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Biospeed Aerus Bike Case Review: How I travel with my bike

A Bit of Background: If you travel as much as I do for work (150,000+ miles last year), you’ve got no choice but to get creative with your training.  There’s simply no way you can be competitive at all three … Read More Here

Baptizing the new bike

I was going to post about all sorts of things this weekend, from the way-too-hot run, to swimming to making homemade pizzas at home.  But…then my new bike came in.  And all that went out the window! After my other … Read More Here

How aero can you go?

Coach Alan and I were chatting via e-mail about a variety of topics yesterday and he brought up the topic of my aero position, based on one of the pictures from my IMC race report – in particular – this … Read More Here

The final stretch

With this past weekend in the books, everything ‘long’ is now over.  No more long runs, nor long Skyline rides.  Though, that didn’t mean things were all strawberries and peaches this past weekend in the workout world. Saturday I had … Read More Here

Bizarre Bike Barrage

Keepin’ it charged, pedal powered At the Ironman Rhode Island 70.3 Race Briefing they specifically highlighted that you aren’t allowed to text or carry a mobile phone conversation while on the bike course.  The officials had noted they had given … Read More Here

Bike to work day

As a reminder for all you folks out there – May 16th (Friday) is National Bike to Work day (here’s the details for those here in the DC area).  A quick Google search of your city name and “bike to … Read More Here

Two Thirds of an Oly Tri Tuesday

I had to drop a coworker at the airport (Dulles), so I took the opportunity to do tonight’s ride out on the W&OD trail.  By starting out near Dulles it is much quieter and far fewer intersections.  I had only … Read More Here

Aerobars Review Part II

I set out earlier last week to decide which were the best aerobars for me.  The bike shop guys were fairly useless in their ability to help me choose – but I was someone expecting that since it’s a ‘personal … Read More Here

Long Day

Today was officially the longest day ever (well, for non-work stuff anyway’s)… Started with a 6AM wake up, and now it’s 3:30AM.  To recap: 6:00AM – Wake up and consume a banana 6:25AM – Out the door to meet running … Read More Here