Become a Brooks Running Tester

While bumbling around Brooks’ site trying to find a specific t-shirt, I stumbled into this little section off the main page – which allows you to signup to test out Brooks shoes.


I tried signing up, but apparently I ran aground in the fail-boat, because it said they didn’t need my services.


But who knows…maybe you services are better and they’ll like you and pick ya.


But it turns out that someone at Brooks actually does like me after all!  I had e-mailed them to ask about getting the t-shirt noted earlier with one of their recent promotional slogans “Run Mo Faster!”, I have  bumper sticker of it (pictured above).  While they didn’t have any more shirts, helpful employee J. instead offered a package of bumper stickers on the house!  She immediately tossed it in the mail and it arrived on Saturday – just before the race.  Woohoo!


Given I have no kids, I think I’ll donate the honor student one to my mom (I was an Honor Student, really!  And she runs everyday, although she has never does any races/events).  That said, it would be pretty darn funny to put that on my bike case too!  Make some heads turn.

Thanks J.!


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  1. you should SO put that on your bike case! you honor student nerd!! though i have a suspicion that the bloggers as a whole have a higher percentage of honor roll students among them than non-bloggers…

  2. I tried filling out the form too, but no dice. I’m thinking the key question to become a tester is: “Do you live in the Seattle area?”. All the other stuff is more or less noise.

  3. I would have assumed you were valedictorian.

    The “More Cushion …” sticker is Mastercard priceless.

  4. nirvana 26.2…. cool.

    Amazing how and where you find this stuff…..

  5. That fail-boat’s getting pretty crowded – I need to climb in, too.

  6. hmmmm. maybe they’re looking for fatsos like me to test out their new rock bustin’ “ariels.” funnny how they take a big ass shoe and try to not make it sound so big ass by naming it after a dainty disney princess!!!

  7. SLB

    Cool, cool free stuff!

  8. Viv

    That is so nice. Brooks is always scouting the blogs. The sent me a cool running shirt. Those bumper stickers are too funny!

  9. apparently, I’m not very interesting either – they’re not looking for a fat-footed female low mileage runner needing support outside the Seattle area! And…to think..I might have switched back to Brooks…but, I guess they want me to stay with Swoosh :-)

  10. How the hell do people end up getting sponsorships anyways? I play the disabled card and still get jacked.