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5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

It’s heating up in the city!  Here’s what I was up to. 1) Friday Lunch Workouts There are many holidays in France in May.  It’s like a Minesweeper game of holidays. Even days that aren’t holidays actually are unofficially holidays.  … Read More Here

Finally summer! A look at my brick-taper weekend.

It’s been a nice relaxing summer weekend back at home in Paris – the weather seems to be largely pleasant, versus the normal cold and rainy.  For example, Thursday night we went out walking along the Seine and it was … Read More Here

The Bricks: An inside look at my weekly brick workouts

This seasons mid-week brick workouts started quite a while ago, probably about two or so months now that I think about it.  Technically speaking I actually have two brick workouts a week.  The second one attached to my long ride, … Read More Here

Tuesday Training, Trainers, and Trimming

It’s been a busy summer with travel of all kinds.  I haven’t spent a full week home since late May – so the next two weeks are my only opportunity to get in two solid – complete – and well … Read More Here

Pool and Parking lot bricks

With my first race of the year this weekend and my first triathlon of the year next week, things have kicked into short and fast mode for the next two weeks.  As races approach my workouts tend to drift more … Read More Here

A warm fall

After returning from Austin mid-last week, I’ve been in a fairly easy training mode.  Though, Saturday had a fair bit of pop to it with respect to workouts. It started off with a 1hr wetsuit swim, as has been usual … Read More Here

Thursday Tidbits

In no particular order, here’s a couple of things related to me…and not related to me. 1) Swim interrupted…again: Wednesday night’s swim was dinked again when the lifeguards called a 5-minute ‘safety break’.  Something about being short-staffed and needing a … Read More Here

Combining recovery….with taper

From a scheduling standpoint last year was much easier.  Ironman Canada 2008 was on August 24th, and the Nation’s Triathlon 2008 (Oly Distance) was three weeks later on September 14th.  While three weeks recovery certainly wasn’t ideal, it seemed to … Read More Here

Night Rider

Most times for my weekly track brick I tend to manage to get to the track in the 4-5PM hour, thus having me finished with my workout some two hours later in the 7PM range.  This makes for a semi-normal … Read More Here

75 Seconds to Evaporation

Yesterday’s brick and track workout was a hot one.  When we arrived at the school, the little reader board temperature thing said 98*F.  Though that felt a bit high, a quick check later on revealed it was instead 90*F with … Read More Here

Per the schedule: “Rest and Recover”

Before we can get to the rest and relaxation part, we gotta get through the less than relaxing part.  But it was pretty fun! Ok, well, actually, back to rest and relaxation first.  Friday evening post-long-swim, the Girl and I … Read More Here

Getting to the taper

I think mentally I had written off this week as part of the taper for Rhode Island next week.  Perhaps because I didn’t really look at my schedule in detail, perhaps because it was July, perhaps because I don’t really … Read More Here

Beneath the trees near the track

Up until now the majority of my weekday brick workouts have been done at home.  I’d be on my trainer for the bike portion, and then just simply run outside for the run piece.  Quick, and efficient.  However, there are … Read More Here

Swim, Bike, Run, Rinse, Repeat

Monday marked a return to the norm.  The ever constant and cyclic training regime: Swim, Bike, Run, Rinse, Repeat (actually, there are many rinses, fear not).  Except, the cool thing is that since I’ve got a race on Sunday (Nation’s … Read More Here

Big Brickin’

As usually happens, the week before a race is filled with short – but high intensity bricks. During the 7 days leading up to IMC, I’ll be doing 4 different bricks of varying lengths. While I do bricks every week … Read More Here

In Transition…T1…T1…T1…

After last evening’s 90 minute swim (back and forth a gazillion times), it was time to quickly pack up the automotive transition area and head over to the coach’s place to go through transition ‘refinement’ and practice. Translation: He must … Read More Here

Faux Race

This weekend was a solid mix of different stuff, not overwhelmingly busy – but just good-type busy.Saturday:At 6:53AM I was laying in bed deciding whether or not I wanted to join up with the running group to do loops around … Read More Here

How a long bike ride should be

Over the last few weeks I’ve been kinda bummed about some of my long rides. While I was getting in the distance – my performance wasn’t exactly where I wanted it (or needed it to be). Some of it can … Read More Here