, or optical HR, or else, that does the trick and with a battery that lasts forever and I am in!

      By the way, it obviously needs to connect to BLE, to ANT+, to iphone and any other sportwatch out there. THe schosche does that so it seems.

      Thanks! I love your blog!

    • Gingerneil

      These looks great – shame they appear to be out of stock. I cant find any reviews online, only press released with no real detail. I prefer the Mio approach of wearing the device on your wrist – the Rhythm looks like it needs to go on your forearm – wont it just slip down ??
      Would be great to get a review Ray. I’m on the hunt for a device like this – my HR strap is starting to get more and more annoying. I spent the last 2 miles of my 20 miler trying to keep it in place – not what I was wanting to be doing at that stage!

    • Gingerneil

      PS – website quotes 8 hours for the Smart+ 🙁 🙁

    • It’s out of stock, so I went ahead and set them to notify me when it’s available.

  67. Les B

    I checked out the Scosche models. Their monitors seem all to be about communicating with phones and work via Bluetooth. I didn’t see any mention of Ant+.

    Too bad.

    • 6co2000

      Quote from their website:
      With it’s dual-mode processor you can simultaneously transmit your heart rate to multiple ANT+ displays and your favorite Bluetooth Smart enabled app.
      end of Quote

      One of them is only ANT+ and the other one is dual Bluetooth Smart and ANT+


    • Les B

      That’s good news! Thanks 6co2000, somehow I missed that info.

    • BillM

      Looks like a good device but the reviews of their rhythm on amazon suggest problems with accuracy. I too think it might not be easy to keep it secure, especially under winter clothing or when sweating in summer heat. I think I’ll hold out for the mio link.

  68. 3cpo

    have you seen the new Amiigo, have look here https://amiigo.com what do you think about that?

    • I’ve been keeping an eye on it. But, like all Kickstarter type projects, they kinda have to prove themselves a bit – generally in the form of providing a device (I backed Amiiigo as well), or hands-on time with it.

  69. RobM

    Has anybody heard / read anything from Mio that hints at a release date for this in the UK (or anywhere for that matter) yet?

    The product info page just says preorders from February.

  70. Greg

    Any update on US availability date for this?

  71. Denise

    Aloha Ray – not sure if you had The Girl try it on her ankle? I’m really curious if it would work? Mahalo! Denise

    • Hmm, hadn’t tried it on her ankle. I’d be concerned that getting good clean contact there would be tough (because of bones/gaps/etc…), versus the wrist. I’d also be concerned about impact to readings (versus insulated impact on wrist).

    • Denise

      Thanks Ray – I agree on the bone issue but am still curious if it would even fit. I’d prefer to try it in the ankle instead of having to deal with a 910, a Mio, an event wristband, etc.
      It would be cool to make a band that was even timing chip compatible!

  72. Jim

    Thanks for the article. Any idea if this (or the Alpha or any other optical heart rate monitor) interferes with a pacemaker or an implanted cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)? Thanks.

  73. Mimmo

    But if this product will work fine underwater during swimming I can use it with ambit2 or fenix2 for to send them the heartrate instead of a chest strap??

  74. Hey All-

    Just a super-quick note that I included some brief updates on the Link in my most recent MWC post, here: link to dcrainmaker.com

    In short though, the most key item I hadn’t yet posted here is that battery life is up to 10 hours now.

  75. Chris Thompson

    I am definitely looking forward to the release of this. This on one wrist and the 910 on the other would be great. Heck, I could toss the Iphone in the backpack for live tracking w/HRM too!

  76. Chris Thompson

    LOL. I was just thinking that a lay person seeing you wear this may think you are on parole / probation with a monitor. Maybe they should add some flair to the case and strap.

  77. Richard Ward

    Have Mio done any tests with tattooed folk?

    I previously trialled a Scosche monitor but it seldom worked on my inked arms (worked just fine on my un-inked colleague)

    • I haven’t seen any complaints to date from anyone on the Alpha (current product), but it may be worth pinging the Mio folks.

    • Richard Ward

      Response from Mio

      Hello Richard,

      Thank you for contacting us! We have performed some tests, and have had mixed results in terms of our optical sensors working with tattoos. Generally speaking, if you are extremely heavily tattooed–specifically designs where there is a great deal of black ink or scarring–this can cause problems with the transmission of the light underneath the surface of the skin. With that said, we did find several users who had tattoos who were able to get an accurate heart rate. However, we must note that these were tattoos that did not have very much scarring, and had some lighter-colored areas in the designs near where the sensor was placed. We would suggest stopping by a local retailer who sells the Alpha (or the Link, once we have released it to retailers), and test the device for yourself so you can ensure it will read properly through your tattoos. You can find our Store Locator here.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions. We’re happy to help!

      Warmest regards,

      MIO Support Team

  78. Chris Thompson

    Question: I’m assuming you would have to use an app to set the zones on this monitor?

    Also, I’m 99% sure true HRV monitoring would require sampling electrical activity of the body.


  79. Tony

    I’ve read on a site that mio link has a builtin accelerometer,

    Do you think it would it be possible via firmware update that the data would be sent via ant+ to act as a footpod as well as an heart rate monitor?

    Any idea of what chip they use for Ant+/Bluetooth communication ?

    That would be in my opinion THE BEST companion device to own along a Ant+ compatible sport watch!

  80. chris thompson

    Ok. I’m totally stoked on this thing now. Can’t wait for it to ship.

  81. Rick Butler

    Hi Rainmaker Just a quick question…do you know what the brodcast distance is for the link? From the alpha QandA page I see that the Alpha needs to be within the 1 to 3 meter range of your Iphone for example. Just wondering if the ANT+ on the link is the same or more flexible. I would like to have my phone off to the side in my gym bag recording the link data as I work out in the gym. Thanks in advance Rick

    ps From what you know of the mio app…does the “roadtrip” aspect of it seem kind of cheasy or might it be of interest to an introductory cyclist lke myself.

    • BLE is rated at 10m, but sometimes devices don’t quite make it. ANT+ tends to go a fair bit further.

      In general though, it won’t likely reach from the sidelines.

    • Rick Butler

      Thanks …. just as a side note. Is the link like the alpha in that the data has to be captured as the activity is ongoing? or can the link transmit data say for example when you get home from a workout and come within range of your fitmness tracking device or pc ? Thanks again


    • Yes, same as Alpha in that respect. Except, with the Link it’s over both ANT+ and BLE at once, so you can pick pretty much any device on the planet (except a Polar watch, though, the V800/V650 would work).

    • Eduardo

      Hi Ray!
      You will test the Mio with the polar v800/v650?
      Both devices are BLE,right?

    • Yes, I’ll test it again on production units. But, it did work when I initially played with both back in early January.

    • Eduardo

      I will read your review 🙂

  82. Jeremy

    Will the Bluetooth/Ant+ on Mio Link work as a bridge like the 4iiii’s viiiva or upcoming optical HR pod? With both being released within the next couple months do you have an initial recommendation?

  83. Chris Thompson

    Did the Mio Global page always say the Link was shipping in April? Getting nervous now.

    • Gingerneil

      I don’t remember seeing that, but can’t be sure!! Hopefully production hasn’t slipped… 🙁

    • Given March 17th production complete date, plus a few days to sort international air delivery, plus a few days to your local shops/etc… that’s a nice ‘safe’ buffer estimate.

    • gingerneil

      I’m seeing this now on the page – but there’s no link to actual reserve. I’ve signed up for the newsletter, but never had anything through that route (not even to say ‘welcome to the newsletter’).
      “Be one of the first to have a Mio LINK – Reserve today! Shipping in April 2014”
      link to mioglobal.com

  84. Chris Thompson

    FWIW: You can get the Mio ALPHA for 40% off with the code NEWMIO on the mioglobal website. I found this on the retailmenot.com site. (Don’t include the space in the code that retailmenot shows)

    • Steve Casey

      FWIW, just tried that code and got £20 discount (that’s 13%, not 40%)

      Definitely waiting for the new Mio – any word on international pricing? Half price too (£75) ?

  85. Stefan

    Hi Ray, have you tested the LINK in heavy repeats or competitions. When you really go to your max and your body stops supplying arms and other things (like brain ;-)) with blood ?

    I could imagine there an issue with a unit sitting on your arm.

    • Yup, lots of short and hard sprints – I just haven’t seen any issues there (nor on the Alpha either). In general, it’s not arm-swing that impacts accuracy of these units. It tends instead to be cadence (looseness of the band), or light.

    • gingerneil

      Any further updates on availability of the Link? Mio suggested I joined the mailing list when I tweeted them, I have done but have never received a single email ! (junk checked..). I’m hoping they are still working to the previous schedule you posted – production delivery around this weekend. Have you heard any more, or even got a production version to review yet ?

    • Chris Thompson

      I’m in the same boat. I would think the Mioglobal site would have more info by now.

  86. Walter

    Have you tested the Mio-Link with the Suunto Ambit 2 family and/or with the TomTom Runner. I need a new watch and want to buy one of these watches with the Mio-Link.
    Walter (Belgium)

  87. Ryan

    Ray, I have been tempted to upgrade my FR310XT for a while now, but have been holding out for the next multisport version to replace the 910XT. Lately I’ve had lots of problems with both of my Garmin HRM straps. So, 2 questions:
    1. Any indication that the next gen Garmin multisport will integrate a similar optical HRM tech into the watch?
    2. Any chance Mio is going to release an HRM with longer battery life for the IM/ultra athlete?

    I’m trying to decide whether I should keep my 310XT and buy the latest Garmin chest strap or Mio optical, or just hold out for the next multisport watch/HRM bundle.

    Thanks for the help!

  88. Zak

    Hi Ray! Have been expecting the link for quite a while but they keep pushing the release date forward. The latest was the 17th March but that’s been and gone and nothing happened. Any news on this Ray or should I go and buy miCoach for a lot more? Cheers! Zak

    • gingerneil

      I check every day (sometimes twice!). They responded to a facebook question about it only being a ‘couple of weeks until preorders’ – that was on the 14th March. 🙁

    • The latest I’m hearing is pre-orders for next week, with deliveries into early-mid April. Trying to get clarification, but it’s been tough.

    • gingerneil

      Here’s hoping – but looks like I’ll be sporting a strap for my marathon on the 6th. Shame – but not unexpected as they do seem to have been a little too quiet of the last fortnight. To be fair they’ve never nailed a date to the mast so we cant complain that this has slipped – but they do need to update the website to make things a little clear. Currently states ‘reserve now’ – but I cant! 🙁

    • RobM

      They seem to be REALLY plugging their other product at the moment, maybe that’s an indicator that they have huge stocks they want to shift and don’t expect to be able to once the Link is released?

  89. NickJ

    Hi Ray, will this pair with the tomtom multi-sport?

  90. Triman

    Hi Ray,

    I’ve tested the Mio Alpha, it works well while swimming if placed firm enough onto the wrist.

    The problem is to find a watch that will record the HRM data while IN swimming mode. I get that the Tomtom Multisport and the 910xt do not while the Fenix does it.

    Thus, do you know of any other watch that’ll record HR data while in swimming mode ?

    Bonus : Has anyone tested what’s the best between ANT+ / BT4 to record HR with a Mio Alpha/Link close to a watch in the water ?

  91. Sowmi

    Hi Ray,
    The comment about tattoos has me concerned. Does this only work for light skinned people? Does it work for us black/dark skinned folk?

    • Hi Sowmi-

      As with the tattoo’s, I haven’t heard of anyone mentioning problems to date here. Which doesn’t mean those problems don’t exist, just that nobody has brought them up. It may be worth a quick e-mail to them to see what they say. Given they seemed fairly honest in the tattoo case response, I suspect they’d be the same here as well.


    • Tony

      See comment #199.

      I think the problem is more with the scars caused by tattoos than the color of the skin.

    • Sowmi

      Thanks Ray, Tony. I’ve just sent an email to Mio. I’ll let you know when I hear back from them.

    • Sowmi

      Here’s the response from Mio:

      MIO Support Team (MIO Customer Support)
      Mar 27 01:54 PM

      Hello Sowmi,

      Thank you for contacting us! We have performed tests with darker/black skinned people. While the Alpha and Link both work in many instances, there are some cases where very dark pigmentation can cause issues with the optical sensors being unable to properly read the blood flow directly beneath the surface of the skin. What we would recommend, if possible, is to check out the Alpha at a local retailer near you. We have a Store Map on our site that lists many retailers around the world.

      If this is not an option, you can also order directly from our site, and if you have any issues, return the device within 30 days for a full refund.

      Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

      Warmest regards,

      MIO Support Team

  92. Hi All-

    Just as a heads up that as of a couple hours ago you can now pre-order the unit from Clever Training. As usual, doing so supports the site and gets you 10% off your cart and free US shipping.

    Details for all of that are now at the bottom of this post. Thanks for the support!


  93. B. Lynn

    I’m not seeing the Mio Go app on the app store, is it just not available yet? I’m interested in using the Mio Link for workouts to determine calories burned, any suggestions on apps which will work with the Link for this purpose?

  94. BillM

    Mio website says shipping starts april 10th. I had signed up with them to be notified as to when I can pre-order but heard nothing and just thought I’d check the website anyway to find I could now pre-order and pay. I’m in Ireland and shipping worked out free which is nice as I would usually have had to pay for shipping by amazon etc. Clever Training not an option for me due to import taxes.

  95. Bart Bouse

    Mio link is available for backorder on REI. Just got my REI dividend today as well!!

  96. Ryan

    Should we expect to see any lag in shipping time from Clever Training versus Mio’s site? CT says mid-late April, while Mio says April 10th. I prefer to give Ray the referral and buy via CT, but if Mio can get it to me quicker I may just go with them.

    • The units ship the same day from the same place in Asia, to separate distribution locales in the US (one to Mio, one to Clever). Mio’s date assumes nothing goes wrong (they have basically a 1-day buffer). CT’s date assumes something goes wrong. If nothing goes wrong, then the two should be equal. As is the case for all product coming into the CT warehouse, it usually always gets turned around the same day from the manufacture back out to customers. Especially for new devices or back-ordered devices.

      Clever Training has always been historically fairly conservative in published dates, mostly because historically speaking most manufactures don’t allow for any slippage, which invariably occurs (as already seen here). Thus, this minimizes upset customers when they over-achieve.

      I appreciate the support!

  97. Ryan

    Done! CT pre-order complete. Thanks for the quick reply, Ray!

  98. Chris

    Hi Ray,

    do you know anything about the weight of the Mio Link?

    I had an additional look to several sites (including the offical one at Mio), but couldn’t find anything about it.

    • 31g for the shorter strap, 34g for the longer strap. These were pre-prod units, so obviously the final units might be tweaked slightly, but that’s the ballpark.

  99. Gingerneil

    Now available for pre order! Shipping 10 April.

    • Gingerneil

      I come along a day late, having been checking the site every day! Typical!! Ignore me! 🙂

    • Shame to see they have hiked the price up to 150 per unit; thought it was meant to be 100
      I’m out; just trying to make money
      Will stick with a normal strap monitor until they get serious and realise they are just selling a wrist heart rate monitor not a gps or anything else

    • gingerneil

      Showing as 118USD or 86GBP for me – with free delivery. 99USD on CT – but I dont get free shipping to the UK.
      So for anyone in the US, usign Ray’s referal 10% off, its 90USD delivered.

    • I agree, it’s showing as retail for $99. Where are you seeing $150? Are you sure you’re not looking at the Alpha (not the Link)?

    • gingerneil

      Interestingly there is nothing on there about battery time…
      Ray – do you know if you will get a new retail unit to test soon, or just a firmware upgrade to the hardware you have ? The release date has come too late for my marathon next week, so I’ll await your full review/testing before purchase.

    • I’m getting some clarity there (on when I’ll get a prod unit), and will post back. Battery life is 10hrs.

  100. os

    I just did the pre-order from CT.

    Interesting issue about the tattoo – I was more worried about having darker arm hair being an issue.

    Just out of curiosity, could you get proper readings if you rotated the unit around so the optical sensor is on the underside of your wrist?

    • BillM

      When manually checking a pulse you usually rely on feeling the pulse of pressure going through a vein or artery, this type of technology can be used at fingertips as well so I’m guessing it optically sees the change in the density of the blood in the capplaries which are the smaller blood vessels. These capillaries are all over your body as they are the last link in supplying blood to an area, as such I think that if you can strap this device to any area of your body you should be good for a reading so any side of the wrist should work.

  101. Justin

    Looks like the sizing between the small-med and large may be different than your original review. Can you confirm? Just trying to figure out which size to order, Thanks!!!

  102. Michael

    I was always tempted to incorparate HR into my training but never liked those straps. So… Just pre-ordered 🙂

  103. gingerneil

    It looks like I can order from CT for the same headline price as Mio – including postage. However, Mio will send from a UK distributor and so there will be no further tax charges for importing into the UK. Has anyone any experience of shipping from CT to the UK, and the charges that were added for VAT etc ? I have emailed CT and asked what they will declare the package as, but first hand experience would be great as there appears to be no consistency in import duties etc!
    I’d rather order from CT and give Ray the kick-back, but only if I dont get hammered by big extras.

    • I’ve heard mixed in the past from UK folks. Sometimes they get charged, sometimes not. Obviously, from a CT standpoint their processing is the same, so it seems to be on the UK side that it varies. Perhaps, based on value. No worries, I appreciate the support attempt!

    • gingerneil

      Its the least I can do….
      The problem is that if you do get charged, there is then a fee on top. So you either pay nothing, or the charges + about 15USD in fees for collecting the charges! So it can quickly go from being a 100USD purchase to 130USD.
      I’ll see how CT respond with regards to the customs declaration… and if I get it delivered to my work address it may help!

  104. Chris Thompson

    Note on REI: They are allowing pre-order as stated above. It’s the S/M size slate color model. Also, if you are a member your 20% off one full price item coupon works. I just pre-ordered mine.

  105. gingerneil

    Have pre-ordered via Mio (sorry Ray – ordering on CT would kill me with duty).
    Used the code SAVE10 to get 10% off – code posted on their facebook page by another user and seems to have worked fine for me.

  106. BillM

    Just had a phone call this afternoon from mio, confirming my order and checking address details and to make sure id ordered the right size. Amazed at this first class customer service, really looking forward to getting it.

  107. sara

    TomTom Compatability: I looked for a list of compatible devices on Mio’s site and only found a link to ANT+ devices, nothing for Bluetooth Smart devices. I have been trying to find out if the Link is compatible with my watch, a TomTom Runner. For some reason I have only been able to find information stating that the Link is compatible via BlueTooth Smart to apps, but not to devices. I just saw Ray’s comment above that it is compatible with TomTom via Bluetooth Smart but when I checked with the folks at Mio earlier today, I received this response: “Thank you for contacting us! Unfortunately at this time we are unable to confirm Link compatibility with the TomTom Runner GPS watch.”

  108. Peter Eidegren

    I have been mailing back and forth between the MIO global customer service and finally got them to include Sweden and I think all of the Scandinavian countries to their list of countries that they ship the Mio Link to.

    So, to all fellow Scandinavians, the shop is open for business and it is time for MIO to take your money.


  109. Tim

    I read through the comments and didn’t see any mention of a swim metric watch that this will work with. I use a Harmon swim and I know that ant+ doesn’t work under water. What’s funny is I have an old polar coach that I have been measuring hr under water for many years.

  110. Tony5

    Thanks for the save10 code. Same here with clever, shipping and duty would kill me.

  111. Verity

    what can I use please to record hr in water. Is a polar chest strap the only option?

  112. Eric

    Ray, with the Link going to market now, do you expect a revision of the Alpha next? Would make sense to add onboard memory, dual link, and more device based features?

  113. Eric

    With the Link going to market now, I’d like to see a revision of the Alpha next? Would make sense to add onboard memory and dual link. More device based features as well.

  114. Eric NY

    With the Link roll out now underway, I’d like to see a revision of the Alpha to include dual link, onboard memory and more device-based features.

  115. Stephanie

    Will this work with the Garmin Vívofit activity tracker.? I assume that the answer is yes because it is ANT+, but I just wanted to be sure.

    • Stephanie

      Awesome! I just wanted to say thanks for providing such a great website. I’ve been interested in an activity tracker and heart rate monitor but could never find a good comparison between the available models. I went into a sports store to ask questions, which they couldn’t provide answers to, but one of the employees (who is a runner) gave me your website and said that you would be able to provide in-depth information about the different models and he knew that I’d find answers to all of my questions. He was right! Your website provides invaluable information to those of us trying to get in better shape and trying to figure out the best tools to help us do that. On top of that, I ordered from Clever Training and saved 10%… it doesn’t get better than that. I’ll be sure to share it with my friends. Keep up the great work!

  116. Verity

    swimming HR wrist band anyone?

  117. Chris Voss

    Really impressed with the review and the product. At $99 I think it’s a fair price. However, once again we Brits will be ripped off and asked to pay £89 ($140)……Same old same old.

    P.s I bet we get to pay shipping on top too! 🙁

    • Gingerneil

      Shipping is free, and you can use save10 at the checkout for 10% off. Even with vat, we’re paying about £20 too much. The code helps, but not that much!

  118. 6co2000

    Your recent review of the optical HR on the TomTom gives me trust to go ahead with that one. – same same right?
    I am still interested in knowing more about the upcoming 4iiii mini HR pod.
    Have you got a pre-release version? You know anything about it?


    Getting rid of the HR strap! What a ball!

    • Mostly same-same, but yeah, same-same.

      I don’t have any 4iiii’s hardware at this point, pre-prod or otherwise. Beyond the posts I’ve done over the last few months at MWC or CES, that’s it.

  119. AIXroot

    MIO makes it to a new exchange rate. 99 $ = 99 €

    • Michael

      Are you aware that US prices do NOT include sales tax whereas European prices do? So that’s most of the difference.
      $99 = 72.xx€ –> 72*1.19 (sales tax in Germany) = 86€ so the difference isn’t really that much.

    • Chris Voss

      In the UK the price equates to $140 inc vat and shipping. How many US states will be paying an extra $41 in tax over the $99 advertised price?

    • gingerneil

      Agreed – we often get screwed here in the UK. Maybe the UK distributor takes a bigger cut and Mio are selling more directly in the US ?

    • Chris Voss

      Or maybe we are subsidising the US price?……just a thought 😉

    • gingerneil

      I’m not *that* cynical! 🙂

  120. Chris

    Just noticed that Clever Training is stating that the short strap slate color is in stock and shipping within one day, with the long strap and white color still in pre-order status. Getting my hopes up for a delivery next week (since I’ve had the “in stock” model ordered since the day it went on their site). Looking forward to seeing the Mio Go app, hopefully available Monday.

    • Hi Chris-

      Where do you see the Link as ‘in-stock’? Are you sure it’s not the Mio Alpha? I just looked at both show as ‘Mid April’.

      In any event – thanks for the support!


    • Chris

      No, it was definitely the Link, not the Alpha, and only the short strapped gray model–I still had the page up after seeing your reply, but when I refreshed, it’s back to the same pre-order status for all three models.

      That’s ok–I think I can last a few days more!

  121. Ben

    I have a 7inch wrist. Should I go with the medium or large black mio link? also, will the mio link still give good HR readings during racquet sports?

  122. Chris

    Just saw that the Mio GO iOS is available–I installed it but haven’t had time to poke around, other than to notice that there will be in-app purchases available, presumably to add on to the built in scenarios Ray mentions above where you try to target certain heart rates while riding/running along recorded courses.

    As a disgruntled chest strap wearer, I’m just looking for a more comfortable/convenient device to pair with my watch. I don’t anticipate using the app much, especially if it ends up costing $ to keep it interesting, but who knows?

  123. Kat

    Would this work in very (very) bright sun light conditions (desert sun)? Have you tested it anywhere south and sunny? A large % of your reviews seem to be in overcast/rainy weather 🙁

    • I’ve been lucky in having a fair number of sunny days over the last few months. Actually, way more sunny days than normal. I haven’t seen any issues there, nor in any of the other random cities I’ve tested it out in thus far (including Vegas).

  124. Shan

    Does the LINK give Calories burned?
    I know the ALPHA doesn’t. If it doesn’t do you know of a STRAPLESS HRM that does?

    • Gingerneil

      The link gives nothing but hr. It’s a slave device that needs a partner to send it to for processing, storage, display, calculation of calories etc. There is no display on the link.

  125. Does the LINK provide calories burned?

    • The Link does not directly, no, however, various apps that you pair with it (via Bluetooth Smart), could. Or, various other watches that you pair with it (via ANT+), such as a Garmin watch, could.

  126. Chris Voss

    It seems that friends of mine and myself will be buying this product and using it on our group rides.

    Should we expect any problems regarding bleed over (multi readings)from other users units?

  127. Mato86

    use Save10 code to have it for 10 euro / $ less on MIO site. Just did that and works fine.

  128. Chris Voss

    I was a bit upset at the high price in the UK so I used DC’s link to partner store in the US and paid with my UK Credit card but ship to my brother in CT (why didn’t I think of that sooner?) who will forward to me as “Gift” to avoid importation taxes

    So I’ll have the Mio for just under £54 ($89) instead of £89($150)…..Happy days!!!

  129. Barry Andersen

    Their website says that ” Mio LINK consistently performed with 99% EKG accuracy, even while running and cycling at speeds of up to 14.4 mph.” I called and the person confirmed this. She asked if I was a professional cyclist, implying that most recreational cyclists are slower than 14 mph. Seems weird, did you test above this speed? Not really fast for cycling. I have pre-ordered and will need to cancel if this is true.

    • Gingerneil

      I took this as a running speed – not cycling. 14mph in cycling terms is fairly pedestrian, not so when running!

    • I generally don’t cycle at 14.4MPH. So, not quite sure where that specific claim is coming from. I suspect it may actually mean running at 14.4MPH. There are some edge cases in running that 99.99% of the population won’t see when your cadence is so high (usually at much higher speeds) that it can influence the readings on the unit from an impact standpoint. I saw some demo’s of it on a Texas Instruments chipset last fall, but I haven’t seen the issue on the Mio up to about 13MPH on treadmill’s that I’ve tested with.

      As for cycling speeds, I’m generally at about 19-23MPH for most steady-state riding. Slightly slower on cobbles and rougher roads (15-20MPH), and obviously faster with a nice tailwind or a big hill.

    • Barry Andersen

      Thanks for the very prompt reply. The speed listed is quite slow for cycling, but the comment is on their website and confirmed by phone. It’s about halfway down the page.

      see: link to mioglobal.com

      I’ll leave my order in place if it will work for cycling at the speeds you list. You’re faster than I am 🙂

    • Gingerneil

      I think that’s just poor wording. I can’t see why speed when cycling would matter? If your arms are fairly static whilst you’re riding, surely the mio wouldn’t be effected? I can only see an impact on the optical reading when your arm is going nuts running at 14mph.

    • Gingerneil

      Maybe raise it on the Facebook page? They have come to the rescue of their phone support recently on there….

  130. Barry Andersen

    That’s what I thought as well. Agree, poor wording, also poor telephone support to not clarify this when asked directly. I’ll leave my order in place and confirm that it works at my blistering 18 on the flats (old and slow) 😉

  131. Barry Andersen

    Also, I’m assuming that it will connect to “cyclemeter” via bluetooth on an iPhone 5. Any reason it wouldn’t?

  132. Mato86

    heh it was shipping start 10th april . today they say 20th april … wtf

    • Gingerneil

      They were insistent last might on their Facebook page that shipping would be today. Maybe they are referring to new orders and have stock limitations?

    • Generally speaking most companies will shift the date on the website for new orders, based on backlog. I suspect that’s the case here.

  133. runnershigh0815

    I will be glad if shipping starts within april@all. In germany actually exists no merchant who has the mio link listed. So…I suppose they know why…may be the new “Tom Tom”-Models will arrive earlier.

  134. Chris Voss

    I’m not expecting to take delivery until at least early May. I’m sure demand is already strong, just look at this site!

    I bet they’ve way underestimated demand. Who will get prioritized shipping ?

    • My understanding is that shipping is being done concurrently to the distribution locales, and then shipping from there is done via when you placed your order (first in/first out).

      As a general FYI, I received the production version a couple of days ago and have been using it. They did change the magnets in it, which was one of my complaints, to stronger magnets. It stays on the charger nicely now (before, I had to basically very carefully align it and hope nothing moved).

    • Chris

      Any estimate of when your full review will be published? You probably don’t have anything else going on, work wise, workout wise, or other products you’re evaluating. Ha!

      Like so many, I eagerly anticipate every review you post, and I’m amazed at how you do it all. Thanks!

  135. Rodrigo Valle

    Hi Ray,
    Open water swimming suggestion:
    You take, for example, a FR 220 under the swimcap for GPS tracking on open water, you can also pop de Link sensor out of the band and stick it to your forehead, under the swim cap, linked to the FR 220.
    You would get accurate GPS and heart rate for open water swim!

    Do you still have the Link units with you?
    Can you try popping the sensor out and sticking it to your forehead under the cap to see if it reads your HR correctly?


    • Hmm…interesting.

      So sitting at my desk I was actually able to very easily get pulse on my forehead from popping the unit out of the band. I haven’t gone swimming or running or anything else, but, in theory if you could secure it well enough (it has a slight curve, which actually works well on my slightly curved forehead) it might just work in transmission to a unit on your head.

      I would be concerned however about loss of the pod, since it’s so small that it might easily slip out of the cap, but, that’s more a personal call.

    • Chris

      Now we just need Google Goggle Glass

    • Rodrigo Valle

      Thanks Ray!


  136. Vit Kopacek

    I just got email from Mio Global. My Mio Link Grey L was shipped on my address today and I have even track number. I preordered on March 31st directly from Mio.

    • gingerneil

      Got my confirmation too – shipped in the UK via Royal Mail First Class – so I expect to have it tomorrow. Yeh! 🙂
      (although bummer I’m not running after tearing my calf!)

    • Chris Voss

      Got an idea Mate!. As you won’t be needing yours any time soon, why don’t you let me have it and you can have mine when it arrives from the US 😉

    • gingerneil

      You’d have to take it off my cold, dead wrist! 🙂

    • Chris Voss

      How rude! 🙁

    • Gingerneil

      Please don’t say you took that comment seriously!? 😉

    • Chris Voss

      Of course not, We’re Brits, we do irony right?

    • gingerneil

      Mio landed today – up and working very very quickly. Grabbed my HR in about 5 seconds, and my FR220 paired with trivial ease. Very happy!
      The device itself feels very premium – the strap is soft and stretchy meaning you can get a tight, but very comfortable fit. My only very minor issue is that the packaging is very plastic – using a card insert rather than plastic would be nice, but that being stupidly picky!

      Ray – there are load of complex featured Android apps out there for tracking heart rate and GPS. Do you have any recommendations for tracking just heart rate and nothing else ? In the past I have used my FR220 in the gym but as the internal sensor cant be turned off I end up having to delete the cadence track so I dont mess up my running stats, or leave it on the floor recording HR when I’m on the x-trainer.
      It woudl be good to use an app on my phone to capture the HR track to upload to SportTracks, but I dont need anything else tracking. Will the Mio app do this ? At the moment the android version can only be used to config the Link.

    • The Wahoo app just got released on Android, and it supports BLE sensors really well in a simple scenario. It’s what I would use.

    • gingerneil

      Cheers Ray – gave this a go on the x-trainer and it worked a treat. Logged my hour with no problems at all using Wahoo, uploaded to GC and then across to ST with Tapiriik. Perfect and stupidly simple! Top marks to the Mio.

  137. runnershigh0815

    @Vit; thanks for that Information. I will post it even my order will be shipped too.

  138. Chris

    Anyone who ordered through Clever Training get a shipping confirmation yet?

    • Chris Voss

      Their site says mid to late April

    • os

      Have heard nothing.

      I debated about ordering from CT vs Mio directly. Same price for both ($89). Decided to go with CT because they’ve been great in the past. Just hoping it gets here next week before the marathon…

    • Chris

      I emailed CT to ask and here’s what they wrote, “Based on the information that Mio has provided us we are still planning on shipping late April. It is very possible that the manufacturer is shipping before retailer however we will continue to keep up to date information on our product website in the availability section.”

      Oh well. Of course now I wish I’d ordered directly from Mio, but I suppose I can survive another couple of weeks without it.

    • os

      Oh well, lesson learned.

    • I checked with CT. They expect it to arrive from Mio any day now, as soon as they arrive, they’ll ship back out the same day. It could be today, tomorrow, early next week. All they have is the departure date from Mio (the 7th).

      Thanks for the support via CT, I appreciate it!

    • Chris Voss

      No worries, it’s no big deal. We’re all acting like kids awaiting Santa on Xmas Eve.

      We’ve survived long enough without one!

    • os

      Guilty as charged.

  139. Chris Thompson

    FWIW – REI expects their delivery to arrive on April 14. They will ship 1 or 2 days after that.

  140. BillM

    Mine arrived here today in ireland. Shipped from Hong Kong but no import duties payable, wish I could guarantee that for future Hong Kong purchases. Can’t want to try it out over the weekend.

  141. Chris Voss

    I wonder if it’s possible to fit the “Road ID” metal tag on to the plastic bracelet of the Mio with a couple of rubber bands laterally across the top of the bracelet where it joins the head?

    It would be great to only where one thing. If you’re reading this Mr Ed Wimmer, you saw it here first!

    • Roger

      I’m afraid I beat you to this about 3 months ago. I’m sure there’s someone out there who was probably about that far ahead of me too!

      January 7, 2014 at 1:50 pm #94
      I saw on Twitter that the Vivofit band will allow the Road ID tag to slide right on. This would be a nice addition to the Mio Link as well and would eliminate another band on the wrist! I’m with everyone else though, it’s a no-go for me if the battery life can’t be improved (minimum of 13 hours).

    • Chris Voss

      Doh! It would make sense to incorporate the two but I guess that would create a few issues for one or both parties.

    • A

      I think I just use MS. Word, type a few line of my information, decorate with a nice font, print, cut and stick to it with clear Gorilla waterproof tape. Simple as that.

  142. Ted W

    Still breaking in my new Fenix 2. But also breaking in an Ultimate Direction SJ vest for some long unsupported trail run. Had some less than pleasant friction and pressure today, on my 14miles. Had it been a 50 miler, parts of my chest might be rubbed raw. Love the idea of this type of device. I’ve had numerous problems (like many) with the Garmin HRM. Wish the Mio battery life was closer to 20 hours for two ultra’s I have coming up. that said. What are people doing. Wearing the Mio on one arm and the GPS on the other? or wearing both on the same arm? Can we get some photo shot of what a mio looks like on a wrist next to a Fenix 2 (or a 910xt) ?

    • Chris O'Brien

      Conflict between SJ Ultra Vest and Garmin HRM are exactly what I have driving me towards the MIO Link as well!

    • Chris O'Brien

      Solved my friction issues with the Garmin HRM by simply sliding the chest strap up an inch… 18 miles with no issue.
      Those chest straps just slide up and down! On the spot adjustments!

      That vest has *everything*

    • Ted W

      Last saturday was a rough “chaffing” day. The F2 HRM run, shredded the center of my chest. It was like a sunburn, you dont know how bad it really was until later in the day. I will need to skip using HRM for 1 to 2 weeks easy. I was wearing a Mountain Hard Wear shirts, claiming to be soft, seemless, less chaff. But I had two nasty chaff marks on underarms. Since I’ve worn the SJ vest alot, I doubt it was from that, so much have been the shirt. Lastly the sj vest must have bounced to much. as both collar bones were rubbed. So I had no less 5 “chaff/burn” marks. I am rethinking about the Mio.

  143. Gary

    Just put in my order at Clever Training. I will be using this without pairing to a watch (presently own a Garmin FR10) over the spring-summer-fall so that I can start doing HR training. The lights should do the trick for me.

    In the Winter, I plan to upgrade my watch (Ant +) so that I can monitor my HR training through the watch that will be worn over my winter run clothes. The Mio Link will be worn under my clothes then.

    I will have to borrow my wife’s iPhone to set it up though. Wish they had a Windows App for basic setup. Looking forward to the full review – hope it is just as positive.

    • Gary

      I like what this device has to offer:
      1. It can be upgraded with firmware updates.
      2. It has LED heart range indicator lights
      3. Seems to track well for long slow runs where lag is not an issue.
      4. Has a nifty UI for treadmill workouts. (wish I had access to one)

      What I don’t like:
      1. Reports of lag or drop-outs from other users.
      2. Mfg. states it should be worn on the same arm as the gps watch. (This was not my plan)

      I thought I was buying something that would just plain work without needing to have a HR receiver on my GPS watch (I have a Garmin FR10). I was planning on just using the lights to tell me when I was over or under my target zone.

      I did use it and I think it was working correctly but, alas, there is no way for me to really know if I have a dud or not. Thus, unfortunately, I will return it.

  144. Andrew

    Mine arrived today, not used it cycling yet though.

    Paired up quickly, and seemed to react to my movement much quicker than the Garmin HR strap.

    Does anyone know how these monitors work? Do the chest straps & this Mio interpret the data received do a calculation and just send the current HR number to the connected unit, or does the unit itself process the raw data?

    How often do the actual monitors send the data?

  145. morey000

    This morning was the last straw. fully wetted my Garmin chest strap, added contact gel to my chest, sprayed cycling jersey with Static Guard… and still, as soon as I went into aero position on my bike, my HR started recording erratically (unless my new Max HR is 248). I’ve been battling bad HR data for years but it’s so dry where I live in the desert, that there’s just too much static. So- I’ve gotta’ get one of these. Will order from CT as soon as I can find the $50 gift cert that they sent me for my last purchase!

    Question: Has anyone tried to position it right next to their watch in the water- to see if ANT+ can transmit 2 inches? That would be cool to get swim HR. Unlike some watches, my Ambit2 DOES allow you to record HR while in swim mode… if you can get it the ANT+.

  146. canuk218

    Got my Link direct from Mio to home address in NZ last night. Worked fine with iphone and 910 in testing in the house. Ran this morning with Link on left arm and 910 of right. Kept losing signal. If I held both hands in front of me no issues. So moved link to my right arm with the 910 and no issues after that.

  147. gilbert

    Will the white one fit my wrist size 6.5”?

  148. Chris O'Brien

    Can anyone speak to what hold the “excess strap” to the band?
    I near the edge of the short strap length and thus considering the long strap, but I’m concerned about the excess hanging off the edge if I have to cinch down the long strap.


  149. Sylvester

    Hopefully we get some good test in over the weekend, would love to know the sort of battery life we can expect.

  150. EB

    At the end of the strap are two centrally pointing bumps that fit in the holes of the other side of the strap. This keeps any excess attached to the strap. The holes extend all the way to the body so you’d have have a lot of excess to exceed the range.

    In addition, for cycling they recommend wearing it further up the forearm so it can’t be effected by wrist movement.

    As regards the signal problems and the 910 XT I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the 910. Mine kept losing power data and to prove it was the watch I went cycling with my laptop and the ANT USB stick. I joined the ANT network and had installed the software to read the raw data.

    That combined with data collected on my iPhone/Wahoo and the .Fit file proved it was just the watch.

    In the end they said it was because I had it on my wrist and sent a quick mount kit.

    I took the risk if using a laptop with a (cheap) non-SSD HD, which was probably a mistake as it died a few days later. Potentially quite useful though as each USB stick can do eight devices and you can use two USB sticks, although I don’t have two to test if you really get 16 lots of data. Not that I have 16 ANT devices anyway.

    I got my Link today and am impressed with it. I have a MIO Cyclo 195 and to be frank it sucks, so I wasn’t expecting much. It seems well built. Disappointed the App requires a subscription charge as well, although I doubt I’d use it much. No obvious update firmware function.

    Being red-green colour blind I’m not so keen on the colour coded HR zone feedback although if you cut it down to three colours only it is quite obvious.

    I’m not sure I get the more than 12 hour recording problem. In an Ironman the device would be off for the swim so that would mean a 13 hour race. I doubt if you were going that slow you’d care about HR and even if you did I’d question the amount of evidence in how to interpret HR after such a long duration of exercise. And you’d likely be dehydrated which would put it up anyway. I find HR most helpful after transition anyway – to prevent me pushing too hard at the start of each section.

    Maybe for Ultra-marathons more time would be needed but don’t imagine they use HR.

  151. tommies

    Received from GB to France in 2 days : good job.
    Tried on 12km this afternoon.

    I had runtastic and Mio Link on my phone and 310XT with HR strap.

    How can i compare the 2 HR curves ? any software to do this.

    A suggestion for mio to save battery.
    It would be interesting to disable BT or ANT+ if you don’t use it

    • EB

      Export the data In a simple file format, extract the HR data and then import into Excel. Then graph it. Imagine it would take less than 15 minutes.

  152. Gingerneil

    Been having some spiking issues with mine. I’ve tried it on various points on both wrists. Despite sitting still, I’m seeing spikes up and down around my rest rate of about 50bpm. Anyone else seeing this?

  153. tommies

    I have the same problem that canuk218 but with my 310 XT

    I tried the link two times.
    Yesterday with my smartphone moto G. No problem to pair (bluetooth) i used runtastic.
    Mio Go is useless. It’s a beta version, You can pair with Mio link, adjust your heart rate zone and… that’s all you can’t use it to run.

    But the morning, i paired the mio link with my 310 XT
    I wear the mio link on the right arm and the 310XT on the left.
    No problem to pair.
    Before to start my training, i’m in the street looking at my watch and waiting satellites detection. My right arm wearing the mio link pointing to the ground.
    When satellites are ok, il switch to start screen (with time, cadence and HR) and… NO heart rate detection…
    I’ m looking at my right arm, I bring closer watch and mio link and Heart rate is detected by the watch.
    I decide to wear the mio link on tha left arm with 310XT and no problem for 2 hours.

    I tested again at home with 310XT (ant+) and MOTO G (bluetooth LE) at the same time.
    when I put the right arm down my leg, i lose the ANT+ HR signal and keep Bluetooth signal .
    If i swapped Mio Link and 310XT no problem

    • Os

      Interesting issue here. I am still awaiting the shipment of my Link so haven’t tried using the unit yet, but now I’m wondering about the Bluettoth vs ANT + issue.

      I have the Forerunner 220 so I’m wondering will I be able to pair the Link with the 220 using Bluetooth or will it only pair with ANT+? Or can I decide to go either way with it depending on my preference?

      Anyone know??

    • Gingerneil

      You can’t pair to the Garmin using BT – only ant+. The issues with mine spiking seem to have been with the Wahoo app – I’m not getting the same via ant+ to the 220. Odd….

    • Os

      Thanks Gingerneil.

      So you’re having no trouble with losing the signal with the Link on one arm and the 220 on the other?

    • Gingerneil

      Nope – not at all. Even had the 220 on the other side of the room while wearing the mio. About 5 apart.

  154. BillM

    I can’t finger the Go app in play store, are people getting it there and is it titled Mio Go?

    • EB

      Yes ‘mio GO’. Is in the UK store. Possibly it is not available in the currently you are currently in.

    • Vit Kopacek

      Mio Go application is visible on Google play store only for devices with Android 4.3 and higher. So I can’t find Mio Go on my Galaxy S4 Active (still 4.2.2) but on Nexus 7 2013 (4.4.2) is application visible for download.

    • BillM

      Ah, I see. My Xperia s has only got 4.1.2 not sure if that can be upgraded? Loaded it up on the iPad now so will see if that connects via Bluetooth. Would like to use it at night sometime to see what my heart does when asleep.

  155. Max

    Had mine yesterday and ran a 10K race with it today. I had one spike at the beginning of the race but I will have to see what happens during training.

    Can I also swim with it and how does it perform in heavy rain?

    I really hope the device will be reliable because I want to train on my HF for the next few months. Pairing with the garmin 610 and 910 was easy.

  156. Julia

    I ran the London Marathon wearing my new Alpha Mio Link, hoping it would solve all my chafing issues.
    I had worn it on a short jog the day before, and around the office, so had experimented a bit with it. I read that it works better slightly higher up the wrist, so I tried it higher as well as lower.

    In yesterday’s marathon, the unit only worked when I actually pushed it down with my other hand – then it would read my heart rate. Otherwise it showed heart rate as blank the entire time. When I uploaded to Garmin Connect (running with the Alpha Mio Link connected to my 910X), it showed that it only read my HR those times that I pressed it down.

    I had the unit strapped so tightly on my arm that it left an imprint on my arm for 2 hours afterwards – I could not have worn it any tighter.

    DC Rainmaker, I would love your thoughts! I would love to get the Link working properly.

    • HI Julia-

      It’s hard to say. I’d honestly try experimenting a bit more to see where it works best. I remember that from the Mio Alpha in the first generation devices that there were certain spots on me that it worked spot-on instantly, and certain spots where it was finicky.

      With the Link, it’s been pretty much happy no matter where I put it. But I’d still try a bit here and there. Obviously, you were time-limited at the last minute, but I suspect with a bit of toying you can find the right spot.

      Congrats on the marathon!

    • Karl

      I had the same problem when pairing with the 910xt. Halfway through my run today I moved the Link to the same arm as the 910 and it was solid. I suspect that the ANT+ transmit distance from the Link is pretty short.

      I don’t believe the vascularization in my left arm is significantly better than my right arm.

  157. BillM

    Took it for a 5k run today, my first time using it. I noticed that it showed no reading on a few occasions and that the reading was restored when I made sure there was nothing to interfere with signal between left and right arm. So it looks to me as though all is well except for the range of the ant+ signal and it’s ability to transmit through my torso. I see my graph look a bit more jagged than those from my chest strap on previous runs, something I guess caused by the signal being lost here and there during the run. Either I modify my arm swings to keep them more in front of me and less to the sides, or I wear link on same arm as the 910xt or else mio does a software change if possible to boost the signal strength. The device is very light, I’d have happily accepted a bigger device if it meant longer battery life and/or greater signal strength.

  158. BillM

    Tried to pair with iPad, no joy, my iPad (2) can’t see the mio link. iPad can see my Xperia s phone. My phone can see the iPad and the mio link. Ain’t technology great. I’ll see if I can communicate with the link on PC with USB connection.

    • The Mio Link won’t show up as a generic Bluetooth device in the iOS control panel. Instead, you need to pair it directly from a supported application. To start, try either the Mio Go app, or the Wahoo Fitness app. Both support Bluetooth Smart sensors and are easy to validate pairing.

      And no, it won’t work over PC via USB connection – that’s only for charging.

    • BillM

      Indeed I didn’t get any connectivity using USB to PC , ran the wahoo fitness and mio go apps on iPad 2 using iOS 7.1 and neither app could see the mio link? Maybe iPad 2 doesn’t support BLE? My iPads Bluetooth does work as it can see other Bluetooth device but they are probably not BLE devices. I ran the link last night during my sleep with fully charged battery and using ant+ connection recorded the output on my smartphone in an app. I got 8.5 hours of battery life before it powered down. I also tested to see if it could transmit the ant+ through my body to the phone and it seemed to have no difficulty doing so, leading me to think that my previous issue with occasional loss of signal to the 910xt means the 910xt needs a stronger signal.

    • BillM

      Read the review again and spotted the iPad Gen 3 bit, so that explains it, the ipad 2 doesn’t do BLE. Neither does my Xperia S so the whole BLE is academic for me and its just ant+ useful for me, which is still great even though I can’t configure it. Hopefully will figure something out when they come to do firmware upgrades re battery life and signal strength. Always ran with a chest strap, feels liberating and almost as if I am missing an item of clothing running without it.

  159. Chris Voss

    Are Clever Training shipping yet? I haven’t heard anything from them.

  160. FredrikS

    Got My Link delivered to Stockholm this morning and took it for a test run paired with my Garmin 620. I also wore a hr strap and my Polar watch for comparison.
    With a normal pace for distance running, 4.30/km, I should have got around 130 in pulse. This was also what the Polar showed.
    The pulse from Mio link instead showed 180-200 all the time. I tried to move it on the arm, and also set it tighter, but nothing helped. Sad if it it isn’n useful since I get allergic problems by the HR strap if I wear it too often….

  161. FredrikS

    Comment on My coment above:
    Maybe its because I’m so slim. I have very, very little fat under my skin so on my arm where I wear a watch it’s literally only skin and bone – maybe allowing light to interfere. I try to wear it 10 cm higher up on the arm next run.

    • For folks troubleshooting use – definitely try moving it around until you find a good spot. In general, you can place it just about anywhere on the body that has easy access to capillaries. Obviously, the strap will only go certain places – mostly around the arms. But the key is minimizing light getting in, and ensuring that it doesn’t ‘roam’ around.

  162. Adam

    Does some led come on when its charging? so far its no lights at all

  163. Gary

    Any good links for HR training? Calculators? Apps?

  164. BillM

    Charger should be revised. A lot of folk will have the main USB connection in some sort of a wall socket, perhaps tucked away beside bedside cabinet with lead about a meter long trailing to wherever they might rest their mobile phone while charging it at night. How about just putting a mini USB port on the charging bit so you just plug in the mini USB that you use to charge mobile phones with, no need for the novelty folding regular USB connector and so probably requiring a smaller piece of plastic. What’s more, how about ditching whatever iron is needed inside the link to give it something to draw the magnetic connection of the charger, use a croc clip charger connection like garmin 910xt and use the space weight saved from the iron to house a higher capacity battery.

  165. gingerneil

    I’ve been using one of these to enable me to plug into a ‘standard’ micro USB charging cable. I have loads of these for various other devices – so they are all around my house. A little messy linking the cables together, but it works fine and means the Mio charging ‘cradle’ doesnt dangle from the plug.
    Agree that a USB micro connector on the charging cradle would be the better approach.
    Also agree with the magnets vs a clip – but I dont think the change would enable an increase in the battery.

    link to amazon.co.uk

  166. max

    I used the LINK during 2 runs now and I also notice blank readings. It goes from a reading say 145 to blank and back to 145 again so no strange readings in between. I don’t really mind as long as the average is still OK.

    DCrainmaker: do you have any idea about the used algorithm for the average? What is – in your opinion – the effect of the blank readings? Will it lower the average for the whole lap? In that case the blank readings are a problem

    I also found that the blank readings occured most at the beginning of an interval lap. I tried other places but without luck.

    BTW pairing was easy both with the 610 and 910 and with the phone for setting up the device.

    • Most times, the averaging is only a few seconds worth from the optical sensor. For HR readings though on a Garmin, I don’t know if null is treated as zero.

      That said, I am having some issues with both the production devices sent to me. I’ve gotta try some different positions. I’m not quite sure why the pre-prod devices were spot-on perfect, but these ones are producing less than optimal. Trying to do some troubleshooting as to why since I’m wearing them in the same spot as previous.

    • Chris

      I’ve got my Link on Monday and did run 2 times since then. I’ve paired it with my FR305.

      The unit does fit well and it’s great to wear. And I didn’t notice any dropout.

      BUT I have two other issues:

      – the heart rate goes sometimes up and down – e.g. from 138 to 184 (and stays at 184 for a couple of minutes), but I’m running only easy pace. The chest belt for comparison showed me a normal and steady 145.
      Then I tightened the Link and it got better – and for some minutes it seemed to work. But then it started to go up over 180 another time – just like a heart rate belt could behave in the first minutes of a workout, if it’s to dry.

      – second issue is with slow updates on changing paces. I did some strides (sprints) for 30 seconds. The unit needed roughly 25-30 seconds to go up, so I was then in recovery and got the highest peak. After staying in recovery the heart rate got down after another 30 seconds.
      @Ray: I know you mentioned, that with the pre-production unit you didn’t notice such slow updates.

      In total I’m very disapointed. It’s just not usable for me for the mentioned two reasons.
      I’m curious if anybody else noticed such kind of behaviour.

      I tried to rearrange the Link – but it didn’t help. So again, I didn’t notice any dropout, so I’m sure, that I wore it correctly.


    • max

      Hi Ray

      Thanks for your comment. I will check the reading again tomorrow. Just had the device on the same wrist today during garden work (haha) and it seemed better so I will try that tomorrow. I will let you know.

    • Changren Yong

      I had similar issue on the second day when i was testing it. I configured Mio Link with my Edge 800 and the Garmin HRM with another Edge 500. During my bike ride, heart rate reading from the Link was around 80 BPM while the Garmin chest strap was reporting a more normal 120 BPM. This happened during the first two miles while i was averaging at least 16 MPH on a relatively flat road. This was toward the end of the day, after the Link had been on for more than 7 hours.

      Does anyone know what’s the significance of the double-blink LED? Occasionally, the LED would do double blinks. I have seen it in blue and in green.

    • Chris

      Keep us updated on this. I had planned on waiting for some real world evaluation by the masses but I jumped the gun when the pre-order started… oops.

    • Max

      I used the LINK on the same wrist as the Garmin 610 today during my run and everything went well. Not a single blank reading and I did look at the watch since I was training solely on HF. Excellent and it all looked very accurate.

    • Changren Yong

      Ray, what issues are you encountering with the production devices? I have been testing the Mio Link (comparing it with the old Garmin HRM – not the soft strap kind) for the past few days and these are my observations:

      – Quite often, the HR from Mio Link appears to lag behind the Garmin HR. This is especially when i was doing interval training. The lag could be from a few seconds to about 20 seconds.
      – Sudden drop offs. The Mio Link HR would be significantly less than the Garmin HR for an activity that i know that should be in my Zone 2. Eventually, the Mio Link HR would crawl back up to match up with the Garmin HR.
      – Spikes. The Mio Link HR would spike to 180 BPM even though the Garmin HRM was accurately reporting my resting HR around 60 BPM.
      – Battery life ranges from less than 8 hours to 9 hours and 20 minutes. I seem to get better battery life by moving it higher up on my forearm (away from my hand).

    • Gingerneil

      Can I ask what you are using to capture the mio output? An app via BT, or a watch via ant+?

    • Changren Yong


      I am using Garmin Edge 800 to capture the Mio Link output. The Garmin HRM output was captured using a Garmin Edge 500. Both ANT+.

    • Gingerneil

      A multi device rainmaker in the making!! 🙂
      I ask as I had issues with apps over BT.
      Have you raised a support ticket with Mio? It’s early days, and I suspect they’ll be looking for as much feedback as possible.

    • Changren Yong

      Haha! I had to borrow my wife’s Edge 500 to make this comparison. I had a ticket opened regarding the double LED flash question. According to the Mio support personnel, the “double-blink of any light on the LINK indicates that you are outside of the target rate for that particular color’s zone by 10 or more heartbeats per minute”. Based on what i understood from the full user guide (not the quick start guide), i should only see the double LED flashes if the Mio Link is in Zone Alert Mode. My Mio Link has been in the Training Zone Mode and i still see the double LED flash. Basically, the LED would do double flash for any activity beyond the REST zone.

    • Gingerneil

      Ah – I have this issue to. I need to work out how to get it out of that mode….
      Ray – we need that forum software dusted off I think! 🙂

    • Changren Yong

      The Mio Go app is supposed to allow you to set the two modes, at least the version of Mio Go for iOS is able to do that.

    • Gingerneil

      Thanks – found it! Must have put it into that mode when fiddling with the app.

    • Circling up a few posts…

      The issues I’m seeing are spikes/drops that don’t match reality. I’m working with the Mio engineers to see if I can pinpoint what’s causing the issues. Will be spending more time on it this weekend, but was consumed today with attempting to get across the Atlantic.

  167. Yann

    There’s so much comments about HR measuring failure :-/ It’s a shame for the second MIO’s product like this …
    I have not received min yet, but I think I will try to put some single side foam tape around the sensor in order make a ‘gate’ for external light. Someone could try if it helps ? 🙂

    • Gingerneil

      A few people have had issues, but I think many many more who don’t will not post. I had initial issues with the Wahoo app, but they have a know that’s it’s on their side. The Link had been flawless for me.

  168. Michael

    For all those having trouble:

    I got my Mio on Saturday and took it on a long run on Sunday. Now, I didn’t wear an HR monitor before and have no idea what my HR max etc is, I just wanted to see how well it works. Data was all over the place, ranging from 38 (at 8 min/mi) up to 205. In the end of the run I did one kilometer at 3:50 min/k to see what my max would be, and it ended up being for below that 205 spike.

    ANYWAY, two days later I tried rearranging the unit as Ray suggested. I now wear it about one third of the way further up my forearm. I didn’t have ANY spikes or dropouts so far. It really depends on how well contact is with your skin. Also, tightening it down a little further helped a lot as well!

    ANT+ as well as Bluetooth connectivity is not an issue at all.

    All in all, I am VERY pleased with the unit. After a few seconds of running I don’t even feel it sitting on my arm, it stays firmly where I put it. Totally awesome.

  169. sal

    I got my Link last Monday (shipped from GB to CH). I tried it twice yet with Runtastic (Iphone) and it works well. I sold my Mio Alpha 2 weeks ago. Actually I can’t see any diffenrences concerning the HR-values.
    One question about “Mio Go”: there isn’t any possibility to edit the runs or look at them on a website, is it? MioGlobal has now such website, right?

  170. Jacquyes Godon

    I’m a cyclist. I use edge 800, sometimes IPhone 5 or Vivofit and i will buy the new Polar V800 in a few weeks.

    Sorru, my English is not perfect and i’m not sure to understand anything.

    Will the Mio give me the reading of heartbeat for the 3 units ? Otherwise, can i use my Edge 800, Polar V800 and vivofit together, with the Mio at the wrist without any chest strap ?

    If it is true it is a big progress.

    • Changren Yong


      Polar V800 supports Bluetooth Smart devices so in theory, the Mio Link should work with it. The Mio Link currently works with Edge 800 and iPhone 5.

  171. Christoph

    Got mine yesterday. Works well. Connectivity is a little strange. The mio signal seems
    to be weaker than other ant+ devices. My fr220 loses contact if I wear the link on my right arm.
    My fenix has no problems receiving the signal from the other arm.

  172. Addison

    Hello all,
    I have been waiting for a product like the Mio Link for ages. Chest straps are so uncomfortable, and to have something that might actually record heart rate accurately while I swim would be about one step short of a miracle at this point. Given that last point, I have a question: If bluetooth is being used as the connection, will the link transmit to an iphone/ipod touch being worn in a waterproof case (H2Audio)? What about to a device in a bag on the pool deck? I guess what I am asking is does anyone know the range of the Link when it is paired with a Bluetooth device? Any and all information is greatly appreciated!


    • Changren Yong

      Mio Link does not work under water.

    • morey000

      sounds like it barely works at all! Shame. I was ready to buy one, but now I’m reading all these negative reviews. I’m so sick of battling static electricity interference. (it’s really dry where I live)

      Has anyone yet tried placing it right next to their 910, Fenix, Ambit or TomTom in the pool- to see if ANT+ (or BT in the case of the TomTom) can transmit 2 inches under water?

    • Changren Yong

      From the full user guide for Mio Link:

      • Mio LINK is water-resistant and can be worn while swimming.
      • Important: Do not press the Button under water.
      • The accuracy of the heart rate monitor might be reduced in cold water or if you are using large arm movements.
      • Do not wear your LINK while diving.
      • RF transmission does not work under water.
      • After swimming, remove the LINK strap from the main unit. Rinse both with tap water and dry with a soft cloth.

    • Chris Voss

      I worked for Seiko Watches for ten years and the minimum water resistant capability required for swimming was 5 Bar or 50 metres, preferably with a screw watch back.

      3 Bar is not enough, you can replicate 3 Bars of pressure simply by pouring water from a height of 1 metre over the face of the unit.

      If you use it whilst swimming you’ll not have it very long!

    • Chris

      Can you tell me where to find the full User Guide? I’m on seeing the Quick Start Guide for the Link. Thanks!

  173. Just to off-set some of the negative comments, I have found the Mio Link to be fantastic. I wear it slightly above the wrist bone and pair it with an FR910XT on the other arm – no connection issues at all… and I’ve done my best to put it through its paces. Running, cycling, rowing and the odd cardio circuit at the gym – no drop-outs, no random spikes. It just works well. I’m wrapped with the purchase and have already converted a few long term chest strap using colleagues. Two thumbs up.

    • MaBr

      I just got mine and are having big problems with the connection. It keeps loosing connection with my FR610 if I use it on the other arm but if it’s worn on the same arm it works flawlessly. Really annoying to be honest. I’ll try it with my Fenix 2 later today and see if I can get a better result.

  174. Andrew

    Well a 90 miles of riding, I have discovered for me it works better on my right arm than my left, it works better for me cycling nearer the wrist bone than it does higher, this is contrary to advice given by Mio but on a road bike on the hoods I do not think there is much wrist movement anyway!

    My only gripe is the update lag, during heavy efforts my heart rate is stable then after 30-45 seconds or more in to the effort (hills etc.) it leaps up to where I would expect it to be. And on short time efforts it seems to pick up the drop in HR much quicker than it picks up the increase. This must have a negative impact on HR average.

    I can only think the lag is either how often it sends data to a device or the algorithm struggles with a rapid change in HR

    • gingerneil

      Does a standard ANT+ monitor behave any better for you in the same workout ? Could it be smoothing on the master device that causes the delay in change ?
      I noticed a small delay on mine yesterday when the ‘handle grip’ heart rate measure on the x-trainer I was using would raise quicker than the iCardio measure coming from the Mio. I’ve not tested it alongside a chest strap – and cant be sure which method if the most accurate.
      I generally do intervals by pace or time, and not heart rate – so a short delay from the Mio isnt the end of the world for me.
      Does anyone else find that the module itself pops out of the strap a little too easily ? It obviously wont fall out when in use, but its almost fallen out a few times when I’ve been taking it in/out of my bag or just generally fiddling with it. These types of things are often hard to get out – but this feels little too easy.

  175. Yann

    Could the firmware be updated ?

    • Andrew

      The Mio seems to lag then suddenly play catch up by adding 5-12 beats every second or so.

      Not seen that on a chest strap, but as you say maybe smoothing algorithm on Chest straps which kind of answers an earlier question the device picking up the heart rate is doing all the work and sending the head unit a plain figure

  176. gingerneil

    Have you raised a support request with Mio ? It would be good to get clarification on any smoothing that they apply to the Mio’s output to the master unit.

  177. just got mine. seems great. not yet tested accuracy properly but superficially looks OK. not tested BLE & ANT+ simultaneously either (and maybe never will!!)

    Seems to be a problem with RANGE. only works on same arm as receiving device. having on different arm to a watch (910XT) gives lots of wrong readings

    It does transmit a signal underwater as well but only for a few cms and the signal/HR received is WAY wrong. So it’s not for swimming. But TBH I like it.

    • I’m going to talk to myself here and contradict myself. I just tried this swimming with 910XT and Link on same wrist and this image shows there’s definitely a reasonable signal picked up for the entire hour session: link to the5krunner.files.wordpress.com

    • “Only works on [the] same arm as [the] receiving device.” Shame, I was thinking getting one as an alternative to the chest strap on my e.g. Garmin. My thinking was that if you could wear one device on each wrist that would kind of balance out? I’m hoping the MiCoach comes along farther in the next year though…

  178. BillM

    Went for another run today, second one with link. Previous issue was drop of signal. Today seemed oK, signal drop only noticed at end of run when walking and arms moreso at sides when walking. Sure enough when I copped that it had lost signal I moved my arms to a position where they (link and 910XT) could see each other and signal was restored. Did think of moving link to same arm as watch but looking at graphs reading is pretty smooth. A great little device, which while not perfect will transform the way I run or more transform my attire too as I used to wear a compression top partly in order to stop the chest strap sliding down.

  179. tommies

    diffierents test and same conclusion. I can’t wear the mio link on my right arm and connect my 310XT on left arm. I loose connection. It’s amazing !!
    I asked Mio and they answered :
    Thank you for contacting us! We are sorry to hear you are having these issues. We recognize it is an inconvenience and do hope to release a firmware update to resolve the matter in the future.

    PS : i hope they will quick release a good version of ” Mio Go” because the beta android App is uselless.

  180. Daniel Sherman

    What a bummer using the Link. I’ve taken it for a couple of runs now and wasn’t happy at all with the result. I wore it on the same arm as my Fenix 2 and moved positions a few times. The data was good off and on but not consistent at all. I contacted tech support and got the same reply as the previous comment. I told them it was a bit nebulous of a response for me and asked for an RMA and a refund.

    • Tom

      Can’t help but notice that people are judging how the apps work and not the unit. The band reports accurate hr Ones from the multi colored light. The apps seem to report differences. Never been confirmed to be caused by the band.

    • Changren Yong

      I think your observation is off. Most of those who are having issues with the Mio Link are having problems with the device itself not providing consistent HR. They are not having problem with the apps.

  181. Matteo

    Hi, I was wondering if the Mio can be used with app or softwares that monitor the “heart rate variability’.
    I have a “First Beat” app that work great on iPad with a Whaoo Ant+ adapter and a Garmin strap.
    Can I subistitute them with this Mio?

  182. Chris

    Got mine in today. From a quick test in the office it seems to lag behind my chest strap by as much as 10 seconds. I’ll give it a shot on the bike later and compare files from the mio and a garmin chest strap.

  183. chris thompson

    My two cents after having the Link for a couple of hours. I tried programming the unit with my iPhone and got very frustrated After two calls to tech support I resolved my own issue. That is when you enter HR zones start from the top zone and go down.I tried from the bottom up as I was reading from a printed sheet and the software kept freezing at zone 4. FWIW: I connected the Link to my Android tablet and found the interface much easier and less buggy. I’ll hit the treadmill later and see how it works. Endomondo seems to have no issue with it.

  184. laq

    I got my mio strapless heart rate monitor today.

    I paired it with my vivofit and my mapmywalk (iphone) simultaneously without a problem.

    Here are my thoughts and impressions (and issues)

    First the mio
    the bands run small to keep that in mind i can fit in the small band or 4/5 hole on the large band and i just fit in the sm/med mio band
    it pairs with both smart bluetooth and ant+ simultaneously (major bonus)
    it’s very comfortable – i did move it because i thought it was slipping but way better then something on my chest!

    now the vivofit
    i thought it had to stay on heart rate .. i didn’t know if the heart was flashing it was still working (apparently reading the manual is a good thing LOL)
    it tracked perfectly from what i can tell (except when i thought they disconnected because the heart screen was blank or back on steps) … i have to double check this tomorrow
    the beats it traced aligned perfectly with mapmywalk

    does not sync to garmin (it should link like fitbit) it’s a good thing those fitbits were recalled! HINT GARMIN…
    tracked the mio heart monitor perfectly
    i upgraded for free for one month to vip .. and it broke out how long in each heart zone.

    overall ..
    i like the mio, but wish i got the large

    • JEsc

      Couldn’t agree more about the sizing. The Small/Medium tricked me… should have just called it Small and the other Large. I contacted them cause I’m on the 2nd to last set of holes. They are sending me a large band! I took your suggestion and used it with MapMyRun… Awesome! Seems to be so much more accurate than my treadmill heart rate monitor. Really happy so far and very comfortable! Can’t wait to pair it to my pre-ordered Polar V800! Thanks DC for your wonderful informative reviews!

  185. Mato86

    okay now me ;] tested it for last 4 days in running, tennis and football. I paired it with my Fenix 2. Tried on same hand as watch and on other hand. I noticed it is little bit laggy (about 5-7 seconds lag when slowing down or accelerating) and wearing on same hand as watch seems to be more stable…but even wearing at other hand it was fine. just see that its better detailed (and maybe smaller delay ? not sure yet). assuming i am happy with it. hope the ll fix it all with next update (if updating is possible 🙂 )

  186. Dirk

    @Ray: Do you see regular dropouts when you wear the link on the other arm?
    There were a couple of comments that Mio is working on a software update. Can you confirm this?
    Thanks. A shame that the production units are worse than your pre production one.

    • I’ve been using two Link’s, one worn on each arm. Data inconsistent on both. Usually on one arm is a watch, and one arm is ’empty’. Another nearly 3hr run in the morning, so we’ll see how it goes again.

  187. Tim

    Received my preordered Link early last week.

    Since then I’ve done a treadmill run, trainer ride, outdoor run and ride with the device as well as some wearing ‘just around’. The device and concept sure seems cool, but so far I’m wildly disappointed.

    The data on my first use seemed so random and likely off that I started wearing a Garmin strap at the same time (and recording both). During each activity with both recording I noted vast differences.

    For my trainer ride I saw decent data roughly 50% of the time! otherwise it was off…

    During my runs it was fairly consistent, but high by 25-30 bpm. (Not just spikes, just seemed offset).

    During warmup for both riding and running I noted it initially dropped from 70s to 50s before climbing above my actual rate. If it were 2-3 bpm I may deal with it, but so far it is so wrong and so often that I can’t see how I could rely on it at all.

    I’ve tried a few tightness settings and also different spots on each arm, really nothing has been an obvious help. Plus if I’m constantly worried about wrist flexion, grip on bars, and general device placement, that’s kind of a bummer!

    So far I’ve emailed support. I haven’t heard back yet but it appears that mine is likely headed back given my experiences so far.

    • Jason Silvers


      I am having the same experience that you are. Sometimes it will read right and then other times it will be all over the place. It seems to read low about 50% of the time. Also when I stop for a couple minutes it takes it a while to get back to reading right even if I am going really hard. The other problem I have seen is it does not read high intensity efforts well at all. I know HR has a lag but if I am working super hard for 1-2 minutes it should not be reading in the low 100s the entire time.

    • Tim

      A short update…

      Tonight I tried the inside of my arm, ~1/2 way up my forearm. Maybe not quite halfway, but it was up there! I think I could have put 2 watches between it and my wrist. My 610 was on the same arm — at the wrist.

      This time the readings were much closer to my HR strap. Generally within 1-2 bpm, although on a short hard effort there was a ~10 second lag. I also noted almost 50 seconds of “startup” delay when I initially started running.

      Unfortunately I don’t think I can keep running with it in this position! At mile ~2.6 I could feel the mio wiggling and starting to move. I looked down and could see marks from where it was initially (I guess it was tight enough to leave that), but it had moved 1/2″ down my arm. I pushed it up, but by 3 miles it was moving down again — very annoying.

      I plan to give it another shot in a few more locations, and have hopes they will release some form of update to improve things.

  188. Richard Wright

    Had my Link for a week or so and have used it both with my Garmin Edge 800 and Forerunner 610. It is has been simple to pair. I have used it in a Criterium and a time trial, as well as a spin class. The only issue seems to be a lag in starting up in a race. The heart rate seems to be about 40 bpm under, then bumps up to a correct level. I might need to wear it tighter. The other thing I am keen to test it against is the Kessler Exercise bikes in the gym, which use Bluetooth. The Link is so much more comfortable to use, compared to a heart rate strap. So much so, my girlfriend has just placed her order!!!

  189. Joe

    For those who don’t want to give up on it yet, try putting the sensor on the other side of the wrist, the side where you would take your pulse. I did this because it follows the contour of the sensor better. I found that this made a huge difference, even at really high intensities.

    • LenTheTen

      yes indeed – I figured out the same thing – it makes a huge difference – never misses a beat when worn upside down

  190. A

    I used my Mio LInk with Wahoo Fitness app on Android 4.4.2 – Nexus 5. During the 11.1 miles run the Mio Link loss connect to Wahoo Fitness at least 10 times. I had to push the button on/off to restart it. At the end of the run, after I stopped it, the summary page of Wahoo Fitness app show average 0 heart beat, basically there was no heart beat recorded the whole time. It works fine with my Suunto Ambit at the same time. This morning I tried it with Garmin 810 , and worked great. In term of Wahoo Fitness, I am not sure what was wrong, but I will try it with Run Keeper or Mapmyrun next .

    The strap is very comfortable. I am happy overall.

  191. Richard Wright

    A 63 km race today, sitting on about 35 kmh and the Mio did not hit its straps for 15 minutes, but then was completely “on song” for the rest of the 1 hour 58 min duration. I get my power from the Vector, so it is not too big a deal. Apart from that, the gain from not wearing a chest strap makes the Mio well worth the cost.

  192. Mato86

    Jason Silvers replied
    April 20, 2014 at 5:50 pm #471

    “The other problem I have seen is it does not read high intensity efforts well at all. I know HR has a lag but if I am working super hard for 1-2 minutes it should not be reading in the low 100s the entire time.”

    its very annoying when doing workouts with short max sprints. its just not getting my HR even if i run on my max speed. (i do short 20s sprints and link never got destiny HR because of this lag/bug) 🙁

    April 20, 2014 at 2:20 pm #473
    For those who don’t want to give up on it yet, try putting the sensor on the other side of the wrist, the side where you would take your pulse. I did this because it follows the contour of the sensor better. I found that this made a huge difference, even at really high intensities.

    -wow. it might be nice idea. thanks Joe. I ll try it today for sure and say if really works here.

  193. Adam

    If you’re having trouble getting the Link to charge as I was, remove it from the band.

  194. Carman Cheung

    Thanks for the in depth review, got my Mio Link last week. after all the research and reading your blog got it to pair with my Samsung active 4s with Endomondo for a spin class and a run outside. worked great! I did have to shift the band up my wrist high up abit to get the proper HR (I’m 5’2″ with a small wrist like The Girl). so happy since i can never wear any chest strap they give me bad skin rash. FINALLY i have heart rate info for my workout! Thanks 🙂

  195. Os

    I’ve had good luck with the Link. Paired quickly and easily with the fr220. No connectivity issues at all wearing the Link on the right arm and fr220 on the left.

    I did have an issue with wildly erratic readings at first. Had to tighten the Link one notch beyond snug to get it seal properly. Once I did that the readings have been right where they should be and very consistent.

    A good test is to wear the Link in a dark room and check if any green light is leaking out when you move your arm around. I could only see a tiny bit leaking out before I tightened it, but it was enough to teally mess up the readings.

  196. Bart

    Got the Link in the mail today from Clever Training. Went on a short run with it. Very well designed and very comfortable. Most definitely a step in the right direction from a chest strap. However, some possibly erratic readings from the run. I don’t want to judge too much just yet without using it more. Sitting in the office with an fr305 mated to a Garmin heart rate strap and the Link mated to a Fenix it shows erratic readings for a little after startup but seems to settle down. Having the Link snug does appear to help. Don’t let any light shine from under the strap. The Fenix poses a problem as well. With the 305 you can just sit for hours and watch your heart rate. Then Fenix, without turning on the gps, wants to go back to the home (time) screen after a couple minutes. On one occasion, as I am writing this, the Link and Fenix showed heart rate at 95 while the 305 and age old heart rate strap churns steadily along at 47-49 bpm. I’m not too upset as I hate chest straps but beginning to appear that, for the absolute best data, you must go with the tried and true strap.

    • Bart

      P.S. My run was with the Link mated to the fr305. The 305 on my left arm and the Link on my right with the sensor under my wrist. At least while sitting in the office, it doesn’t appear to matter whether the sensor is located on the top or on the bottom of the wrist. More erratic readings as I write this P.S. Concerning that just sitting here doing no activity at all results in some erratic readings. Again, of course, no such problem with the tried and true heart rate strap.

  197. Carl

    “Those with problems speak loudest”.
    I just wanted to put a positive comment on here. I’ve had my Mio for 10 days and completed many runs & rides. I’ve had no problems whatsoever and the data matches my chest strap every time. Chest strap now retired for good. I have used the Strava app on iphone for all activities so cannot comment on Ant+ performance.
    Best fitness product I’ve bought for many years (and I’ve bought a lot!!).

  198. driedees

    Mio has pushed back the shipping date for EU (or at least the Netherlands) once again… Expected date of shipping is now set for April 29th. About two weeks later than the original shipping date. What worries me most however are the reported problems with the final units!

    • BillM

      Not sure what that’s about, I’m in Ireland ( EU) and had it delivered a few weeks ago. Probably a second batch/wave of devices.

    • driedees

      Thanks for your comment! Good to know.

    • driedees

      Wasn’t so bad after all, the delivery guy just handed me the MioLink. Paired really quickly to my iPhone and picked heart rate almost instantly. Gonna take for a run (with FR305) tomorrow afternoon.

  199. Ran in mine the first time today, up higher on the same wrist as my Garmin 620. Flawless!

    How far off is the HRV guesses it supplies to the 620? If I hadn’t read here that it didn’t do HRV, I wouldn’t have thought twice about the VO2 Max and Recovery Advisor settings it gave me.

  200. DaveJ

    Got mine in the mail today, and just playing with it a bit. I am able to easily pair with my Garmin Fenix. My Droid Maxx (Android 4.4.2) detects the Link, but quietly fails to pair after repeatedly rebooting both devices.

    • DaveJ

      I take back my comment about failing to pair. It does NOT pair using the BT settings, but it does pair and is detected by the MIO Go app, as well as Wahoo and other 3rd party HRM-capable apps. It’s doing it in a different layer without any effort by the user. Good to go.

    • In general, Bluetooth Smart sensors aren’t paired within the iOS control panel, but rather within individual apps.

    • DaveJ

      Yeah, unfortunately I was sort of ignorant of that before I posted. Mine is Android, and it seems to roll the same way. It pairs without me doing anything, in the application layer.

      I’ve only done one run with it, but I’ve been wearing it around. For me, I really don’t have to cinch it very tight, and “rightside up” works fine for me. This is a vastly improved experience over a chest strap for me.

  201. Bart

    Day 2 with the Link mated to a Fenix for a run instead of the 305. Less spikes and erratic behavior shown than yesterday after uploaded to Strava. I really do like the comfort of not having a strap. May try mated to an iphone 4 with ant+ dongle tomorrow. It should be great once I finally upgrade the iphone to a btle 4.0 phone. Although it may not be as accurate as a strap, I fully expect to use it much more than I ever did a strap and that makes it worth it for sure.

  202. Steve

    I’ve been using my Link for about two weeks and haven’t noticed any major problems. I did browse the comments in this thread before using it, though, and per your recommendations I have been wearing it a few inches up from my wrist and on the same arm as my 910. The fit is a little on the snug side but I barely notice it, if at all, once I start exercising. I have also it paired with my 510 and I’ve yet to notice any dropouts or any dubious readings on either device.

    I’ve always had problems getting consistent and reliable readings on the bike with the traditional chest strap (aero position, lack of sweat in cool weather) and the Link solves this for me.

    I’ve meant to test the Link vs a chest strap to verify accuracy and the response rate… it’s just that I hate the chaffing and irritability of the chest strap so much I don’t want to ever go back. However, just to be sure, I’ll make a point to compare the two during this evening’s workouts and report back.

  203. LenTheTen

    used my link a few times. For me, it works flawlessly if I wear it upside down (so buckle on top of wrist).

  204. Paul

    Anyone know how to make the link work with strava on the galaxy S4?? running android 4.4.2

    • tom

      Strava Android doesn’t support bluetooth smart…then no mio link with strava Android. Runtastic Works. And you need 4.4.3

  205. Jacques C

    Got mine a bit back. After a bit of working to get it in a good spot it reads very well. It needs to have a firm grip on your arm to read well, which means it has to be reasonably tight. Honestly, though, the strap is very comfortable, so I don’t even feel it. Works great for running, biking, and swimming. In fact, I’m getting some awesome HR readings in the water. Stoked about that. Sadly Strava won’t recognize it, but Garmin Connect will display it.

    My only real complaint with the unit is the charger. Why give us a charger with an integrated cord that is 2″ long? Good grief – just give us something with a female microUSB input. I have zillions of cords for that.

    • Vincent

      Hi Jacques,

      Which watch do you use it with to get HR metrics while swimming ? Do you also get stroke/speed infos ?

      Thanks !

    • Jacques C

      All I have is the 310XT. It captures the swim in the “other” category. From what I understand the 910 doesn’t have the HR capture activated during swim capture. My swim practices are pretty predictable, so I know what HR spike is associated with what suffering I put myself through.

  206. ExplodinChicken

    Was hoping to use the Mio Link with my Polar Loop, but it doesn’t seem to connect 🙁
    Has anybody else tried this pairing?

    • I didn’t have any problems on pre-prod units with it (I haven’t tried again since). Did you ensure that nothing else is ‘blocking’ the BLE connection though (like a phone app?). Try and temporarily disable BT on your phone, and see if the Loop can find the Link then.

    • ExplodinChicken

      Disabled the BT on my phone and once the two were disconnected, the Loop found the Mio Link! Thanks for your help!

      BTW, love the site!

  207. RobM

    So my Mio Links (2 of them) finally turned up today after delays and issues with the order. They were shipped from Canada in the end rather than from the UK (which is where they should have come from as I’m in the UK). The upshot of this was that when they arrived the courier (UPS) said that they couldn’t let me have them unless I paid the ‘Import Duty’. Having already paid all the duty that is due on them at the time I placed the order I politely declined. I am therefore still without a Mio Link. Is it possible for me to walk into a store and buy one off of a shelf?

    • Tony


      Maybe you should contact the support team at Mio ?

      I’m in Canada, and I had a UPS notice on my door yesterday, with a mention that I had to pay duty fees !

      Earlier yesterday, I received an email from Mio staff that says that they will repay me the duty.
      I’m not sure if it applies only to Canadian customers. But If you already paid, I think it would make sense.

    • RobM

      Hi Tony,

      That’s random! I’m guessing that yours was shipped from somewhere outside of Canada :-/

      I’ve emailed the Mio Support team (to be fair to them they’ve been excellent, very helpful, and very responsive) – UPS have already taken the packages away, I’m guessing they’ll send them all the way back to Canada now.

      Their site says that any packages that are refused are automatically refunded (less any shipping costs) so I’ll have to wait to hear from the support team and then see what actually happens I guess.

      Thanks for your thoughts – hope you get yours soon 🙂

    • Hi RobM, please send your order number and shipping details to support so they can re-ship out from UK tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    • RobM

      Hi – thanks 🙂

      I have already emailed support@mioglobal.com – I’ll just copy the same email across to ‘orders’.

  208. NMS16

    I used mine with my 620 and it worked pretty flawlessly – I noticed just one spike on a 5 miler. We’ll see how it goes this weekend on my long run.

    I wore it on the same wrist as the watch and I kept it pretty snug. Haven’t tried wearing it on the opposite wrist yet.

    However, since I have quickly grown accustomed to seeing the new Running Dynamics data on Garmin’s updated HRM (which, btw, is much more comfortable than its predecessor) I’ll probably only use the Mio for long runs.

  209. wtnixon

    The Mio Link is awesome. I’ve had mine for a week now. LOVE IT. The thing is always within a BPM of the Garmin HRM or Polar HRM. So worth the money. After several runs and rides, I’ve found it to be within 0.5% of the other two and it doesn’t have the crazy spikes as the Garmin. Can’t say enough about this thing.

    The only bad thing is being an android user and not being able to download the MIO Go app unless you have Android 4.3 or higher. Thankfully my wife just got Android 4.4 so now I can configure the LEDs instead of the default settings.

  210. LenTheTen

    seeing some of the trouble others are posting, I thought I’d expand a bit. I have used mine for a week running and cycling and have been very happy. Never misses a beat. Verified HR by manually counting my pulse. I wear it on my right arm upside down with buckle over wrist bone and sensor pressing underside of wrist so that the LED is facing me. Has been bullet proof. when running I wear a forerunner 620 on my left wrist and it syncs great. when cycling I mount the forerunner on handle bars (using foam insert that came in box) and also a moto-x smart phone on handle bar using mapmyride. Again, works great. got mine at clever training with 10% discount. FYI, this is a great way to mount a smart phone on handle bars: link to getfinn.com (I am only a happy customer). Not sold in US but can be found on ebay

  211. B. Lynn

    Is anyone using the Mio for strictly gym workouts? Not cycling but other group exercise classes such as strength or Interval training or their own personal workouts?? If so, what good apps are you using? I’ve got the Mio Go but it doesn’t seem to have all that much info. Any good recommendations would be much appreciated!

  212. Roger Dennis

    Got mine from clever training, paired well with cyclemeter, great data, then when charging got extremely hot, burned finger, now will not work at all

    • Thanks Roger for the support! Though, bummed to hear of the charger wonkiness. Definitely hit up Mio support, they should be able to direct-ship you a new charger/unit pretty quickly.

    • Hi Ray, we are already looking into Roger’s issue with him and replacing the pod. Never seen that before in any Mio product. We will definitely look into it closely.

  213. Richard Wright

    So, today, 56.8 km with 673 m of climbing, mostly over 3 kms. I tried the MIO on the underside of the wrist. Quickly went up to the “expected” heart rate and accurately tracked power output and expected effort. Nice work by the Link!

    • Changren Yong

      I tried the “underside” method as well yesterday afternoon. But the outcome was similar to before: The MIO Link HR lags behind the Garmin chest strap HR.

    • Gingerneil

      Moving it to another position won’t change the smoothing of the output. Mio are aware of the questions around smoothing – both here, on Facebook and via support channels. I’ve not heard anything from them about it however, but hopefully they will clarify what the position is, and if they have plans to tweak it.

  214. Tony

    Anyone knows how to toggle the unit into Training Zone Mode with the Android App ?

    It looks like that my unit is in the HR mode (3 zones only : blue, green, red).

    • Hi Tony, after you pair the link with your app, it will give you the choice to set 3 zones or 5 zones. If you are sill having trouble, please give support a shout at support@mioglobal.com.

    • Tony

      I contacted support, and they basically just attached the manual to the email. I did read the manual first thing when I received the unit.

      I’m unable to “Switch between Training Zone Mode and Zone Alert Mode”
      Using the android app.

      I did setup my training zones and hit save, it looks that it saves the zone configuration to the unit, unfortunately It does not switch the mode of the LINK. I still have only 3 zones (blue, green, red).

      I see that the communication between my phone and the device works as it read my pulse. Also If I go to the Zone Alert Mode (3 modes), and bring the second zone (green one) to low value (in the 40s), then save. the led on my LINK becomes green. So I guess that my device is able to save values from the Android App. However If I do the same thing for the training zone, the led never become (cyan, blue, green, yellow, magenta or red).

      I will try to post something on youtube to show my problem.

      Here’s the extract of the manual :

      To achieve the full potential of training with Mio LINK, you should configure your LINK through
      the Mio GO app. Mio GO allows you to:
      • Customize your upper and lower limits of each HR zone
      Switch between Training Zone Mode and Zone Alert Mode
      • Register your LINK to receive full warranty service and product updates

  215. been using mio link paired with samsung S4 active past week. No problem with running (consistent HR output). Biking however is a little erratic (jumping from 90-ish zone to 150-ish in a couple occasions)… I wear it a lil higher up on my small wrist so far, tried the inverse method which was not accurate at all for me. Anyone has suggestions? 🙂 thanks! I’ll still take this over chest strap anytime!

    • How are you holding your hands? Are your wrists flexed? if you have small wrists and there is wrist flexion due to hand position, the light that leaks in and around the sensor will impact the readings. Since you are already wearing it higher up the arm, you can try to wear it more snugly (not too tight as that is counter productive). Also, we will be releasing a firmware upgrade in a few weeks time that will be more forgiving to wrist flexion and work for swimming, gym activities and weight lifting. Thanks for your comment!

    • thanks for the quick reply! i think my wrist is more extended than flexed (on the road bike handle). I did another quick ride with a more snug fit (enough to see the indentation after the ride but not cutting off circulation!). still very funky reading in groups. will be curious to see if the firmware update help in the coming weeks!

    • dave

      Anyone know how this firmware update will be implemented? I’m not running Android high enough to support the app nor any Apple devices.

  216. Mato86

    yah did some test as well. switching hands and underside method. nothing changes. we are unable to do very short intervals with Link atm. its useless because of lags 🙁

    • Gingerneil

      How short is ‘very short’?? I would question using hr as a goal measure in an interval less than 800m/half mile. For intervals of that length or less, hr is an interesting metric but I wouldn’t use hr as a target measure. Instead, I’d be looking at interval pace/time.

    • Changren Yong

      Cycing intervals can be as short as a minute.

    • Gingerneil

      I understand that, but surely in that case the interval is based on effort or speed, not hitting and maintaining a heart rate? It could take 20s to get to the target rate, whilst a target speed is just about instantaneously hit. What I guess I’m saying is that a lagging hr doesn’t matter when in itself it’s not the basis of target of the interval.

    • Changren Yong

      Interval training could be based on HR or power. If you are on the kind of trainer (LeMond Revolution), there is no speed indicator, unless you purchase the really expensive display.

  217. Kat

    Still no link….it was apparently shipped it with with UPS “adult signature required”, so I have now missed the delivery 2x now and they don’t even give you the option of signing the slip and authorizing the driver to leave the package – so I finally called UPS and asked them to hold it for me to pick up – which I won’t be able to do until Monday. Just annoyed, as delivery was already later than advertised (which I expected). One more weekend with the hated chest strap.

    • Changren Yong

      Kat, just FYI. If you sign up for UPS My Choice (free), you get notification whenever you are getting a package from UPS. You can change the delivery option as as soon as you get the notification. In the notification, it will let you know if signature is required for the package.

    • Kat

      SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!! Best $90 I have spent so far.

  218. Mato86

    Gingerneil replied
    April 25, 2014 at 5:06 pm #536
    How short is ‘very short’?? I would question using hr as a goal measure in an interval less than 800m/half mile. For intervals of that length or less, hr is an interesting metric but I wouldn’t use hr as a target measure. Instead, I’d be looking at interval pace/time.

    By very short i mean less than 20 seconds interval. Link will notice your properly HR just at the end or after time 🙁

  219. Tommies


    There is one thing that i don’t understand.
    I read tips from mio advising wearing the watch on top of the wrist.

    But was it the same tips for mio alpha ?
    And the tomtom runner with Mio sensor must be worn too on top of the wrist ?

    It’s strange because for me Mio alpha or tomtom runner are watches and worn as watches on the wrist.
    It should be the same thing for mio link ? Don’t you think ?

    A small question for Ray (if you have comments for bugs from Mio).
    Is there any explanation for the weak ANT+ connection ?

    For conclusion, i’m very confused. Because mio global (in comments) promise a firmware update in several weeks (without mentionning Heart rate lag and weak connection).
    But if i want my money back… i have 30 days to return my Mio Link.

    PS : Ray when i read your posts and i see all the things you can do !! i think that you must live in a parallel dimension where each day have 48 hours .
    Thanks for your great job. Keep on going 🙂

    • Tony

      Hi Tommies,

      For Ant+ connection I believe it is related to the watch you are paring with. I paired the LINK with a Garmin 910XT and I get between 2 to 3 meter range.

      The only thing I see, it takes about 30-45s to get the first reading on my watch even if it detect the HR monitor as soon as I start it.

      Also I’m still wondering on how to toggle the LINK to training mode with the Android application….

    • My understanding is that they slightly reduced power on the signal to save battery life. Hence (as I understand it) why I see issues I didn’t see in pre-prod devices which had slightly lower battery life but no signal issues.

  220. Upon review of the comments here, we here at Mio Global Support thought it would be worthwhile to summarize our comments and responses into one general post. Hopefully this is helpful information.

    Where to wear MIO:
    We advise wearing the MIO with the sensor on the dorsal (top) side of the wrist because when you wear it on the ventral side, the flexion from the tendons MAY impact the readings. It is really important to understand that human physiology varies greatly. What is true for many is not true for all. It is definitely possible that people may find they get superior performance on the ventral side of the wrist. The other thing that impacts the reading is how fleshy your skin is. If you have a little bit of fat/flesh, the sensors can be “buried” in the skin to block out ambient light which is the great enemy to OHR. If you have very little or no body fat on your wrist, this is a less conducive environment for the technology. But then again, many people’s body morphology cannot support chest straps either. If you have little fat on your wrist and/or if you have a “hollow” wrist (rather large head on your Ulna), it is more difficult for the sensor to sit snugly on your arm. In these cases the only things to do are to wear MIO higher up on your arm and/or more tightly. Some people are tightening the LINK way too much though. If it hurts it is actually counter productive in that it will impede blood flow. So, wear it snugly, make sure the sensor is flush to the skin (and if you have low fat which is true for most people on this forum likely) try various spots until you find one that works.

    The ANT+ radio is not weak; it is according to spec. That was an earlier misstatement we made. Upon further testing we have found that when MIO is on one arm, and the watch (Garmin or other) is on the other arm, when running, you will swing your arms in opposite directions and the ANT+ signal will be blocked by your body resulting in signal loss. The solution is to wear both technologies on the same arm. This is a brand new technology and a brand new use case not really contemplated by us or the developers of ANT+. We expected the majority of people to use the LINK/ANT+ connectivity for biking, not running with a watch on one arm and strap on another.

    We have always been very up front that the MIO OHR tech is not ideal for short burst intensity sprinting. This is not the use case it was developed for. Our research to date has been focussed on making it useful for high performance running speeds and cycling. What we have achieved in terms of accuracy there is truly a breakthrough. We next turned our attention to gym activities, activities requiring greater wrist flexion and swimming. That firmware update is coming soon but it will not improve the short burst sprint use case. We are working on that use case but we cannot provide a firm release date yet.

    Warm up:
    Finally, blood perfusion is really key to the technology working well. Like wrist size, or body fat content, everyone is different in this regard. Some people have to warm up more than others. If your blood is really circulating strongly, it will help the technology work better. Swimming is a tough use case because cool water causes the blood vessels to constrict and that is what has been the bigger gating factor to using the technology.

    So, bottom line:
    Be warm; wear it snugly in an area where the sensor can really “bury” into the skin; use it for what it is supposed to be used for and hopefully LINK will solve a frustration that many people have with the chest strap. The technology will continue to improve and we will make what improvements we can regularly available through firmware upgrades. The patience and support of this particular community is more important than any since if our technology passes muster here, we are that much more likely to have a viable solution for the population at large. Your continued constructive feedback will allow us to further evolve and improve the technology. Thank you! The Mio Global Support Team

    • Chris

      I hate to be argumentative, but I don’t believe this is a true statement: “We have always been very up front that the MIO OHR tech is not ideal for short burst intensity sprinting.” All I see on the website is that it has 99% EKG accuracy. I don’t find a heart rate monitor that only works if your heart rate doesn’t change to be terribly useful or accurate. That said, I don’t think the 10 second lag as efforts ramp up makes the link useless, but it certainly would have been nice to know about before purchasing and it is a bit of a nuisance. I’m surprised the lag didn’t come up in Ray’s initial review. Considering the other problems he noticed with the production units, it sounds like the pre-production unit he evaluated may have had a little extra juice. I have 60 days from purchase to decide if this needs to go back to clever training, and I’ll wait a few weeks before I make my final decision.

    • Peter Eidegren

      Hello Mio and thank you for an awesome produkt. I have been using the Link for almost three weeks while I was on Mallorca guiding participants at a training camp for cyclists. I have been wearing the link on my right arm while riding on all kinds of tarmac both smooth and ruff while leading groups all over Mallorca up to 7 hours per day. Furthermore I have been wearing the Link both with and without sunscreen cream with no issues at all. Only once have I had an HR spike. I do see HR trailing that of a Garmin chest strap but that for me is not a big deal while training.

      I also do want to take the opportunity to thank you for opening up sales to the Scandinavian countries and more precise Sweden.

      Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to using the Link even more once I get home from Mallorca.


    • dave

      DItto for wondering about the firmware updates. Currently I’m not running an Android version high enough to support the MIO Go app. Will there be an alternative download that could be piped through the charging cradle?

    • Morey000

      Thank you for your participation on this forum, as it appears to be the only one discussing your groundbreaking product. I’m eager to rid myself of the constant static interference laden chest straps and purchased a Link today (clever training).

      I’m staring at the back of my wrist, wondering if I have sufficient blood profusion- and my wrist doesn’t look like the right environment. My 50 year old skin is without plumpness. It’s dry and wrinkled from years in the sun. So- is old, thick, wrinkled, aged skin with low body fat less likely to be a good host for your technology? I was thinking that might be the reason some are having better luck on the inside of their wrists- as that area tends to be less sun damaged and the skin appears younger, smoother? Or isn’t there a correlation here?

  221. @Chris Thanks for the comment. Not argumentative at all and a fair point. I just looked through our website again and it used to be more prominent that we said “For runners and cyclists” but we just redid the site and it is not as prominent. We list who can benefit from the tech and we list a number of activities and sprinting is not listed but that being said it could be more obvious. For certain the units Ray had did not have any extra juice and extra juice would not impact the lag. And the lag is different for different people and it has to do with blood flow so it may actually work sprinting for some and not for others. All we are saying is it is not an officially supported use case. Today it also works swimming for some and not for others but, again, that will vary by individual. With our future upgrade, alot of the variability will be compensated for and we will feel comfortable saying that it will work while swimming. Eventually we will be able to say that too about sprinting. We really are not trying obfuscate and hopefully this community will understand we are trying our best to solve a very real problem for many athletes.

    • Joe

      Does the “upgrade” mean a different firmware or is it hardware changes to newer units?

    • Changren Yong

      I appreciate Mio responding to our comments here. That said, i have to agree with Chris that all the promotional material i have seen regarding Link, i have not seen anything mentioning it not being suitable for intense interval workouts. For many who have purchased or are intending to purchase Link, the fact that they no longer need to wear a chest strap is sufficient enough. For me personally, i have never found the chest strap to be uncomfortable. I wanted Mio Link to replace my chest straps because occasionally, they would give me wildly inaccurate HR (like more than 220 BPMs). This is especially so for the Garmin fabric-type of chest straps. One of my coworkers has resorted to replacing his chest strap every 3 or 4 months to avoid getting erratic HR.

      I find the HR provided by Link not only lags when my HR goes up, it also lags when my HR goes down. From the tests i’ve done so far, the lag averages about 10 seconds.
      The lagging issue is more of an annoyance with me. As a cyclist, i primarily use my power data for training, so i can live with it. However, what concerns me is the occasional inexplicable fluctuations. I hope that can be addressed via future firmware updates.

      I don’t want to be all negative about this product. My wife, who had never used HR as part of her training because she hated wearing a chest strap, is really happy now that she is able to finally get HR data from her Link.

    • Gingerneil

      Mio – be careful assuming that just because something isn’t stated as a use case that people won’t expect it to be. Your literature says the Link can be used up to ~14mph. Customers reading this won’t think about how they get to that speed and how long they stay there…. If the current iteration does not support a standard training type, I think you need to state that. A simple red/amber/green table of activities would be ideal and very clear.

    • The upcoming updates for swim, gym activities and low blood perfusion activities will be firmware upgrades and delivered through the charging USB.

    • Richard Kaufmann

      Hey Mio,

      Are there firmware upgrades for the original Alpha as well? I can’t find anything on your support pages saying anything about it?

    • Only the original Kickstarter purchased ALPHAs needed the firmware update. It was in an email sent to the Kickstarter Backers. If you have a Kickstarter uni