Big Brickin’

As usually happens, the week before a race is filled with short – but high intensity bricks. During the 7 days leading up to IMC, I’ll be doing 4 different bricks of varying lengths. While I do bricks every week attached to my long bikes, the bricks this week are generally different in that the bike and the run are at a higher intensity. As you get closer to your prime event, it’s better to decrease duration and increase intensity.

Here’s the plan of record:

Sunday (two days ago): 90 minute ride + 7 mile run (Brick)
Monday (yesterday): 2800yds, including 3×500 TT
Tuesday (today): 45 minute bike + 35 minute run (Brick)
Wednesday: 2100yds, including 2×500 TT
Thursday: 30 minute easy bike
Friday: ~1500m (OW) swim + 25 minute run (Brick)
Saturday: ~1500m (OW) swim + 25 minute run (Brick)
Sunday: Bow-chica-wow-wow – Ironman Canada (Mother of all Bricks)

By far the most fun though was this evening’s brick. Here’s the low-down for that festivus:

10 min warm up
5 min high cadence (up to 125 RPM)
15 min Z2
10 min Z3
5 min Z4A

15 min Z2
10 min Z3
5 min Z4A
5 min cool down

That all translated to the below graphage. I was rather happy too with the wattages.


Following a 60 second transition, it netted me a nice quick second half run (once I could open up the flood gates a touch the first section). The blue line is pace, the red section is HR. My zones are on the left.


My Z4A pace was a nice 6:20/mile. I LOVE these bricks because I do them from my house on a nice bike path that goes for a few miles along a river, and I can really just get in a groove – enjoy being outdoors – and cruise a long.

Prior to the brick though I spent the day working and slowly packing everything up for the flight to Seattle tomorrow morning. Kinda like a squirrel gathering nuts, I’d grab one item here or there on the list, and then cross it off and do something else for an hour or so, and then the next item.

IMGP2449 1024 x 768

Eventually I had my masterpiece complete:

IMGP2448 1024 x 768

On Thursday, my family and I will cross the border and make the 5 hour drive up to Penticton, BC from Seattle. I’ll be posting once I arrive in Penticton– so look for some sweet IMC pre-race action once I get there.

(Btw, if you want to see how I got into this little mess to begin with – check out my Ironman Canada posts from last summer – including my guide for how to signup for an Ironman)

Oh – one last thing. During my taper-time over the last few days I decorated a friend’s new bike. She was out of the country for a short bit and I picked up her new bike from the shop for her. Letting me pick it up was clearly her first mistake. I decided it needed some decorations before she got back:



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  1. Fun bricks…love hitting z3 and 4. Although mine are so close in between it’s only 3-5 bpm difference. What HRM and training software do you use? I’ll be heading up to Canada Friday night and will be volunteering at T1 bag and gear check.

  2. Anonymous

    Wish you the very best in Canada!!

  3. Anonymous

    Wish you the very best in Canada!!

  4. Anonymous

    nice canada logo on that bike!

    bon voyage!!


  5. Too bad that basket wouldn’t fit on your bike with the aero bars. Great place to store gear!

    And I can’t believe you don’t even get one rest day! Crazy!

    Good luck!

  6. Hmmm, note to self, never trust Rainmaker around Bikey…

    Kick ass in Cananda – I’ll be tracking you!

  7. JEK

    good luck good luck good luck!
    I hope you have an amazing race and exceed your expectations. I can’t wait to read and hear all about it when you return!


  8. Nice work with the checklist. Wouldn’t expect anything less. Have a great time out there on your trip to our neighbor to the north.

  9. I imagine the decorated bike is feeling embarrassed and is mortified that the pic is posted on the internet….

  10. Wow, all those bricks and you still have to find time to travel to Penticton..? I hope you have a fabulous race on Sunday. I’ll be chearing you on as I’m running 26.2 on the other side of the country in Quebec. Looking forward to your race report already!

    BTW – that is one stylish looking bike there!

  11. Enjoy the ride in Canada
    you ll break 11 hours easily

    good luck


    safe travels with the fams and HAVE A BLAST SUNDAY!!! i’ll be tracking you, and you’re gonna rock it, i’m sure!!!

  13. Wow – that is one intense IM taper week. But after reading your stuff for so long I would expect nothing less from such an intense, organized guy.

    If you come across some racers/sherpas with Team Blaze jerseys at IM CDA say hi for me.

    Good luck at IM CDA!

  14. What a great treatment of her bicycle! Great for a laugh.

    Best of at IMC, Ray. I’ll be cheering you on from here.

  15. Chicka chicka yeah!

    The “I like it on top” sticker is priceless.

  16. Liz

    Tear it up man. Good luck!!

  17. DC,

    Have a great race. My wife,Dana will be out there racing too. You might see her on the bike. Black and red Cervelo P3C and Rudy helmet. Give her a thumbs up!
    Finishing an IM, it’s going to be such a rush for you!!

  18. Thanks for the packing list link… very helpful!

    Good luck at your race!!!

  19. Nice workouts!

    And you’re SO type A! That list was super nerdy. (That being said from another nerd, so don’t take offense.)

    And I LOVE the bike! That’s what I should do for my upcoming Half IM!

  20. LOVE the bike! What was she thinking leaving you alone with her new bike?!

    Wishing you safe travels, fun time with your fam & friends, and BEST, BEST, BEST luck at IMC. Can’t wait to follow your race.

  21. Exciting, Exciting, Exciting!!!

    Having the family there to cheer you on is excellent. I will be keeping tabs on you.

    By the way, what is your race number???

  22. I love the decorations on that bike! You definitely need that basket for IM Canada. Can’t wait to hear how it all goes down. Good luck! You will do awesome!

  23. Hey, that looks like my daughter’s bike!

    Good luck in CA!