Long Day

Today was officially the longest day ever (well, for non-work stuff anyway’s)… Started with a 6AM wake up, and now it’s 3:30AM.  To recap:

6:00AM – Wake up and consume a banana

6:25AM – Out the door to meet running group

7:15AM – Arrive at running destination

7:30AM – 10AM – Run 18.4 miles (in hot and humid weather, with painful hills right form the start), Rock Creek Park (kinda DC, Maryland)

10AM – 10:45AM – Sit around water cooler waiting for others to return

10:45AM – Drive back towards home

11:15AM – Stop at Starbucks for breakfast sandwich (bacon and egg…mmm), then walk across street to smoothie place (more mmm).

11:40AM – Done with eating

11:50AM – Change into cycling stuff, fill water bottles/drink mix

12:00PM – Go out and pound out two hours on the bike, in the rain…the hot humid rain.

2:00PM – Rush to clean off bike to make it presentable, and then take quick shower (Note: I’m now 6 pounds lighter than 8 hours prior, and I’ve drank 80-100+oz of liquid)

2:20PM – Drop bike off at bike shop to get fork replaced (they cracked my carbon fork about 6 weeks, the replacement finally came in)

2:45PM – Head back to downtown DC

3:00PM – Meet up with friend to go play 18 holes of golf (note: I have no idea how to play golf)

3:30PM – 7:30PM – Go hole to hole stuck behind slower groups, manage to only lose one ball in the water and a few in the woods.  Oh, and I lost a pitching wedge somewhere.  I still have no idea how to play golf.  I think I’ll stick with Tri’s.

7:30PM – 8:30PM – Find super-good (and greasy) Five Guys burger shop downtown DC near Chinatown.  Finally, food.

9:00PM – Rush back to Alexandria to change & shower (it was hot and humid playing golf, all sticky – not so attractive)

10:00PM – Now zip back to the Capitol Hill again for a football/birthday party

10:15PM -2:15 AM – Watch University of Washington Huskies suck.

2:45PM – Finally leave party, drive back to Alexandria – avoid getting hit by a clearly drunk driver

3:00PM – Ahhh…the comfort of a bed.  Now I shall sleep.


Thanks god tomorrow (err…today) is only a 2200 yard swim and a 5 mile run.  It’ll feel like a rest day….kinda.


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