You think you can run fast? Think again.

This Friday’s most excellent TGIF running/tri related video is probably one of my all time favorites.  I think the music and announcers voice really makes it even better, but even by itself it’s just so darn impressive.  Especially towards the end when you see runners going by in the opposite direction and realize they look like they’re being passed at speeds akin to a highway.  Simply amazing how fast these guys are going.  Here ya go:

Btw, I originally found this video off of Simon Whitfield’s blog (an Olympic Gold Medalist in Sydney in Tri).  And no matter how many times I watch this video – it’s still just as cool as the first time I watched it.

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  1. ace

    Funny how much this video is popping up…

  2. Sure wish I could pull off something like that and run that fast! Totally amazing!

  3. I don’t know the distance of this triathlon, but think about the fact that they’ve done this after high-intense exercise for AT LEAST a few hours!

  4. That was some kick at the end.

  5. Hey! The winner is Bevan Docherty! I met him last summer! What race was that?

  6. Nat

    Wow. That was very cool.