The Womens!

Here’s your random TGIF video.  I went on a bit of a TGIF video vacation.  But I have a stock pile again and will occasionally post them for fun.

While I only rarely visit Slowtwitch, this video is pretty hilarious.  It came out about a month ago, but if you’re not in the Slowtwitch circles, ya probably haven’t seen it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I don’t visit Slowtwitch, but that was indeed pretty funny…

  2. SLB

    Ahhh brought a smile to my face of this TGIF, thanks for posting.

    PS me got me some some new wheels!

  3. Milk out the nose funny.

    I dare you to make one for DC Tri.
    Bonus points if you use clips from Hunt for Red October.

  4. “the womens are threatening us”….too freaking funny

    “turning this into an oprah forum” LOL

  5. OMG!!!

    That was too funny. I stopped posting there about a year (maybe two?) ago because of the snarky remarks that I got for what I considered good questions. Now I know who was making those replies, HA!!!

  6. that is just insane…i’m afraid of slowtwitch!

  7. The things u find on youtube! I checked out the slowtwitch website, and the strange thing is the about us page, it’s blank. Maybe the page doesn’t like my Mac.