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Running in a Blizzard

It’s cold. Really really damn cold. It’s now Wednesday evening, and the weather has settled down a bit (though, not above 0*F).  But, it wasn’t always that way. (Regan National airport in DC, as I left Sunday night…my little plane … Read More Here

Wet and Snowy Saturday, Muddy Buddy Sunday

Since the weather first shifted towards snow on Saturday, I was pretty jazzed.  I like snow, lots of it.  And even though the Washington DC has no useful hills (Read: Nothing to ski down or chairs to ride back up), … Read More Here

Running around

I’m starting (though semi-resisting) to get back into a rhythm.  Albeit at the moment that may or may not include much time getting wet in the pool.  But I do drive by it occasionally – that counts, right? Saturday morning … Read More Here

Three sports…one training day

The day was labeled “Race Simulation” on my training calendar.  And had it been a nice summer day with birds chirping, it might have been just dandy.  But in reality, here’s what it looked like: Given the weather forecast was … Read More Here

4 Hours

It’s funny, if you take a four hour workout and put it on a weekend, it really doesn’t seem so bad.  Say from 9AM to 1PM – you’re done around lunch time, and you have the remainder of the day … Read More Here

Running from the police (Part II)

I was downtown (DC) today for a series of meetings and related stuffs, which is somewhat unusual in that I generally work from home.  I had finished up my day and was heading out of a building and made it … Read More Here

The Almost Half-Iron

Just a quick training update (see, I can be quick on occasion). Yesterday I did a nice brick in the mountains, starting from Luray.  Luray is a town in the shadow of Skyline drive, where I usually do my long … Read More Here

What is qualifying? The definitive guide to the biggies

Back a while ago, someone asked what all the hubbub was about ‘qualifying’ for various big events within the Triathlon or Running world.  So here’s the quick rundown of how it all works for the top events in each sport.  … Read More Here

How I built the largest Rice Krispie Treat Running Shoe on Earth

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I enjoy cooking.  Though I’m not sure if this particular activity actually counts as ‘cooking’ per se.  But it does count in the book of slightly odd tasks … Read More Here

Welcome to Tanzania, by way of Zurich and Kenya

There is early..and then there is damn early. Off to Tanzania: Saturday morning started damn early at 3:30AM to catch my first flight to Zurich (from Rome). The one par I love about flying over the Alps region of Europe … Read More Here

Run around Rome

After a 9ish hour flight (and only about 2 hours of sleep), I landed in the city of pasta – Rome, Italy, where I’ll be for a few days for work before moving on elsewhere. The above flight path is … Read More Here


Before I could go get my new grill, I first had to knock out my Monday swim workout.  It wasn’t too bad though, it started off with a 2,000 yard continuous chunk of warm-up, drills and other technique focused stuff … Read More Here

The Boston Marathon: The Expo

Ok sports fans, I’ve got less than 12 hours to the race, so this one will be quick.  First off, the city is completely COVERED in Boston Marathon stuff.  The subways, roads, signs – EVERYTHING.  Here’s inside one of the … Read More Here

Boston Bound

This week has been crazy busy with work and late night training.  Before Wednesday night’s run, I happened upon some Caps tickets (local NHL hockey team)…for the first game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs…in a luxury suite.  SWEET!!!  And without … Read More Here

Cherry Blossoms and gazillions of people

Every year about this time about 2,000 Cherry Trees around DC explode with little flowers.  Not only does it seem to usher in the start of spring, but also the start of the main tourist season.  I generally try to … Read More Here

Accidentally placing – Yorktown Victory Run 8 Mile Race Report

I drove down last night to the Virginia Beach area to run with a friend in a local 8-miler race.  However, I wasn’t racing, but rather just doing it as part of a training run (about 11 miles total). So … Read More Here

Sweet and Sour Peaks

There are two workouts per week I dislike very much.  The first is the treadmill from hell workout on Tuesdays, and the second is the trainer from hell workout on Wednesday. Regrettably…today is Tuesday.  This is sad for two reasons.  … Read More Here

Racing the line – understanding how courses are measured

Last week on one of my review posts, someone asked why their Garmin GPS showed a longer distance than the actual course distance of the National Marathon.  Of course, there are two possible explanations, but likely only one is the … Read More Here

Ya win some, ya lose some: National Half Marathon

I knew on Tuesday things were going to be rough.  My HR’s were way higher than normal – both on and off the track.  I was hoping I might slide by with enough recovery such that by Saturday things would … Read More Here

Packing your nuts

Tonight I handled a lot of peoples nuts.  Thousands of them…and it was spectacular! Tonight Rob and I pitched in and helped with the National Marathon and Half Marathon setup.  This is the same race we’re both running on Saturday … Read More Here

A little trip to Spain…and Africa.

Back a few months ago I got a great deal on airfare from DC to Spain ($127 round trip including all taxes).  So on the eve of the Philadelphia Marathon, the girl and I booked tickets over for a 5 … Read More Here

Review of Tech4O Trail Leader2 Sports Watch

Back in late December I was contacted to review a new sports watch that’s out – the Tech4O TrailLeader 2 Sports Watch. A couple days later it arrived on my doorstep – just in time for my various end of … Read More Here

Reading the cell-phone-treadmill lady the riot act

Do not be surprised. Do not be surprised when I read you the riot act. Do not be surprised when I read you the riot act in the middle of my 5th elevation-interval pyramid, 68 minutes into my workout. Do … Read More Here

A three hour tour

At the gym last tonight for three hours.  Seriously.  I arrived at 5:30PM and left shortly after 8:30PM. Over 11 miles of treadmill incline interval hell.  There’s not much fun about that 4th or 5th set at 5* incline and … Read More Here

Boston Marathon…registration complete

While sitting on my butt doing nothing at night in Kenya last week, I got around to being one with the Kenyan runners and finally registered for the Boston Marathon.  Proof below! But first I had to agree to ya … Read More Here