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Within the small circle of friends that I run with on a regular basis we often joke about committing a ‘fail’ – as epitomized on the fail blog via the Failboat. While I personally manage many fails on a daily basis – one of my more recent fails was the laptop on the car thing back a few months ago. When the opportunity came up though for our small group of friends to run together for fun as a team in a local 5K event – we rallied behind the fail boat.

Front 1024 x 768

Back 1024 x 768

We decided on the name as pictured above and got most everyone registered. Of course, true to our name – some people bailed at the last minute, some moved to Germany, and others forgot to register. In order to really bring collective fail together, we designed t-shirts. Well, someone with more artistic skills than I designed the shirts – and then I worked to get them ‘re-mastered’ in digital form and ordered on Dry-Tech style shirts.

IMG_9128 1024 x 682

(Side note: I used for the first time – which it turns out is a local DC place. I was BLOWN AWAY by how quick and friendly they were (a human responded to my e-mails in a matter of minutes!). And the shirts arrived just a few days later ahead of the guaranteed date. I’d HIGHLY recommend them for custom shirts.)

IMGP0230A 1024 x 645

Anyway, come race day all of us were doing a long run beforehand. So this was just a ‘for fun’ thing – and for a good cause too – assisting in the rebuilding efforts from Katrina. We all ran at least 10 miles before hand on a rather hilly course. And some were running up to 20 in total that morning. So no records or PR’s were aimed to be set.

IMGP0236 1024 x 768We approached the starting line, with a group of four of us attempting to see if we (in our gimp state) could still hold down the fort and take top team honors (aside from the one ‘Pro’ team). The team standings were chosen based on the four fastest times in the team, one of which must be a female.

IMGP0243 1024 x 768

Off we went. I just settled into a nice upper 6 minute/mile pace and then held steady until about the 1 mile marker before slowly descending the pace down into the lower 6’s. I ended up finishing in 20:54, but again – I wasn’t out to race, just simply have fun with a group of folks.

IMGP0250 576 x 768

(A photo somewhere around mile 2 I think)

In true Failboat style, we didn’t take the win. We came in second. Had all four of us that led actually ‘raced’ the race instead of casually running it (after a long run), we would have won. Next year… we’re going down! I mean…umm…they’re going down! Yeah – take that ABT ASSOCIATES!


Oh, one last thing. They had mini Tabasco bottles at the finishers food tent. To compliment oranges, granola and Hi-C juice cartoons. Kinda odd ehh?

IMGP0273 1024 x 768


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  1. Tabasco? Hmmm………..

  2. Those shirts are too funny! I better step Way up on my training so I can become a team member. lol

  3. The shirts are great. I am going to go to the company web site right now.

  4. Nice group of friends, nice way to “cool-down” post long run!