Bizarre Bike Barrage

Keepin’ it charged, pedal powered

At the Ironman Rhode Island 70.3 Race Briefing they specifically highlighted that you aren’t allowed to text or carry a mobile phone conversation while on the bike course.  The officials had noted they had given out penalties for that in some previous races.  Well, they better get out a whole stack of yellow and red cards after checking out this bike.


It’s got a built in cell phone charger.  You pedal – it charges your cell phone.  Really, could it get any eco-friendly than that?

A TV Manufacture’s Bike?

Well, this creation could only be outdone if Apple made a bike.  But TV manufacturer Panasonic has put together an hybrid electric bike that actually can go far enough to get you through a Half-Ironman.  The only trick?  Getting it past the officials.  The beach cruiser look might set you back a bit in that sneaky endeavor.


The Deep Freeze

Last but not least – we have my favorite – the Ice Cream Bike.  This one’s a wee bit expensive though if you’re just looking at haulin’ around your stash of Ice Cream (or perhaps Sorbet in my case).  At a base price of $2,100 before options (ya know, the important stuff – like upgraded Bell Set and the Umbrella) – you’ll be rivaling your tri bike’s price once you get it fully kitted out.  Nutrition would not be a problem on this ride.



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  1. The Ice Cream Bike is pure genius. I’d like to see a race between several of those in fact.

  2. finally–a way i can do a HIM!

  3. A dude in town just started a bike-landscaping business – I can only imagine the bike attachments that are necessary to haul landscaping equipment around!

  4. That Ice Cream bike would come to good use in the summer triathlons around the country… esp in Texas. I could just imagine seeing that out on the course and pulling them over for some ice cream during the race :)

  5. OMG! I have to get an ice cream bike! it is HOT here today in Houston and this would be great. There are a lot of these in San Antonio selling paletas. YUM!

  6. Man…why didn’t I read this before I bought my bike? That 2nd one would have been the one to buy!