Robots at an Ironman Transition Area?

If the Japanese have their way – quite possibly. In this week’s TGIF video I present to you some solid evidence of impending transition area world robotic dominance. This system can handle over 9,400 bikes, so a paltry 2,000 at an Ironman event is mere chump change.

Best of all – it only costs a dollar, and only takes 23 seconds to get your bike. Order up! I wonder how much it likes aero wheels and bars?

Yes, you can always count on our Japanese friends for a good solid TGIF video.

In other random news…

I found a new and exciting way this evening to induce temporary aerobic pain. Run a 9 mile tempo run with a guy who can (and has) run a 2:20 marathon. Some random splits along the way included sections at 5:21/mile, 5:30 a mile, etc… The majority though was in the low to mid 6’s. That was after a 24 mile ride and a 2,000 yard recovery swim. Fun times. I Thursday’s.

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  1. Dang!

    Where do you find time to search for these random You Tube videos?

    LOL, that thing better be careful with my Zipp 404’s!

  2. If I tried to run a 5:21 mile, you could track me by following the trail of “hershey squirts” up to the point my heart exploded!

  3. big deal…i’ve run with a 2:30 marathoner!

    ok, i’ll concede that even though i was sprinting he was probably walking. it was so dangerous where we were neither of us wanted to run alone…you were probably actually both getting a workout in!!! bad. ass.

  4. You stole my thunder on the video clip!

  5. If it can handle the basket, I am sure the aerobars are okay 🙂 Speaking of which – I wonder if they make baskets to go around aerobars? 🙂

  6. That’s a full day’s workout alright.

  7. Jaw dropping. That’s what you are. 5:21 mile. after 24 mile ride. WHAT PARTS OF YOU ARE TITANIUM AGAIN???!

    and what are you doing telling d.c. spinster that you don’t call out if runners wear headphones?!?! You are undoing ALL my hard work with him!

  8. Man, you’re getting faster and faster, wow!

    Good luck this weekend in your 10-miler!


  9. You’re going to go Pro within a few years. Mark my words.
    And I’m going to say, I knew him when!

  10. trieric dropped that japanese nugget on his little blog recently…I was thinking it would be cool if you could put a hybrid bike in there and get out a trek-tribike all pimped out…whooohoo.

    your 5:21 miles are amazing…
    I could not ride a motocycle at the pace… rememeber us when you go big time

  11. Leave it to the Japanese to come up with such a contraption – so what were those guys saying anyways?