Thursday Tidbits

In no particular order, here’s a couple of things related to me…and not related to me.

1) Swim interrupted…again: Wednesday night’s swim was dinked again when the lifeguards called a 5-minute ‘safety break’.  Something about being short-staffed and needing a break.  They had other guards hanging around, so not sure exactly what the deal was.  First time it’s ever happened to me (this particular interruption).  It kinda sucked through in that I was on my last 1,000y paced set (4x1000y) and pretty much rocking it.  All sets at 13:00 each (and hitting the splits at 6:30 500’s) with 2:00 between sets.  Times were good.

image (The Girl has a Polar watch I used to record the HR’s, occasionally I do that for longer sets just to see where things stand.  The Polar is nice in that it records HR’s underwater…unlike the Garmin’s.  You can see the significant drop-off mid-4th set.  Sad panda).

2) I got new shoes.  Woot!  This was well overdue.  Though I get the exact same model every time, and usually buy them in two’s, somehow I went way past me usual 500 mile limit and was closer to 700 miles. Tuesday’s brick went exceedingly well – which at the moment I’m attributing to new shoes.  It was nearly 10 miles of running post-bike, and it rocked.  With average paces in the 6:08/mile range, I was quite happy.

IMG_3242 (For my brick I put my water bottle/nutrition out front and simply made laps past them, easier that way)


3) Movie time: Tonight (Thursday) I’m going to see ‘Race across the sky’, which is a movie about the Leadville 100.  Leadville is a 100 mile mountain bike race (and ultra run), which is held in August.  Lance normally does the mountain bike race (and does quite well).  This year they taped a movie and are doing a one-day thing in theatres basically everywhere (kinda like the ‘Spirit of the Marathon’ movie last year).  Here’s a link to find it near your place, and below is the Trailer.

4) Failboat: I noticed that the ITU group released the 2010 World Championship Series schedule yesterday, and omitted DC as a stop for next year.  Which is too bad.  Even more so in that they skipped the US altogether.  Kinda odd.  This was the race that I did back in June as an age grouper, and then watched later in the day as the world’s top pro’s screamed by.  There’s some interesting speculation on why they canned the US stop on Slowtwitch.

5) Moooo: I head out tomorrow down to the great state of Texas to accompany The Girl in her ass-kicking (she’s kicking ass, not getting her ass kicked) at the Longhorn Ironman 70.3.  I’m looking forward to being a spectator and enjoying the day.  Also should be having a blast breaking out the cowbells with Pro Lindsey (who’s cheering for fellow Pro Lauren).

With that, see ya!


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  1. I’ll be in Austin, too! See you there :)

  2. Anonymous

    5 minute swim break?! What is that, I’d be pissed.

    Look into fixing your white balance with that photo of the water bottle/gel flask with you 7D. You can do this in camera or with a raw file after the fact, if you shoot raw. This will keep the photo form looking so yellow.

  3. W00T! where does one secure a cowbell?

  4. I saw the trailer for that a couple months ago and got all excited to see it in the theaters…but I can’t make it at the time they are showing it. Guess I’ll be awaiting the DVD release, much like Spirit of the Marathon.

  5. I’m so jealous that you can get 500 miles out of a pair of running shoes. I used to be able to do that but ever since I was forced to switch brands/models, my current shoe of choice only lasts about 150-200 before I have to switch out due to sporadic leg pain.

  6. Hmm, never heard of a safety break before. But I had no idea that you could record HR with any HRMs so very cool to find out you can after all.

    Have fun in TX!

  7. Nat

    I am jealous too that you can get that many miles out of one pair! LUCKY!

  8. hey race well tomorrow! and please heckle tremonte if you have the opportunity :)

  9. I am sure plenty of girls asked if you were Rainmaker at the race yesterday. I was one of them. I didn’t realize your hair is so red :)It was cool to see you in person. You are a celebrity on my blogroll.

  10. Dang! I knew I should have driven over to Austin for this race.