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Tidal Basin 3K Race Report (oh…I kinda won)

It’s been about a year.  A year since Peter first started poking me about coming out and running the Tidal Basin 3K monthly race.  But earlier this week I poked him back and asked him if he was going to … Read More Here

Jingle Bell 10K Race Report – Umm..that hurt.

This past Sunday represented the last race of the year.  Well, the last race I’d ‘race’ anyway.  I still got some goodness coming up this weekend, but that’s just for fun.  You say all races are fun?  Umm…no…not all.  Sure…before, … Read More Here

Late for the race

It started first with somehow showing up late to the race shuttle bus.  Because I missed it I had to hitch a ride on a golf cart that speed to catch up to my wave.  I arrived just in time … Read More Here

Baking the shoes – review of Sof Sole Energy foot beds

A few weeks back I was given the opportunity to review and check out a pair of Sof Sole Adapt Energy foot beds, as well as some socks. These are designed to fit into your shoes to more appropriately support … Read More Here

A White Christmas (Tree) and a run in the snow

But before we can get to the Christmas Tree, we have to get beyond a run in the cold and some weight lifting. Yesterday’s morning run was quite a bit of fun.  Well, I thought it was fun anyway – … Read More Here

Philadelphia Marathon 2008 Race Report

There’s really no better place to eat your night-before-the-race-dinner than a restaurant named the ‘Marathon Grill’.  With that, begins my (hopefully quick but turned out not so quick) 2008 Philly Marathon Race report.  Since the race was kinda a blur … Read More Here

BQ Baby…BQ!

Things went spectacular at the Philadelphia Marathon today. Finished in 2:54:39 at a pace of 6:39 – which gave me plenty of time for a Boston Qualifying (BQ) time. This is awesome in that it both qualified for the Boston … Read More Here

Gambling at the track

First, it was off to San Fran on an early Tuesday morning flight.  After landing, I ping-ponged back east again over the Sierra Nevada mountains. We descended past the bright red rocks of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area. And … Read More Here

Spinning around after a long run

There are few times in my little athletic life where working out after I’ve already worked out sound appealing.  I’ve just finished another 20+ miler and my legs are already unhappy with me, but what’s on the schedule?  A bike … Read More Here

Loops, Flips and More Loops

Loops Saturday marked the beginning of the taper for the Philly Marathon in two weeks.  It included an interesting run workout that I hadn’t done before.  It started off with a 10 minute warm up, and then stepped down temporarily … Read More Here

A few less than ideal ways to lose weight

I set off at just after 6:30AM on Saturday morning. My plan was to run about 21 or so miles in the 2 hours 30 minutes I had allotted for Saturday’s long run. The plan consisted of a run from … Read More Here

Turning into a pumpkin…or a turkey

Halloween has many pieces – there’s the pumpkins, the costumes and of course the candy gathering (even if as an adult that simply means going to the grocery store and buying the candy instead of standing at peoples doors). Tuesday … Read More Here

A 10K, a marathon and wilderness in between

Let’s try and keep this weekend recap quick. On Friday night myself and two friends drove down to Charlottesville, VA to run in a 10K race there (Bad to the Bone 10K aka Charlottesville Fall Classic).  (I’m in the lower … Read More Here

Run towards the buns

Saturday is all about the run.  Run far, run sorta fast…but run long.  So I did.  Just shy of 21 miles worth of bank deposits in 2.5 hours.  I was a bit unhappy though as I couldn’t get the speed … Read More Here

Track Rabbits

Just a quick post to prove that this not-so-early-bird can indeed be up before the sun shines. 5:22AM – I start on my first lap at the track at the middle school just across the street from my hotel. A … Read More Here

The Army 20-Miler Race Report and Weekend Update

I had originally planned earlier this year to use the Army 10 Miler Race to try and go sub-60 minutes.  But after my coach and I developed a plan for the year which included going solidly below 3:00 for the … Read More Here

The wheels on the track go round and round

After flying somewhere on the order of a 300-400 times in/out of SEATAC (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport), I’ve gotten really really good at figuring out which side of the aircraft to sit on on for the best views (outside the plane, … Read More Here

How do you like them apples?

So it’s twofer post Sunday I guess. I had a really busy – but awesome – weekend. The good news for you is that both of these posts are ‘short’ by my normal standards. Lots of pics, but otherwise short. … Read More Here

Failboat, now arriving

Within the small circle of friends that I run with on a regular basis we often joke about committing a ‘fail’ – as epitomized on the fail blog via the Failboat. While I personally manage many fails on a daily … Read More Here

Back to the track…and Seattle.

The last few days in Seattle have been great. I’ve been out here for work, but I’m able to get a ton of non-work things in as well. After arriving Monday afternoon I swung downtown to pickup my relevant conference … Read More Here

Kayaking, Long Swims and Rifles

I’ve been a wee bit busy over the last few days – especially since Thursday afternoon.  I’m SOOO far behind in e-mail, catching up with reading folks blogs, and really just about everything.  So here’s the rundown.  I tried to … Read More Here

Going Long

This weekend was all about the long game.  Long swim, long bike.  The usual long run comes Tuesday. I actually spent Saturday morning baking, making a nice breakfast and making ice cream (which is a post for later this week).  … Read More Here

The long run

Given tonight was my usual Tuesday 20-miler night, I had about 2.5 hours to think to myself. While I was realizing the error of having a Chipotle Burrito for lunch (holy crap…no really..holy crap – I had to go so … Read More Here

Faux Race

This weekend was a solid mix of different stuff, not overwhelmingly busy – but just good-type busy. Saturday: At 6:53AM I was laying in bed deciding whether or not I wanted to join up with the running group to do … Read More Here

Become a Brooks Running Tester

While bumbling around Brooks’ site trying to find a specific t-shirt, I stumbled into this little section off the main page – which allows you to signup to test out Brooks shoes. http://www.brooksrunning.com/Fun+Stuff/Become+a+Lab+Rat/ I tried signing up, but apparently I … Read More Here