The Girl’s 2023 Swim/Bike/Run Gear I Use List

Hey there, this is Bobbie (The Girl), otherwise known as Ray’s other half. This year, 2023, I decided I had been away from competition for long enough, and wanted to get back into racing. Having been out of the triathlon scene for almost 12 years, I did end up with a lot of new gear, or gear upgrades this year. So, I’m taking this moment to update my “Gear I Use” post for all of you in case you are interested, and so I also have an up-to-date list for me to click re-order from! (Ray’s list is over here)

In case you’re new to DCRAINMAKER.com, I’ll just catch you up really quick. I am post-third pregnancy, and that is why the spacing between Gear I Use posts over the years is a little off. You might notice a lot of the same players on this list as years prior, and that is both because I like what I like (so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it) annnnnd I’m guilty of wearing sports clothes until there are holes in them, or I just pressed re-order on the most recent model of the same brand. Call me a creature of habit if you want!

In case you just got distracted by the idea of babies, be sure to check out the “Gear I Use: Kids Post”. I updated that post shortly after Peanut 3 arrived and have tried to keep that one narrowed down to the more critical pieces! We try to keep plastic-noise-making junk to a minimum and let the outdoors be our kid’s best entertainment.

Anyways, on to this list. I have it separated into Running, Cycling, Swimming, and “Things Keeping me Going”. So you can scroll past sections as they may or may not pertain to you. I’ll do my best to keep an eye on the comment section as well in case anyone has questions or of course better suggestions!


These are my most used and loved products for running. I hope you find these products useful as well.

Asics Gel Cumulus 25I learned a valuable lesson in 2023, and that was not always running in the same shoe for every workout type. Now I’m still hesitant to go wild with different shoes, as my age is showing and I pick up running injuries pretty easily. But these puppies are great for logging miles and taking care of the legs from all the impact
Asics NOVABLAST 3LOVE LOVE these runners. The have an 8mm Heel-Drop that is just enough height to support my calves and not SO high that it puts pressure on an old soccer injury in my forefoot. I had never run in a shoe with such a high “stack” and so much foam… it was a game changer. I LOVE these kicks. I used them for both logging long runs and as my race day shoes.
ASICS Women's Road 3.5 inch Running ShortThese are my go-to every day training shorts. Whenever I can find them on sale I’ll grab them in any color!
Body Glide For Her Anti Chafe BalmThere's no ego here, thigh-rub is a thing no matter how perfect your running shorts are! Body Glide is a staple and no-brainer around here.
Chafe Balm by ASS MAGIC - for Runners, TriathletesThe Ass Magic brand has a whole line up of stuff, I found them when looking for Chamois creams for cycling. Love this stuff and is cheaper to buy in Europe than the Body Glide brand.
Feetures High Performance Ultra Light No Show TabThe thinner socks helps keep the blisters in check while still giving the foot great support. Feetures socks also LAST an insane amount of time and abuse. Worth every penny.
Garmin Fenix 7S Pro Sapphire SolarPrior to this watch I had the Fenix 5S, and hands down this is my favorite series line up from Garmin. I wear it all day every day, I personally like the big watch face, and I do have a few extra straps for fancier looks.
Goodr Running SunniesI've really gotten into the Goodr Polarized Running sunglasses. I love that they have so many wild colors. As well, they do NOT slip off my face nor do they bounce even with intense track workouts. They do tend to scratch by the end of the season. So for around $25, these sunnies will last you about one run season, which isn’t bad considering you might want a new color next year.
GORE RUNNING WEAR Mythos Windstopper Soft Shell VestI like layers on top, and this vest does the trick to keep the cold wind out. Gore products LAST for years and years! Well worth the investment!
INCYLENCE - Long Running Compression SocksThese compression socks are also a favorite for some long-distance racing socks. These seem to be only available in Europe at the moment.
Lace Silicone Watch Bands for Garmin Fenix 7S / Fenix 6S / Fenix 5S / Instinct 2SI like the big watch face of the Fenix Series watches, and I have a few extra straps for fancier looks. This one is my latest!
Peloton TreadAlso known as the "Dread-mill", but if I have to take a scenic run with Matt Wilpers for the afternoon, so be it.
SUGOi MidZero Thermal Tight LadiesThese have lasted throughout the years. Warm and breathable. Great winter gear investment!
Under Armour Women's Tech Short Sleeve V-neckI happened upon this top, and really like it. It’s really light, fits well, and fits the budget.
Yaktrax Run Traction Cleats for Running on Snow and IceI have used these puppies during the Snow-Zilla winter running season in Virginia in 2010, in the Zermatt, Switzerland ski village, the North Pole , and even while on a trip chasing the northern lights. This one pair has hundreds of miles on them. The gift that keeps on giving!


The cycling category definitely got the most upgrades in 2023. I was rocking my 12+ year old Tri bike in the beginning of the season but ended the season with a new set of hot-wheels. I am beyond happy with my bike setup right now, and can’t see making any changes for many years!

ASS MAGIC Chamois CreamSurely you don't need all the details, but this was a game changer product for me, especially going into full Ironman distance cycling. Long lasting, even on race days having swam before the bike. 100% one of my favorite product finds of 2023!
EVOC Bike Travel Bag ProWe picked these bike bags for several reasons, mainly due to the "hybrid" nature of it being a softshell case (easier to pack into smaller European rental cars), and because it still has a hard frame on the inside to secure the bike to. So far so good.
Garmin Edge 840I grabbed the Edge 840 non-solar version because we live in the Netherlands and sunshine is but a fairytale. I am sure there are many features that I am underutilizing, but I love the size of it, the lack of glare on the glass, and it just does all the things I want it to.
Garmin Fenix 7S Pro Sapphire SolarPrior to this watch I had the Fenix 5S, and hands down this is my favorite series line up from Garmin. I wear it all day every day, I personally like the big watch face, and I do have a few extra straps for fancier looks.
Garmin Rally RK200 (LOOK KEO)I used to say I didn’t care about the pedals, and I’ll just use “whatever Ray has kickin’ around”, but after 6 frustrating months of riding a different brand of pedals, I can whole heartily tell you, Ray’s not getting these Garmin pedals back.
GORE BIKE WEAR Women's lady WINDSTOPPER Soft Shell TightsI purchased these GORE pants a long long time ago. I think the GORE name speaks for itself, as they are still in great condition, so I couldn't be happier with the purchase.
HJC Helmets FURION 2.0 Jet HelmetI love this helmet specifically for the SELFFIT auto adjusting size system they have built into the back. This helmet is the first cycling helmet that I’ve ever worn that doesn’t give me pressure headaches, even for 100+ mile rides.
Honeywell HT-900 FanI've got three of these $12 fans floating around the DCR Cave, and I frequently use them on rides. They work just fine. Sure, they're not as powerful as a Wahoo Headwind, but I could literally buy 20 of them for the same price.
ISM PN 4.1 Narrow Road Bike SaddleTotal game changer for me. This saddle is so supportive, yet narrow enough that I don't get saddle sores in all the wrong places. My search for the perfect saddle has landed here.
Oakley Sutro S SunglassesThese fit fantastic for a smaller face. They don't pinch behind the ears, and feels like you have a full windshield for cycling!
Quintana Roo Tri Bike X-PRWith the 700c wheels (an upgrade from my 650s), and the 48cm bike frame, she fits like it was custom made for me. I couldn’t be happier with the set up!
SHIMANO Women's Triathlon ShoeSuper quality shoes, I always stick with Shimano! I did find a weird sizing issue. I’m a size 7US/ 38EU, and these shoes say 7US/ 39EU. So pay attention if you’re buying in Europe, I had to bump up a European shoe size?
Urban Arrow Family Performance (Cargo Bike)As a busy mom of 3 + a doggie, this cargo bike gives me the independence to get around the city with the girls everyday of the week! Couldn't be happier that we skipped the carseat-minivan phase!
Wahoo KICKR MOVELet’s be honest, I’m going to ride on whatever Ray sets up for me. BUT, I had first dibs on riding the KICKR MOVE and I really like that the trainer moves with me. I find it helps relieve saddle pressure on the longer indoor training rides.
XLAB Torpedo Versa 500Fantastic solution for long course triathlon hydration and cycling computer mount system.
Zoot Tri ShortsI’m a Zoot fan all day long. Their Tri shorts double as my regular cycling shorts. Note: I find their sizing runs a bit small. I wear a medium in the tri shorts, and I like the 6” inseam, as I found the 4” inseams roll-up the thigh while cycling.


Alas, I’ve been dragged back to the pool this year in the name of triathlon. I have an interesting love-hate relationship with swimming. If all the waters I swam in were as warm and clear as Kona, HI, we’d be having a different conversation. Until then, here’s what I’m bumbling around in in the pool.

Finis Adjustable Swim Snorkel for Lap SwimmingWhen I decide to behave and do swim drills, this is my go-to snorkel!
Finis Ankle BadNothing like trying not to sink in the pool.
Garmin Fenix 7S Pro Sapphire SolarPrior to this watch I had the Fenix 5S, and hands down this is my favorite series line up from Garmin. I wear it all day every day, I personally like the big watch face, and I do have a few extra straps for fancier looks.
Sailfish Tornado Swim GoggleI use these for open water swim and race-day googles. These are pretty big on the face, but I love them for open water. Huge field of vision, no leaks over a 2.4 mile ocean swim!
Speedo Woman's Vanquisher Mirrored gogglesThese are my everyday pool goggles. Zero complaints about them, I'll just pick a new color and press re-order once these ones get too scratched up.
The Girl's Classic Swim CapThis cap has lasted me years and years, and has swam with me all over the world.
TYR Women's Diamondback SwimsuitThis is my go-to suit year after year. They last, the elastics are really durable, they fit, no fuss, price is perfect. Winner Winner

Everything Else Keeping Me Going:

Here’s the list of stuff I use day-in and day-out that contributes to my training output, I just didn’t know where else to list them, so here you go. And yes, the coffee machine counts as a triathlon training device!

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath FlakesI have really started getting into Magnesium baths; for me, recovery time on the legs really improves with regular magnesium salt baths!
BlenderBottle Classic Shaker BottleI love that the Blender Bottles don't hang onto the smell of the old shakes or dishwasher. I use these so often that I need to be able to toss them in the dishwasher without an afterthought.
LEEKEY Resistance Exercise BandsLove these. I can make a full body workout anywhere I go with just bringing these with me.
Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso MachineThis 100% counts as sport gear that keeps me going.
Optimum Nutrition: Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein PowderI drink this after every workout no matter how long or intense. I'm chronically crunched for time and therefore under-fed; having a protein shake post workout helps get those muscles recovering much faster! This stuff is the best out there!
Precision Hydration Electrolyte Drink Mix -1500Precision Fuel & Hydration products are my go-to. I use their gels, chews, electrolyte mixes, and the salt tabs.
Precision Hydration GelsReally a big fan of all the PF&H products. I use both the 30g and 90g variants, really depends on what the training or racing plan is on a given day!
Precision Hydration SweatSaltsThese are a must have for any long distance event, especially in warmer weather!
Therabody Theragun EliteI've tried other "off brand" percussion massagers and they don't really pack the same punch as the Theragun. I use this regularly on the main muscle groups in my legs after big workouts.

Note: Amazon links are part of the Amazon affiliate program, for which I may earn a commission at no cost to you – and of course, that helps support the site a bunch.

Amazon isn’t your thing? That’s fine too. Did you know that Ray and I sit down every other week and record a behind-the-scenes video of the latest happenings in the DC Rainmaker world? It’s called the Shed Talkin’ and it’s a lot of fun. You can click here to sign up and become a DCR Supporter- just look for the big red button at the bottom of the page!

Your support is always appreciated around these parts, good luck in your training endeavors!

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  1. Thomas

    Seems a bit unfair that Ray got all the comments up to now, therefore I am leaving you one:

    I am on board with the Incylence running socks! Great quality and nice design! I have plenty of them (low, high, the merino ones are great as well, especially for cycling in autumn / spring).

    And, since I have rather slim wrists, I also used a Fenix 5s for a long time (actually until it died last month). I guess I am replacing it with a 255s today, since it’s on sale for 229€ :-)

  2. PeterF

    Therabody themselves have a 150 euro Black Friday discount on the Elite (4th gen), and if you head over to the therabody store on amazon.de that same thing is even 10% more discounted at 222 euro. I’m tempted.

    • MaDMaLKaV

      Only thing stopping me from getting one is I wish they gave some kind of training on how to use it on stores, I’m a little clumsy and don’t trust myself not damaging myself with it 😅

  3. Phil S

    Thanks Bobbie
    Interesting that you prefer the Fenix Pro and Ray prefers the Epix Pro.
    I can’t decide between the two. I’ve always had a Fenix but then Epix wasn’t an option before so don’t know which way to go.

    • Benedikt

      Take the Epix, the screen is much better. I used Fenixs since Fenix 2 and as soon as the OLED was available I jumped the ship and never looked back.
      I even stoped side eyeing the Apple Watch (mostly for its nicer screen, don’t need the „smart“ function)

  4. For the Chafe Balm link – goes to https://www.amazon.nl Spreek je Nederlands?

  5. TK B.

    We’re long time fans of yours Ray!

    I bought my husband the epix pro 2, but they don’t have the old Ironman m dot watch face he likes. In fact the choices seem so limited. I’m scared if I use the “face it” feature and design one with the simple black background and the m dot in the center, the screen will burn. So couple questions:

    1. Which faces do you recommend?
    2. How do I avoid amoled burn if I design him one?