Registered for NYC Marathon…again.


I tried last year to get into NYC Marathon via the lottery. But it didn’t pan out (aka I didn’t get lucky). I’m trying again this year for the lottery. If it doesn’t work out I’ll simply pick up one of the plentiful Marine Corps Marathon bibs in late August when everyone who hasn’t trained is trying to get rid of them. Which…btw – would certainly be a HELL OF A LOT cheaper than the NYC Marathon. But I don’t think I’m really in a position to talk about race fees given the Ironman is $500.

I had hoped to sneak in a race before the deadline to automatically qualify with a 1:23:00 half-marathon time. But I just don’t have the time on the training schedule to correctly ramp up interval work and taper time for it. So lottery it is.

My goal is to be able to qualify for Boston next year with this one. That will take a 3:10 time for my age group, which is more than in the cards. But on my predicted time… I put something a wee bit faster in mind. You’ll have to stick around till fall to see how that works out.

Oh – and btw, the lottery registration period closes next Wednesday. So get a move on!


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  1. you have to pay to get in the lottery?? woah.

    and from your post it looks like Marine Corps bibs are transferable? that’s very very awesome.

  2. If you don’t get into the NYC Marathon 3 years in a row of entering for the lottery, you automatically get in on the 4th year. So if nothing else, keep entering the lottery and in a few years you’ll be guaranteed in. Just sucks that you have to pay just to be in the lottery. Of course, that won’t help you qualify for Boston. Good luck!

  3. Hope you get into NYC marathon :)

  4. Good luck! Can’t wait til you qualify so I can see you run up north here in Boston!

  5. good luck. you qualify for boston, i’m definitely coming to see you!

  6. good luck to you on the lottery……
    i know that lottery feeling….
    o for 9 for kona, but its cool you can get in new york after the three lottery misses. hope you get in on the first.

  7. $500!

    NYC Marathon is the best run in the world! All those bridges, then Central Park! Staten Island (well, at least you get to run over the bridge), the crowds in Bay Ridge, the Queensboro Bridge, screaming First Avenue, the cup of coffee in the Bronx, alive Fifth Avenue, Tavern on the Green and Strawberry Fields, oh, I want to do it again (but I never repeat marathons).

  8. SLB

    Keeping ’em crossed for you.

  9. DOH!!! thanks for the reminder. i’ll enter the lottery tonight. i LUV LUV LUV the nyc marathon. if i get in, i probably won’t run it this year but defer it to next year. i got my sights on chicago.

    not to burst your qualifying bubble, and you’re super human, so it won’t really matter anyway, but don’t underestimate the nyc marathon as being flat. IT’S NOT. each bridge should be considered a good mile long incline, so do some hill work. even so, those long ass legs o yours will fly through all 5 boroughs, no prob…