A three hour tour

At the gym last tonight for three hours.  Seriously.  I arrived at 5:30PM and left shortly after 8:30PM.

Over 11 miles of treadmill incline interval hell.  There’s not much fun about that 4th or 5th set at 5* incline and a 6:18 pace.  Nuttin fun.  Although at least on the 5th set you can sorta see the light.  Assuming you can ignore the set of darkness that is the 4x35sec @ sub-6 that comes next.


Then a bunch of weights and core exercises for a while.

Followed by a bunch of laps for drills in the pool for a while longer.  Thank god for the pull buoy (little floaty thing between my legs).  That kept me at least somewhere near the surface.  I don’t recommend swimming post incline intervals and post weights/core.  Unless your goal is to entertain those around you – in which case I succeeded on that count quite fabulously.

Now…I shall fall asleep.

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  1. I always enjoy your posts because of all the pretty pictures 😉

    But I am concerned whenever you show photos of you on your bike…I don’t see anything Ironman related. I didn’t know that was allowed.

    Oh, who knew a treadmill could go that fast!

  2. LOVE the post title! (When are you going to give us a review of the computrainer you made out of coconut shells and sticks lashed together?) As usual, I am impressed by your dedication and amazed at your positive attitude. How do you keep from cursing when you see a night like that on your upcoming training plan??

  3. I have no idea whether to be impressed or disgusted. After th day I had last night I was asleep prior to nine.

  4. One word tow syllables starts with Bru ends with tal!

    Nice job…of course!

  5. I’m with Lazy Triathlete on this one…you are NUTS!! But as usual, I’m still impressed. 😉

  6. well, i guess that blows my little itty bitty hill workout outta the water…NOT!

    sounds truly gruesome, gilligan.

  7. yeesh!

    I have to keep telling myself that your IM is way before mine is and that you are way faster than I am. Ok, off to put in two hours in on the bike.

  8. I assume you slept the sleep of the dead after that!

  9. Does your treadmill let you go for more than an hour? Or do you have to reset it?