Little presents

I generally appreciate little random presents.  Most little presents are surprises, and most of the time, they are good.

So this weekend I was excited to find a little present in my mailbox after finishing my rather long workout.


After a bit of wrestling (it was well packed), I found inside this goodness:


See, a few weeks back when I raced in the ChesapeakeMan Aqua-Velo (2.4M Swim, 112M bike ride) I didn’t stay around for the awards ceremony.  That’s because the ceremony was the next morning (typical for an Iron-distance race), and I lived a few hours away and wanted to get home to enjoy the rest of the weekend (and see The Girl!).

So I simply drove on home.  I noticed on their site that they’d send awards out to you if you covered shipping and handling.  Seemed like a fair deal.  For the most part I had forgot about it, as I wasn’t exactly sure if they gave out awards for the individual age group within the Aqua Velo.  Turns out, they do:


Sweet, good deal!  Thus far, as it stands my season started with an AG win, and my last race thus far has been an AG win.  Solid.

Speaking of solid presents…

Tonight I was at the pool for a swim.  Just about 3,300ish yards of back and forth goodness.  I had knocked out the first 2,000 or so yards of warm-up, drills and balance stuffs.  Then I went onto the ‘core’ of my workout, which was 100 repeats alternating with 100 of fist swimming (joyous activity) and 100 of open (no fist).  Things were actually going pretty well.

A bit later I was on my 8th 100y set I heard some lifeguard whistles.

Whistles are never a good thing.  Never ever.

I kept on going, but watched the lanes next to me for motion (or commotion as it may be).  My rule is that mid-set I generally ignore the whistles and instead watch people underwater.  If people start leaving lanes, then I’ll pop-up and see what the circus is about.

Unfortunately, the pool started to empty out pretty quickly.  I knew what this had meant.


Little solid presents.

A little kid had decided to leave little presents.  Which in turn meant my swim workout got the ax.  Luckily, I only had 6 more 100’s to do, so it wasn’t a complete loss per se.  Plus, it’s been a few months since I’ve been kicked out of the pool for present cleaning – so I was due for another pool ejection.

Anyway…onward I go..


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  1. Bummer, Ray. You’d think people that are old enough to swim laps are also old enough to not.. well.. you know…

    I imagine you’ve accumulated quite a few medals & awards over the years. What do you do with them all? Are any on display? Do you ever show up to a race with a bunch of medals around your neck similar to a wrestler with his championship belt?

  2. Doodie! Doodie! How gross.

    But are you sure it wasn’t just a candy bar?

  3. Yuck. The pool presents, not the mantel showpiece. That’s cool.

  4. Wow – that is a nice looking award!

    P.S. I have been meaning to ask you about your bike setup vs. aero issues. link to offers some interesting stuff on the subject. I really found the cost of the aero bottle straw in the wind interesting.

  5. Ewww – for the pool ickiness. Congrats on the award though. That’s sweet.

  6. For all the time I spend in pools.. I’ve been lucky enough to never encounter pool presents. Knock on wood.

    Congrats on the AG win!

  7. aqua velo is a much cooler name for that category than aquabike. also, sweet that they call first place THE CHAMPION.

  8. Great hardware!

    I too have been lucky to have never been ejected from the pool due to “pool presents”. That is wild that you have encountered it more than once. What does that say? I have been swimming laps since I was in high school and did a lot of Red Cross swimming well before that. Wild.

  9. Very nice plaque — CONGRATS!!

    Bummer about the solid little presents, though :-(

  10. damn kids!!

    congrats on the win!

  11. Nat

    Ewwww! I hate solid presents involving swimming pools. NEVER GOOD. Great job on the win!

  12. Gross!

    Damn Kids! Grrr! Get off my lawn!