Enjoying the Taper

I continue to have more time that I know what to do with.  So, I’ve been filling up the rest of the days will all sorts of fun things to keep me busy.


After knocking out a mini-IT2 trainer workout on Friday afternoon, it was time to head out to the Washington Nationals (Nat’s) game.

IMG_8138 1024 x 682

As usual, I spent time with my friends and just wandered about the stadium.  I’m not a huge fan of the Nat’s (I’m a Mariners fan…Seattle and all…), so their success or failure isn’t paramount to evening.  Once again, it rained at the game – I think I’m 3/3 on having it rain at Nat’s games.

But, I did get some good photos around the stadium.  Here’s a view from our $18 seats (unfortunately, the $10 tickets weren’t available).  Not a bad view though!

FromOurSeats 1280 x 380

And then heading around to the other side of the stadium, looking across the field.

CenterFieldPano 1024 x 429

Of course, the highlight of my night was actually this ice cream sundae.  I’m not a huge ‘ice cream in a plastic baseball cap’ kinda guy.  But I had a craving – and this just looked incredible.  Hot fudge, oreo cookies on the bottom, sprinkles…it doesn’t get much better!

IMG_8121 1024 x 682


I was first in the Old Town outdoor pool when it opened at noon.  I like to be the first person in an attempt to secure a lane.  I don’t mind sharing a lane – in fact I sometimes enjoy it, I just wanna be able to pick my lane.  Oh, it also allows me to pick out my pool side deck chair location.  There is much strategy involved there…

Some women did join me for a few dozen laps.  I was actually surprised, she was doing 250yds sets and was keeping pace with me – despite not at all having a body type that you would think would be able to.  We swam a few laps side by side, which was actually fun as it kept me on my game a bit.  Sometimes I slow down a bit – so that helped to keep pushing me.  After 60 minutes of non-stop pull buoy swimming I knocked off 3800 yards and went to enjoy the pool deck.  Regrettably, scenery was down for the second straight week.

After that it was time to head out on a tour of Washington DC by bike.  The friend that I do my 20 milers with is heading overseas next week, and he wanted to get out and take some photos of the major monuments around DC.  So I hoped on my trusty mountain bike and we went around and took pictures all over the place.

IMG_8198 1280 x 853

IMG_8333 1280 x 853IMG_8237 1280 x 853

There was a big ol’ demonstration going down on the southern portion of the Mall, peoples everywhere.  Also a few near the White House.  Having a mountain bike made just wandering anywhere sooo easy.

IMG_8250 1280 x 853

IMG_8272 1280 x 847

IMG_8298 1280 x 832

Afterwards, we took advantage of DC’s restaurant week to get in a great Tapas meal at Jaleo’s.  Generally speaking the food was quite good, although there were a few weak dishes.  Following that it was off a party with a group of running friends to watch the women’s marathon.  Very cool coverage of the run.


Sunday… well, I was lazy.  I slept in till like 11AM.  And then I did nothing for a while.  Eventually I got my bike together and made the quick 20 minute drive south to Prince William Forest National Park.  It’s a semi-small National Park just outside of DC at only 15,000 acres.  But it’s got a GREAT 7-ish mile scenic loop road on it that’s been split one half for cars, and one half for bikes/walkers-runners.  This makes it ideal for any triathlon training as you can easily do loops of running or biking as you see fit to get in your workouts.

IMGP2440 1280 x 960In addition, each loop actually has a 2 mile section with some fairly technical ascents and descents.  It’s kinda like shifting homework trying to nail them all perfectly.  The other 5 or so miles of the loop is relatively flat/rolling, which makes it great for hunkering down in the aero-position and just rockin’ it.

IMGP2431 1280 x 960

Speaking of rockin’ it – those descents make for some screaming speeds.  I got up to 44.5MPH today on the little descent below.  Since I completed four loops, I took out my little camera on the last loop and made the below short video of this section (you’ll have to be on the page to see the video).  This was at 41MPH:

Afterwards it was time to run about 7 miles practicing my strategy for a sustainable run next weekend at IMC.  It’s somewhat complex, but basically it involves walking portions of the aide stations.  The overall speed I’m able to maintain at an incredibly low HR doing this method is amazing.  So…if you see me walking the aide stations (or the first two minutes of the run) next weekend – don’t fret.  As George Bush would say – I have strategery!

Have a good week!


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  1. thats some stratergery..errrr…..ideas of what yur gun do in that long race….

    that prince william park looks awesome…love the flatter portions and then the spots you can get some climbingin…..

    couldnt get the video going…but I think its the lame notebook computer i am using…(station property–in jersey for browns-giants)

    good post!!!
    shame on you sleeping in so long…haha

  2. Nice way to taper… especially at Nationals Park :)

    Enjoy :)

  3. Great way to get your 20 mile ride in by taking the scenic tour and taking photos.

  4. My friends and I did RW at Jaleo last week – my favorite was the skirt steak, it was sooo great. Also, I haven’t heard of Prince William Forest National Park – sounds like a great new training locale!

  5. Hey Rainmaker, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with IM Canada. Thanks for the encouragement on my blog. I wished I could have joined you and meet up, but unfortunately mine had to end the way it did. Make sure you tell us about your race!

  6. DC offers a great opportunity to spend time with friends and explore, sounds like you had a fun weekend.

    Prince William Forest sounds like a great place to “recreate”. Nice to be close to a forest that is very user friendly.

  7. How could you compare yourself to W? You’re a doer, while he’s a decider.

  8. Great photos – ummm.is this your first ironman distance?