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Robots at an Ironman Transition Area?

If the Japanese have their way – quite possibly. In this week’s TGIF video I present to you some solid evidence of impending transition area world robotic dominance. This system can handle over 9,400 bikes, so a paltry 2,000 at … Read More Here

The Womens!

Here’s your random TGIF video.  I went on a bit of a TGIF video vacation.  But I have a stock pile again and will occasionally post them for fun. While I only rarely visit Slowtwitch, this video is pretty hilarious.  … Read More Here

Running: Love or hate?

I saw this last night on TV, pretty cool ad from New Balance. Exactly how I feel sometimes.Btw…officially the shortest post EVAH from me.

Chicago Marathon Folks: Watch out for running balls!

So today is the big day if you’re planning on signing up for the Chicago Marathon.  Registration started at midnight this morning (CST timezone) for the 31st running of the Chicago Marathon.  Today’s TGIF post brings you a reminder to … Read More Here

Running it all off

There are certain times of the year where running with less is better.  For example – 100* in the summer – the less you wear, the more comfortable you are (at least me).  Running along a sandy beach – perhaps … Read More Here

How to be like Gumby: Competition Style

In this week’s rendition of TGIF stuffs, we return to video to drive home the importance of proper stretching and flexibility.  Of course, I’m probably one of the worst offenders when it comes to stretching.  I generally do the only … Read More Here