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Xert Training Platform In-Depth Review

It’s been about a year since Xert plopped onto the training platform scene, and in that time it’s grown both considerably in functionality, as well as users.  So what is Xert?  Well, it’s part training platform, part training app ecosystem, … Read More Here

A precise interval workout in the forest

I’m often asked how I find my training routes while travelling.  I’ve discussed that a bit in the past in terms of how I research places to run/bike/swim.  But sometimes it’s not so much finding a place, as it is … Read More Here

Off to Alcatraz…or rather, off to Escape from Alcatraz!

I’m just about ready to head out to San Francisco, I’ve got my bike all packed up in its case and have the rest of my gear (mostly) packed. As you may remember, here’s my long-form packing list for triathlons, … Read More Here

My favorite workouts in each sport

Yesterday while reviewing my schedule for the week ahead, I realized I’ve been on a run of workouts I really enjoy (or plan to enjoy).  Saturday I’ve got my first trail long-run, and Sunday I’m back in the mountains for … Read More Here

Observations on training over the last month

I was going to talk about my excitement filled 8-mile treadmill run this evening and all the logic behind doing it indoors versus outdoors, but I wanted to first go through some random observational bullet points around training and fitness … Read More Here

80 Miles of warm cycling and farming fun

You know what’s nice about not doing an Ironman race this year?  Not having to bike 112+ miles during training.  Yup, with my longest race this year being a Half-Iron with ‘only’ 56 miles as the bike leg, my training … Read More Here

The build: Looking at my mileage progression

When I was writing Tuesday’s post on how to train and plan for an extended race season (where triathlons go into November), I got to thinking a little bit about how my mileage builds each week.  I was pondering the … Read More Here

A weekend at home and in the pool with the Polar RCX5

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind – despite being one that in theory shouldn’t have been.  With getting stuck working rather late downtown on Friday night, before I knew it, it was Saturday morning and time to head … Read More Here

An Eggtastic Training Weekend!

This weekend was a mix of hard training on one day, and relaxation on the other (though yes, still with a swim workout scheduled even on the relaxing days). Saturday morning we had planned to head down south towards Prince … Read More Here

Other peoples workouts

The Internet’s a funny thing.  It offers vast amounts of data, opinions and educational reference points.  While at the same time that vastness in information can be overwhelming.  It can lead you to change your mind a multitude of times … Read More Here

A Weekend Peaking in Transition

This weekend was the last push before the first triathlon race of the year occurring next weekend.  Since next weekend’s race isn’t an ‘A’ race, the goal is focused more on a steady build to Boise 70.3, exactly 8 weeks … Read More Here

Swimming through the registry

This weekend was a pretty big hodgepodge of activities.  I covered all the usual sports, and a few other activities that with careful regulation – could probably be categorized as sport. First up was a Friday evening swim.  I’ve been … Read More Here

Friday Training and Travelling Tidbits

Wow – the end of my first week at home!  Awesome! With a full week of training I’ve been able to get some really good solid workouts in.  Take for example my Tuesday run.  This workout starts off with an … Read More Here

Finally…a weekend at home: Pumpkins and Training

After more weeks of travel than I can realistically count, I landed into Washington National Airport late Thursday night, and finally got a complete and full weekend at home.  Woohoo! And there’s no better way to kick-off a Friday night … Read More Here

Tuesday Training, Trainers, and Trimming

It’s been a busy summer with travel of all kinds.  I haven’t spent a full week home since late May – so the next two weeks are my only opportunity to get in two solid – complete – and well … Read More Here

A weekend at home (finally)

I’m gonna keep this post short…mostly because I’ve spent the last few hours putting the final touches on the Timex Global Trainer review (to be posted at 12:01AM EST Tuesday), and thus, my keyboard and mouse are basically asking for … Read More Here

Training at 7,500 feet

As I talked about yesterday, I’ve spent the previous week in Mexico City, Mexico – which has an elevation of 7,500 feet above sea level.  That’s roughly 2,000 feet higher than Boulder, Colorado…or, for those Floridians, that’s about 7,498 feet … Read More Here

Beating the heat in Connecticut

Monday midday we (The Girl, my Mom, my Dad, and I) packed up the car and headed up to nearby BWI airport to catch a flight to Hartford, CT – just a short 45 minute hop away.  This is where … Read More Here

A very hot 4th of July…and lots of BBQ.

After leaving San Diego on Thursday, I arrived back into relatively cool mid-70’s weather late Thursday night. However, my acclimatization period would be decidedly short, as by Friday it was well on it’s way to the 90’s.  Luckily, my easy … Read More Here

Trying not to get skunked on a 3AM training ride

I’ve crisscrossed the country hundreds of times, though today’s flight home is a bit of a different experience.  Because of a mechanical issue, my little Airbus 320 is being kept below 28,000 feet – thus providing a slightly different view … Read More Here

A log cabin, and following strangers in pickup trucks

Way back at the Rumpass in Bumpass Triathlon, our friends Lindsey and Carl had planned to join us for the weekend (and race) down at Lake Anna in the RV adventure.  The lake is about 90 minutes south of DC … Read More Here

Training in the middle of nowhere

My travel for work goes in spurts – sometimes there are dry spells, and sometimes it gets…umm…undry.  I’m currently in the midst of a rather busy work travel set.  While sometimes my travels take me to interesting places at home … Read More Here

The right stuff–equipment I use

Back about a month ago I got an e-mail from a reader regarding what equipment I use day to day in training and racing.  I ended up putting together a quick hit-list at the time, but didn’t really do it … Read More Here

Many many loops….transition practice!

With a race just over 24 hours away, it was time to get in some much needed transition practice.  Why practice transitions you ask?  Well, it’s easy free time.  Sure, people always say ‘free time’, but that’s not exactly true … Read More Here

Finally, a calm weekend.

It doesn’t seem to happen often around these parts, but this weekend was actually pretty calm.  There was no race, no getting hit by a car, no space shuttles, nor any skydiving.  As such, this post will be relatively short.  … Read More Here