Running: Love or hate?

I saw this last night on TV, pretty cool ad from New Balance. Exactly how I feel sometimes.

Btw…officially the shortest post EVAH from me.

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  1. NICE!!!

    I like it, I love it. I used to hate to run and now it is something I look forward to doing.

  2. i like their shoes, but it’s not like we’re in a romantic relationship or anything!

  3. the official pics are up… at least mine are. bib #1113!

  4. Great commercial for some great shoes.

    As the only company that specifically and consistently makes shoes for people like me (I’ve got frog feet – they’re wider than they are long), NB is the only shoe I’ll wear for any length of time, whether it be running or walking.

  5. succinct..poignant. perfect.

    plus the shoes are damn good too