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The new Garmin Edge 520: Everything you ever wanted to know


Today Garmin announced their latest bike computer, the Edge 520 – priced at $299USD.  This GPS-enabled unit instantly becomes the most advanced bike computer that Garmin has ever released, adding support for a flotilla of new features.  But fear not, owners of the Edge 1000/810/510 and even last week’s Edge 25 are getting some of these new features too.

In addition to the Edge 520 announcement, Garmin also announced a new bike radar and bike light system, which I’ve covered in a separate post.  Further yet, they’ve announced deep integration with Strava for a number of devices (including the new Edge 520).  I talk about the Strava integration later in this post, but also in more detail in a separate dedicated post.

With that, let’s get into the details.

What’s new in the Edge 520:


(Left to right: Edge 200/500, Edge 520, Edge 510, Edge 810, Edge 1000)

As I noted earlier, this is without question the most new features we’ve ever seen come to a bike computer – Garmin or otherwise.  It’s like they’ve been saving up for the past 6 years since the release of the original Edge 500, and decided to cash out in one big swoop.  Some of the below have been added to other product lines (i.e. the Edge 1000), yet others are new altogether.  So I’m sorta using the Edge 500/510 as the baselines, and noting when and where there are variances.

Here’s the skinny:

– Added on-device Strava Segment integration
– Added basemap to device
– Added ability to download 3rd party detailed maps
– Added Bluetooth Smart Text & Call Notifications (previously on Edge 1000)
– Added Recovery Advisor metrics (previously only on some Running/Tri units)
– Added VO2 Max Estimation (previously only on some newer Garmin units)
– Added FTP tracking and testing
– Added Personal Records
– Added Cycling Dynamics metrics (previously only on some newer Garmin units)
– Added ability to control Garmin Varia bike lights
– Added integration with Garmin Varia bike radar system
– Added ANT+ FE-C Trainer Control
– Addition of GLONASS support (was in Edge 510, but not 810 or 500)
– Time in zones (first seen on the FR920XT/Fenix3)

In addition to the above, when compared to the Edge 500, you’ll find these new features that have been added to most Garmin devices as of late.  These are all present/added on the Edge 520:

– Integrated Live Tracking with phone
– Integrated Bluetooth Smart uploads to your mobile phone (and then sync’d to Strava/Training Peaks/Sport Tracks/etc…)
– Ability to download courses and workouts from phone to Edge 520
– Sensor pool concept & Activity Profiles (no bike profiles)
– Support for Edge Remote Control accessory
– Support for Shimano Di2 integration
– Support for Garmin VIRB control/integration
– Added Training Calendar support
– Added Auto Sleep option (turns off if not used for a while)
– Added Lap summary page (seen on Edge 510/810/1000, but not Edge 500)
– Support for ANT+ sensor types: Cadence sensors, Heart Rate Sensors, Power Meters, Speed Sensors, Speed/Cadence Sensors, VIRB action cams, Weight Scales

Now, there are a few things that have been missing from various recent Garmin units, so I double-checked to see if those were there.  They are as follows:

– ANT+ Weight Scale support was kept
– Sharing of files between units directly was kept
– Auto Lap by Position is present/kept

Phew, I think that about covers it.  Well, I hope it does anyway, if not, just drop a specific feature into the comments section and I can clarify.

Before we get into all the details, here’s a video walk-through I’ve put together of the Edge 520.  It covers pretty much all of the major new features and lets you see how you interact with the device:

From here let’s dig into some of the major features.  I’ll of course go into much more detail in my eventual In-Depth Review, which is typically about 30-45 days after the unit starts shipping – once I have final production hardware and firmware.

Basic Use and Menus:

Let’s start off with a few of the basics on use of the Edge 520.  First is that the unit has a slew of buttons, and is not touchscreen.  The buttons are as follows:

Upper left: Light & Power button
Middle Left: Up selection button
Lower Left: Down selection button
Bottom left: Lap button
Bottom right: Start/stop button
Upper Right: Select button (for menus)
Lower Right: ‘Back’ button (for menus)

It’ll take a tiny bit of time getting used to the different buttons if you’ve come from other devices (even Garmin devices), most notably the lap and start buttons being on the bottom of the device.

Next, the home screen is aligned vertically in that you go up/down to the various functions.  In the middle you’ve got ‘Ride’, which is where you start a ride.  Down one option is all of the training and settings functions – such as following a course, doing a structured workout, or controlling a trainer.  As well as the settings menu.



Meanwhile, if you scroll up you’ll get to the ‘Status’ menu.  This menu shows aspects like screen brightness, GPS signal strength, sensor connectivity and mobile phone status.


To start a ride, we’ll just select the ‘Ride’ button.  From here it’ll ask us what Activity Profile to use.  Activity Profiles were introduced with the Edge 510/810, and were designed to allow you to group settings such as data page configuration into a tidy bundle.  In my case, I’ve got a default Train option, and then a custom one I created called ‘Strava’.



After selecting a profile you’ll be brought to the familiar data screen page.  Meanwhile, the GPS chip goes off and finds satellites.


You can of course customize these pages with up to 10 data fields per page, and up to 5 pages (+ the Map, Compass, Elevation, Lap Summary, Virtual Partner, and Cycling Dynamics pages).  Here’s a few pages:



New to the Edge 520 is a bit of a quick access menu, which is accessible by pressing the upper right button.  This will bring up options for configuring in-ride settings, such as alerts, data fields and the elevation.  As well as the Status menu/page we talked about a few paragraphs ago.


In addition to the regular data pages, you’ll also have pages you can enable for Garmin Cycling Dynamics (Vector/Vector2 users), as well as the new map page:


Post-ride there are some new metrics that haven’t previously been seen or offered on the Edge series.  For example, you’ve got recovery time.  This started with the Garmin Forerunner series and has expanded to the triathlon watches:


In addition, within the training options you can now automatically track your FTP levels, as well as perform an FTP test.  Pretty cool.

When it comes to riding the Edge, it’ll act pretty much like any other Garmin Edge device from a basics standpoint.  The unit has a quarter-turn mount on the back of it, so it’s completely compatible with any other Garmin Edge mount out there (including 3rd party ones):



Looking at 3rd party out-front mounts, some of you have asked about how well it might fit with the bottom buttons and pressing them.  I grabbed three random mounts from my collection to try out: The Garmin forward mount, a K-Edge mount, and a Barfly mount.  Below are photos in a small gallery of all of them.

Now – here’s what actually matters: Whether or not the mount is set ‘down’, or is ‘level’.  For example, in the K-Edge mount you’ll see it puts the unit down lower, which means the buttons get closer to the handlebars.  Whereas with the Garmin mount it’s equal in height to the bars – so there’s no button issues.

That said, in all three that I tried, I didn’t have any real issues with pressing the buttons.  It might be a tad bit trickier with the sunken mounts in a sprint or something to press it, but overall not hard.   Of course, there are tons of mount variations from each company (meaning a dozen each from Barfly, K-Edge, etc…).  So you’ll kinda have to use a bit of testing on any given specific model and your bike to see whether/where it fits.

Additionally, Garmin has gone with a micro-USB port for charging and data sync.  Note that the unit does NOT have an additional Micro-SD card slot though, so you can’t expand the storage.

But you can also sync via Bluetooth Smart to your mobile phone (iOS/Android).  With this additional phone connectivity you gain the ability to see text messages and phone notifications directly on the Edge 520.

You can of course turn this functionality off as you see fit.  Finally note that the Edge 520 doesn’t have WiFi within it, compared to the Edge 1000 which does.

Strava Segment Integration:


If past posts are any indication, the most desired sports tech feature out there is the ability to have Strava segments display live/real-time status on one’s Garmin Edge device.  And now, that’s possible.  With the Edge 520, Garmin has enabled the ability to race against various Strava leaderboard records directly on the Garmin Edge device itself.

This means you’ll get status updates as you ride the individual Strava segments, such as how far ahead and behind the record your chasing:

1708 1728 1757

You can specify a number of different records, be it in the KOM (King of the Mountain aka Course Record), or records of your friends, or your personal best.  Additionally, you can also race against your goals for a given segment.


These leaderboards are automatically updated anytime your Garmin device syncs via Bluetooth Smart, USB, or WiFi (on Edge 1000), though it won’t sync mid-ride.  Only before/after.  It’ll sync various segments based on specific conditions and preferences.

Now, to be clear – Garmin is not the first company to introduce this.  Others (primarily apps) have had functionality like this previously.  For example, 4iiii introduced it two years ago.  Still, for most people it’s having it on the Edge that they’ve been waiting for.

In order to give you a bit more detail on this feature – I’ve put together a standalone post where I walk through the entire process step by step of how it works.  You can view that here.

Oh, and one last thing: This is coming to not just the Edge 520, but also the Edge 510, Edge 810, and Edge 1000 – with a firmware update planned for Q3 (by the end of September).

ANT+ Trainer Control:


Next up we’ve got another new feature, the ability to control your electronic trainer directly from the Edge 520.  This allows you to set the resistance of trainers that support the semi-new ANT+ FE-C standard.  The FE-C (Fitness Equipment Control) standard enables trainer companies to allow apps and devices to set the wattage and other parameters on a bike trainer.  Only certain trainers support this functionality today, with the first units being the Tacx Smart Trainers that enabled support about three weeks ago (you can read all about that here).

Since then numerous apps have added support, including Zwift, TrainerRoad, Kinomap and others.  Additionally, other companies including Elite have stated plans for supporting it within their trainers.

As for the Edge 520, it allows you to search for and pair to an ANT+ Trainer:


Then from there you can go ahead and complete tasks such as the normal calibration/roll-down that’s usually done by most trainer apps:


This would then report back a success or failure:


After that you’ve got a few options when it comes to your rides.  These are as follows:

– Follow an activity: This takes a past workout and allows you to re-ride it, simulating the elevation/incline in real time
– Follow a course: This allows you to ride a downloaded course (such as a race, route, or anything else), and changes elevation/incline in real time
– Follow a workout: This allows you to ride a downloaded workout (created on Garmin Connect), where it’ll automatically change the resistance for each segment of the workout
– Specify Resistance: This will specify a given resistance level
– Specify Target Power: This is simple: You set a wattage value (i.e. 250w) and the trainer will keep that wattage

The cool thing about this is that it’ll mean you can easily re-ride a given workout or race course.  That’s often ideal if you’re trying to learn pacing of effort on a specific route.  And no additional software is required to do so.


Same goes for riding a workout, it’ll instantly change the power to whatever you’ve specified within the Garmin Connect workout file:


Here you can see the same thing on the Garmin Edge 520:



In talking with Wahoo Fitness, they have confirmed they will add supporting the ANT+ FE-C standard to the development roadmap for the Wahoo KICKR and KICKR SNAP.  Given the announcement just happened, they are working to narrow down an exact date for implementation of that profile.  But from their perspective they noted they are super-excited about this.

As for other trainer companies, I’ll update this page/section here once companies confirm additional support of the FE-C profile.

(Update: Garmin has confirmed the Edge 1000 will receive FE-C support/control in/by Q4.  It will not be added to the Edge 510/810.)

Mapping Included:


The Edge 520 includes what is known as a ‘Basemap’.  For those that have been around the Garmin block a few times, you’ll know that this map is fairly sparse.  But a map it is.  For example, in all of Paris it only shows about…well..three streets.  Oh, and the river (seen above).  The main goal of this map is to give you some rough perspective on where you are compared to the Edge 500/510 where it’s just a blank page/canvas.

Now at first you might be in the camp of not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, but wishing for a bit more.  Well good news, through the same steps that I’ve outlined in in the past, you can download free (and highly detailed) maps of your choosing to the unit (note: I’ve updated that post with the Edge 520-specific instructions).  These maps are from Openstreet, and are community sourced.  They are the exact same maps you’ll find on the Garmin Edge 1000 and Edge Touring units (as well as on Polar’s V650).  Again, this isn’t done on the Garmin website, but a 3rd party – but it’s silly easy to follow and works beautifully.



Due to the available space on the Edge 520, you won’t be able to download a massive map area, but you can cover your usual riding territory and if you were touring you could easily cover a day or two and then reload.  On a stock Edge 520 there’s approximately 54MB of free space.  For reference, the area of Paris and most of the surrounding areas is 21MB:


Or, looking at Washington DC, this area is 35MB:


And the (much greater) Sydney, Australia and area is 37MB:


All of these easily fit within the 51MB of free space, plus have plenty of space for ride files afterwards.  The back of the napkin calculation for activity file space is .1MB per hour of riding (with GPS & ANT+ sensors).  So 10 hours = just 1MB.  You can use the site to figure out how much space is needed, just follow the instructions in my original post and manually select tiles.

With this said, it’s important to note that the unit does NOT do routable directions though.  Meaning, it won’t tell you to ‘Turn left on Maple Street’, but rather instead give you breadcrumb style tracks overlaid onto these maps.  Additionally, because it’s not routable, it won’t be able to give you directions across town.  Thus there is no point of interest database or similar.

The best way to think of this is that if you’re looking to be able to create directions on the fly during your ride, the Edge 810/1000 are far better options.  But, if you just want to know where you are on the map and be able to zoom around to figure out where you’re going – this will work quite well.

Product Comparison Charts:

I’ve added the Edge 520 to the product comparison database, which means you can compare it against any other GPS bike computer I’ve reviewed.  For the purposes of the below, I’ve added the Garmin Edge 500, Edge 510, and Edge 520, since that’s likely the cross section of products people would be comparing against.

Function/FeatureGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 510Garmin Edge 500
Copyright DC Rainmaker - Updated November 26th, 2018 @ 12:25 pmNew Window
Product Announcement DateJuly 1st, 2015Jan 7, 2013SEP 1, 2009
Actual Availability/Shipping DateJuly 31st, 2015Jan 2013Dec 2009
GPS Recording FunctionalityYesYesYes
Data TransferUSB & Bluetooth SmartUSB & BluetoothUSB
Battery Life (GPS)15 hours20 hours18 hours
Recording Interval1-Second or Smart1-Second or Smart1-Second or Smart
Satellite Pre-Loading via ComputerYesNoNo
Quick Satellite ReceptionYesYesGreat
Backlight GreatnessGreatGreatGood
Ability to download custom apps to unit/deviceYesNoNo
Acts as daily activity monitor (steps, etc...)NoNoNo
MusicGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 510Garmin Edge 500
Can control phone musicNo
Has music storage and playbackNo
ConnectivityGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 510Garmin Edge 500
Bluetooth Legacy (pre-4.0) to PhoneNoYesNo
Bluetooth Smart (4.0+) to Phone UploadingYesNoNo
Phone Notifications to unit (i.e. texts/calls/etc...)YesNoNo
Live Tracking (streaming location to website)YesYesNo
Group trackingNo
Emergency/SOS Message Notification (from watch to contacts)YesNoNo
Built-in cellular chip (no phone required)NoNoNo
CyclingGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 510Garmin Edge 500
Designed for cyclingYesYesYes
Power Meter CapableYesYesYes
Power Meter Configuration/Calibration OptionsYesYesYes
Power Meter TSS/NP/IFYesYesYes
Speed/Cadence Sensor CapableYesYesYes
Strava segments live on deviceYesQ3 2015No
Crash detectionYes
RunningGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 510Garmin Edge 500
Designed for runningN/ANoNo
SwimmingGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 510Garmin Edge 500
Designed for swimmingN/ANoNo
TriathlonGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 510Garmin Edge 500
Designed for triathlonN/ANoNo
WorkoutsGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 510Garmin Edge 500
Create/Follow custom workoutsYesYesYes
On-unit interval FeatureYesYesYes
Training Calendar FunctionalityYesYesNo
FunctionsGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 510Garmin Edge 500
Auto Start/StopYesYesYes
Virtual Partner FeatureYesYesYes
Virtual Racer FeatureYesYesNo
Records PR's - Personal Records (diff than history)YesYesNo
Day to day watch abilityN/ANoN/A
Hunting/Fishing/Ocean DataN/ANoNo
Tidal Tables (Tide Information)N/ANoNo
Jumpmaster mode (Parachuting)N/ANoNo
Weather Display (live data)YesYesNo
NavigateGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 510Garmin Edge 500
Follow GPS Track (Courses/Waypoints)YesYesYes
Markers/Waypoint DirectionYesYesYes
Routable/Visual Maps (like car GPS)Yes for maps (but not routable)NoNo
Back to startYesYesYes
Impromptu Round Trip Route CreationNoNoNo
Download courses/routes from phone to unitYesYesNo
SensorsGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 510Garmin Edge 500
Altimeter TypeBarometricBarometricBarometric
Optical Heart Rate Sensor internallyN/ANoNo
Heart Rate Strap CompatibleYesYesYes
ANT+ Heart Rate Strap CapableYesYesYes
ANT+ Speed/Cadence CapableYEsYesYes
ANT+ Footpod CapableNoNoNo
ANT+ Power Meter CapableYesYesYes
ANT+ Weight Scale CapableYesYesNo
ANT+ Fitness Equipment (Gym)NoNoNo
ANT+ Lighting ControlYesQ3 2015No
ANT+ Bike Radar IntegrationYesQ3 2015No
ANT+ Trainer Control (FE-C)YesNoNo
ANT+ Remote ControlYesYesNo
ANT+ eBike CompatibilityNoNoNo
ANT+ Muscle Oxygen (i.e. Moxy/BSX)With apps
ANT+ Gear Shifting (i.e. SRAM ETAP)Yes
Shimano Di2 ShiftingYesYesNo
Bluetooth Smart HR Strap CapableNoNoNo
Bluetooth Smart Speed/Cadence CapableNoNoNo
Bluetooth Smart Footpod CapableNoNoNo
Bluetooth Smart Power Meter CapableNoNoNo
Temp Recording (internal sensor)YesYesYes
Temp Recording (external sensor)NoNoNo
Compatible with Firstbeat HR toolsNoNoYes
SoftwareGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 510Garmin Edge 500
PC ApplicationGarmin ExpressGarmin ExpressGarmin Express
Web ApplicationGarmin ConnectGarmin ConnectGarmin Connect
Phone AppiOS/Android/Windows PhoneGarmin Connect (iOS/Android)Garmin Connect Mobile (not direct to device though)
Ability to Export SettingsNoNoNo
PurchaseGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 510Garmin Edge 500
Amazon LinkLinkLinkLink
Clever Training - Save a bunch with Clever Training VIP programLinkLinkLink
Clever Training - Save a bunch with Clever Training VIP programLink
DCRainmakerGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 510Garmin Edge 500
Review LinkLinkLinkLink

Remember, you can mix and match any products you’d like within the product comparison database, allowing you to create your own comparison charts.



For those of you that are regular readers, you’ll know well that I’ve been pretty hard on the Garmin Fitness team when it comes to the Garmin Edge devices over the past few years.  In my review of the Edge 510 device two years ago, I noted how the device fell far short of expectations.  And with the Edge 1000 unit, I noted that it was largely a device that nobody asked for.  Today however, I think it’s a case of ‘3rd time’s the charm’, and the Edge 520 is almost exactly what folks have been asking for.

The features are precisely what I and many others have wanted, in terms of aspects like Strava integration, direct trainer control, and baseline mapping.  Plus a smaller size than the existing Edge 510.

Now there’s no doubt always room for improvement.  For example, I’d really like to see Bluetooth Smart sensor support, and I think this might have actually been the rare case where touch screen support might have made sense (due to aspects like controlling trainer wattage).  Or the lack of WiFi is a bit peculiar, as is the lack of Connect IQ support.  But on the whole, for most users this device will hit the spot.

For me personally, assuming the final software and hardware isn’t buggy – I expect this device to become my mainstay bike computer, replacing the large number of Edge 810 and Edge 1000’s that I use on a day to day basis on my handlebars in various tests (most notably power meter tests where I run concurrent units).  The size being the most appealing aspect, combined with the connectivity.

Support the site: Found what you read above useful?  If so – then you can support the site here by ordering the Edge 520 via Clever Training.  They’re accepting pre-orders for the unit, which Garmin says will ship in “Q3” (between now and Sept 30th) – though its expected to likely start shipping much sooner in late July.  They have both the base unit, as well as the bundle unit available, which can be selected from the drop-down list.  In addition, if you’re a member of the DCR/CT VIP Program – you’ll save a bundle as well!

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  1. Ben Dobson

    Hi Ray, With the buttons on the base of the unit, can you comment on how this works with out front mounts? I’d imagine this makes it hard to use them.

    • It depends on how the out-front mount is butted up against the handlebars. I’ll grab a few (I think I have just about all of them) and add some photos later tonight.

    • Ben Dobson

      Amazing, that would be much appreciated

    • Jan Borkenhagen


    • Jan

      I would love some shots like this. Especially with the K – Edge Mount as many people use it i guess!

      P.S. Please delete my other reply on this 😉

    • Austin Sandi-Edwards

      Can you use 520 in landscape mode??

    • Darwin

      Looks great. Too bad its from Garmin so i have zero faith in anything working reliably.

    • David McKellow

      Hi, just wondered if there were some images of the Edge 520 with an out front mount – I received my 520 yesterday and immediately came across the mount issue. I’m using FSA Plasma bars and stem and can only use the 520 by turning it onm, then fitting it to the mount. On another bike I have a K-Edge mount and that mounts the 520 is so low you can’t get at the buttons – shame they mounted the buttons there, possibly the worst place unless you use the standard mounts which are way too high for me. Hopefully someone will come up with an aftermarket mount to resolve these issues

    • David McKellow

      Just located the out front images – on these the comments are spot on! With an out front mount which holds the 520 above the bars, no issues, but unless you have the K-edge adjustable and it’s adjusted as far out as it will go, you can’t get at the buttons! I have no idea what i’m going to do with on my FSA Plasma’s as having the 520 stuck way out front just doesn’t look good, but that seems to be the only way to access those buttons. I wish Garmin hadn’t done that, they don’t seem to have on any other models!

    • Thomas Frederiksen

      Hi Ray,
      bought this unit after reading your post. Took it for a test ride earlier today and so far it seems like a really great unit! However I got one issue I haven’t been able to solve or find a solution for. Perhaps you have run into this as well.

      I loaded a workout from Garmin Connect to the unit. To start off I am to do a simple warm up of 140-170 watts. However I keep getting prompted with a notification saying my power is to low and needs to be above 200.
      I have checked that the zones on the unit is the same as in Garmin Connect and I can’t seem to figure out whats going on.
      Have you experienced anything similar?

      Thanks you some really great reviews! 🙂

  2. Richard

    On my whishlist 🙂

    Thanks for another great review Ray!

  3. Ian S

    Any thoughts on battery life Ray?

    Looks like a really nice device

    • A smidgen too early to get much detail on battery life beyond listed specs. Part of what I’ll tackle with the in-depth review (to tak einto aspects like Bluetooth connectivity, etc…).

  4. jay

    Thanks Ray!! This I will get.. btw.. you missed the 520 comparison column 🙂

  5. Tim

    Massive 510 price drop coming? This thing is newer, more features (base map, among others) and introduced at a lower price. Seems like a possible winner here…

    I think I know the answer, but I’ll ask anyway :). As a fenix 3 user I still like a dedicated bike gps unit for riding. To use the edge 520 in live track or BT to phone mode I would need to turn off BT on my fenix because Connect for iOS cannot talk to 2 devices simultaneously… Correct?

    • Will Ernst

      Correct. I have a Fenix 3 and Edge 1000. I’ll use the hotkey on the F3 to turn off Bluetooth in order to free the connection on the phone. Without that the Edge can’t connect.

    • Mikael Klingbjer

      On my iPhone with that latest Garmin Connect Mobile I can have two devices connected at the same time. It works fine with my F3 and Edge 810.

  6. Simon

    I have a Fenix 2 that suffice for my training and tracking purpose, I am searching for something more bike centric and exploring and just yesterday i was looking at the garmin 810. This news make me wonder if there is a 820 around the corner.

    This unit is almost everything that I need right now, i will be waiting your review, I smell a xmas gift for myself (how selfish)

  7. Mark

    lets hope they’ve sorted that daft re-routing when you have a course loaded. I want to follow the course, not what IT thinks i should be doing.

    • Tim

      This doesn’t do any re-routing or device-created routes (even though it may have maps loaded)… so I don’t think what you described is an issue they would have needed to resolve? This must be an issue for you on an Edge 800, 810, or 1000?

      Maybe I am not understanding…

    • Adam

      I’ve never come across the issue that you’re referring to, but you can turn off rerouting in the navigation settings on all Edge units that I’ve used.

    • Mark

      It’s my mates 810 ( i have an 800) If you load a course up, say provided by a sportive you are doing. Often the route will have “loops” on them to make up the distance, the 810 always tries to navigate you between the start and end of the loop, thus avoiding it, becuase its the shorter way to go. We’ve turned off the re calculate and other routing settings we can find, but it always tries to send you the way it wants and not the way the course goes. It’s a fairly common issue as it’s mentioned alot in the garmin forum

    • keith Mawdesley

      I’ve turned the course re-routing off in the settings. However direction notification and timer are compromised when rejoing the course.

  8. Pedro

    ohhh yeah!!! just what i was looking for and won’t damage my wallet..looking forward to in deep review!

    can i use a memory card to add space?

    • Joel Reeves

      I hope Garmin included the function of adding a micro SD card to increase map and data space

    • Adam

      Ray may have added it in after publication, but it clearly states (several times) in the review that there’s no microSD support and internal storage is limited to 51 Mb.

    • Correct, just added that clarification in. No micro-SD card.

    • Peter

      That suddenly becomes a bit of a deal breaker 🙁

      I have an Edge 800, and I’d love to get all of the new features to be able to control my Kickr too.

    • Mike

      Hi Ray, I pre-ordered a 520 and I’m going thru your OpenStreets map install instructions. When I connect the 520 via USB, will I need to create a “Garmin” folder? Or would I just drop the map file into the root directory? Thx.

    • No, the Garmin folder is already there on the Edge 520 (because it’s the device, versus a secondary card).

      As for the Edge 800 getting FE-C (trainer) control, I’d guess approximately zero chance.

  9. Rob

    Does it also do “Garmin Segments”? Seems a wasted feature for Garmin Connect if their own device wont track their own “segments”.

  10. TorsteinVH

    No ConnectIQ? That’s disappointing,,,
    I really like being able to create my own customized datafields on the Fenix 3.

    Do you have any idea why Garmin left that out?


  11. Kester Spindler

    LIke Simon, I’d love to know if you think that an 820 is just around the corner. A smaller, sleeker 810 with the additional features of the 520 would be an awesome addition to the line-up.

    • Adam

      Exactly! I’m sure this will sell like hotcakes, but I love the large screen and turn-by-turn navigation on my 800, so am eagerly anticipating an updated 820!

      2015 is looking to be a landmark year for Garmin in the fitness sector, with a complete overhaul of their wearables lineup at the start of the year and now this. It’s great to see them take on board user’s feedback.

    • Not sure. That said, it’s highly unusual for Garmin to announce Fitness products mid-summer. Typically bike products are announced at Eurobike/Interbike, which are the last week of August and mid-September.

    • Simon

      A week before the tdf seems a logical time. Likely that the Garmin Cannondale team and others will be using it, so it would almost certainly be spotted.
      SRAM announced their wirelss shifting at the Giro for the same reason

    • morten reippuert knudsen

      The need a cheaper mapping device announced NOW – Polar will add mapping in August to the impresive V650 wich is way, way cheaper than the 810 (and still cheaper than the new 520).

    • Dave

      It seems like the 8×0 line is being marginalized to me. The 520 does everything that the 1000 does except turn by turn (and no touch screen) I believe? What would there be left in the middle for an 820 to do? Wouldnt it just end up being a 1000, maybe with a smaller screen?

    • Cyclewatts

      I have the 800 and just got the 520, the usable screen size on both units are exactly the same. However the 520’s screen has much more definition. I added the base map to my 520 and do not miss any features from the 800, and also prefer the much smaller overall size.

  12. Lee Ellis

    hi excellent review as always, I’m about to buy an edge 1000 how does this compare to that as i see you’ve only compared it to the 500/510 cheers

  13. Suzie

    You noted no bike profiles. With my 910 I can select which bike I am riding. Does the 520 not offer to have multiple bikes set up on the device?

    • Correct, no bike profiles. Instead you have what’s called a ‘sensor pool’ where you specify all the different sensors you have on all the bikes you have. Then, as you start to ride it just automatically picks up the right sensors and you’re good to go.

      If you want different settings (like views/options/etc…), you can setup what are known as activity profiles. You could potentially overlay those on top of the bikes you have, or perhaps different activities (i.e. training, racing, mountain biking, etc…).

    • Suzie Latta

      Ahhh right, awesome thanks. Looks like a good unit, was about to get the 510 or 810 but I may now be best off waiting for this. It seems it is compatible with power as well!


    • Veloscente

      HALELUJAH! I have been cursing Garmin for nearly 6yrs now they couldn’t/wouldn’t do a software update to the 500 or even 510 to have them auto-recognize the different speed-cadence sensors on each of my bikes.
      It takes 14 (!!!) button-pushes to change bike profiles on a Garmin 500.
      Sounds like one of Garmin’s engineers may have finally gotten around to testing the 500 series in the field…
      Anyhow, auto-bike-recognition & backloaded maps on the 520? Sign me up!

    • Fwiw, the Edge 510/810 have all been a single button press to switch bike profiles (released over two and a half years ago).

      The Edge 1000 (about a year old) was the first to introduce automatic bike sensor pickups.

    • Michael

      Ray, what if I have a PM and speed sensor on 2 bikes in the same room. For example, I have a road bike and a TT bike. Both have a PM and a speed sensor. If I were to move one bike off my indoor trainer and move the other bike on in prep to do a ride, the sensors of both bikes may be “awake”. How would the 520 handle this?

    • It simply asks you if you’d like to switch to the newly awakened sensor (you can give the sensors names).

      For example, on my Edge 1000, I’ve got a slew of power meters, of which 3-4 may be on a single bike at once. I just press yes/no as to whether or not I want connect to a given PM. Or, I can force it to a specific one. Or further yet, I can temporarily enable/disable specific sensors.

  14. Robert

    Any idea if this has the same issues as the edge 500 / 510 / 810 where as soon as the weather goes bad the barometric sensor goes to hell and elevation goes screwy? That’s the only issue I have ever had with Garmin other than that I’m probably going to buy this anyway..

    • John

      When “the weather goes bad”, the barometric pressure changes, sometimes dramatically. Since the 500/510/520/etc. altimeters are based on barometric pressure, that’s going to affect your on-device elevations. No way around that.

      If you know exact elevation points for common starting locations, that can be entered via System->GPS->Set Elevation. But that doesn’t help when a low pressure system blows in mid-ride… Most of the sites like RWGPS, etc. have elevation correction, but only after the fact.

    • Frank

      While I haven’t had that issue with the 810, my temperature readings are always off compared to local weather data I pull up.

    • Local weather temperature is just an average across weather stations. Your local reading can be way off without it being actually wrong.

      My experience, however anecdotal, is that for my area the national weather service correlates rather well with my readings whereas AccuWeather (used on Endomondo) is notoriously unreliable. The local airport information (used on Garmin Connect) is usually spot on but occasionally have some strange wind readings. My Fenix 2, Edge and Tempe all seem to agree with my running nose :-).

  15. JimL

    How strange there is no ConnectIQ. I haven’t found it to be terribly usefully my 920xt, but it seemed critical to Garmin a few months back.

    • Yeah, I would have loved to see Connect IQ on it. I really think in order for Connect IQ to succeed they have to tap into the cyclist market.

    • David

      ConnectIQ as it stands is dying on the vine and Garmin knows it. Much like giving up on Garmin Segements by acknowledging Strava leads, I think you’ll see more realism out of Garmin trying to work with major app platforms on Android and iOS rather than create their own.

    • David


      1. How does size compare to the 500?
      2. How is the brightness of the screen compared to the (dull) screen on the 510?


    • JR

      Agreed, David. I can’t imagine a clearer signal that Garmin is acknowledging that Connect IQ was a failure.

    • Michael

      I was curious about this too, but since it’s not a touchscreen it should be at least 20% brighter if not more.

    • Michael

      It’s like the 510 essentially. Maybe a little easier to read as far as text size but not very bright. On the plus side, I’ve usually left the backlight on at 100% and the battery only seems to go down about 10% per hour.

  16. davie

    Exactly what they should have brought out with the 510. No pointless touch screen, proper Bluetooth low energy integration with phone. I actually bought a 510 recently but I’m not really worried. However, if I had not, I would definitely be choosing the 520 instead.

  17. Does the 520 also tell GNSS or other constellations, it just GPS?

  18. FE-C profile on the edge 810 please! I hope Wahoo implements – I prefer to condolidate all my ride files on the edge and would be happy to avoid the nonconfigurable wahoo app.

  19. Andrea

    Does support ANT+ scale like the Tanita BC1000/1500 like the Edge 510/810/1000?

  20. Ari

    What new features does the Edge 25 get?

  21. Badger

    Ordered through Clever. Thanks Ray ?

    • Thanks for the support Badger!

    • Jason mckinney

      clever training says late July for availability?! Is tat normal to announce 30 days before it ships? Or isClever Training understocked?

    • Tim

      Heck, with several Garmin Fitness products lately they have announced more like 2-3+ months before they were truly available (thinking of fenix 3 and epix).

      The 920xt was also announced, availability was super limited (some would essentially argue it wasn’t available) for a month or two as well.

      If Clever can ship by the end of July I would be pleasantly surprised. Garmin’s announcement shows the same that Ray mentioned “Q3” so it may very well miss Summer in the US all together.

      Still.. if the pro team is using them (as the Garmin announcement claims), perhaps there’s hope that they are in production and feel decent about software stability.

    • Paul S

      Epix was announced back in January, and I ordered mine from CT on January 5. I finally got it June 12. It had come out in mid-May with a 30 day exclusive for REI.

    • morten reippuert knudsen

      Polar V650 adds mapping at 250$ on august 1. – thats the reason why they announce this now.

    • Steven Shaw

      The polar may be cheaper but their website is far inferior to garmin connect (of course this is my opinion). Although the hardware may be similar, I still think e superior features of the garmin justify the extra cost.

      Of course Polar could up their game on the software side and then the V650 would be the compelling choice.

    • Maxim

      I’d recommend against trying to jump in the first wagon. Recent Garmin products seem to suffer from teething issues a lot… Epix as an example – it’s still unusable. Thus I consider 520 as a good Christmas gift.

  22. Ruud

    Great review. Does it also support a seperate channel for Moxy (SmO2 and Thb) data? Or is it still sacrifising the speed and cadence channel?

  23. Nick

    What new features do the 510/810/1000 get?

    • – Strava Segment support
      – Varia light integration
      – Varia radar integration
      – Potentially trainer integration (waiting on confirmation there)

    • Steven Shaw

      This is billiant news. It’s not often that Garmin offer upgrades to older models that increase functionality, but I would really like to know If I am in a strava segmant how I am doing against my pb (I don’t think I will trouble amy koms). Does it report time behind/ahead like virtual racer?

      Any chance this might arrive on a running watch at any time?

    • Gabe

      wow – that’s a huge upgrade for us who aren’t ready to part with our 810s

      i can just imagine our group rides now with all the beeps going off when a segment approaches!

  24. Stephen

    Great write up.
    With regard to the Strava Segment, as you’re riding will it compare your time with the record holder’s at that precise point or does it just average the record holders time over the segment length?

  25. Don Rhummy

    Given that the edge 1000 TBT is so buggy and frequently doesn’t alert of upcoming turns, this device pretty much covers everything the 1000 does at half the price! Why would you ever buy the 1000?

    • Paul S

      Garmin maps and SD card slot.

    • don

      Edge 1000 comes with Open Street Maps, not Garmin maps.

      The SD card is very minor. 95% of rides are done within one small area. You can always change the map on the device if you travel.

    • Paul S

      Comes with, but you can put City Nav or the 24k TOPO and actually use them, since the 1000 can navigate via map if the map is routable. I use the 24k TOPO’s on my 800 and would move them to a 1000 if I got it. It wouldn’t be feasible with the 520.

  26. Gareth Hall

    I would hope that they have fixed the constant Stnc issues as no matter what I try, sync to my phone never works so pretty useless to upload and update ride data.

    • Hmm, that sounds like probably a support issue (either on the phone or device). I don’t tend to see widespread sync issues (minus a few exceptions on certain non-supported phones).

    • Ric Liang

      Ray, when a ride is completed you can upload immediately to Strava via a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone (such as an iPhone)? No need to go to a desktop PC and sync up?

  27. Sebastian

    Hello Ray,

    great Review as always. Does the new Edge 520 supports reset of the installation angles in the Vector software like the Edge 1000 does?

  28. Balb0wa

    reminds of the galaxy s look with chrome around the outside, very nice,Im glad they went with strava segments, the garmin segments are dodgy at best, half of time they are missed, or dont show up, sometimes they take days to update, where strava is pretty instant, its a shame you have to subscribe to strava to get live segments.

  29. Reg

    So… what does the 1000 do that this doesnt? Is it just a bigger screen and touch?

  30. Tim

    Clarification question… The 520 does turn by turn (just like the 510), but now over a more detailed map (of which you download). Right?

    • Turn by turn, but not routeably aware (so as you noted, like the 510). But yes, correct, now over the map instead of a blank white page.

    • Bill Y

      by “not routable”, does that mean it won’t show x miles and y minutes until the next turn like my 800 does? Thanks!

    • ekutter

      Probably just means it won’t do automatic routing (ie you can’t tell it to take you to an location and have it figure out the best route). If you have created a full course that includes turn information, I would expect that to still work the same.

    • Sergey

      You can actually load the same maps into your 510 and it will not be a blank white page anymore. The only problem here is the amount of internal memory 510 has.

  31. James

    How many button presses does it take to get to the PM calibration/ZO screen? With a 510, it’s far too many.

    • It’s just opening the status page (right button) and then selecting calibrate.

      On the 510 though, are you going through bike profiles – or using the quick access menu?

    • James

      (I don’t have it in front of me … but from memory)

      I tap the screen
      Push the sensor icon on the bottom left side
      PM Sensor Icon

      IIRC, it was 2 pushes with my 800, the power button and then calibrate.

    • Tim

      How I wish the fenix 3 required less presses than it does. It seems like it needs a quick access menu (maybe there is one I am unaware of?)

      I end up bringing up the menu, settings, sensors, fine my PM and go in and calibrate. It seems like 10+ presses with some holds (for the menu).

    • Eric

      How do you get to the quick access menu on the 510 to calibrate a power meter?

  32. Fran

    Surely FE-C in my 510, along with the announced Strava feature, is everything I want. Please Garmin make my day!

  33. Allan

    What about the buttons. How are the quality location and so on. I use the 510 for XC MTB races and desperately lack buttons to select the page I want to see. Swiping the display or pressing it or trying to hit a virtual button is just a pain in the “behind” need real buttons with proper feedback.
    Looks cool.

  34. No routing and not enough memory, so I am waiting for the 820 …

  35. Craig Cramer

    My 510 is completely buggy. Almost never syncs as it should. It does record the workouts and then syns next time I turn it on, the next day, or the next week. I’ve contacted garmin support multiple times. They just say to make sure the hardware is up to date. This has been happening continually in the ~2 years I had it. Much prefer my old 705, which fell off on a ride and died. Based on my 510 experience I have given up on Garmin. I can just record via strava on my phone (and soon on Apple Watch.) If I was getting a new bike computer today, I’d probably get the new Polar you recently reviewed. The 520 sounds promising…if it proves reliable.

  36. Srdan

    How’s screen readability? Is it better than Edge 510?

  37. Doug

    Thanks for the review Ray,

    How many Ant Channels does it have and does that mean support for 8 devices, e.g. Power, HR, Cadence, Speed, Varia, Virb Control…. almost used ’em all…

    Also does it use the new method of device pooling or individual bikes?

  38. Steve

    Hi Ray, thanks for the detailed write up.
    In the comparison chart it shows the 520 as compatible with ant+ footpods. Is that a mistake?! And if not, what does that offer from a cycling perspective?!

  39. I’m not quite satisfied with the touchscreen of the 510 but I think it is easier than pushing buttons.
    Ray, when you compare 510 und 520 which unit is easier to handle during the ride?

  40. Sylvester Jakubowski

    With storage being so cheap these days why gimp the device with so little space?

    Looks like a great unit otherwise. Garmin has made me a customer for life by supporting the older devices with new features. Edge 820 will be great.

    • SuperQ

      +1 to this, flash is cheap these days, most of the smart watches have a couple GB of free user storage space.

      Also very disappointing no BT Smart sensor support. But that’s something that could maybe be fixed in software, but given Garmin’s software track record, doubting it will happen.

    • Steven Shaw

      I have been tinkering with a polar V800, but Garmin just seems to work better for me. These new features are a brilliant announcement which really mean I will most likely stay in the garmin camp. Heck with my polar it doesn’t even sync activities to strava automatically.

  41. Miro Lehky

    Any word if the trainer control functions will be ported over to any of the other units?

  42. Tim

    Does it give you distance to next turn when you load a .tcx file from some of the cycling specific mapping sites? (Ridewithgps, etc.)

  43. JakiChan

    I hope some of these metrics come to the 1000 soon. It will be hard to keep that as their top-of-the-line device if they don’t.


    Any idea on weather there will be VO2 Estimation and Recovery Advisor coming to the Edge 1000?

  45. Tai

    Thanks for the great review. Do you know if there will be a bundle with cadence sensor and HRM? Will the current cadence sensor and HRM work with the 520?

  46. lvd

    Can you show us some shots of the Phone/Text notifications? Are they identical to those on the 1000?

  47. Leo

    520 only supports ANT+ sensors (power, HR, speed/cadence), right? Wasn’t there a newish Garmin (not cycling) unit that supported bluetooth HR straps as well?

    • Steven Shaw

      Really? Some Garmins suport bluetooth links to phone but I’m not aware of any picking up bluetooth sensors.

    • No Garmin devices support Bluetooth Smart fitness sensors.

      However, the Garmin VIRB X/XE action cam does support some Bluetooth automotive sensors.

    • Xander

      Any Idea when (or even if) they will add this support? I recall that the edge 1000 unit has a chip capable of supporting it, but I saw no software upgrade thus far… (and that keeps me from buying an edge unit)

    • John

      The ANT+ Alliance is organized by a Garmin subsidiary, they’re pretty much all in with ANT+.

      As long as you’re buying dual sensors, you’ll have the ability to adapt to any head unit — whether ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart/smartphone.

  48. Mike

    Hi Ray,
    great review, this is the unit I’ve been waiting for…!

    Can you explain what is “1MB per hour of riding (with GPS & ANT+ sensors). So 10 hours = just 1MB.”? Something doesn’t add up here…

    • Nicholas Eckermann

      There is a period before the 1 when I read this post so .1… Maybe it was a typo and he fixed it.

    • The period is still there, and correct.

      Each hour of activity recording takes up approximately 100KB (I converted to using megabytes to minimize confusion and keep everything the same). 100KB = .1MB

      The available space on the unit is ~50MB. Thus, you can record 500 hours of data, roughly. Or, if applying maps, then you’d have less data space depending on how big of maps you add.

    • Laurens

      Yeah, that tripped me up too. Probably because I’m from a country where it’s custom to write “0.1 MB” in such cases.

  49. Sun

    How’s the reliability of Bluetooth uploads? Any drop outs in readings? 510 owner with these issues. I’ve had to go back to firmware 3.2 for more reliable uploads.

    • So far no problems on BT reliability, seems clean – but I haven’t used it a ton.

    • Patrick McKenna

      yes, this is my big concern. i quickly gave up on bluetooth between my fr920 and xperia z3 phone. thats fine as the 920 has wifi, unfortunate that this does not.

      also wondering how the height compares to the 500/510

    • I include a width/height image early in the review. I took a depth one, though have no idea why I didn’t add it into post. Will find a place to slot in.

  50. J ster

    I just bought an edge 1000 a few days ago! I wish I knew about this! Looks perfect!

  51. Stuart Brown

    Hi Ray,

    I’ve just managed to get my money back on my Cyclo 505 purchase (lovely unit, horridly, frustratingly unreliable).

    It had ANT+ trainer control of my Tacx Bushido Smart.

    I was just about to order an Edge 1000, it was in the basket, ready to checkout, when I read this article.

    If it could get ANT+ FE-C control, that would mean I’ll buy it. If it can’t then I’ll have to wait. That said, a potential Edge 820 would tick all the boxes I need – I know you can’t say, but should I wait?

    • Not sure about any potential Edge 810 replacement, but I’ll certainly circle back as soon as Garmin confirms whether or not the Edge 510/810/1000 will get FE-C support.

    • Stuart Brown

      Looking forward to the confirmation. If they do support it, I’m buying!

    • Too bad no turn by turn directions I originally thought it was silly but building long routes it is really nice to get to new places and not get lost. The 810 works great

    • I agree, although how much info does this “bread crumb” style directions give you?? I cant find any information on this.. I’m wondering if this is enough when riding a route, to not get lost.

  52. Andy S

    Hi Ray – this looks just what I’ve been looking for! Do you know much about the VO2max and recovery features? I thought I saw something that they need a power input to be used but the run watches have the same feature without “Run Power” – any idea how thats going to work or if it can work with out a PM? Thanks, Andy.

    • Tim Grose

      On the 920XT you need a power meter and HR data to get a cycling VO2 Max. For running it is HR and a pace from GPS. I believe it is the same on other devices that have this e.g. Fenix 3, 620 (running only)

    • That’s correct, cycling only – and only with a power meter.

  53. Steve Baldwin

    Hi Ray,
    As always, very much appreciate all the effort you put into your reviews and updates.
    The Garmin 520 has been announced on the heels of the the Polar M450. They’re two seemingly highly accomplished releases that are swimming at the same market level in terms of features. Will you be doing a head to head on these two devices as clearly it’s going to be tough decision for consumers?

    • Neil

      Sorry Steve but given the ongoing dramas Polar M400 users (myself included) are having with their USB connections, no current Polar Flow > Strava integration, etc, I really don’t see it being a tough decision at all.
      After a long wait, my wife’s and my Edge 500s will finally be getting their retirement soon….. :o)

    • ampestijn

      polar m450: €159, polar v650: €219, garmin edge 520: €299
      not a tough decision indeed.

    • Neil

      I see your point amphestijn and it was with that value viewpoint that had me buy an M400 after Rays review. That said, if your bargain €159/219 device takes a whole load of stuffing around to (or just plain won’t) connect via usb i.e. upload, update or charge after a few months and doesn’t do what the opposition do (at admittedly more cost), then it’s no longer such a bargain.
      Fool me once (actually twice, I owned a X-Trainer too), shame on you. Fool me twice,…. :o)

  54. Dolan Halbrook

    Just wondering, I don’t see any dimensions or weight listed. Size looks right in between the 500 and 520. Is it safe to assume the weight splits the difference as well?

  55. claimed mass = 60 grams. Score! Only 4 grams heavier than Edge 500. Only downside is reduced battery life relative to Edge 500.

  56. Balb0wa

    Any idea what the screen resolution is compared with the 500 and 510, looks pretty crisp to me

  57. Ted H

    Gotta save something for the 820:
    MicroSD support
    Answer phone calls and reply to text via voice recognition :-))

  58. Finally, here is my next head unit. Never used turn by turn on the edge 800 anyway, just uploaded my course and had it visible on the map. Nice. Would have been even nicer if it comes out not after half the season is already gone though.

  59. Mark Hewitt

    What’s the comparison with the 510 screen? I understand that it’s going to be better resolution? How much better any chance of side by side pics especially with the backlight off

  60. Nicholas Eckermann

    So….. Ray,
    You think Polar is going to become obsolete or are they going to step up their game and get our v650 and m450’s up to the new bar set by garmin?

    • I think they made the right move competing at the $169 level (M450). I think it’s near impossible to compete right now on their V650 with the Edge 520.

    • Steven Shaw

      I have a polar V800, and although technically a very good product, in my opinion it is let down by polar flow, which isn’t a patch on Garmin connect.

      Polar really now needs to start sorting its software out. At the moment you can’t compare the products because the Garmin have the advantage of Garmin connect and strava integration and polar’s software that doesn’t yet even automatically export activities to strava.

    • Gunnar9090

      As far as Polar and Strava go, you can use “flow2strava” and easily get your polar activities to Strava….works great with my iPad even (and iPhone too). It’s not instant like Garmin, but pretty darn quick and easy.

    • SurlyWill

      I think their is a social aspect to this. If you consider that the Web portal is an integral part of the package and a fitness tracker is another typical option, it would make sense that the portal could keep eciting Polar users in the folks.

    • Nicholas Eckermann


      Do you think Polar could be holding out telling all the features they are going to release so that we are not complaining they are not here yet?
      Do you think Polar is going to get anywhere near the 520 in the future or should I sell while I might be able to get a few dollars out of the 650. ;(

    • Neil

      Thanks! I didn’t realise it worked on iphone too Gunnar9090, I thought I needed my PC. I’m currently overseas and was going to wait until I got home to do all my transfers…

    • No chance, they had their big media event. During which, they kinda struggled to explain the ‘new features’ from a timeline standpoint. I just don’t see any scenario where they’re hiding a bunch of extra new features while still struggling to get the last flottilla of promised features out.

    • Tim

      Sorry, I don’t quite understand your second comment here – are you saying it’ s near impossible for the V650 to compete against the Edge 520 right now (or something different)? Notwithstanding the price difference and once the V650 has maps? I was waiting for the M450, having abandoned Mio, but the Garmin is tempting. I wish Polar would add in temperature display.

    • Correct, I’m saying that the V650 is just sliding backwards in competitiveness with the Edge 520. For example, yes, the V650 will get maps – but not the ability to send courses to it.

      Or, the V650 has limited power meter support, while the 520 has wide power meter support. Or all of the smaller features that are on the Edge 520 that are lacking on the V650. These are most easily seen using the comparison charts, but there are just so many others that aren’t seen there as they are tinier.

    • Dan Rivers

      Sorry if you have already commented on this, but….I’m wondering, with all the devices that you have tested and continue to test, which device would you recommend and why? Like most tech purchases, we the consumer are usually hesitant, because we are always waiting for the latest and greatest. I’m leaning towards the 520. Thanks for time

  61. Sat-Ganesha Khalsa

    Battery life…it says 15 hours, down from the 18/20 for the 500/510.

    Is this for everything “on” at the same time: map, power, HR, etc. etc.

    It is unlikely that I will go out for a 15 hour ride but a few of my other devices only get 60% of the stated battery life when everything is “on”.

  62. Jiří Pavlovský

    I’m not really interested in Strava segments, but would like to see 810 with Bluetooth Smart and phone integration.
    So I’ll wait for the ephemeral 820.

    But kudos to Garmin for an interesting product.

  63. Mark Hewitt

    How does the screen compare to the 510?

    • Pixels:
      Edge 510: 176 x 220 pixels
      Edge 520: 200 x 265 pixels

      Pixel count aside, it’s feels much crisper, but that may be largely due to the slightly nuanced graphical changes they’ve made.

  64. Tripp Knightly

    As a trail runner, this review helped me realize just how much I want in the ultimate watch but is not available.

    • Out of curiosity, what do you see here that’s missing within Epix/Fenix3?

    • Jiri Cermak

      For me it’s screen size & resolution (btw. i have epix)

    • Tripp Knightly

      I think there’s a reason they’re called bike COMPUTERS vs gps WATCHES. For starters, it seems like almost the entirety of this live segments stuff is missing for the watch counterparts or implementation is kludged for a while. Admittedly, user interface is a lot tougher on a watch, and of course biking has this whole social aspect that isn’t as pronounced with runners at least (you’re more likely to see a pack of bikers than runners). But, what I was really saying is the depth of this implementation just reminds me in general how the ultimate and perfect watch really doesn’t exist yet. I don’t want to hijack the thread or leave anybody hanging so in brief: richer app ecosystem with ways to come up with far better watch-resident apps, activity tracking, ABC, glonass, optical HRM, wifi, backlight choices, rugged shell (like tactix), at that point sapphire gets thrown in too. (Some watches have some of this, and I admit the price point starts to head toward $1,000!…)

  65. Jerrod H

    Ray –

    Garmin’s “In the Box” page for the 520 Bundle lists “Cadence Sensor” and “Speed Sensor” separately. Can you confirm that this means the bundle will include the newer, separate accelerometer-based units instead of the classic magnetic reed-switch(?) combo unit?

    This sounds like the refresh I’ve been waiting for to jump into the Garmin camp.


  66. Hi All-

    Just as a quick heads up, I’ve added a nearly 10 minute long walkthrough video I’ve created with the Edge 520 features. I’ve added that video to the ‘What’s new’ section in the post.

    Or, you can just watch it straight on YouTube here: link to youtube.com


  67. bikearnie

    Thanks Ray for this first introduction.

    So it’s two good news this day: the new Be PRO powermeter and the 520. Great – hopefully everything avaiable in august together with a new bike! 😉

    A question: Are there different bike-profiles on the 520? I want to know how many km are on bike 1, on bike 2, ….. (sorry if I missed this information somewhere)

    • Mark Hewitt

      What’s that new power meter? I can’t find anything about it.

    • bikearnie

      It’s announced on link to powermeter24.com today in the morning.

      Pedal-based – 499,–€/749,–€.

      Sounds quite interesting.

    • There are not bike profiles, but rather activity profiles. Individual mileage for a bike is saved in sensor settings.

      As for the Be Pro, yes, it was announced a few weeks ago – a unit arrived yesterday here to me…

    • bikearnie

      Sorry – I’m a little bit confused and “sitting on the line” 🙂

      You mean that even there are no bike profiles I nevertheless can see individual mileage, individual riding time (important for me e.g. change of tyres, chain, … , loading of powermeter/replacing batterie, …)

      If I understood right this is now stored in the speed sensor of the bike???

      Anyway – over all it sounds great. And – I’m really looking forward for your review of this new powermeter!!!

      Thanks so much ……..

  68. Brandon

    Will the 510 receive any updates that add any of the new features? Particularly the phone text notification and cycling metrics like vo2, etc.

    • It (Edge 510) won’t get text/call notifications, because it lacks the BT4.0 chipset required for that within the iOS/Android notification platforms.

      As noted in the post, it will however get Strava support, as well as Varia light/radar support.

      I’ll find out about VO2/FTP, though I wouldn’t expect to see that to be honest.

  69. Alex

    There are two areas in connectivity I wanted to see updated but I haven’t seen any evidence of; one hardware and one firmware.

    In the firmware side, I wanted there to be more Bluetooth connectivity. I want to have the ability to pair my unit with both my phone AND my office/home desktop PC. My 510 pairs with my phone, but when I looked further it can only pair with one device – my phone and only my phone. I can’t add a second device to pair it with. Does the 520 fix this?

    Secondly, I’m trying to do away with cable clutter on my desks. I keep a spare Garmin mount attached to my monitor support so that when I’m not riding it’s somewhere safe. For me, to have an inductive charging mount would be fantastic! I could have a desktop, USB powered inductive charging mount that’ll keep my Garmin safe, will keep it ever ready and avoids having to open the weather seal on the back.

    I could finish a ride, mount the Garmin on the inductive charging mount, auto-pairs with the PC, I go for a shower and see Strava already updating and I know my Garmin will be fully charged for the next ride. That would be perfect! More important than text messages from my wife asking why my 4 mile commute is now 12 miles………

  70. kenergy

    is the battery replaceable?

    • Tim

      It appears as replaceable as any other Edge model…. It’s not replaceable.

    • marek

      Just because Garmin doesn’t recommend it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. They would of course prefer you to buy a new unit once the lithium battery has had it 🙂
      link to youtube.com
      Not even soldered in… just a little clip.

  71. Rick Kelly

    I have the 800. One of my biggest gripes is pairing. When I start my Garmin at a big race or rally, it won’t pair with my hear rate monitor as it’s getting too many signals from other riders. Is there anything about the new 520 that would aleviate this? I’ve always thought (maybe incorrectly) the only way to resolve this is for Garmin to create a device that would pair via bluetooth instead of just ANT. Is this correct or not? If it is, then it’s dissapointing they wouldn’t integrate more bluetooth connectiviity with the 520.

    • Simply put: That’s not normal. Something is (really) wrong with your Edge unit and you should hit up Garmin support to see what’s wrong.

    • Rick Kelly

      And all these years I’ve spent cussing it I thought that was just typical…Thanks!

    • Theo

      What you’re describing is the default situation on an Edge where it has only ever done a wildcard search for the HRM and it’s never actually stored the ANT ID, or the situation where you navigate to the HRM sensor menu and select “Search for sensor”.

      Check to see if the ANT ID for your heart rate monitor (under Sensor Details) is zero. If it is, put on your HRM and then select ‘Search’ on the Edge. When the Edge reports finding the HRM, back out of the menus to the main screen and then power cycle the Edge. When you next recheck the ANT ID, the value should be non-zero, and you should NOT use “search” to connect to the HRM unless you change HRMs to a different strap. The Edge will find and pair with your HRM automatically when you put it on.

  72. Allan Broadribb

    Am I right in thinking there is still no way to download to an Apple iPad?

  73. Luke

    Thanks for your superb review, Ray.
    I loved the routing function on the Edge 200 which allowed me to plot my course, choose the distance of warnings before turns and set the speed of the virtual partner on BRT. When the 200 broke after almost 3 years I upgraded to the Edge 500. However, while the routing function still exists the course constantly disappears with the unit posting “course lost” and then again “course found” messages frequenlty. Is this kind of routing available on the 520 and if “yes” as reliable as on the 200?

  74. Sina

    I was ready to sell my edge 810, which is a POS, until you got the point where the storage was only about 50 Mb. That’s absolutely awful of Garmin to do especially since storage is so cheap and they don’t even provide a micro SD card slot – get real Garmin. This is nothing short of planned obsolescence. I wouldn’t touch this device with a ten foot pole.

    • Jonathan

      FWIW today I picked up a 128 GB thumb drive for $30 at Costco 🙂 I can’t believe Garmin storage is still measured in MB.

  75. Matthew


    Two questions:
    1). For the profiles, can you setup one with GPS off by default? That is, if I create an “Indoor Trainer” profile, can I set this up so when I select it GPS is turned off.

    2). Can it read speed from a trainer like my Kickr? I have a Edge 800, and it doesn’t pickup speed from the Kickr. Would be a nice feature to have so I could use my Garmin to record all rides, not just outdoor.

    • 1) You can actually now configure the Edge 520 on a per activity profile base, including GPS off. Kinda neat. 🙂
      2) Actually, the Edge 800 does receive speed from the KICKR, it pairs it as a power meter. Same goes here with the Edge 520.

    • Sylvester Jakubowski

      Ray do you know if the GPS off with activity is coming to the older units? This a bit of an annoyance with the 810 when using it on the trainer.

  76. Will

    is there a reason why they removed the touch screen? is the touchscreen not effective while riding? I’ve never owned a garmin and looking to buy the 510 or the 520.


    • It’s not terribly useful in the way it was implemented in the Edge 510. That said, there are certain features in the Edge 520 – notably trainer control – where it would have made more sense. For example, simply tapping the upper or lower portions of the screen to increase/decrease resistance on demand. Otherwise, in manual mode you have to go through a bunch of menus each time.

    • Will

      Thank you and thanks for the great review!

    • Jonathan

      In the winter with thick gloves I can see a problem on the 520. Any chance you could test it out? I haven’t had my 510 long enough to use it in the winter. However I imagine the touch screen interface is superior in the winter.

    • It’s not a touchscreen device (the Edge 520).

    • Laurens

      I think that’s what he meant Ray, the 510 which IS would be superior in winter (wearing gloves).
      When Garmin released the first computer with touch screen I thought it was marketing BS. But I’ve now had one for years and I actually really like it. And now they get rid of it again 😉

  77. Pucci

    Love the idea of downloading maps. The article you referenced on downloading maps discussed downloading to a micro-SD. How do you download the maps directly to the unit (which has no micro-SD slot).


  78. Just as another FYI:

    I’ve added some new photos of a small pile out of out-front mounts, as well as photos of the FTP & Recovery Advisor functions.

    All within this section: link to dcrainmaker.com

  79. Luis Quintero

    Hi Ray, thanks for another great review I have one question…..I see the battery lasts 15h what if you are riding longer? Will it continue working with an OTG cable? or like some others will display charging but continue to record?

    Thank you


    • John Q.

      I don’t know for sure, but I’ve seen information on other websites that said you can plug the 520 into a charger (not a computer) and it will keep operating instead of going into data mode. I think one of those small cell phone portable charger/battery things is what they were referring to. They said you just have to be aware that when you unplug the charger, the unit asks you if you want it to shut down, and you have to say “No.” I also wonder if plugging it into a hub-based charger will keep it charged and operating while you ride. Maybe someone else can confirm?

    • JoeL

      I have done that and it works. Your activity won’t reset as long as its plugged into a “dumb” power source and not a PC. I have charged my 520 in the middle of an activity from a battery pack.

  80. Pete Mainey

    Looks awesome. Really like the feature where it can control an ANT+ trainer such as a Wahoo Kickr…seen as I have just bought one.
    One thing I note is that it is being marketed as being able to receive text and call notifications the same as the 1000. Now i have an iphone6 plus running the latest version of IOS. Now for the life of me…I’ve yet been successful in managing to pair the iPhone via the bluetooth smart option to receive these alerts. From the various forums I have read online…hardly anyone has ever been able to do this. I have no issue pairing with my phone to sync the rides or use Live Track. The text notifications/ call alerts feature has just simply never worked. Has anyone ever sorted this?

    • Tim

      I am guessing the KICKR will need a software update from Wahoo (TBD if they will do it, and when) before this could control it. This is using the ANT+ trainer control “standard” and Wahoo has not adopted that yet (see the KICKR SNAP post for a few notes in this area).

    • Yes, as noted in the post Wahoo plans to support it, just TBD on when exactly. It will be a simple firmware update.

  81. Alex

    How about GPS accuracy? My biggest grief with Garmin devices since (and especially with) Edge 500 was unreliable/inaccurate GPS. Even average phone stuck in a pocket does better job of tracking on average. I hear that 510/810/1000 improved it a bit, but not too much. I’m currently on navi2coach, and comparing tracks it records with any track recorded by my friends using Garmin devices, the difference is obvious. Especially when climbing up in the hills. If Garmin fixed GPS accuracy issues in newest generation of devices they make, I might consider giving brand another try.

    • David

      The 510 which always had GLOSNASS has been a champ at accuracy, never ever seen anything better. In heavy tree cover nothing has out performed it. The 810 isn’t close. The 520 has GLOSNASS and I suspect it will be great.

  82. My Edge 500 is getting older and having some physical/functional problems so was thinking about replacing it with a 510. I was on the phone a few times with Garmin support a few weeks ago and said, “I am thinking about purchasing a 510 but it’s been around a few years, now. DO you have a an “updated” version- e.g., a 520- coming out any time in the near future?” I asked this of at least 2 different supports techs and was assured that “there absolutely was nothing new coming out that” they were aware of. Glad I waited on buying a 510. The BT smartphone notifications and BT data uploads are two of my favorite features of the Fenix 3. Very happy to see they will be on 520. Will order one from CT TODAY. Thanks Ray.

  83. Paul

    Today is payday and tomorrow I was going to finally order my 1000. You just saved me a bundle of cash. I’ll be ordering through your links for sure. Thanks!

  84. RobHug

    Looks like a nice device, but not really much of an upgrade from my 510 really. Especially as the 510 is getting some of the features – plus I’m not a premium user of Strava as I don’t really see the value.

  85. Mike

    Awesome review. If you have both the 920xt and 520 running during the ride, and have each synced with your phone, will each sync with garmin connect such that your garmin connect profile and Strava double count the workout? Or is the system smart enough to know they are the same workout? Thanks.

  86. GJo

    Left/Right Power Balance?

    My Garmin 500 doesn’t read L/R Balance from my Pioneer Power Meter, so the Garmin 520 would be a good alternative to the Pioneer head unit.

    • Tim

      Except doesn’t the Pioneer head unit also have all kinds of neato cycling dynamic data that is transmitted via private ANT channel(s)?

    • SloBoy

      I get L/R power on a Garmin 500 from a ROTOR power meter. The Garmin unit required a firmware update (to 3.20, I believe) to display this.

    • SloBoy

      Edit: just noticed in comment below that Pioneer doesn’t use ANT+ – so that’s why it’s not sending to Garmin.

      You’re probably better off with the Pioneer head unit, especially for that whizzy power efficiency animation.

    • GJo

      Pioneer does send ANT+ (it just send more proprietary data using ANT). ANT+ and ANT are switchable.

      I have Garmin firmware version 3.30 installed in my Garmin 500.

    • Only for the private portions. They do the standard portions (Left/Right/etc…) over regular ANT+ when in ANT+ mode.

      Looking at my Edge 520 file from the Pioneer, it records the same as the Edge 510/810/1000 when in ANT+: Left/right power, but not other fancier metrics.

    • GJo

      Garmin 500 or Garmin 510?

    • Edge 510. I’ve still got it on my list to double-check the Edge 500 with Pioneer – but in theory it should do L/R just fine with the Pioneer as it does for other L/R units (I know you mentioned you were seeing oddities).

  87. Anonymous Coward

    Why no Wi-Fi?

    Re: Cycling VO2max & Firstbeat, does “TBD” imply “To Be Determined” (no commitment yet) or “To Be Done” (committed, but not available yet)?

    Re: FE-C, could a 520 + Garmin Connect’s Workouts feature effectively replace TrainerRoad/… ?

    • Anonymous Coward

      … and one would hope that the “Analyzed by Firstbeat” banner on the 520 product page implies compatibility with the standalone Firstbeat sw.

      Any idea if the Firstbeat PC sw is planning to support VO2max calc from Garmin HR/Power data? Obviously they think they have the algorithm figured out, at least in their embedded implementation.

    • TBD simply means I’m awaiting confirmation.

    • Anonymous Coward

      Thanks! Weird that the Firstbeat spec page doesn’t make any distinction btw. 500 & 510. It would be a shame to have to carry both a 920 and a 520 to get analyzable HRV/RR data for a bike ride.

  88. garland

    I have an 810 and like it a lot but I really like this new 520. Would you recommend trading or keeping what I have? I just like new stuff. 🙂

  89. Jason mckinney

    When can we order? august 1st?

  90. SurlyWill

    This would seem to be a direct successor to the 500 with no touchscreen support. I wonder if we’ll be seeing an Edge 820 soon wit similar updates.

  91. Noam Hameiri


    Any idea if it supports pioneer power meter advanced data?


  92. Greg K

    Wow, excellent timing or the post! I was just about to go to my local store to finally get the Edge 510. The lack of BT Smart was the dealbreaker.

  93. Peter

    I just noticed on the Garmin website, under the “in the box” tab, that the unit comes with the extended out front mount, both with the bundle and device only. Looks like the same mount in the pictures you added, so the device doesn’t sit flush with the bar, but a little above.

  94. Fred

    Hey Ray,

    I noticed you said there are maps included on this unit, and not just a blank white screen – I’m curious if this review was for a full production model or a beta model? The Garmin website says there are no basemaps or ability to add maps to the 520.

    • It won’t say there is the ability to add maps, because officially there isn’t (just like officially you can’t add 3rd party maps to the Edge 800/810/705/1000).

      As for why it says no basemap, no idea – likely just the usual incorrect Garmin web tech specs (usually 1-3 things wrong on every product at launch there).

  95. Frank Andreasen

    Hi Ray
    great rewiew,ive recently purchased a edge 1000 and i love the device..
    do you know if the VO2 max calculations will be implemented to the edge 1000 along with the other new features here ??

  96. Allen Preger

    When will it actually be available? Halfway through yesterday’s ride, I looked down, and my Garmin 800 wasn’t attached to my barfly!! It was there at 50km, when I looked at 60km, it was gone! No idea what happened.
    The Garmin shopping site says it *could * be 3-4 weeks… any insight or advice on how I can get one soonest appreciated!

    • Garmin officially says Q3, but it sounds like it’ll start shipping by the end of July.

    • Mark Hewitt

      I wonder if their tie in with the Tour de France has influence on their scheduling here? It’s already been said that some teams are going to be using 520s during the race, so probably no coincidence that it’s been announced a few days before the race starts, and hopefully shipping just after the race finishes?

      BTW; I like how big manufacturers like Garmin and Wahoo are basically using you as their method of product announcement, for someone who does this part time, that’s a massive achievement, kudos.

    • Definitely TdF related, which is logical – in line with what many other companies do these days for cycling stuff.

  97. Mark Hewitt

    If I’ve done my sums right then the 520 has a dpi of 141 compared to the 510 which has 121. Which is 15% better resolution, on a screen which is 11% bigger.

    Not massive changes but I found that the screen on the 510 was a little small (esp compared to the unit size) and the resolution a little fuzzy, hopefully these small changes are enough to make it much more usable.

  98. Manos Carabassis

    Hello Ray,

    Has the CPU been upgraded from the 510 unit ?
    If not mistaken 510 has a 208 MHz ARM946 within the STA8088EXG chip.
    Any chance the 510 gets the map function ?
    And just out of curiosity, is there any reason that Garmin eliminated the already miniscule 50MB storage of the 500 and 520 as well, to 20MB on the 510 ?
    Rather an indirect way of telling you “Get the 810 if you want mapping as well”


    • Mark Hewitt

      The 810 can’t really be considered the better version of the 520 any more tbh. I had one for a while and sent it back as the quality of the display was terrible. Not surprising when you consider that it has just 111dpi against the already poor 121dpi on the 510.

      Whereas the new 520 has 141dpi which is still beaten by the 1000 with 156dpi and of course a considerably bigger screen.

      Personally I was disappointed with the 810, now if Garmin were to come out with an 820 which was physically no bigger than the 810 but with a better screen and all the other new features like microUSB charging then that would certainly be the unit I would buy.

      However it’s not clear if Garmin sees the 1000 as the replacement for the 810, which I hope it doesn’t as like others I think the Garmin 1000 is just crazily big.

  99. Bartosz Baran

    Is it possible to create a route on Strava, then transfer it to 520 and be somehow navigated by the device (even by simple indication where to turn)?

  100. Mike

    Although turn-by-turn directions may not be a feature, I would imagine that services like those offered at bikeroutetoaster.com would still allow direction notifications to be displayed, right? At least it has done for my edge 500 and 800 in the past.

  101. simon

    at last this looks like a winner ….assuming the software isn’t as buggy as recent releases.

    routing on the edge series has always been a little tricky and so a simple breadcrumb trail will probably be just as useful for most people.

    shame they didn’t add a couple of gigs of more storage and wifi but still looks like a good upgrade

  102. bert deruyck

    So how do you move around in map view if you only have up and down buttons and no touch?

    • You press the upper-right button, then select map, and then can move/zoom around the map. Kinda a PITA for mid-ride operations, but fine if you pull over to side of road or at a stoplight.

  103. tom

    i made a comparison to edge 810 with your SUPERGOOD comparison tool/database.
    the new 520 is really a 810 in a much smaller housing and 25% price drop!
    perfect – so i’ll buy one to replace the 810.
    thanx for the review 🙂


    • Tim

      No it’s not. The 810 has routeable map capability and and an sd card for more storage.

      Similarly the 520 has more features in other areas (at least until Garmin supposedly adds them to the 810).

      Just don’t make the jump expecting routeable maps 🙂

  104. alastair

    Ray, Do you think or know if they will provide the Strava segemntn option for the 920xt..loathed to buy another Garmin but keen to have the Strava option if possible direct on my 920xt!

  105. Phillip

    Just purchased through Clever! Thanks for the great reviews!

  106. Fred

    Hey Ray – I noticed the 510 / 810 / 1000 are all listed as shock resistant but the 520 is not. Would you know what that means?

  107. Porto

    Hi Ray,
    You mentioned in a DCR podcast with TRS Radio that very very soon there would be a European version of the Clevertraining discount.
    Any news on that? I would love to support you on my next tech purchase.


  108. Thanks for another great, in-depth review, Ray! This is the first place I come to for cycling/running product reviews; been waiting for text/phone notifications — finally! I pre-ordered the 520 through CleverTraining VIP, saved $30! 😀

  109. Don

    Finally, the device we’ve been waiting for. I’m excited about the Strava integration of course, but I was very stoked when I saw the size of it too. The touch screen was nothing but trouble for me on the 510, so glad to see it go. A little disappointed in battery life at 15 hours. I’m thinking I could strap a USB battery, something like this: link to amazon.com, to my handlebars after 11 or 12 hours and let it charge for a couple laps during 24 hour races.

    How is the screen? I needed to leave the light on for the Edge 510 to get visibility as good as my Edge 500.

  110. Adam Johnson

    Having never owned a bike computer and relying on my phone, I had a few questions.

    1. People are complaining about this unit not containing a lot of memory, why is that detrimental? do the new map updates not just overwrite the old?

    2. How does the navigation work on the 520 as opposed to the 810? Are there turn by turn directions for both? Are you able to upload a created route to follow? Does a voice alert you when to turn?

    • Mark Hewitt

      It has some super basic roads on the maps it has, but they are basically just the motorways. New maps will contain all the roads so they are much bigger files, this is why you need the space.

    • More detailed maps? That alone will get me to buy the 520. Road-only maps are of little use to me on the 510. Loving the size.


  111. Rob

    How does this device compare with the eTrex® Touch series… I’am looking for a device for mountainbiking.

  112. Will the Garmin 520 when paired with a Wahoo Kickr be able to replace Trainerroad for some functionality?

    Would be super cool to program the 520 with some favorite workouts and not have to get out the laptop along with trainerroad.

    Does anyone know much about this possibility?

  113. Jeffrey Sousa

    Where would you place the 520 in comparison to the 810. Can’t decide between the two now???

    • Not exactly sure of your situation, here is my reasoning for going with the 520.
      1. I generally like getting recently released devices, they will have a longer shelf life than something already a year old.
      2. I am more interested in a smaller device and screen size. Nothing smaller than the size of the edge 500.
      3. Maps are not super important to me. I think the 520 has less mapping features (I think) and smaller screen but that is not a big deal.
      4. I have a Wahoo Trainer and Di2 on one bike so. I think the 520 will have more features for both of these technologies.

      Not sure if this helps, Essentially I see the 520 as having a smaller screen size and fewer mapping features. Other than than better/newer features than the 810.

      Would love to hear other reasoning for one device or the other

      — Steven

    • Don

      Pretty sure the 810 doesn’t have GLONASS. It seemed to be more of an 800 released with new graphics to coincide with the release of the all-new 510. That would be the biggest reason for me. Better accuracy. I hate when I try really hard on a segment and it doesn’t even show up that I did it, because it thought I was 50 yards away somewhere off the edge of a cliff or something. 810 is what, 4 years old now? I’d definitely go 520. I don’t even like how big my 510 is. Glad for something smaller. 510 connects to satellites a lot quicker than my 500 though, that’s another part of the reason I wouldn’t skip GLONASS.

  114. Seb

    Hi Ray

    great article as usual !!!
    Do you think it’s possible to use Garmin Map V4 1/25000 on it what area can you cover with the memory allowed in the 520 unit ?


  115. Eli

    You say:
    Sharing of files between units directly was kept

    What do you mean by this? The way the Edge 1000 and the 705 could share courses wirelessly directly between units? Just 520 to 520 or can it also do 520 to 1000? (As in show up to a ride and someone has the route on their garmin they could easily transfer it over to you) Will the 810 get this functionality?

    Why still no magnet based gps? Would make following a course a bit better at complex intersections when stopped

    Seems like the 520 will get features missing from the more expencive 810/1000 so any word on them being replaced or updated. (My 810 just got bricked so….)

  116. Tim B

    Awesome job, Ray!

  117. Andy S

    So I was looking on the Garmin website over the weekend and they still had the 500 and 510 for sale – not any more, just the 520!

  118. Tom Smart

    I wonder if the segments trigger while you are following a course. I’ve been accustomed to putting Strava segments on my Edge 1000 by using this third-party work around:

    link to gniza.org

    But the segments only trigger if I’m not using navigation, I guess because the segments aren’t built into the course in a way that the Edge recognizes. Has that limitation been resolved?

    • Sylvester Jakubowski

      Thank you for this link, got this up and running on my 810 until the official strava stuff comes, thank you.

  119. Ed

    How many mAh on the 520’s battery? How well can it function while receiving a charge from a dynamo hub?

  120. FreeLunch

    Ray – for people looking for a new bike computer, do you recommend the 520 over the 810/1000?

  121. Andre Moraes

    can I buy from clever training with the 10% discount?

  122. Mike

    Will the text / call notifications actually work on this device? Because let’s face it …………. they just don’t on the 1000.

    This feature works “slightly better than random” on my 1000 & that’s at best!

  123. Babs

    Great review! i am super excited about the Ant+ FE-C control for the wahoo Kickr (assuming Wahoo provide a firmware update for this). As i understand it from the review, i’ll then before to load a previous course/activity/route and the Garmin will automatically control resistance on the Kickr for elevation/ inclines on the course.
    Would be great if there was some overlay mapping/route progress on the Garmin and/or Garmin Connect to show progress on the course as you rode it! ( iknow there are 3rd part apps which do this, but would be nice if integrated directly from Garmin)!

  124. Morten Nielsen

    Is ANT+ FE-C Trainer Control a software og hardware ?

  125. Frank Z

    Thanks Ray. The 520 looks like a very nice all round unit for cyclists. Seems like Garmin are listening to their customers about features. Just hope they improve battery life in general for their devices in future as this is the one feature where they seem to be going backwards

  126. Paul

    Hi Ray,
    Another excellent review, thanks again.
    As an Edge 1000 owner, I’m interested in what we will be getting software wise, in summary from all the comments I’ve seen, and your responses

    POSSIBLY – Trainer control
    Yes to Strava
    Yes to Vari light & Radar

    Please can you ask / confirm or deny
    – FTP
    – VO2 max

    Much appreciated

    • Bob

      I’d second that interest, and add some, to get to these five I’d like to see added to the 1000’s capabilities:

      – VO2 Max Estimation (previously only on some newer Garmin units)
      – FTP tracking and testing
      – ANT+ FE-C Trainer Control
      – Time in zones (first seen on the FR920XT/Fenix3)
      – Recovery Advisor metrics (previously only on some Running/Tri units)

  127. Martin

    Noooooo! It looks perfect except it won’t pair with my phone. :’-(

  128. James

    I’d hope that the 810 firmware update which adds all these features will also make the device function properly for the first time – no mid-ride crashes or lock-ups, functioning TBT navigation, reliable Bluetooth pairing, the option to disable all Garmin segment functionality/syncing… But I know better than to wish for anything from Garmin, really.

  129. Andy

    I was seriously considering buying this in the UK, that was until i saw the price.


    Have Garmin learned nothing? I can buy a full on Mio Cyclo 505 with full maps for £240 in most places.

    This unit should be £199, its easily £100 overpriced.

    • Bob

      Andy, I get the comment, but consider another factor in your comparison. List price for the Mio Cyclo 505 is £329.99 VAT inc.

    • Andy

      Bob. The list price might be £329.99 but its never been £329.99 anywhere in the UK. In fact its barely ever been over £300. Most places online sell it for £240.

      I can’t justify buying this Garmin for £300 even if it does look good, its just £100 overprices for what it is and lets face it, despite the new features they aren’t ‘new’ in reality. A lot of these things were features that most cyclists who use computers were asking for years ago. It seems all that Garmin have done is listened to what people wanted ages ago, stuck it in a new case then had the cheek to price it at £300 thinking its ‘cutting edge. It isn’t.

      They should be pricing this thing at the £199-£230 mark.

    • Tim

      The base model ie without sensors, will be £240 (Evans), with a minimum discount for a new model, perhaps £230. The Mio has been around for quite a while, and prices are falling as a result and you need to shop carefully to get the right map coverage (which is fixed and can’t be altered, for now at least).

    • It’s interesting – while many folks a year or so ago were flocking to the reduced price Mio’s, most are coming back. It’s all the silly/stupid/easy things they lack…lack laps for example (seriously, no option). And, the Mio you listed is massive – bigger than anything shown in this post by a huge chunk. It’s like a frisbee on your handlebars.

      Which isn’t to say there’s not a market there – but I don’t think it’s competitive cyclists, or even weekend warriors. It’s folks looking to do touring that just care about getting from point A to point B.

    • Andy

      Im confused DC. In your review of the 505 you state the unit is much more compact and acceptable for a map based GPS. Its certainly shorter than the Edge1000 and yet here youre now saying its built like a frisbee? So what is it?
      You also say it lacks stuff, but in the same review of the 505 you say its got some of the most advanced options on a cycling GPS. Again im confused. Then you finish by saying its purely for touring cyclists, despite it having virtualy all the functions (and more in some cases) than the Edge1000.
      So what is it mate? Does a product get a thumbs up or down depending if you got a blowjob in the morning? Only im about to buy a power meter soon based on your reviews but i dont want part with the best part of a grand on one that may or may not be any good based on the current condition of your ‘love spuds’. Make your mind up mate.

    • Since it appears that critical reading comprehension skills are challenging for you (and yet not the other combined 1,453 people who have commented on this and the Edge 1000 review), I’ll help simplify a bit.

      First, there’s a concept called time. This represents days, months, and years. It’s ultimately why in the fall things get colder, and the summer hotter. Or why you might get slower on the bike as you age.

      Ironically, it also applies to posts. See, posts made 16 months ago are different than posts made 1 month ago. Astoundingly – things actually change with this time concept. I know…challenging, right?

      So, while Mio had many new tech features 16 months ago that Garmin units didn’t, they no longer have that advantage. In fact, if you look at the very first section of my Mio 505 post (not a review, btw, but again, reading comprehension) – you’ll note all but one of those features are available on Garmin units today. This also goes for features I later discuss in the post around touring.

      Again, I never actually discussed the Edge 1000 in the Mio 505 post because…umm…oh that’s right – it was released before the Edge 1000 came out. But there it is again, the date and time thing. Tricky, right? I also never said the Mio 505 had less features than the Edge 1000 (FYI: It doesn’t), but also because again – that post was written before the Edge 1000 came out.

      Finally, on sizing – it is indeed larger than the Edge 1000. But alas, we weren’t talking about the Edge 1000 here on this page or thread, we were talking about the Edge 520 (and my comment directly above that is in reference to that). I know, darn that comprehension already – such complex stuff.

      That same complex comment also talks to some of the challenges people have seen with the Mio range over those last 16 months – but let’s not get wrapped up in time/dates again…wouldn’t want to confuse you more than already are.

    • (insert the sound of a cracking whip here…)

    • MattB

      *cheers wildly*

      I love it when Ray lets his usually well-concealed sarcastic side loose on rude commenters! I’m just wondering if Andy and Eric from the “How to download free maps” post are related somehow…

  130. Irish

    Guys, really basic question and hoping to get some advice. I was just about to buy an EDGE 810. The 810 seems to offer touch screen and slightly bigger screen. Nice unit. It seems that Garmin will offer a firmware update in September or so. So big question, why should i wait for the Edge 520? What will the 520 be better at? What will i regret if I get the 820?

  131. JDS

    A comparison and thoughts on this vs the new, and soon to market, Lezyne Super GPS would be great.

  132. Enda

    Did I understand this correctly? This update allows for the 810 to use GLONASS?

  133. Gary V

    I see that both the 520 and the 510 are supposed to be able to DOWNLOAD COURSES/ROUTES FROM PHONE TO UNIT, at least according to the comparison chart.
    I have uploaded rides to my iPhone 6 , but would love to be able to download courses, (like a .tcx file) from the iPhone to the 510/520 before a ride, in case I forgot to plug in a route ahead of time. How is that done?

    • For downloading courses you must pre-create. Been that way (unfortunately) for a few years.

    • Gary V

      Are there directions on how to DOWNLOAD COURSES/ROUTES FROM PHONE TO UNIT. I generate tcx files with RidewithGPS all the time. I often put them into dropbox and would like to upload them to my Edge at the start of the ride from my iPhone rather than from my computer, which I rarely bring with to rides. Can that be done?
      If not what does the capability, DOWNLOAD COURSES/ROUTES FROM PHONE TO UNIT, mean?

    • Gunnar9090

      FWIW, I’ve created routes on my iPad through Garmin Connect and then downloaded the route to my Garmin 810 (when I used to have one).

      I don’t travel with a computer so that works well in a pinch to get routes to your edge.

  134. Vincent

    I just returned my Edge 510 after nearly a year of ownership. My issue had been with the HR straps not working. Has that been corrected?

  135. Ric Liang


    As always a fantastic review!

    I’ve used the 200 and presently using the 500. The 510 was not enough of a reason for me to upgrade, now I think I have.

    One feature I asked Garmin about and they were not too interested in adding, is a Lap Altitude. Right now the only visible altitude is what you’ve ridden for the entire day, If you want to start a new lap at the base of a long mountain climb, it would be great to be able to see specific altitude just for that lap.

    Do you know if that feature has been added?

  136. David

    How much quicker do the Edge 510 and 520 acquire satellite lock than the Edge 500. I cannot count the number of times I’ve waited minutes for the Edge 500 to acquire a lock (downtown, near big buildings).

    • With the 510/520, a lock rarely takes more than 20-seconds if I’m starting from the same place. Often as quick at 5-10 seconds.

    • Ric Liang

      Ray are you using both GLONASS and GPS?

    • David

      How long does the same lock take you with the Edge 500?

    • David

      Ray, sorry for the double reply but I just picked up on a nuance of your wording. You said if you start from the same place. If you constantly alternate between two places, say 20KM apart (like my commute), does lock take longer?

    • A slight bit, but not much. On the newer devices, the unit is caching at multiple levels. First a pre-cache that happens globally with an offline database that’s stored for the next 7 days. Then a secondary ‘last position’ type of cache that basically stores the last known position of the unit. So if you go home, and then walk back outside – it’s super-fast. Same goes when you ride to work, work all day, and then walk back outside in the same spot.

      But even with the global cache I’ve done tests of flying to China and getting lock in a few dozens seconds.

  137. Frenchman

    How usable are the front mounted buttons while riding? Not even with an out-front mount, but just with a quarter turn mount and o-rings, a pretty squishy setup that may not like to be pushed from one side of the unit without any hard surface to brace against like the handlebar or stem did for the top mounted buttons of previous devices.

  138. Andrea

    Will the Edge 1000 get Vo2Max, Recovery advisor and FTP metrics?

  139. WPI

    Thank You for keeping everyone up to date on the new toys available. I don’t understand how you are able to stretch 30 hours out of a 24hr day to fit everything in.

    My question is… Do you have any ideas how the 520 will function for hiking? I have been searching for an all in one that includes navigation ( Bread Crumb type at least ) that I can use to track hikes and cycling. I have seen Edge 820 users attempt to use the 820 for both, with no luck. They complain of lost data at low speeds.

    An example situation would be camping for a weekend in the mtns. I would love to download maps to guide me biking through the woods for my morning shenanigans, then in the afternoon take the 520 ( or whichever GPS unit ) for a long hike to track where I wander. Any ideas?

  140. Jonathan

    Ray, thanks for another helpful review.

    From earlier reviews I know you sometimes talk to Garmin, so I am hoping you will pass “our” wishes on as well. I feel this thing is nearly perfect, however, dropping WiFi is a mistake in my opinion. Why?
    My 1000 is very unreliable synching via the phone. It works, but only “so so”. WiFi is just great: my rides are uploaded before I even enter the my front door. Both on my FR920 and my Edge 1000. Simply love it. It is reliable, quick and easy.

    Dropping touchscreen is the way to go IMHO. Touchscreen with full gloves on a rainy day, really a good idea? No! It very often leads to a “grumpy me”.

    So as soon as there is a 520 style computer with more memory and WiFi I guess it’s the computer everybody wants to have.
    Ah, and my last wish… it should be able to pick up heart rate from one of those optical watches 🙂



  141. Paul

    Will this support OTG charging?

  142. Joe

    Maybe this is a dumb question, but can I upload a gpx file to the Garmin Edge 520 and load it onto the screen and follow it while at the same time recording all my strava stats? I looked on the Garmin site and see that it says under memory “Routes 0” so this was concerning for me. I pull a lot of the routes I do off the internet of long rides I see others doing so I can just follow along their gpx track for 100-150 miles and if this unit can do that then I am sold! Just wondered why it says zero routes can be stored?


  143. Marianne


    I Wonder if it is able to show some customizable fields (exaple speed, cadance, Heart beat etc.) while on map/”navigation” screen?

    I would think it was nice, always to be on mapscreen (since I can get lost in a shoebox), but will need some datafields to be shown..

  144. Bob190

    Just ordered the 520 using the Clever Training link. Sold my Edge 800 on EBay, so I guess I’ll be tracking my rides with my iPhone for a few weeks.

    Real-time Strava segments sold me on the 520.

  145. Nick McGuirk

    Does the notifications of SMS messages etc work on this device? Lots of reports that it does not work on other Garmin models?

  146. Will M

    I currently have a 500 and am looking to upgrade. Which unit in your opinion, the 510 or the 520, seems better suited for racing? I am not to worried about some of the extra features, so it more comes down to which one would be better in a race. Thanks

  147. Maxim

    Played a bit with the unit.
    I found the buttons way to stiff. It was a pre-production unit. It felt strange to apply a serious amount of force just to push the button. Could have been ‘exhibition effect’ though. Lots of people tried the unit before me.
    And gosh it’s thick… really thick!

  148. Steve

    Hey Ray,
    Trying to place a pre-order for the 520 at Clever Training but the discount code is not working. Does it apply for the 520? Thanks a lot….

  149. jay

    This unit would be perfect if it had WIFI… the only thing stopping me buying and hoping for a updated 820 version (currently own 510)

    • Harr

      Jay, that’s what I am waiting for also! These unit are useless to me if they don’t upload when I walk into my house after a training session. Imagine how much money garmin would make if they had this feature! I don’t get it

    • Harr

      Jay, that’s what I am waiting for also! These unit are useless to me if they don’t upload when I walk into my house after a training session. Imagine how much money garmin would make if they had this feature! I don’t get it .

    • While I do agree it’s silly that the Edge 520 doesn’t have WiFi, with Bluetooth Smart and the unit already paired to your phone, it’s going to do that upload pretty much instantly in the background when you finish your ride.

  150. Michael Hummel

    Comparing to Edge 500 its poor 50% of battery life.
    (25% less if you switch off all of the new features like BLE, 50% less if you activate all new features)
    My Question: Would anybody buy a new smartphone if it has less capacity than the predecessor? No!

    An Edge 5nn/8nn/10nn must have a capacity for a whole day trip. These trips are the trips where you NEED all the new features like live tracking or messaging. Not that short ones.

    • How do you get 50% less battery life? The Edge 500 was 18 hours, the Edge 520 is 15 hours.

      Do you normally cycle for more than 15 hours straight (i.e. starting at 7AM and ending at 10PM)? And if so – do you normally cycle for less than 18 hours when going more than 15 hours (i.e. starting at 7AM and ending at 1AM)?

    • Joe

      I actually do cycle for that long straight routinely, but it’s still not much of an issue anyway. I just charge while riding using a small 3200 mAh Jackery battery pack that will charge on the fly. Works great for other Garmin units, and for using Strava on the iPhone for that long, I’m sure it will work fine for this one as well. Battery is just smaller and lighter than a roll of quarters. Works great!

  151. Porto

    Hi Ray,
    You mentioned in a DCR podcast with TRS Radio that very very soon there would be a European version of the Clevertraining discount.
    Any news on that? I would love to support you on my next tech purchase.


    • Hi Porto-

      Indeed, I’m pretty excited about it as well. While we (the Royal We) to launch last week, it looks like the technical integration testing won’t yet be completed now till early August. They ran into a few more stumbling blocks. Definitely bummed. But hopefully it’ll be here soon (both them and I wish for that just as much as you!).

      Thanks for thinking of me!

    • Porto

      Ok, great. That gives it a little bit more time for the 920XT to drop in price…. fingers crossed..

      Laughing at the “royal We”… 😀
      I immediately imagined the Garmin rep handing over to you the Garmin 930XT prototype for testing, and you saying: “We are not amused….. MAKE IT BETTER!!”


  152. Alex M Campbell

    Hi, great review. I have a question regarding elevation.
    If I’m on a known Strava segment is there a way of displaying the elevation progress (i.e., an elevation graph for the whole segment showing how far through you are and what distance / grades are remaining?).
    Also, can you tell it what Strava segments you want to track or will it do all of them when you start them (that could get annoying!)
    Thanks in advance!

    • MattB

      You have to select the segments in advance that you want to track and sync them with the unit from your PC/phone, so the 520 will then track those independent of your phone. It won’t see any other unselected segments though (which as you say, is probably a good thing!).

  153. Bill

    How many bikes can the 520 be setup for? The fact that the 500 only runs with 3 bikes is my biggest gripe.

  154. Steve

    How does the touchscreen react to sweat dropping on it? When I’m on my KICKR and sweat drops on my Samsung GS5 phone, my buttons go all out of wack and Wahoo app keeps turning on/off, etc. How does the 520’s touchscreen react to sweat drops on it? E.g. does sweat select on-screen buttons for you, or keep you from pressing on-screen buttons?

    • Steve

      ugh… it appears I wasn’t the only one incorrectly thinking this was a touchscreen! Only picked up that detail from the comments.

  155. b

    Can Garmin 520 display other Garmin users’ live track(s) and current position(s) on the moving map display?

    The Garmin 810’s Bluetooth can communicate to Garmin and create live track web page, but unit fails at displaying any useful data from your internet connected cellphone. Not even text messages or other phone push notifications ffs. Instead Garmin chose to display useless news like wildfire risks.

  156. Jeremy

    Great review as always, and I really need HELP! I have a new Trek with Duo Trap, which is supposed to sync with all Garmin products. I want a device that will have a map, measure my watts, and sync with all my 3rd party apps (strava and the like). The 520 looks like a winner.

    Do I need to buy the bundle (HR, Speed, Cadence), or can I get by buying the 520 ($299), Garmin HR ($69) and using by DuoTrap for Speed/Cadence? Please help.

    • Randonneur

      Have two bikes? Buy the bundle and drop the Garmin Speed/Cadence sensors in the second frame. Just one bike? Standalone 520 + separate HRM should do it. You’ll still need to buy a power meter for watts, though.

    • Jeremy

      Only one bike. Re: need for power meter, won’t the speed & cadence DuoTrap with the 520 serve as a power meter (supplying Watts)?

    • Craig Schaepe

      No speed and cadence sensors will not supply power. You need a separate power meter for that. So expect to spend a lot more for that.

  157. Nath

    Does this have the same annoying “feature” of the 500, in that it beeps saying “off course” and then beeps 1 second later saying it’s been found again?

  158. Tom

    How has Garmin not changed prices on the 500 and 510 yet? Seems like the 500 should be permanently lowered to the $169 sale price that has come out a few times and 510 needs to be below $250 for anyone to buy it…right now at $329 ($30 more than the newer 510) it makes no sense.

    • Tim

      It looks like they removed the 500 and 510 from their site “store” completely?

      I’m assuming retailers will be allowed to discount both units as desired soon (I think typically Garmin has strict rules on how dealers set pricing for “Active” products).

  159. Chris

    I was considering buying the 810 or 1000, with the upcoming software updates for those models, I’m confused about what to do. I liked the multiple bike profiles on the 510 and the touchscreen was nice.

    For daily 20-40 mile rides with an eye on improving time, cadence etc…which one should I buy?


    Thank you.


  160. It seems like the 520 won’t be able to control my Kickr!!! Darn. That would be an idea scenario for me, to take my outside rides and emulate them on my trainer.

    Any idea is Wahoo is looking to address support for FC-E?

  161. Steph

    Hey there!
    I’m new in the dedicated bike computer…. I have always use my watch for that and an old Cateye wireless sensor…
    Are those computer used is MTB ? The 520 could do the thing you think or maybe too dangerous for this kind of activities? With bump and vibration, any risk of loosing it?


    • Les Doerfler


      I have the Garmin 800 which uses the same mounting mechanism. It would take a lot to knock the Garmin loose, so I would think that it would be fine for use on a MTB.


    • Stephane

      OK, cool, thx for the reply!


    • Joose

      I routinely use my Edge 200 – with the same mounting mechanism – when mountain biking. Newer dropped or damaged it dispate that I crashing now and then.

  162. Mat

    Hi sorry if this has been asked but this will be a deal breaker for me. Regarding turn by turn navigation. I understand that during mid ride you can’t enter a location and it will tell you turn by turn how to get there but what about downloading a route before you set off and then following it? Does it then give you turn by turn directions for that route?

    Thank you.


    • Tim

      Preface… I don’t have a 520, but all other non-routing devices work this way.

      If you create the route “properly” (including course points with turn instructions) it should prompt for those. Note that if you go off course it will not tell you turn-by-turn how to get back to course (except perhaps “as the crow flies”).

      As of now the Garmin Connect course I have used on my devices do not provide turn prompts. One needs to create using RideWithGPS, for example. There are some forum threads on Garmin’s forums. In general creating courses properly requires a little learning and process because there are many ways to get a course file, but only a few if you really want the course points with turn indications (and perhaps pre-turn warnings).

      Perhaps a “better” question — does the Edge 520 continue to support TCX course files, or has it gone to the 920xt / fenix3 standard of requiring a FIT file? All of the edge devices in the past would take TCX files, so I am assuming this is the case.

  163. BarryM

    Will the phone sync work with Blackberry z30 do you know….no laughing please..

    • Gunnar9090


    • Hey,,, quit laughing at us BB users :(…. On top being BB user (Q10) i’m a linux user as well… so i can forget about any kind of syncing… this is why absence of WiFI sync was biggest downer for me in this model…. well, actually only downer… as i see it – it’s a very solid product.

  164. Gary N

    I currently have the 810 but been waiting for the Strava function that the 520 has. I know there is a Software update soon for the 810. Will this give the same Strava functions as the 520 or will it be a “lite” version if that makes sense. Also is the mapping the same as the 810 and not breadcrumbs like the 510?

  165. Theakston

    I’m really keen to know the feedback re the firmware update to the Edge 1000. I’ve just bought one but will return before I open the box unless the Trainer control and other features are going to be rolled out..

  166. Hi Ray.
    Only having owned the Edge 800, I have no experience in using a non-touchscreen Edge. And I’m having difficulties imagining how the Virb Remote functionality would work on the Edge 520. Any chance you could describe (or maybe even show it in a video or a couple of images) how this is accomplished?

    • No? I really can’t imagine how the Virb remote will work without the touchscreen. I’d really appreciate any info.

    • RNH

      I too am interested in this point (how is the VIRB controlled by the Edge 520 if there isn’t touch-screen functionality) – on the older Edge units you could start/stop recording as well as take a photo. I can’t see how that’d work without losing some functionality (not enough buttons on the 520!)

  167. MD

    So I’m looking to buy a new gramin edge head unit. I’m undecided between the 510 & 1000. But the 520 & 810 are also on my radar but to a lesser extent.
    I’ve read the complete reviews (which are awesome) of all four of them PLUS read the comments section. (that’s a lot, i know)
    But i’m still unsure which one to go with. I’ve been using my iPhone so far, but battery life and connection to ANT+ sensors have been an issue.
    510 seems great but the review was negative
    1000 is also great but review & comments were also negative (specially on poor battery life).
    520 is still brand new and not fully tested. And in some areas it sounds to me like a downgrade rather than an upgrade (battery life & touch screen for instance – compared to 510)

    SO, if budget were no issue, but the important features were:
    – long battery life
    – reliability (no mid-ride device failures, or other bugs that will lose all progress…)
    – long lifespan (i’d like to keep it for a very long time)
    – GPS + GLONASS sounds like a good PLUS
    – compatibility with HRM, cadence & speed sensors, as well as power meters (I believe they all are compatible)
    – Screen always on, and that is readable with minimum brightness setting (i love numbers)
    – Upload to garmin connect through WIFI or Bluetooth via iPhone
    – Map is a fine extra but I’ll have my iPhone with me anyway, so it’s probably redundant.
    – Impromptu ride on the other hand sounds quite neat
    – Turn by turn instructions would be real nice but I’ve read it affects battery life tremendously
    – Live Segments not so important

    SO which would you go with? thx
    And any links for EU purchase?
    thx again for the in-depth reviews. much appreciated

  168. Gunnar9090

    MD, Ray is a busy man, so maybe I can help since I’ve owned an edge 500, 800 and 810. The edge 810 never had reliable upload it iPhone (for me….and many others from what I read about in the forums).

    Once you have mapping on your cycling computer, you’ll never want to pull out your phone again for maps. You do get some reduced battery life following a course and using maps vs just the data pages, but still should be well within acceptable duration.

    Switched back to the edge 800 from the 810 and find the 800 very reliable. However, I do have a 520 on pre-order through Clever Training. I’m hoping the ee 520 has better uploads through the iPhone. I also like the smaller form factor.

  169. Frank Andreasen

    never saw an answer from you if the edge 1000 will get VO2 MAX and recovery advisor with the next release ??

    • Randonneur

      Unlikely, unless Garmin forks out extra $$ for the Firstbeat license for the existing 510/810/1000 devices out there. Would be nice if 510/810/1000 did HRV/RR recording for post-ride standalone analysis via 3rd party software (incl. Firstbeat Athlete.)

    • Yeah, still waiting on answer on many of these. Will poke again today when they wake up.

  170. Troy

    W the bundle offer
    Yes, its $100 more
    What speed and cadence sensor is included?

    I was initially planning on just getting the Wahoo Speed/candence sensor ( Dual ).

  171. Andre

    The mini USB on my current head unit just packed it in. If you had the choice of the Magellan 505 and the Garmin 520, would the Garmin be the way to go?

  172. Murphy

    Regarding call and text notifications, what information appears on the screen? Is it something simple like a name/number of who’s calling or texting, or does the actual text appear on the screen? Thanks!

  173. Jerry

    Sorry if I missed this.. I assume it should work with Wahoo Speed/candence sensor ?

  174. Ryan

    For $100 more, the “bundle” includes Garmin’s new ANT+ Speed and Cadence sensors, correct? If so, then you’d be better off buying them separately: (~$65 for the bundle, $299 for the Edge 520). Am I missing something here?

  175. Mark Hewitt

    Any update on the release date?

    Evans Cycles in the UK is still saying first week in August, but other websites are saying 7th September.

    Considering I’m planning a big ride where I’m need a Garmin in mid-August that would be a big problem!


      you and me both. before august 7th I’d buy it right this second. anytime later I might as well wait until christmas or even next season……..

    • kevinh

      Strava just sent me a note on my order: shipments are delayed from garmin, new estimated ship date is six weeks from now.



      scratching off my list now, I’ll check back mid december

    • Mark Hewitt

      What?! That’s the end of August! By the time I get it it’s going to be heading full speed into Autumn. I had hoped from the announcement that it would be available soon. Especially since I had a 510 but sent it back as the 520 was announced.

      Why announce a product and get everyone excited about it then don’t make it available for months? At least with the likes of Apple their products are available a couple of weeks after the launch.

    • To be fair, Garmin has said all along that they expect shipments within Q3 (so by the end of September).

      As for Apple, that’s not always the case. They announced the Apple Watch in September, and shipped just this past Spring.

    • Michael Swann

      Think that’s frustrating? Try waiting over a year for the Polar V650 and then find it doesn’t do half the things that it could or should do.

  176. Paul thorn

    Thanks for review. I have just pre ordered the 520. I have DI2 and just wondering how it sinks with DI2 and gives you gear positions, and where this is displayed. I like to use certain gears for some hill climbs and this will be helpful.

  177. Theo

    What is the size of the basemap? I think this can be deleted to make more space available for custom maps.

  178. B Lim

    Is autoclimb available on the 520 either now or in the future? Thank you for your reply in advance.

  179. Andy

    Since these are compunters I’m wondering if there is a speed difference in the processors used in the 1000, 810, and now the 520. What I’m really getting at is the 810 going to feel sluggish and slow since it has older generation internal computer stuff than the 1000 and 520? Sort of like how my old ipad2 is slow and sluggish compared to newer models.

  180. Krishna

    Ray, Thank you for the detailed review. Just ordered a Edge 520 bundle from clever training site. It saved me the 10% plus the sales tax. I am relatively new to road biking and this is my first bike computer! I am looking forward to it!

  181. Dave

    Does the 520 use all 4 data packets sent each second for reporting/display?

    I recall that earlier Garmin only used 1 of the 4 packets sent.

  182. Bert


    Do you know if the HR strap that comes in the bundle is the new HR strap from Garmin that’s able to measure all those nifty run dynamic statistics, or is it the traditional one that came with the older edge 500/510 units? Thanks!


  183. Brad

    I predicted earlier when Garmin introduced their own segments (First look at the new Garmin Edge 1000 – Comment #235) that Strava would be forced to either roll their own GPS head or partner. With the Garmin/Strava tie up, it is clear that Garmin is throwing in the towel on their segment feature. Besides, I am not sure how Garmin monetizes their Connect web offering (or do they even try?). By partnering with the leaders in the user application space, they sell more hardware. Let’s face it, us cyclists are cheap and, at most, we’ll only subscribe to 1 pay anything service.

  184. Robet McNeil

    I want to use with Power Tap G3…Is this better than the Polar M450?

  185. Stuart Brown

    There was an Edge update today that features Strava Live Segments – but no mention of ANT+ FE-C trainer control… is there any news yet as to whether this will be coming to Edge 1000?

  186. Kgreene

    Great review, as always. Sorry if someone mentioned these issues, but I burned out after the first 200 posts! Lots of note rest here.

    I don’t understand why Garmin would diminish an awesome device with key buttons on the bottom. It’s just insane. As a bike racer, I want to minimize the gap between device and bars. Sky even had K-Edge design an out front mount specifically to do this. Now, to use the lap feature, I have to make the device very un-aerodynamic. Any chance Garmin will allow user-programmable buttons to get around this crazy (did I mention it’s insane!) design feature.

    I was also going to say that I wish they has redesigned the pesky plastic mounting tabs that break but this issue pales in comparison to buttons on the bottom. Insanity!

    • Randonneur

      See: “Support for Edge Remote Control accessory.”

      I doubt racers in aero are interested in the start/stop or lap buttons. But if they do care, they can now press the buttons via the Edge Remote without disturbing their aero too much (assuming that the Edge Remote can be positioned properly.)

    • Dwight

      I agree that the buttons along the bottom are not ideal (they are hard to reach and operate), but I think it’s getting a little carried away to discuss how aero the computer is in the mount. This comes down to milliwatts of loss.

  187. Keith

    Thanks for the great review. Sorry if this has been asked already but I can’t find the answer yet. Does the 520 use the same speed cadence sensor as the 500? I assume my HRM from my 500 is also compatible. Thanks!

  188. Hi Ray, I have an old Garmin 60Cx and it works really except for one aspect. I often follows downloaded gpx tracks on my mountain bike, and they are shown as a narrow dotted line (‘breadcrumbs’). I can alter the color of the line, but not its width. However, these days I need reading glasses and cannot see the narrow line so clearly. Is it possible with the new 520 to alter the width as well as color of tracks, or do you know any other tricks to do that? Thanks, Andrew

  189. Sean

    Hi Ray,
    I will be upgrading from the Edge 500 so I’m not sure what the routing functionality of the Edge 510 entails. I’m assuming this will be the same as the Edge 500 in that I can create a route, export in that file (such as in tcx format) and receive turn by turn instructions.
    Is that right?

    Thanks once again for another brilliant mini review. I wish you could sort out some deal for Australian users where you also got a cut of the purchase price.


  190. Toby

    Is it a bad idea to buy the older edge 500/800 now, since they are two generations behind and are being discontinued.
    I can get the 500/800/810 for these prices below, which seems pretty good to me? They include HRM and cadence.

    Edge 500 $182
    Edge 800 $310
    Edge 810 $365

    The slightly more expensive 810 is also an option.
    The new 520 is more expensive than the 810 where I live.

    • Tim

      The older units likely will not receive many new updates — if you are happy with what they do now, go for it.

      I have a 500 and had an 800… For me the BT activity syncing and LiveTrack is a useful enough feature to at least justify a 510, 810, or the new 520.

      FWIW, I have a 520 on pre-order from Clever Training.

  191. Saman Mahjoob

    Hi, when the back light is off can I still see whats on the screen?

  192. Thanks for a great insight into this product.
    I just lost my Edge 800 and so am faced with a buying decision. Really liking the 520 – great interface and of course the Strava segments. Couple of questions:
    Does it have an elevation profile screen like the Edge 800/810 showing the upcoming climbs and descents for the active course?
    Do we know if/when Garmin will be updating the 810 and what features it’s likely to have?

    Many thanks,

  193. I’m getting frustrated with the reliability of my Wahoo RFLKT and the Wahoo app. I’d order this today if it had bluetooth sensor support. I might still order it, but I’m hesitating.

    • Mark Hewitt

      If you’re using Wahoo sensors, then quite likely they have ANT+ support anyway. I’ve used a Garmin 510 with my Wahoo RPM and Wahoo HRM and it works fine.

    • Mark- all my sensors are compatible (I have an earlier BlueSC on another bike that BT-only). But it’s mostly that BT seems like the future, and Garmin is the biggest player that can’t support it (since they pushed ANT).

    • FrostByteVA

      Ted, I’m with you. Wahoo app crashes after 3 or so hours and they haven’t fixed it in 4 months! I had a race that started in the mountains so GPS didn’t lock in before it started, so it just turned GPS off for the whole ride. Now, my RFLKT is going though batteries like crazy. Guess it’s time for a real computer and save the phone for calls and running.

    • FrostByte: I had battery drain issues quite a while ago (early this year? late last year?), they had me update the RFLKT firmware.

      Still having some sort of Android GPS issues that keep rides from being tracked. It works fine for many rides, but fails on some, which isn’t acceptable. Some of the failures are from using the camera during a ride, but that isn’t true for all of them.

      The devs at Strava said they aren’t adding RFLKT to Android (like they have on iphone), so that makes me more inclined to go with the 520.

  194. Jeff

    I posted this higher up under another comment, but I imagine it’ll get buried pretty quick.
    So, if I have the 500, I’d only need to buy the base unit and everything else should work (HR, speed, cadence, Stages meter), no fuss no muss?

  195. Don

    @Jeff. Yes they’re all ANT+ sensors, so they will all work.

  196. gabriele tarsia incuria

    hi. just a question. does the edge calibrate the resistance of the trainer with the setted power taking the data from the powermeter of the bike or just the data from the trainer ? thanks.

  197. mk241

    Thanks, Ray for a fantastic review! Tremendous amount of info here. I currently have the 500 and upload TCX files for the majority of my rides. When the screen is set to the “cue sheet” view, it works fine. However, when it’s set to the metrics view (speed, cadence distance etc), the turns are displayed after the fact so it doesn’t allow enough time to prepare for the upcoming direction. Is this still the case with the 520? It would be ideal if I could set up a screen with some metrics plus the next 2-3 turn directions which counts down in distance as I approach the turn off point.

    • Tim

      There are some tools (ridewithgps, I think) that can create routes with Course Point “turn warnings”. It may help with your 500, let alone 520.

      Certainly BikeRouteToaster.com used to support it, but I think that site is somewhat dead now… ?

  198. Nuno Martins

    I have been using the Edge 510 and when i’m “following a course”, the speed of the GPS to read the map is to slow… If the course have 2 consecutive turns, when i’m doing the last turn the GPS is still giving data for the first turn…

    This is to much slow…

    Here can i see the speed of the various Garmin devices?

  199. Ricardo

    Hello, i have sell my edge 800 and i need to buy new edge now, and i don´t know how garmin will i buy edge 520 or edge 1000. with the new firmware the garmin 1000 does have the strava segments also? and the vo2 max calculation?

    thank you, if you can answer my question quickly i will apreciate.

    best regards

  200. Michael Swann

    I currently use a couple of Polar monitors and it is easy to lock into a heart rate zone on the fly when training. I see that you can do a similar thing with Garmin by defining it in the activity profile. Can the zone lock be taken off easily on the fly? For example on my commute home I can set a zone lock to zone 3 and then disengage it by holding a button down before I climb the hill to home to save the motor from beeping at me incessantly. Can a Garmin operate in the same way?

  201. Rob Wolfe

    Obviously this unit is purpose built for bike riding, not geocaching. That being said, is there any way to load something like a gpx file of local caches onto the 520 so that you can stop if you happen to be passing them on the map? (not that I can ever bring myself to stop for them but I like having the option)

  202. Will M

    Do you know which things the 510 will be updated with, such as FTP tracking and VO2 max analysis? Thanks.

  203. anna

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  204. First one available on eBay UK!

  205. Roger

    Thanks for the great review I was lucky enough to get a hold of one of these but have been unable to install the open source maps
    I belive I have followed the instructions and have copied it into the Gramin root directory but it does not show up

    I have got the file with the name gmapsupp.img so I am sure i have downloaded the correct file
    I cannot find anyway to turn the map on
    If you could help me out I would be grateful

    Many Thanks

    • Roger

      I have worked it out now
      you need to replace the basemap with the new file

      Just for info

    • Theo

      Hi Roger,

      Can you tell me how much free space is available if the base map is removed? Or what is the size of the base map? I think the 50 mb free space reported earlier is with the base map included.


    • litany

      The base map is 49,808KB. Windows says the capacity of the Edge 520 is 110,247,936 bytes. Replacing the base map with my 28MB map I have almost 70MB free now.

  206. daniel sekera

    Roger I am sorry to tell you but your unit is obviously defrective. I feel really poorly that this happened to you, So to make it better I suggest you instantly send me yours next day air. Then when mine arrives and I know it’s good I’ll send you mine…. 🙂

  207. Baz

    Hi There, it is possible to have miles for distance and meters for elevation with the Garmin 520?

  208. Julien

    Hi Ray,

    Splendid review, as usual! I’m really not prone to change for any new device coming up; I’m still using an Edge 705, I guess this is a valid proof! 🙂 But while reading your article, I felt like this Edge 520 could be the GPS I’ve been waiting for years (especially as I’m definitely not a fan of touch-screens for bike GPS). However, I still can’t believe that Garmin did not provide more memory than those ridiculous 50 MB… how is that even possible nowadays? Any chance that they will upgrade their device either with more memory or at least with a SD card slot in your opinion? Honnestly, if you’re planning a 1 week trip from Nice to Geneva across the French Alps (which happens to be my case), you will never be able to upload the corresponding map from link to garmin.openstreetmap.nl because it will be more than 60 MB (I just tried it, keeping only the really necessary tiles on the map; there’s no way to go below this map size). So now I really feel like it could be the perfect GPS if they decided to open their eyes and give it the memory it needs!

    Thanks again for the great job, it really helps to have your reviews!


  209. Stuart Brown

    Hi Ray,

    Is there any news from Garmin on FE-C and VO2 Max for Edge 1000 yet?

  210. Bill

    I preordered my 520 from performance bike as soon as it was on their site, when the anticipated in-stock date was at the end of July. The date keeps getting pushed back since then (now August 18). Anyone else know of any status from the other U.S. vendors?

    • Mike

      I got an email from Clever Training earlier this week saying that some of their pre-orders were going start going out today (Friday, 7/31).


      I spend about 20 minutes each and every day “shopping” for this item. Other than 1 person on here stating they have one besides ray I cannot find any availability anywhere.

      were you one of the fortunate ones that happened to stumble across performance offering 20% off everything during the tour? This included the pre-order on the 520. 20% off the most anticipated bike computer release in a long time AND free shipping….wth

      someone at performance probably got the slap on the back of the head for that one…….

    • Bill

      Yes. I did get that deal, it’s what made me justify the purchase.

    • Chris S

      Really? I’ve received 3 updates emails from Clever all stating … “This item is still expected to become available for fulfillment in August, however at this time we do not have any confirmed shipping dates available from Garmin.”

    • The Edge 520 bundle units came into Clever Training on Thursday or Friday (can’t remember offhand), but all of those went out. That covered roughly half of all Clever Training backorders for the bundle variant.

      For the base Edge 520, no units have arrived yet (and at last check on Friday they hadn’t received ship-notice yet from Garmin to Clever Training).

      Thanks for the support!

    • Chris S

      Appreciate the details, Ray.

      Thanks for all you do!

  211. Don

    Just got a shipping confirmation.

  212. fuel98rider

    Well, after reading this awesome review and all of the comments, I think I’ve finally found my Edge 500 replacement. The 510 was a non-starter because of the touch screen and larger size. The 520 looks perfect, just a tad bit bigger than the 500. The mapping and smaller storage are not issues for me, but it will be nice to have the BT sync ability like the 510. Hopefully it will not be as buggy as the first releases of prior Edge products. Kudos to Garmin on the Vivoactive, that’s been bug free for me right from the start.

    I just ordered mine from Clever Training with the VIP program. People in FL get the shaft on this though because of the FL sales tax…..makes the discount only 3%. Hopefully it will arrive before 6 Gap in September.

  213. Michael

    What thorough review. Thanks Rainmaker!

    I’m curious about what the Quick Satellite Reception is and the rating distinction btwn the 500 being ‘great’ and the 510/520 having a ‘yes’ rating.

    Is there any improvement in GPS reception with the 520 compared to the 500?

    Thanks in advance,


  214. N4th4nT

    I used my 520 for the first time today…..

    A few questions if anyone can help.When following a Course, the live Strava Segment tracking does NOT work, when you stop the Course they work. A little disappointing as I use courses a lot !

    Also, when the Strava segments comes up it only shows the fastest time of the people I am following….not the KOM leaders time. Can you change this?

    Also, I’m still not sold on the faff of “starring” Strava segments…….not great.


    • Anonymous Coward

      That’s unfortunate. From the manual:
      Racing a Segment

      Segments are virtual race courses. You can race a segment, and compare your performance to past activities, other riders’ performance, connections in your Garmin Connect™ account, or other members of the cycling community.

      1. Start following a segment, a course containing a segment, or go for a ride.
      Makes it like any segments on a course should come up. Well, it’s a Garmin 1.0 release, so par for the course.

    • Karl

      Yeah, when they say “a course containing a segment”, they literally mean the segment is embedded in the course fit file.

    • Don

      Do you need to star a segment to get it to track? I could understand that. If you live in a busy cycling area you might have 10 segments overlapping at once, or a few starting within a couple hundred feet of each other. Also if the trail Y’s there might be a segment going each way, how would it know at the start which one you wanted to hit?

  215. Jeremy

    So grateful for these brief new user updates. I’m not convinced the 520 is going to be what’s promised. Prove us wrong.

  216. Bruno

    Hi Ray,
    Thanks for the great work that you are doing.
    Do you know if we can Display GPX trace on an openstreet map together?

  217. Hey Ray-

    I am not remarkably techy, but is there anything here that would improve and decrease the number of dropped connections between my stages PM and the 520? My 500 presently loses connection (much) more than I would prefer, drives me a bit nuts. Granted, I live in a very populous area (Orange County, CA) with lots of signals everywhere I am sure…any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Really hard to say. Stages seems to be one of the more finicky ones when it comes to transmission. So it’s possible it’ll improve.

      Generally I haven’t heard too many issues with reception on the Edge 500 (the FR910XT is the most common).

    • Shane Ingram

      I had the same problem and found it was the power meter not the cycling computer. I was experiencing stages drop outs on my Garmin 500 and Mio 505. It was related top the stages battery connection. Remove the battery compartment O-ring and voila.. no more drop outs. Unfortunately, you probably compromised the water protection at the same time. I ended up wrapping a layer of see through duct tape around the crank as water protection. Worked perfectly since.

  218. Doc Olmo

    Talking about OSM maps….The latest Basecamp 4.5.0 for Mac OS-X will crash when you try to open an OSM map that you referred to above. Just to let Garmin know that they need a fix quickly.

  219. Denise

    Does anyone know whether I can use my Forerunner 225 as HRM in addition to the Edge 520? Upon synchronizing the data of both devices, am I able to bundle the data so my heart rate measured with the FR225 will be added to the data (route/cadence/speed/etc.) of the Edge 520?

    I really hate chest straps, that’s precisely what I love about my FR225 while running. I would like to use the Edge 520 for cycling as the FR225 cannot really help me there, but I do not want to wear a chest strap. So the question is, can I still use my FR225 for the heart rate part and combine the data afterwards?

  220. Mariano

    Ray great review.
    Finally Garmin seems to have found a great cycling product.
    Hopefully the 520 works OK in terms of connectivity reliability.
    I was about to close a deal for an Edge 1000. I will wait to know if the FE-C and VO2 Max functions will be added in the upcoming firmware update.

    Thanks for the great review again!

  221. Arn

    Just received a 520 that I am setting up for my wife to use – I have a 510 currently and am struggling a little with the different UI (buttons vs. touch screen).

    Couple of questions:
    – Anyone know how to change the scale on the elevation screen? On the 510, I could touch the feet or miles to change the vertical/horizontal scale.
    – Anyone know how to zoom on the map without going deep into the menus to set the zoom level manually?
    – Is there a way to pan the map?


    • Dorus

      I have the exact same questions, anyone?

    • JoeL

      Changing the map zoom is burdensome. Basically, you can’t do it without stopping and going through the buttons. I have an old 800 and I’ve come to the conclusion that you need a touch screen to make a map usable while on the fly. I like the other features of the 520 and will keep it. I needed mapping this past weekend and took both the 520 and 800 with me. Worked well especially since the 520 didn’t take up much real estate when I moved it over to a conventional handlebar mount.

    • Have you tried the auto zoom option? I used it this weekend and seemed to roughly work.

    • JoeL

      The map is still unreadable for me but that is largely a function of my age and lack of reading lenses. On the other hand, found a gem on this board. I ordered those $15 stick on bifocal wannabee lenses you put on your sunglasses that somebody recommended. Looking forward to trying them as I have a map intensive Phila to NYC century this weekend.

  222. Adam

    Will the edge 520 allow you to see real time heart rate data, not just average/min/max? I noticed that most of the Garmin edge products do not do this. Do most cyclists just not care about this information?

    • Mark Hewitt

      Not sure what products you’ve been using but they all show real time heart rate data, including the 520.

    • Don

      Agreed. Every Garmin Edge cycling computer shows real time heart rate data. You can also choose to show avg, or min or max, though I’m not sure why you would choose to during a ride.

      In fact, I don’t know of a single Garmin fitness product that doesn’t show real time heart rate.

    • Adam

      Well that makes sense. I was looking at bike computers in a store and that is what they told me about the 520 specifically and the other edge models. Someone was confused about something. Thanks for the response!

  223. PY

    Great review, as always!

    If the budget is not an issue, would you more recommend the 1000 or the 520?

    I have the impression that a mix of the two would be the perfect device, as the limited memory and missing routing features on the 520 might me get for the 1000, but the size of the 520 is much nicer…

    Your advise will be appreciated!

    • It really depends on how much you value the mapping/navigation aspects. If you primarily just use the map for a quick double-check of something, then go Edge 520.

      If however you’re using the navigational features a lot – such as specifying an exact address, or want turn by turn instructions, the Edge 1000 is a better bet.

      I suspect I’ll probably convert to a small fleet of Edge 520’s here by fall (away from a mix of Edge 810 and 1000 units).

  224. Craig Schaepe

    I had problems with the 520 finding my custom maps until I renamed the gmapsupp.img file to gmapbmap.img (in the Garmin folder). Once I did that I can actually see the more detailed maps.

  225. Jake

    Give this one a shot. having the map ability similar to my current 800 is a nice upgrade to the 500 series.

  226. scott

    In response to PY, I don’t think the 1000 is a better option than the 810, the latter of which is more compact with better battery life. This raises a new question. given that the 810 is now showing to be cheaper (looking at today’s amazon) than the new 520, wouldn’t the 810 now be the best option, if only for the added memory and routable maps. Interested in people’s thoughts?

    • PY

      I have a friend who just bought the 1000 and he had a 810 before. He seems to be happy of it, so the 1000 must be somehow nicer than the 810. But he just had it for a few days, so I don’t have his long time feedback yet. Any other opinion about this subject will be appreciated!

    • Scott

      Fair enough PY. To me it looks like the 1000 has the benefit of a larger screen although for many the extra size is detrimental and it’s a bit heavier. it has a slightly higher screen res, not sure how noticeable this is. The 1000 has the ability to route an instant course for the user based on distance – sounds good, although I’d be wary at the roads it took me on. Finally, it can receive text updates which could be quite a useful feature. The bluetooth link for this failed quite a lot – not sure how well it’s working now. I’ll leave it to others who have had user experience, or perhaps DC might be able to give his summation of the 1000vs810vs520 if money was/was not an option

    • Don

      810 doesn’t have Glonass. So 520 is more accurate, faster acquisition, less signal lost, and it’s a more compact package. Depends on needs though. If your primary use is navigation, the bigger screen of the 810 might be a benefit for you. If like me, your primary use is tracking your ride data, and displaying data like power, HR, and cadence during your workouts and races, you might find the additional accuracy of the 520 more compelling.

  227. Scott Phillabaum

    Just got the Edge 520 and took it for a spin this morning. I’ve used the HR strap from my Forerunner 620 with my Edge 500 before with nor problems, but on this morning’s ride, I noticed my HR switching back and forth between 63 and my HR at the moment (see attached). Any idea what’s going on here? Thanks!

    • xyz

      any chances to do a review or a demo video? of the 520?

    • While it could be the fault of the Edge 520 – that actually looks like tell-tale signs of the HR battery going bad. Any chance you’re able to swap out the coin cell battery and give it another whirl?

    • Scott

      Thanks, Ray. That’s what I thought. It also behaved a bit wonky with my Forerunner on my afternoon run, so I guess I’ll be replacing the battaery and trying again. Will post an update.

    • Brent E.

      I did my first ride with my 520 today and my heart rate looked the exact same. I’ll also change the battery and hope for the best. I’ll report back if the battery change helps.

    • Scott

      So, I changed the battery on my HRM-Run and it did the same thing again (flipping between 63 bpm and my current heart rate), but also did it to a lesser extent with my Forerunner 620. On the battery status page for the HRM, the Forerunner 620 said the new battery was “ok” while the Edge 520 said “critical.” So what’s a guy to do? I figure maybe my HRM is going bad, so I went out and bought a new strap. So far, this seems to have solved the problem — no weird jumps to 63 bpm on either part of my brick today. What concerns me, though, is that the Edge 520 still gives a battery status of “critical” for the new HRM. This just can’t be true since I bought it only today. Could this be a firmware problem or do you think I have a faulty 520 unit? Everything else seems to be okay. Thanks again,

    • Knut

      Identical problem with my FR 620 HRM and Edge 520. Drops to 63 BPM nearly once a minute. Fresh battery in the HRM.

    • Sandeep Chauhan