Le Tour de Drugs

I started off and really enjoyed the Tour de France for the first few days.  They had it rebroadcast from 8:30PM to 11:30PM – so at a time I could actually watch it.  But I got pretty busy the last few days, so I wasn’t following much until I read an article this morning about one of the riders (Beltran) testing positive for EPO.  So in other words, he’s a druggie.

I just don’t get it.  Why is this so hard?  I don’t get why these athletes do drugs.  It’s really beyond my comprehension.  Sure I understand WHY they think they need to do it (the money), but I don’t understand how they can justify it to themselves (or their team, family and fans when they get caught).

And at this point and in this age – you’re gonna get caught.  It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow – but eventually you’ll get caught.  And when you do – EVERYTHING you had and worked for – even if you worked for it under legit circumstances – is GONE.  Worthless and gone.  You’re forever labeled a druggie – and rightly so.

The only good news is that at least Garmin-Chipotle’s riders haven’t tested positive for anything (yet).  I’m kinda rooting for them as I like both companies and both organizations are embracing it as well (as a PR op of course).  But really – anything with a big-ass burrito I’m down for.


So while I might watch a bit more here and there – it sucks to once again know that the tour can’t simply keep it clean.


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  1. Cycling’s defense has always been that they do the most testing, so they catch the most cheaters. That’s only true to an extent, though – I think that percentage-wise, they sure seem to have more cheaters than other sports.

    But then, it’s a Euro thing. There’s been cheating for as long as there’s been cycling. It’s just that now there’s a huge financial incentive to do so.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s true Cycling has always been rife with doping, but I’m not sure it’s limited to a “Euro Thing”. I’m not sure a certain 7 times winner of the tour was clean. Also look at the fairly recent positive testing of many US track and field athletes. It’s a world wide problem not just a European problem.

  3. Its sad, but this is the first year I really haven’t watched the tour. I’m just TOO disenchanted at this point to be able to appreciate it anymore.

  4. I am with you wondering how they even begin to think they’re going to get away with it. Stupid, stupid, stupid heads. The druggies are ruining their own careers but also disappointing fans of the whole sport. I hate that the jerks who think they are above the rules have the power to erode support for the entire sport of cycling.

  5. JEK

    A friend reminded me what a business the Tour is for all those involved. As far as teams go – this is their job. To win. Apparently at any cost regardless of whether the athlete is clean or not. I find it rather disconcerting myself. I too am rooting for Garmin-Chipotle since I watched the little special on them last week. How they are trying to keep the team clean.
    As for Olympians. Are we really surprised? I was but am not anymore. I just hope 10 years from now we don’t find out Dara Torres was doping. She’s an incredible athlete with an incredible amount of drive and determination.
    The Tour will go on. More will test positive. I guess we’ll never know whot he best is anymore since inevitably someone is doping.

  6. I share your frustration with the doping… it just seems so futile.

    I also now want a steak burrito really bad. Thanks, DC Rainmaker.

  7. Yeah, I heard about that guy. I had the same reaction – “WHAT A FREAKING DUMBASS!!! HOW DID HE THINK HE WOULDN’T BE CAUGHT? ESPECIALLY WITH EPO, OH MY GOD HOW STUPID CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE?!?” and so on I ranted.

    It is dumb. But it’s sports. Everywhere, in every sport (just about), it exists. Because for some reason, at that level, many of these athletes feel the need to do it. So they can win. So they can stay with this sport at this level. It is disenchanting. But it also makes us that much more appreciative of the athletes who don’t (like Dara Torres, I hope I don’t eat my words, but I really believe she isn’t).

    I just wish they’d legalize it and have two fields – one for dopers and one for the clean athletes. Fine, you want to take steroids and possibly screw up your body down the road? Go ahead. Do as much as you want. You can be in this category.

    I know that’s not really a possibility, but I’m just to the point where I’m so over it that I feel like throwing my hands up and saying “FINE! GO AHEAD!”

    In 20 years we’ll start seeing some real-long term effects if they exist, and hopefully that will also discourage people.

    But money makes people do a lot of things they might not have previously considered. Money, fame – a chance to be known as the best of the best. We haven’t been in these peoples’ shoes…I’m sure it isn’t easy when you get to that level. Just look at us – “well maybe if I tweak this and that…I can shave a couple minutes here and there…” – and what do we do it for? Ourselves. So take that pressure and multiply by 1,000. Or more.

    Anyway, I’ve written way too much for a comment, but it’s a hot issue for me. Cycling is such a beautiful sport and it does make me sad that these guys continue to hold themselves above the rules, but I still have hope. :)

  8. Doing EPO period is stupid.
    Seriously, that stuff scares me.

    A friend told me that in the early 1900’s the riders used to power smoke cigarettes before doing hill climbs, believing it helped their lungs.

    Apparently anyone will do anything stupid so long as a coach tells them it will enhance performance.

  9. Yeah, Slipstream’s big thing is they are supposed to be drug-free. They’re my favs too.

  10. if somebody offers me EPO next sunday…i make NO PROMISES!!!

    well, i can’t really think of a sport that has a completely clean record. i still love watching the tour.

  11. I hear ya. All around. I’m on your team.

  12. Nat

    I haven’t watched or paid much attention to the race this year. I am kind of becoming a non-believer in it which is so sad. I now prefer to watch the elites race locally. Feels like it’s more “real”??

  13. i credit those chipotle guys with really trying to clean up the perception, but it looks like they are swimming upstream without fins

  14. I tried smoking a joint one time while riding a bike………but I didn’t inhale!

  15. Garmin-Chipotle …what a pair of names! I’ve not followed TdFrance at all. Somehow, without our Texas hero LArmstrong, it’s no longer interesting.

    The drug stuff no longer surprises me – I’m tired of hearing it – it’s sad that many athletes have turned to it.

  16. Truely what cycling has come to really stinks. Is it that hard to hope that cycling will be clean again?

  17. Oh yes, I forgot. I am passing on a bloggy award to you for being awesome. Head over to http://www.wasitforthis.blogspot.com to pick it up! Enjoy.

  18. SLB

    Different year…same story!

    Like you Janathan Vaulters (sp?)Team GC seems to be setting the standard.

    Not sure I agree with Donald when he says it’s specific to Europe though, last time a looked Landis and Hamilton had a US passport!

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