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Hands-on: FORM Goggles Openwater Swim Mode Released for Apple/Garmin Watches

As previously announced back in May, FORM has released their new openwater swim mode that connects their heads up display swim goggles to certain Garmin or Apple Watches, enabling you to see details of your swim in real-time while openwater … Read More Here

FORM Swim Goggles Adds Openwater Swimming with Garmin & Apple Watches

Today, FORM, maker of the heads-up display swim goggles, announced that it’s partnering with Garmin and Apple to bring openwater swim support to their goggles this summer, if you’ve got a compatible Garmin or Apple Watch. The move is notable … Read More Here

Garmin Swim 2 GPS Watch In-Depth Review

The Garmin Swim 2 is more than just a pool swimming watch, it now does openwater and has heart rate tracking. But is it accurate? I dig in to find out. Read More Here

Hands-on: FORM Swim Goggles with Smart Display

Today, FORM Athletica announced their first product, the smart-display enabled FORM Swim Goggles. It’s of course at this juncture that you’re asking yourself: Who TF is FORM Athletica? And what the Helsinki is a smart-display enabled swim goggle? Thankfully for … Read More Here

Hands-on with Tekrapod: Openwater Swim Safety Device

For whatever reason, I find openwater swim safety devices to be interesting. So, if you’re not an openwater swimmer, then returning tomorrow is your best bet. Or, go check out this past post from 9 years ago when I accidentally … Read More Here

How I capture photos while openwater swimming

(Both The Girl and I are incredibly sad about the attack that occurred in Nice last night.  Bastille Day – La fête nationale- is our favorite day of the year here in France, and is incredibly special on so many … Read More Here

Observations from our first indoor pool swim workout in Paris

Last Friday night The Girl and I walked a few short minutes away to ‘our’ new pool.  By ‘our’, I mean the closest one to us, and the one we’ll likely end up getting an annual pass at.  Given it’s … Read More Here

The MySwimIt Safety Device: Good or bad for triathlon races?

This evening I got an interesting comment posted to an old post of mine from last summer.  My original post was about the NYC Triathlon swim deaths that occurred during the 2011 Nautica NYC Triathlon.  That post touched off a … Read More Here

App Review: SwimRadar–Finding pools while travelling

(I’ve long been asked to do app reviews.  And I have done a few here and there, as well as written about them for various publications.  At the moment the number of developers asking for my app reviews far exceeds … Read More Here

Analyzing your swim technique in the pool with the GoPro HD

As part of my never ending quest to improve my swim from not-so-great to ‘better’, I’ve been recently playing around with the waterproof GoPro HD camera in the pool.  This allows me to record video of my swimming (as well … Read More Here

FINIS Swimsense Performance Monitor In-Depth Review

While my pool time has been severely restricted lately with all the international travel, I did get a short opportunity to jump into the pool with the Swimsense while up in Newfoundland.  For those not familiar, Swimsense is like having … Read More Here

Swimming with sharks

(It’s Tuesday, and everyone’s looking to get to the weekend, so we’ll keep today a bit entertaining) It’s no secret that I enjoy mixing sharks with my water.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny little shark that I sit … Read More Here

An awesome training weekend here in DC

This past weekend has been both crazy busy – but also amazingly productive!  While it’s not over here in the US (we get three days!), I’m going to recap two thirds of it, and save you from hearing about my … Read More Here

A return to Skyline!

(Quick Administrative Note: If you don’t normally read the Weekly Mailbag – I’m looking for some feedback on whether or not you’re interested in having integrated ANT+ sensor technology in Smart Phones, particularly Android ones.   This would allow you to … Read More Here

Swimming into a policed compound…in a foreign country

I arrived under cover of darkness into Santo Domingo on Tuesday night, after my 48 hours in Guatemala City.  When I left nearly two weeks ago, the Dominican Republic wasn’t actually on my travel itinerary, but a last minute change … Read More Here

The New Garmin Forerunner 310XT Openwater Swim Mode…In Depth.

Last week Garmin quietly introduced a new upgrade to the Garmin Forerunner 310XT watch that now enables an open water swim mode.  This new feature aims to allow you to get accurate distance in the water while using the watch … Read More Here

2-Mile Swim Race & a bunch of other stuff

Saturday brought a whole bunch of tiresome activities.  First, there was the waking up early thing.  That in and of itself is tiring.  7:30AM?  On a Saturday?  It’s almost as if we’re training for an event or something.  Need to … Read More Here

Swimming in the big boy (and girl) pool

During my day to day training antics, I normally swim in a simple 25 yard pool.  While the pool itself is actually a 50 meter full size pool, it’s divided up into some 14+ lanes, each 25 yards across.  So … Read More Here

Polar Bear Plunge…sort of.

Both Rob and I had our respective workouts to finish in the morning before heading up to the Polar Bear Plunge.  I had an hour run and an hour swim, and he had a 16-18 mile run.  So by time … Read More Here

Pants on the ground

Earlier this week I had an early morning swim technique session.  By ‘early morning’, I mean 6:30AM – or as soon as the pool opened to non-high school swimmers.  Which for me…is dang early.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, … Read More Here

Going for a very cold plunge

There used to be a annual polar bear swim right here in the beautiful and cough clean Potomac river, but from what I can tell, that seemed to have vanished.  Instead, while doing some research last week I stumbled upon … Read More Here

Me and the clock…and cupcakes.

Let’s be honest, for any competitor, it’s all about the clock – even when racing against others, you’re still racing against the clock.  But, over the past few months the clock has played a new role in my workouts – … Read More Here

Thursday Tidbits

In no particular order, here’s a couple of things related to me…and not related to me. 1) Swim interrupted…again: Wednesday night’s swim was dinked again when the lifeguards called a 5-minute ‘safety break’.  Something about being short-staffed and needing a … Read More Here

Little presents

I generally appreciate little random presents.  Most little presents are surprises, and most of the time, they are good. So this weekend I was excited to find a little present in my mailbox after finishing my rather long workout. After … Read More Here

Three sports…one training day

The day was labeled “Race Simulation” on my training calendar.  And had it been a nice summer day with birds chirping, it might have been just dandy.  But in reality, here’s what it looked like: Given the weather forecast was … Read More Here