Running it all off

There are certain times of the year where running with less is better.  For example – 100* in the summer – the less you wear, the more comfortable you are (at least me).  Running along a sandy beach – perhaps a swimsuit would be great.

And then there are those times were one might run with less than normal running attire as part of a tradition, dare, or simply due to higher than normal concentration of alcohol.  For example, running at 3:30AM on January 1st as part of a New Years Eve Party with a group of local runners in one’s boxers when it’s only in the 20’s.  I mean…just sayin’.  I neither confirm nor deny anything.

That all said…This week’s TGIF video harkens from the Ironman Mecca – Kona.  As part of Kona’s pre-IM World Championship festivities there is an annual underwear run.  The run is meant to poke fun at some of the things that triathletes wear.  Like any tradition, it includes an important pledge that must be taken first.  They also raise money for a good cause.  Here’s a short clip of the fun!

Have a great three-day weekend everyone (for those with Monday off)!  I’m personally super-excited, as later today I get to run for the first time in nearly two months!  Cleared to run!

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  1. I don’t own tighty whities, but how about some Homer Simpson boxers that declare me a “Ladies Man”. LOL

  2. What cracks me up is how many people wear their HRM on that run. C’mon people!

  3. Is it just me, or did most of those men look like they were actually wearing diapers? Had they run in boxer shorts with it all hanging out– now THAT would have been impressive.