A meaty weekend

This weekend was full of all assortment of activities – from the usual swim/bike/run to cooking up a storm on Saturday night.

We start with a 10 mile run on Saturday morning along the Potomac river on the Mt. Vernon Trail.  The weather was perfect for running – a touch bit cool, but not too cold.  The route meanwhile was a simple out and back affair, which I personally find much easier to get my head around than a larger loop type course.


This semi-up and down course led to a bit of out of zone running, which I subsequently heard about from Coach, post run – for being too much out of zone. :(

Immediately after running we went straight to the pool to knock out the swim for the day.  It was 3,700 yards non-stop, finishing up with a 700 yard time trial.  The TT was faster than any of my previous ones at that distance (well, except the ones in the wetsuit, but those don’t count).  Good times all around.


(Sometimes the water pictures come out really sketchy…this would be one of those times)

And the best part?  We were done with the workouts for the day by 11:30AM.  Wootage!

As I waited for The Girl to finish up in the locker room I wandered over to the ice rink to see what all the racket was.  Turns out they were having a junior figure skating competition.


It was interesting watching the kids (who were astoundingly good for how young they were) – but it was more interesting watching the parents.  The Girl and I suspect a bit of the beauty pageant parental pushing has bled over to this sport, just by watching some of the interactions.  It was also interesting that the parents clapped when both the kids completed the jumps, but also when they crashed and burned.


By time I got back to the house, Coach had noticed that my weight had been automagically uploaded to Training Peaks from the Withings Scale I’ve been testing, from earlier in the morning.  Last week they added a new feature to automatically sync weight to your Training Peaks account from the Withings Scale.  And you can separate out different users on the scale to different Training Peaks accounts.  Pretty cool!


The only catch is as of now Body Fat % isn’t transferred automatically, so hopefully that gets addressed soon.  Either way – still pretty cool!

Later on that night Lindsey and Carl wandered on over and we cooked up quite a storm.  They were actually going to join us last weekend for the RV Road Trip and Rumpus Race, but then due to one of them coming down with the Plague, that potential incubation situation was called off by the CDC.

So, we made up for it this weekend with creating a small disaster area of our own in the kitchen and cooking up all sorts of stuff:


(Lindsey made a strawberry balsamic salad and dressing and then some sweet potato strips, Carl put together the burgers from scratch, The Girl knocked out the stuffed mushrooms and I made some strawberry lemonade and largely inedible cornbread…no idea what went wrong there.)

And finally…Sunday.

Today brought the bike (and a short run-off).  We had planned to go south to knock out the bike ride, but with thunderstorms threatening we wimped out and instead hammered out a long trainer ride watching an unwatched Celebrity Apprentice (about 2.5 hours).  In reality, the trainer rides Coach puts together for us are far more demanding than the simple outdoor rides.  Though, what’s even more demanding is watching Celebrity Apprentice for two straight hours WITH the commercial breaks.  We didn’t skip over them in hopes it would make the time go by faster.  But geez…that makes the show seem REALLY long.


While getting my bike on the trainer I noticed that if you don’t hook it up right – you risk injury to yourself or others (or my TV).  See – it says so – just figured you’d like to know.  Kinda a public service announcement.


Afterwards it was off onto a rather quick run before coming back and lounging around in the thunderstorm-less blue skies.

That also made for an ideal time to finally get around to cleaning off the mud on the mountain bikes from last December’s massive mountain bike mud fest we did.

You do remember that whole scene right?  The mud and the movie of The Girl making it across the great lakes of semi-frozen mud?  It was awesome.

Anyway…have a good week all!


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  1. Bo

    Love the blog, the 500 review made me pull the trigger. I can’t wait until it arrives.

    Looks like a great weekend.

    How about a cliff note version of the dinner you made. Looks like something I would like to cook.

  2. If I send you my address, do you think you could ship a few of those my way for a nominal fee??? lol! That dinner looked great!

    Glad to hear you were cleaning off the MTB’s! That’s where the action is at, off-road! :)

  3. I am very impressed by your weekend of workouts. Plus, the food looks very awesome!

  4. Those mini sliders are making me hungry. I guess I better go find some breakfast.

  5. Great weekend! 2 weeks to race day!

  6. Such a gentleman!.. giving The Girl use of the fan while you two were on the trainers.

  7. Ron

    Given your tech, cooking, triathlon, travel brilliance, when can we expect you to tackle the ultimate challenge—an explanation of what takes women so damn long in the locker room.

  8. Thanks all!

    Hey Bo – I went ahead and added the quick version of the menu to the post. Thanks!