Stickin’ it to the man

Over the last two weeks of travel I’ve accumulated a respectable number of stickers to put on my bike case.  Cause really – a plain bike case is about as lame as swimming laps in the kiddie pool.  I do btw have specific rules associated with what stickers can go on the bike case.  I’m not a completely loose in that respect.  But I’ll save that for when I’m really desperate for posting material.


As some of my long time readers might remember (well only the ones who were there in the beginning, all two of you) – I had originally got the ‘threesome’ sticker at a running expo.  But TSA had their way with some resealing tape and it become a twosome/duathlon sticker (not bad, but not ideal).  So I needed to call in re-enforcement’s for that sticker because of its awesomeness (wow, did you know that awesomeness is actually in my Live Writer spell check? Go figure!).

As an unrelated side note – I got the new Forerunner 405 on Monday and have been testing it out on my training runs/rides/etc…  Expect a ‘triathletes’ review early next week from me.  So far…hmm.

In a secondary unrelated side note, I’m working on catching up on peeps blogs…I will…soon.  My Read/Comment to people posting ratio is no longer in the red, so I’m making progress.


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  1. You know what I love about you, Rainmaker? You have rules for EVERYTHING! Rules for sticker accumulation, rules for commenting on blogs, rules for cowbell ringing even – but you never seem uptight. It’s awesome.

  2. awww…the beginnning…i just read your first post…baby rainmaker!!!! :)

  3. The favorite sticker on my bike case?

    “NICE RACK!” with a bike rack company name just under it.

  4. rainmaker, i love the threesome sticker…….
    so you went and got the new forerunner 405. man, you got ALL the toys.

  5. 3some sticker – That’s a funny one!

    Rules for sticker stickin’? I can’ wait for you to unveil that! Come on – publish that draft post!