Bike to work day

As a reminder for all you folks out there – May 16th (Friday) is National Bike to Work day (here’s the details for those here in the DC area).  A quick Google search of your city name and “bike to work day” will easily reveal the details for your area.


In my local area there are three easily accessible pit stops I can hit up to get free food.  While I could just bike the 4-5 miles to work and be there in 20 minutes, it’s much more fun to make something of the morning.  Although we’ll see if I plan holding true to that when I wake up Friday morning.  I still get the free t-shirt as long as I hit one stop.

So I mapped out a route that hits all three pit stops.  No more than your average weekday training ride. But let’s be honest – three stops means three times the free food and giveaways.

In short, my masterpiece might look the below.  Items #1 and #5 are relatively close to my start/end points.  #2/3/4 are pit stops.  #6 is an accident.



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  1. This is TOO cool, you have to hit ALL Of the stops. DO IT RAINMAKER!!!!!!

  2. Taking the direct route, I see! Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  3. Viv

    That is such a great event. Hit the stops, take a few pics for us. Have fun!

  4. Have fun and hit all the stops. Hope the rain is gone by the time Friday comes!

  5. Nat

    How fun! I wish I could bike to work. I live 21 miles from it so I would really stink by the time I arrived. Not good.

  6. I think the biggest challenge will be finding a place to stash all the freebies. I guess if you bring a backpack or something, you’ll be set, but your back jersey pockets will be awfully full of Clif bars by the end of your ride if you don’t have anywhere else to store them.

  7. you are soo soo sneaky…haha..

    we have events in cleveland all week…..

    as always…have fun…..
    i have been vowing to just do one day per week this summer…..its time to put up or shut up..
    i live 8.5 miles…not far at all

  8. I am all in!

    I have my route. I know where all the goodies are. I have the time. I have the desire. I have the ability.

    Oh Sh!t.

    I just remember!

    How can I bike to work when I don’t have a job?

    Oh well, Maybe next year ;)

  9. If I were to bike to work, I might get run over by a Duelie Crew Cab Pick-up truck or a construction vehicle. My 22 mile route is super dangerous on bike.


  10. i’d bike to work but i have to haul about 10 tons of photo and lighting gear to our shoot, and well, that would just break THE FUKCER.

    i love that your motivation is free food and schwag. reminds me of steve in a speedo doing the donut run.