The 2023 Swim/Bike/Run Gear I Use List

So, it’s been two years since I last updated this list, and it’s clear many of you would like a refresh. As I always note though, I’m not a person of change. At least when it comes to gear. My old-blue cycling jacket is still the same one from my 2012 ‘Gear I Use’ list. My running gloves are still from the Philly marathon expo some like 15 years ago, and my swimsuit is whatever I found in my dresser that doesn’t appear to be fully see-through.

Of course, the tech does change. Not necessarily because it needs to change, but largely because it’s what I do as my job. And once you upgrade to test something, it’s really hard to downgrade back to an ‘older’ product in most cases. At least for watches and bike computers; for trainers and power meters, it’s less of an issue.

Nonetheless, I know plenty of you want to know what gear I use. Thus, I present you with a boatload of links. And while there’s a lot of gear here (because I’m covering three sports via triathlon), I think you’ll find I’m actually pretty simple when it comes to most of my gear (tech goodies aside). And this gear is built up over more than 15 years.

I’ve divided it up into the three main sports (swim/bike/run), plus a random section at the end. I’m typically not one to buy the most expensive piece of fashionable stuff – and apparel brands don’t tend to mean a lot to me. I just buy what works for me.

And, as is tradition, The Girl’s 2023 ‘Gear I use’ Guide (my wife) is up as well here, so for those looking for a more women-oriented view of a similar set of training gear (and undoubtedly, a more fashionable view than mine), that’s there for the taking!

Also note: Please don’t take any of these as formal ‘gadget recommendations’, these are just the products that work for me. Also, none of these brands sponsor me, or anything here. Everything on this list I’ve bought myself and use day-to-day.

Swimming (Pool/Openwater):

I appreciate that swimming is the easiest and shortest category here. Swimsuit, goggles, and if openwater swimming – a swim buoy. Oh, and a watch. Maybe three watches. But on the whole, everything basically fits in an old crumpled-up swim cap from a past race. In my case, I tend to do more openwater swimming than pool swimming. If I travel anywhere and the water is halfway viable, I’ll be openwater swimming. And even in colder times of the year, I manage to openwater swim here in the Netherlands. It’s a weird Dutch thing.

(Also, I took the above photo with the other/older pair of goggles, but I liked it better…thus, I’m keeping it.)

Decathlon Boxer Swim ShortYou know why this is my swim suit? Because I always forget mine on trips, and this can be found for $5-$10, and works perfectly fine.
Openwater Swim BuoyAlways openwater swim with a swim buoy. Always. First, it makes it so boats see me. Second, it provides a place to stash my phone/keys/clothes and even sandles. No, you don't feel it behind you. Works great!
Orca S6 Full Sleeve WetsuitThis was more a purchase of necessity than anything else. My previous 2XU wetsuit finally died after an apparent shark attack (judging by the holes), and while down in Cape Town five years ago I needed something. There was an Orca store near the waterfront, so…problem solved. I’m not thrilled with it though, given it ripped along a seam line on my third wearing. Five winters later the small rip is slightly bigger now (thankfully I avoid wetsuit swims pretty well, else it’d be worse).
Sailfish Tornado Swim GoggleI picked these up in Kona last month, and love them. So much better visibility than the other goggles I’ve been wearing for the past decade or two, especially for openwater swimming.

Some will ask why not the FORM Swim goggles. Simply put – while I think the tech side of the unit is superb, and super-well executed (especially the new coaching modes), I just can’t get past the limited side peripheral vision visibility of the goggles. In openwater swims, seeing what’s out and about keeps me just as entertained as it does watching the denizens of the pool go past.


This category is kinda messy. Mainly because I’m near-constantly testing new trainers, indoor bikes, etc… (especially as those release cycles have slowly transitioned from being fall-centric to being “anytime”). So it’s actually relatively rare that I stop and don’t have something to test. That said, there are a few things that are my go-to units, listed below.

Likewise, for bikes, for the past year+ there’s been a constant stream of loaner bikes equipped with new power meters, groupsets, or other smart tech on them. Thus, for the road-bike in particular, I’ve almost entirely been jumping from loaner bike to loaner bike. Kinda the way my world works.

Canyon Exceed CF SL 5.0 (Mountain Bike)When I bought this bike, I kept all the components mostly as-is. However, I did make a fun power meter project for it. It's actually a SRAM/Quarq XX1 spider/crankset, with then a 4iiii dual-sided Precision power meter built atop it. Let's me test other pedal based power meters with it and have multiple references.
Canyon Ultimate CF SL (Road Bike)I built this 5-6 years ago after buying the frame from Canyon. It was built with testing devices in mind (hence why I skipped aero handlebars, due to complexities with mounts, and also why I skipped on disc brakes as it allows me to use a PowerTap G3 hub for power comparisons). That said, I rarely ride it these days, given the number of other random test bikes streaming through the DCR Cave.
Cervelo P3C (Triathlon Bike)Why yes, this bike is from 2010. And yes, I rode it in an Ironman 70.3 race this past spring. And yes, I desperately need to replace it (if for no other reason than to actully have usable braking power in wet mountain conditions like on race day). But till then, long live the P3C!
EVOC Bike Travel Bag ProI picked this up about a year ago, and it's gotten way more use than I expected this year. I've taken road bikes, tri bikes, gravel bikes...you name it. My previous bike case finally died after more than 12-13 years of travel. Overall I love the EVOC case, however, the only downside is that it doesn't fit across the backseat of most European cars, meaning you need to plan a bit more ahead for which exact rental car you'll get (or Uber/Taxi).
Favero Assioma Power Meter Pedals (Dual)I use all three of these power meters pretty much equally on different bikes at different times. I have no meaningful preference between the Favero Assioma Duo, Wahoo PWRLINK Zero, or Garmin Rally pedals. For the most part you’ll find the Rally XC’s on my gravel or mountain bikes, and then usually the Wahoo & Favero road-focused pedals on the road bikes. But again, I just use what’s free at the moment in terms of not tied up testing on some other bike/etc…
Fizik Tempo Overcurve R4 Road Cycling ShoeI started with the Fizik line a number of years ago for a MTB shoe, and then eventually outfitted my full fleet of cycling shoes with them. Also, I buy different colored ones for different cleat types, so I can keep track of which shoes I grab (since I have at least one pair of shoes for each cleat type for different pedal systems I test with).
Fizik X5 Terra (MTB/Gravel Cycling Shoe)I started my Fizik collection here with these MTB ones for MTB/Gravel usage, before expanding to the road side. They work well for me and are usually reasonably priced.
Garmin Edge 840More than likely, I’ll grab the Edge 840 Solar out of the bucket. Sometimes the Edge 1040 or the Hammerhead Karoo 2. But usually the mid-sized 840. It just does everything I need with a touchscreen that works well.
Garmin Rally SeriesI use all three of these power meters pretty much equally on different bikes at different times. I have no meaningful preference between the Favero Assioma Duo, Wahoo PWRLINK Zero, or Garmin Rally pedals. For the most part you’ll find the Rally XC’s on my gravel or mountain bikes, and then usually the Wahoo & Favero road-focused pedals on the road bikes. But again, I just use what’s free at the moment in terms of not tied up testing on some other bike/etc…
Gore Men’s Contest SO JacketIf it ain't broke, don't fix it. Aside from my running gloves, this is probably the oldest piece of gear I have - from perhaps 2008-2009 I think. Still works fine-ish.
Peloton Bike+I use both the Peloton Bike & Bike+, albeit primarily more in the winter than summer, and prefer the Bike+ more. And generally tend to do power zone workouts on it, with instructors like Matt Wilpers.
Rapha Core Bib ShortsI was pretty excited when these were on sale recently, and picked up a few pairs. This is basically Rapha's budget lineup, but works for me.
Rapha Pro Team FramelessLike other non-tech things, once I find something I kinda-sorta stick to it forever. This is one of those things. I do end up buying a new pair every 18-20 months though, as I manage to break them in some horrific way.
Specialized Evade IIThis helmet also has crash detection/alerting with the senors built into it, though frankly, I haven't replaced that battery in years, nor re-paired it to the phone. But I do like the red color.
Urban Arrow Family Performance (Cargo Bike)There's almost nothing more important to our family than this cargo bike. Literally, living in Amsterdam, it makes our world go 'round. I bought this one in Dec 2020, though we also have a second one from a few years prior. We love both, and they act as complete car replacements for us.
Wahoo KICKR Bike V1We purchased this last Black Friday (2022) during one of Wahoo’s refurb sales, and it’s become our main ‘trainer’ at home, for both myself and The Girl. It’s worked well as a cross-over bike, though, we bought an extra saddle/seatpost to better deal with swaps, plus added some RedShift Aero bars. It’s effectively replaced the Tacx NEO 2 that I had in the Shed.
Wahoo KICKR V6/2022 (Current Version)If I’m not testing some specific trainer/bike, or doing a workout on an actual bike (versus an indoor bike), it’s likely I’ve pulled out the KICKR V6. I don’t really have a big preference between the Tacx NEO 2T and the KICKR V6, but the multi-Bluetooth channel aspect of the KICKR makes it easier for me to test other watches that don’t support ANT+.
Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO (Dual-sided)I use all three of these power meters pretty much equally on different bikes at different times. I have no meaningful preference between the Favero Assioma Duo, Wahoo PWRLINK Zero, or Garmin Rally pedals. For the most part you’ll find the Rally XC’s on my gravel or mountain bikes, and then usually the Wahoo & Favero road-focused pedals on the road bikes. But again, I just use what’s free at the moment in terms of not tied up testing on some other bike/etc…

In terms of other odds and ends:

Cycling Kit/Jerseys: I ride the DCRAINMAKER kit a fair bit (sorry, all sold out!), or just random other jerseys floating around the DCR Cave, mostly from various events.

Speed/Cadence sensors: I don’t use these anymore, as virtually all power meters do cadence now built-in, and from a speed sensor standpoint, GPS accuracy is simply good enough that it’s just not required in any scenario I typically ride.

Trainer Apps: ZwiftTrainerRoad, and Peloton: I pay for subscriptions to all of these (and a number of other platforms for testing), but these three are what I primarily use. In general, I’ll use all three of those each week, mixing it up.

Training Logs: Strava and TrainingPeaks: I use Strava as my ‘public’ activity feed (when I remember to toggle it from private to public), and I use TrainingPeaks as my private training log.


At least running doesn’t involve new bikes or trainers. But hey, I changed shoe brands this year! So that’s big news. Equally, I know nothing about shoes. I let smart shoe people tell me what to do. In the case of the Hoka’s, I tested a boatload of shoes one morning last winter at our local running shoe shop using a fancy force-plate system, and these two Hoka’s had the best numbers combined with the best feel. Love them. Equally, the trail running shoe was a super-clearance purchase in Hawaii last month, and for the first time in years, I had zero blisters or wonk (despite wearing them for their maiden journey on the 60KM/12hr hike that I did). Super happy there.

ASICS Men's Thermopolis Winter Running TightsLook, like most of my clothing choices, it’s often just what I happen to find available at a running shop. That was the case here. My previous Sugoi ones were getting a bit tattered, but I was headed on a trip to the Arctic Circle that year, so I desperately needed new running tights, and this was what my local running shop had that I tried on and liked. I do very much like them, but my research is hardly extensive here. Also, I can’t figure out the exact model that it is. It just says H1 on it, but nothing else.
Balega Comfort socksI've used these socks for at least 10-12 years now. I mean, not the same pair, but new pairs. Love them, won't change ever. Probably.
CamelBak MarathonerI've used this for a decade as well (seems to be the general theme here). Albeit, I did have to buy some random Decathlon one recently for a trip when I forgot this one. Either way, they no longer make the Marathoner, but the linked one is near identical.
Hoka Carbon X 3This is the latest Hoka variant I swithced to from the X 2 I had back this past spring, to the X 3 now. No noticable difference to me, minus the color change.
Peloton TreadThis got moved from the DCR Cave (office) to the shed (home) last winter, when the weather got properly miserable, and it’s a great option for late weeknight running workouts when it’s dark/rainy/windy/cold (in other words, every day in the Netherlands). As a rule, I avoid treadmill workouts unless absolutely necessary. And when doing them, I tend to do a mix of either Zwift or Peloton structured workouts.
Saucony Switchback 2 (Trail Running)I picked these up on clearance at a running shop last month, and absolutely love them. They aren't for super muddy conditions, but I don't actually tend to do much trail running around Amtserdam (prefer bigger elevation), so that's fine.
Yaktrax Run Traction Cleats for Running on Snow and IceThere’s no better way to run on compact snow and ice, albeit not much of that in Amsterdam most of the time. Though, last year they got some serious ice usage here. Note that for deeper snow though, they aren’t as useful/necessary.

And then, a few other things that aren’t brand/model specific:

Running T-Shirt: Whatever technical t-shirt I grab out of the massive drawer of dozens of them.  If you don’t have any running t-shirts, you’re not doing enough races. ;)

Running Shorts: This is a pretty random assortment of running shorts, some Nike, some Decathlon, some still in the laundry machine. I’m not particular, but I do prefer a pocket or two to stash things.

Cold Weather Running Top: I don’t have a specific top I use, rather, I tend to layer bits and pieces together. Here’s an older post on all my cold-weather running thoughts.

Cold Weather Running Gloves: $1.00 race expo gloves – That’s it.  It’s easy.  I almost never throw them away, I feel guilty.  So I use a few rotating pairs, all from expos – some even free!  I’ve got a pair of no-brand mittens that I toss on if the weather is super-cold, but like running tops in cold weather, you’d be surprised what your body is fine with once it’s up to speed.  All you folks in Minnesota though shouldn’t adhere to this section.  Just go to the Arctic section of REI instead.

Running headphones/music: I very rarely run (or ride) with music. I suppose if I were to, at the moment it’d probably still be my Beats Studio Buds, but I really only run with music if I need to test a specific music feature on a watch.

Got all that? Good, onto the ‘everything’ bucket.

The Crossover & Random Category:

I stashed the watch in this category, that way you didn’t have to see it three times above. Plus, this also includes things I use across more sports.  Obviously, there’s more gear. Heck, I might even be on such a kick as to update my photography/camera gear post this week (stop laughing, it could happen!). However, here are a few other mostly-tech things that I use day to day. From action cameras to drones, and obviously, the pizza oven.

Apple Watch Ultra 2I go through long periods where I'll wear an Apple Watch Ultra on one wrist, and the Garmin Epix on the other. Usually when my wrists aren't testing other things. I like the smart aspects of the Apple Watch Ultra, and the longer battery life compared to a regular Apple Watch.
DJI Mavic 3 ProWhile I use the DJI Mini 3/4 for action shots, I also have the Mavic 3 Pro I tend to use for shots where I want/need the zoom lens. So more for pretty vacation shots, but even just people shots from a distance. The bike shot in The Girl's guide was actually shot with the longest zoom lens on this Mavic 3 Pro.
DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo with DJI RC2The Mini series has been my go-to drone for years, with the DJI Mini 3 Pro the bulk of the past year, and now the Mini 4 Pro. Having the full obstacle avoidance is super helpful for all the stupid stuff I do. It's what I take hiking/trail running/cycling/etc...
Garmin Epix Pro SeriesI go back and forth between the Epix Pro (47mm) and the Garmin Forerunner 965. I’d say I give the slight edge to the Epix Pro, singularly for the flashlight. However, I do prefer the user interface look of the FR965, as well as the lightness of it. Maybe one day we’ll get both in a single product.
Garmin Index S2 WiFi ScaleI simply use this for loosely tracking weight. I don’t look at the body fat stats, as like most electrical impedance scales, they aren’t super accurate. But weight is, and that’s all I (pretend) to care about.
GoPro Hero 12 BlackThis has become my main action cam, following the Hero 11 the bulk of the year. Practically speaking the differences are fairly minimal, but it's dependable with solid quality, and I appreciate the WiFi sync to the cloud each night.
Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso MachineLook, this place doesn’t run itself. Without this coffee machine, you’d be getting a fraction of the reviews posted. All nighters for big product launch weeks require careful planning, which I lack. Thus, caffeine will do instead.
Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Fired Outdoor Portable Pizza OvenI know, I know, I still owe everyone a review. Nonetheless, 2+ years later, I love this thing. We use it for more than pizza too, notably steaks (to get a really crispy sear). But a lot of pizza. It's completely portable, even easily fitting on our cargo bike. Note that I went with this model, the cheapest one they make, as I realized that buying the higher-end models that support gas didn't make much sense for me. I have a gas grill already (and could easily just put a stone on it). Similarly, while a large 16" is appealing, realistically I've found this 12" more than enough for pretty substantial personal pizzas (and it makes it easier to handle).
Optimum Nutrition: Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein PowderI’ve gotten into doing recovery drinks this year, though mostly only for mid to longer (many hours) workouts. I know, I should do it for all workouts, but I usually forget.
Precision Hydration GelsI use both the 30g and 90g variants of these, but primarily prefer the 90g variants, simply so I don't have to have as many things floating around. I shoot for 90g/hour on longer adventures.

Note: Amazon links are part of the Amazon affiliate program, for which I may earn a commission at no cost to you – and of course, that helps support the site a bunch.

With that – thanks for reading, and again, these aren’t necessarily the best products in each category – it’s simply what I bought wither either zero research, or a lot of bit of research.

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  1. fitz

    I love my Fyra, too, but for the hassle of dealing with pellet I would’ve probably gone with Koda now.

    Where’s the top photo from?

    • The pellets don’t bother me too much, and I kinda figured if I have a gas BBQ already, with a pizza stone on it, I was already able to get that same rough thing. But I could see validity in a larger one from time to time – though usually when my pizzas push the bounds of the Fyra’s size, I’m lucky if they make it in/out in one piece.

      For the top photo, it was from a hike at Schäfler Ridge in Switzerland this past summer: link to strava.com

    • Javier

      Koda 16 gas is the one to go, very recommended

  2. Dave Lusty

    I really envy you Ray. When I find something I like and try to stick to it they eventually discontinue it. When you find something you like, you tell a million people and they buy enough that your favourite stuff is always available!

    I’m sure you said you were buying a new tri bike a while ago. Probably this time last year 😂

    • Haha..one of these days I’ll buy a new tri bike!

    • Duncan74

      Last week I ordered my Speed Concept SLR to replace the Argon E-114. That said, the Argon will be getting another use at the Half in January (I’m in NZ) as the Trek won’t be here in time.

      Pretty much main motivation for upgrade was brakes that actually slow me down in the wet and ability to get spares if anything breaks. That said, I am moving the GXP Quarq over, still another 10 years life left in that ;-)

      Must admit, the photographer at IMNZ is possibly going to need medical assistance from the shock when he doesn’t have to take yet another photo of the Argon.

  3. JM

    Do you still have to calibrate the Garmin rally pedals before every ride? And 10 minutes in if the temperature changes?

    It seems the other two options don’t need this at all.

    • No, you don’t – it’ll auto-cal (always has).

      That said, for any power meter test I’m doing, I put the bike in that temp first, wake-up the power meter/pedals/trainer, and then about 10 mins later calibrate, just to ensure that process moves along.

  4. Dave

    I’m starting to think I’ll see how double-writing my Fenix and my Ultra 2 feels. I also switch between the two in chunks of a month or two and I’m REALLY looking forward to Apple upping their recovery and sleep metrics game. I also find the Fenix a lot comfier to sleep with.

  5. Anonymous

    I see a lot of people on the Garmin forum complaining about inaccurate body fat percentage on the Index S2 scale. And now recent complaints with updated firmware about wi-fi no longer connecting. This product looks half-baked and I recommend people do a lot of research before picking up one.

    • Yup, I don’t use it for body fat. Here’s the note that was supposed to show (pulled the generic explainer note instead):

      “I simply use this for loosely tracking weight. I don’t look at the body fat stats, as like most electrical impedance scales, they aren’t super accurate. But weight is, and that’s all I (pretend) to care about.”

      In my review, I talk a lot about the body fat pieces and inaccuracies with how that data is gathered, both from Garmin and everyone else. I haven’t had the WiFi issues people seem to have every once in a while, I’ve got one scale at home, and one at the DCR Cave.

  6. Gene

    I’m right there with you on the Balega socks and Yaktrax Run Traction Cleats!

    • Graeme Robinson

      Yaktrax aren’t all that popular here in the Denver trail running scene – they have a reputation for not being particularly robust and are pretty uncomfortable to run on in mixed mud/dirt/snow/ice conditions. Khatoola exo and micro-spikes pretty much rule here. Personally, I’m a big fan of IceBug shoes for winter running.

  7. Pavel Vishniakov

    Hi Ray,
    Given that you use both your phone and GoPros for photos/videos – do you have specific criteria to use one or the other?

    • Roughly speaking, if I can hold my phone without crashing/etc, I’ll use that. Whereas, if an element of complexity is involved, I’ll use the GoPro.

      However, if I want a really smooth video shot (e.g. while running), I’ll almost certainly use the GoPro since the stabilization is just really really good while still getting the higher resolution/field of view.

  8. Joel

    Another great post – thanks!

    Do you use a rocker plate for indoor cycling trainer sessions and, if so, what brand/model do you use? Thanks.

  9. Elliott Gruber

    My kid and I are ready to start with the jogging stroller, I remember you had a favorite in a different yearly post but can’t seem to find it. What was it?

  10. Yonah

    When it comes to nespresso – I am a bigger fan of the original line machines – many more options and choices for capsules.

  11. Luke

    Thanks for the updates – always good to see what gear you’re using, even if it’s not relevant/not the right item for me personally.

    Any thoughts on HRMs? Do you use them at all, or just the wrist-based HRM on whichever watch you’re wearing? Including cycling?

  12. GREGORY s

    Evade helmet link is broken, nice list though. No Garmin radar on bike list?

  13. Csaba Robert Tarnai

    Any suggestions for swim technology? Triton and or EOlabs?

  14. Gunnar

    Same Gore jacket. Same year…..although mines has a good amount of duct tape on the right side where I snagged it MTBing. Good stuff.

  15. Abe Goldberg

    Ray and Bobbie – this was a great post from both of you – sharing your favorite or common go to items/gear!. Really enjoy your content and enthusiasm. You are very much appreciated! Cheers!

  16. Paco

    Hi Ray, you mention your gravel bike in some of the cycling notes about pedals I think, but you only show the mountain route and tri bikes. Would you mind to mention what you use as gravel bike? Thanks for all the useful and honest comments and info.

  17. Brian

    Just curious which watch you recommend for open water swimming if you had to choose one. My wife is a swimmer both pool and open water. She’s been using my old Garmin Fenix 5x. I’d like to get her an upgrade for Christmas but not sure if I stick with Garmin or maybe go the Apple route?!?!

    • There’s a pretty substantial bump up in openwater swim accuracy from the Fenix 5 to the Fenix 7 or Epix series, or even Forerunner 255/265/955/965 – all of which use the same chipset.

  18. Joe Whiteley

    Pod machine, Ray? Really? Your recommendations are usually spot on but you would definitely appreciate fresh ground espresso. I believe the Sage Barista Express (same price as one power pedal) would improve your coffee experience…

    • Yeah, I’d love to get a fancier machine at some point. The Girl and I have talked about it. Realistically though, if I look at when I’d enjoy such a machine, it’s pretty limited:

      A) The kids morning school rush is…a circus. No time for that then. So that’s 5 days of the week.
      B) Weekends: These are generally far more relaxed, and an ideal time to make slower coffee.
      C) The office: We do usually have time for a slower morning coffee or afternoon coffee, since it’s just the two of us in there.

      However, both The GIrl and I agree that we aren’t having two coffee machines on the counter at once. So there’s lots of time where I’m slammed at the office and just want a quick coffee.

      Some day….

    • Whitfit

      The DeLonghi automatic bridges this gap. Expensive, but it is almost as easy, and just as fast to use as pods, but fresh grinds and makes espresso drinks. Totally worth it.

  19. Peter Z.

    Looks like you don’t bother with the KICKR Climb when using the KICKR?

    Did you go for the expense of KICKR Bike for convenience of not needing spare bike to put on another trainer and easier to fit both you and “the girl”?

    • Nope, don’t bother with climb 99% of the time. And even with the KICKR Bike at home, neither of us ever remember to tap the unluck button (so it goes up/down). Thus, if I were buying again, I’d just buy the KICKR Bike SHIFT instead.

      But yes, the idea was to consolidate a trainer + dealing with two bikes at home, into a single physical bike that we can both use.

    • Peter Z.

      Thanks for fast reply! Was tempted by the Wahoo combo deal of Core + Climb for great price since you mention that accessory as benefit of Wahoo, but maybe won’t bother, and stick with Core alone. I like idea of downhill push on Neo 2T, but it’s a huge cost jump from Core even on sale

  20. JJ Lee

    Hey DC,

    Are you going to post your final Apple Watch Ultra 2 review soon?

    I don’t recall you ever doing an in-depth review of the scales. What makes you think the Garmin S2 is any more accurate than the Withings? Does Garmin even integrate with Apple Health?

    I’m seeing more and more athletes wearing an Oura Ring on TV. Have you or are you considering doing an in-depth review with the latest software update? If I get an Apple Watch, is an Oura even necessary?

  21. Paul B

    Long time reader, first time commenter.

    Next to the Canyon Ultimate it says you rarely ride it due to having lots of test bikes. I’ve never seen you review a bike before, do you have a side hustle testing bikes?

  22. runner-33

    So you’re only using HR/OHR straps for testing new devices, but not in your regular training?

    Man, how I wish wrist OHR would work reliably for me…

    • Oddly, the charts above were supposed to have the HRM-PRO Plus & Polar H10 in there. No idea why that’s not showing up. Sigh, must have fat-fingered something in the database so it’s not enumerating.

      In any case, that aside, yeah, 95% of the time if I’m not testing something, I’m not wearing a chest strap. The optical HR on Epix Pro and Apple Watch Ultra has proven to be near-perfect for me, with only very minor deviations if anything at all (a few BPM or something, rarely). Doesn’t matter if it’s intervals or steady-state.

  23. Peter Lowe

    Sometimes I’m a two watch kinda guy too – also Apple Watch Ultra and Epix Pro. I’m curious – why the 47? You seem like a big guy, and the 51 Epix Pro is the same weight as an Apple Watch Ultra with a real band.

    • I’ve never really been a big-watch kinda guy. I’ve got the Tactix 7 AMOLED variant (which is a 51mm) on my left wrist right now, and the Epix Pro 47mm on my right wrist right now. The 51mm doesn’t really bother me as much anymore, mostly cause I’ve been near-constantly testing larger things over the last few years. But I kinda like the smaller sized stuff (hence why I like the FR965 a fair bit).

  24. tadaka

    do you usually just carry your phone in your hand when you go running? or do you store it somewhere when you’re not using it?

    • I ensure I buy running shorts with pockets.

      Actually, one of my favorite running/hiking shorts is actually the Whoop shorts (not the run-specific smaller ones, but the more general workout ones). At first I hated it, because the fabric makes a lot of noise. But it’s got two really good/deep pockets, which are technically seperated into two per side.

      I find them specifically awesome for hiking, but also good for running too. I can stash both a phone in there without any bounce, and even a GoPro on the small ‘shorty’ stick without any bounce.

    • Peter Z.

      Non compression shorts and some iPhone? Any running shorts I have my phone flips around ridiculously. I’ve been considering one of the folding phones

    • Stu M

      Get an Apple Watch Ultra and you don’t need to take your phone with you

    • tadaka

      I didn’t know whoop sold shorts. let me check out what they have.


    • Richard R

      I don’t like running with a phone in my pocket – I hate it banging around on my thigh. I’ve tried various arm bands over the years, but the one I now love and stick with is the quadlock one. The case (you have to have) is also a good protective case and you don’t notice the bit at the back where the quadlock clicks into.

    • Yeah, it has a compression liner on the inside, and then the pockets/etc are long and sewed tight enough I’ve just never had any phone-bounce issues.

      As for using an Apple Watch Ultra instead of a phone on my runs, I don’t use my phone to stay in contact with people on my runs. I use it to take photos, and occasionally double-check maps.

  25. Griff

    Thanks for this list Ray! I’m curious to know which RedShift aero bars you have?

  26. Stu M

    Do you use a heart rate strap? I have an Apple Watch Ultra – my Garmin HRM Pro died after many years so looking for a good strap to use with the AWU.

    • Ian

      Came to ask the same. Maybe adding my response will get him to answer! ;-P

    • I do mainly when testing devices, for comparison purposes.

      But if it’s just a workout where I don’t need test HR data, and I know/trust that particular HR sensor design, then I don’t.

      If I do use a chest strap, it’s usually the Garmin HRM-PRO Plus or Polar H10, or optically, the Polar Verity Sense.

  27. karl

    “…careful planning, which I lack. Thus, caffeine will do instead.”


  28. Chris

    Add me to the list waiting for the Forerunner 975 with a flashlight.

  29. Will

    What cycling lights do you use?

  30. Jose

    I currently own a 945 and do some sports, but I want this year to be the year of health for me. I love tech and I am happy to spend on quality.
    Which watch should I upgrade to? Should I go for the 965 or the Epix pro?
    Before my 945 I never wore a watch, since I’ve always worn in even though I know I don’t use half of the functions.
    So which one should I buy?! Thanks

  31. Caroline Moore

    The swim goggles, Sailfish Tornado, seem to be unavailable anywhere.

  32. Jim

    Could you share a bit of your editing workflow?
    I also like the gopro sync to the cloud. However, their quick app is crashing a lot for me..

    • It varies a fair bit depending on what I’m doing. But if we’re talking videos I make for YouTube (versus social stuff), then roughly speaking:

      1) I consolidate footage via SD card collection to my laptop, and onto either my Mac laptop harddrive, or a small collection of little SSD drives. GoPro cloud serves as a backup, in case I lose/break/whatever a GoPro SD card somewhere along the way. Especially for long-term projects that may not get edited for months.
      2) I edit primarily in Final Cut Pro on a Mac, and do virtually everything there.
      3) For some video projects I’ll do quick snippets using the GoPro Quik app, but usually if it’s just a single shot. I acutally use the GoPro quick app for getting photos exported out of not just GoPro footage, but phone videos too (and DJI videos). It’s honestly the best way to get it exported out, as odd as it may sound.
      4) Once I’m done with a project, then I archive the folder of videos/etc related to that, onto a NAS device (Synology NAS).