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New positions early in the morning

The weekend’s training schedule ended up getting swapped around quite a bit at the last minute, which, afforded me the time to spend some quality time at Coach Alan’s place re-working my bike fit.  After the Bumpass in Rumpass Olympic … Read More Here

Averting disaster in the Dark Hills

Anytime you have 2-3 hours of workouts to do on a weeknight, you have to plan a bit.  Most of that planning for me falls into two buckets – scheduling of the actual workout itself, and scheduling my caloric intake … Read More Here

A meaty weekend

This weekend was full of all assortment of activities – from the usual swim/bike/run to cooking up a storm on Saturday night. We start with a 10 mile run on Saturday morning along the Potomac river on the Mt. Vernon … Read More Here

Troubleshooting your heart rate monitor/strap HR spikes

For those who train with heart rate monitors often, you probably know all too well know the tell-tale sign that your little device is lying to you about your heart rate.  It starts off fairly innocently with a gentle rise … Read More Here

Little Washington

The weekend started Friday after a nice flight back from the West Coast.  Upon arriving home I found all sorts of packages had arrived.  While some weren’t terribly exciting (new seat post for an older bike), I did get one … Read More Here

A week of training in Seattle

After a pretty darn successful Sunday race in the Rainman Triathlon, I got back to work – and training on Monday.  That included a relatively straightforward swim of a tad over 3,000 yards. One interesting thing is there are far … Read More Here

Corned Beef, Pools, and Cupcakes (though, not all together)

The weekend started like any good weekend should – with cupcakes being made.  The Girl was back at it after her adventures to the NYC’s Magnolia bakery, making loads of cupcakes. Though, the Girl’s were far better – plus, they … Read More Here

Pool and Parking lot bricks

With my first race of the year this weekend and my first triathlon of the year next week, things have kicked into short and fast mode for the next two weeks.  As races approach my workouts tend to drift more … Read More Here

Time Trialing with the subway

Sunday night after I got home from New York City around 5PM I still had one minor item left to knock out…a 2hr and 45 minute ride. Now, I could do this indoor on the trainer – but I’m sick … Read More Here

Welcome back to reality

Upon landing at Dulles International Airport on Sunday afternoon my very first message that showed up on my phone was from my coach, it read: Gee…thanks. And reality soon set in.  I knocked out a rather enjoyable trainer ride on … Read More Here

Sports Tracks in depth – ten little tidbits

Most of you folks know I love Sports Tracks – I think it’s hands down the best and most comprehensive sports activity management application out there today. (The above uses the Power Analysis Plug-in) Of course, making it better is … Read More Here

A warm fall

After returning from Austin mid-last week, I’ve been in a fairly easy training mode.  Though, Saturday had a fair bit of pop to it with respect to workouts. It started off with a 1hr wetsuit swim, as has been usual … Read More Here

Texas Training Extravaganza

I’ve been down here in Austin, TX since last Friday –  but that doesn’t mean my training stops.  Nope, it just changes scenery. On Saturday (the day before Longhorn 70.3 that I was cheering at), I went out and basically … Read More Here

Three sports…one training day

The day was labeled “Race Simulation” on my training calendar.  And had it been a nice summer day with birds chirping, it might have been just dandy.  But in reality, here’s what it looked like: Given the weather forecast was … Read More Here

4 Hours

It’s funny, if you take a four hour workout and put it on a weekend, it really doesn’t seem so bad.  Say from 9AM to 1PM – you’re done around lunch time, and you have the remainder of the day … Read More Here

The long..long road ahead

While the ride was technically scheduled at 118 miles – just two miles short of my all-time 120 mile high, the weather conditions forecasted made it clear it was going to be a long…long ride. Despite temperatures into the rather … Read More Here

Cycling and cupcakes

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind, sorta like the time-lapse video I put together. Saturday morning was spent trying to catch up on sleep before heading down to Prince William Forest National Park to get in a solid … Read More Here

2009 Chesapeake Man Aqua-Velo Race Report

The Chesapeake Man Ultra Triathlon is essentially a Ironman Distance Triathlon, but because World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) owns the naming rights to “Ironman”, these non-M-Dot races (referring to the logo of the M with a dot) are usually called something … Read More Here

Many, many, many miles of Cornfields

When I received my schedule earlier this week for the next few weeks, this little nugget was in the e-mail body: I thought to myself…hmm, what is this ‘Queenstown 120’ he speaks of.  I have no such race by that … Read More Here

The final stretch

With this past weekend in the books, everything ‘long’ is now over.  No more long runs, nor long Skyline rides.  Though, that didn’t mean things were all strawberries and peaches this past weekend in the workout world. Saturday I had … Read More Here

A Power Primer – Cycling with Power 101

If you watched any of the Tour de France this summer, you probably heard the commentators and on screen graphics showing ‘Watts’, and if you went ‘What?” – this this post is for you.  As part of laying the groundwork … Read More Here

Yogi, more Yogi, and Boo-boo

It’s been quite busy over the last week, with being just on the edge of full taper for Ironman, you think you have more spare time to do other random things than you really do.  I think mentally I’m expecting … Read More Here

Night Rider

Most times for my weekly track brick I tend to manage to get to the track in the 4-5PM hour, thus having me finished with my workout some two hours later in the 7PM range.  This makes for a semi-normal … Read More Here

The Almost Half-Iron

Just a quick training update (see, I can be quick on occasion). Yesterday I did a nice brick in the mountains, starting from Luray.  Luray is a town in the shadow of Skyline drive, where I usually do my long … Read More Here

It’s getting hot in here

The good news is that I didn’t have to run.  The bad news is I still had to bike…on the trainer…without a fan…indoors.  And thus was the start to my birthday, a nice 65 minute trainer ride on little red … Read More Here