Newspaper Running Roundup

Think of this like a bit of a link clearance. Stuff I saved up that’s interesting, but didn’t have any specific post to put it in.

Running is a drug:

Most of us have felt the ‘high’ of endorphins after a good hard run. Well, it turns out there’s more science to that than one might think. Check out this article in the NY Times:

“Now medical technology has caught up with exercise lore. Researchers in Germany, using advances in neuroscience, report in the current issue of the journal Cerebral Cortex that the folk belief is true: Running does elicit a flood of endorphins in the brain. The endorphins are associated with mood changes, and the more endorphins a runner’s body pumps out, the greater the effect.”

Running keeps girls in school:

This short Washington Post article talks about an art exhibit featuring girls running in Ethiopia and notes that girls who run, stay in school longer – among other benefits.

“In Ethiopia, a very poor country in East Africa, girls as young as 12 are often forced to drop out of school and marry. Needing money, their parents sell them to their future husbands. Instead of being in school, these young women spend their days cooking, cleaning and caring for children.

One way to avoid this fate is to be on a running team. Girls who run tend to stay in school longer and, if they train hard enough, might make a good living one day as a pro athlete.”

Runners get homeless back on their feet and running:

This CNN article shows what happens once someone stops running by the homeless, and instead offers to help run with the homeless.

“Instead of continuing to pass them by, the veteran marathoner sprang into action so they could join her.

The first day, Mahlum led nine shelter residents in a mile-long run. Today, Back on My Feet has teams in three Philadelphia shelters, including 54 homeless members and more than 250 volunteers. The group has logged more than 5,000 miles.”

And one Triathlon article tossed in for good measure – featuring a blogger friend!

A few weeks ago Triathlon Life was sent out to all USAT members (basically everyone who does a triathlon). Tucked away on page 44 was an article about all of the incredible work that one of our own bloggers (and math teacher) – Brandon – does with local youth on a triathlon team. So dig around in that pile of mail and check out page 44.

“With the help of the Fresno Police Activities League (PAL), Dorman’s newly formed triathlon club was able to acquire several mountain bikes, a few gym bags, some modest funding and insrance. Along the way XTERRA Wetsuits donated a few suits and Dorman purchased several more at a discounted price. A local bike shop, Sumner’s Schwinn, also discounted bike tubes and other equipment….

…’By word of mouth alone, we had about 15 kids working out after school in February,’ Dorman said. ‘We would mostly run, doing different drills involving stairs, pushing my Toyota Corolla uphill, and swimming’”

Definitely go check out Brandon’s blog – he’s a cool guy (who I met in a bathroom line at 6AM before Oceanside), and is doing great stuff for local youth.


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  1. I did a post on my blog a few years back on endorphines. Thought you might be interested:
    link to bluebirdbiker.trifuel.net

  2. thanks for the links….
    it just takes 30 minutes and I just feel really fresh and alive, i wonder if the amount of endorphins goes up in proportion to the length of time going long… I would think probably not….

    i checked out brandons blog…pretty cool

  3. Interesting stuff! I’m psyched to check out Brandon’s blog.

  4. I saw Brandon’s pic in the Triathlon Life mag…a 12 yr old with a six pack!!! DANG!!!

    That kid rocks!

  5. U just gave me some sunday reading assignments! And…boy, the people u meet in a bathroom line – I’ll have to check out his blog – sounds like he’s doing some great things! Thanks for the links.