The final stretch

With this past weekend in the books, everything ‘long’ is now over.  No more long runs, nor long Skyline rides.  Though, that didn’t mean things were all strawberries and peaches this past weekend in the workout world.

Saturday I had a relatively straightforward workout on the schedule:

27 miles Z2
7 miles Z3/Z4A

15 mins Z2
15 mins Z3
15 mins Z4A
5 mins cool down

So with that, I set out on my bike into the wild blue yonder.

IMGP5938However, that ‘blue’ portion didn’t last too long.  It proceeded to monsoon.  Complete and total downpour.  Thunder, lightening and everything else opened up just overhead.  Even the deer and other wildlife I had seen earlier in the ride disappeared.

The good news though is that despite a few inches of water on the roadway at times, my avg speed and wattages were looking very nice, so that was good.

I then bailed off the bike and went for the run, where I was able to throw down some pretty descent numbers that are fairly promising for IMC.

However, when I got home to look at the data from the bike, I found my Garmin Edge 705 had crapped itself.  It took my over 45 minutes of (me) trying a gazillion troubleshooting steps just to try and get to thing to power on, only to finally succeed and see the following:


See that ‘0KB’?  That means empty file.  As a general rule of computers – an empty file is never really a good thing.  Ever.

Once again, another lost workout.  I try to be pretty understanding with technology – likely because I’m in the field myself – but I’m losing about a workout or so per month, and it’s incredibly frustrating.  While the 705 is an awesome device, the most common complaint amongst people who use it a ton is that it feels like we’re collectively beta-testing firmware (software) for the device – with basic quality control seemingly tossed out the window by Garmin at times.  I’m all up to date on firmware (I’m actually painfully familiar with the pro’s/con’s of each release for the device), but that doesn’t mean it fixes everything.

Unfortunately, the 310XT shares much of the same firmware code at the 705. :(  Though in this instance, at the 310XT did record my run quite successfully and without issue, so I’m still relatively happy with it at the moment. :)

Anyway, I figure at least if I had to lose a workout, I’d rather it be a 90 minute one as opposed to a 6 hour one.  I just hope I don’t lose next week’s Ironman Canada file…

Speaking of which, Sunday was a swim.  Woohoo!  And there’s nothing better than to have my ‘long swim’ be only 2,000y.  In a wetsuit no less.  Sweet!

IMGP5959 I had a 1,000y of warm-up action to do, and then it was straight into a 1x1000y @ race pace set.IMGP5963 For Ironman Canada next week, race pace will be 1,000y @ 14’, or basically 7 minute 500’s.  Though, that’s the target, it won’t be a hard and fast rule – perceived effort is far more important, especially on something like the swim in an Ironman.

Either way, if that pace is as easy as it was yesterday – on race day – then I’ll be in solid shape.  I ended up being 6:51 per 500 (or 13:41.99 for the 1,000), and in the wetsuit that was honestly not too hard at all.  I’d semi forgotten how much extra speed you get in a wetsuit (or the same speed for less effort) – and I’d say that my speed differences vs effort were on par with the usual number you hear of 5 minutes per mile saved in a wetsuit.

Along the way this weekend I also had the chance to walk through with Coach Alan the detailed race plan for next weekend.  I can say is it should make for an fun Sunday…that’s for sure.  I’m feeling much more confident on that swim pacing after yesterday’s swim.  The bike will be an interesting one – while we have a time target in mind, I’m somewhat fascinated to see how it turns out (hopefully more towards the side of “Holy crap, that was fast”).  As for the run…well, that’s where all the ‘fun’ is.  I’m feeling good about the run, but everything’s good about the run until you start the run.  That’s kinda the way that one works.

All in though, the race plan he’s constructed should put me well on the way to meeting my goals (actually, just one goal really), but it’ll take perfect nutrition by me, staying easy when required (again, by me), and then digging deep during the run (also again, by me).  Fun times…

With that, I’ve got a few more posts this week before the big dance.


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  1. the first to post a comment…woo hoo!! I’m so excited for you, can’t wait to track you throughout the day at IMC and watch you meet your big hawaian goal!! Safe travels and GOOD LUCK!

  2. Sounds like some good stuff except for the Garmin issue. You’re gonna do great for sure. I rode the Reston Century on Sunday with a guy who lost his file on his Edge too. Major bummer.

  3. 5 min/mile? That sounds high. Anyway, enjoy your taper and trust your training. You’ll do great!

  4. Ooo wow, only 5 more days! Have fun with your tapering!

  5. Kim

    those are some good workouts! did you overheat in the pool with your wetsuit on? yay for taper!

  6. I cant believe it’s just next week! good luck on final preparation!

  7. I’m so excited for you! You are going to do awesome.

  8. re: previous post….super props to your mom…wow….

    you inspire her…but I am sure its always been the other way around

  9. How’s this for turn of events, the high temps for Penticton are higher than Louisville. All this heat training I’ve been doing for naught. IM Louisville race temp high of 74 degrees.

    My only advice is to remember all the mistakes of the past…and don’t do them during the race.

    I really don’t have any helpful advice, you have done the training and you know what needs to be done race day. Stay controlled, eat and drink more than you think you should and you will have a successful race.


  10. Wow!

    The summer has gone by so fast and here it is with the big race this weekend. You are going to have a great race. I am feeling sunnier skies with a chance of warm Kona winds and no walls on the run for this year!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  11. Sorry to hear about the Garmin. I was thinking of the 310xt but decided to wait until either my current one dies or another manufacturer comes out with a better product. I still haven’t gotten over the decision to buy and then shut down motionbased.

    Good luck on Sunday!!!

  12. have you put the new 2.90 software on your 705? 2.80 was very short-lived… must have been problematic for a lot of people. i’ve had no problems yet with the new software.

  13. Hey Courtenay-

    I haven’t had a chance to put the 2.9 on there yet. Unfortauntely, in IMC my Garmin 705 was sorta killed. I think it’ll be back from Garmin tomorrow. 2.8 had some power dropout issues primarily – which was why 2.9 was released. 2.9 though is getting rave reviews from both power folks, as well as regular folk. From everything I’m reading (which is a LOT of posts), 2.9 is hands down the best firmware release for the 705 to date. So I’d definitely go and grab it.