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Memorable Travel Running, Riding and Swimming Moments of 2012

With only five more days left in 2012 (depending on if you count today), I think I’ve wrapped up my travelling for the year.  As you’ve probably gathered by now – I travel a wee bit for work.  And then … Read More Here

A Long Run Tour of Washington DC

This weekend was full of loops – be it ones I seemingly did everywhere trying to get errands done at breakneck pace in preparation for next weekend (wedding), or ones that I did while running and cycling.  I’ll spare you … Read More Here

Tour de Seattle

It’s getting hot (in) here…perhaps my new bike shorts has contributed to the record temperatures here in Seattle.  Either way, it hasn’t stopped my training.  Though this is a recovery week (well timed to a travel week), I’ve been busy … Read More Here

Zurich and a little run

I left Nairobi at 5 minutes to midnight on Tuesday night.  My path would take us across the vast arid landscape that is most of northern and East Africa. About 7 hours and 24 minutes later, we touched down in … Read More Here

Swim, Bike, Run, Rinse, Repeat

Monday marked a return to the norm.  The ever constant and cyclic training regime: Swim, Bike, Run, Rinse, Repeat (actually, there are many rinses, fear not).  Except, the cool thing is that since I’ve got a race on Sunday (Nation’s … Read More Here

Two Thirds of an Oly Tri Tuesday

I had to drop a coworker at the airport (Dulles), so I took the opportunity to do tonight’s ride out on the W&OD trail.  By starting out near Dulles it is much quieter and far fewer intersections.  I had only … Read More Here

Long Day

Today was officially the longest day ever (well, for non-work stuff anyway’s)… Started with a 6AM wake up, and now it’s 3:30AM.  To recap: 6:00AM – Wake up and consume a banana 6:25AM – Out the door to meet running … Read More Here