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Washington DC Tidal Basin Intervals

Ahh yes, back in Washington DC.  Though, not permanently.  Just for a few days before I head off to CES on Sunday evening for a crazy-busy packed few days (with a lot of awesomeness in the pipeline). After arriving into … Read More Here

A look at a week of rides (and a run) in Boulder, Washington DC

It’s been a busy week thus far (and seemingly only getting busier, despite being Sunday). So I figured I’d catch folks up on where I am, and in doing so I have a post that isn’t about power meters (since … Read More Here

Photo of the day: A swimming pool on the highway

Roughly every other day, I drive to the swimming pool.  But, I’ve never quite driven with the swimming pool, nor had one driving along side of me. Yet this morning, that’s exactly what happened.  On the way to work, in … Read More Here

Interesting tidbits from a 50-mile bike commute

(Brief side note: For those that saw yesterday’s Vector delay post, note that I’ve updated it late Wednesday evening with additional information regarding the Edge 500 & FR910XT firmware updates, as well as some additional info about the delay itself.) … Read More Here

A look at the 2012 Washington DC Multisport Expo

In between various things going on Saturday, I managed to sneak a bit of time at the DC Multisport Expo, which is held within the Georgetown Prep sports facilities.  I try and make it out there each year for the … Read More Here

Top 10 Reasons I love running in the Washington DC area

Given how nice the weather has been here in DC the last few days, I figured it might be fun to highlight some of my favorite aspects of the DC metro area from a running perspective.  After all, that’s how … Read More Here

Spending time with the Specialized Venge and running hard between DC monuments

You know when you nail a weekend’s worth of workouts and the numbers come out perfectly?  Yup, that was this weekend.  This past weekend had both a long (yet finishing hard) run and a hard bike on it.  The run … Read More Here

The Sports and Fitness History exhibit at the Patent and Trademark Museum

Washington DC is full of fascinating monuments, memorials and museums.  There are of course the many famous places that those outside of the region hear about on a potentially daily basis (i.e., the White House), some that you might hear … Read More Here

Running at night on the National Mall

I’ve recently remembered again how much more interesting long runs are when you can do them point to point.  If you’re like me, and are essentially doing a weekly long run almost year-round, you’re probably a bit worn with your … Read More Here

Friday Tidbits of Note

Rather than have a specific theme for today, I figured I’d share a slew of interesting little tidbits that have floated across my week thus far.  Some of them sports technology, some of them me-stuff. #1: Dinner with the Speaker … Read More Here

Fitting it all in: Work, Run, Fly, Blog

On Sunday evening I realized that Monday was going to be a bit of a whirlwind day – starting on one coast, and ending on the other, so I figured it might be a bit fun to simply put together … Read More Here

Friday: Olympics, Presidents and everything else

For a Friday, I figure a couple of fun and random things are in order. Head Honcho Sightings: First up was a presidential sighting.  Well, not ours.  But rather another countries.  So technically, it was a Prime Minister sighting. Thursday … Read More Here

DC Hot Chocolate 15K 2011 Race Report (Alternate Title: How not to organize a race)

(I’m going to start this like any other race report…but fear not, I’ll get to my ‘suggestions’ section later on.  It’s probably better to just sit back, and let it all unfold – rather than going straight into rant mode.) … Read More Here

Tracks, Timex Run Trainers…and a night at the Kennedy Center

To say this week has been busy so far would be an understatement.  A certain company is off going for a record on the number of product updates/releases in a single week, and I’ve been holding on trying to keep … Read More Here

A bit of Washington DC flavor in my weekend

The weekend started off with a Friday evening swim at the outdoor pool, which is one of my favorite summer activities.  I just love being able to swim outdoors, especially in the evening when it’s quieter.  Regrettably, there’s only a … Read More Here

A Long Run Tour of Washington DC

This weekend was full of loops – be it ones I seemingly did everywhere trying to get errands done at breakneck pace in preparation for next weekend (wedding), or ones that I did while running and cycling.  I’ll spare you … Read More Here

2011 DC Tri Race Report –3rd Overall!

Prior to the race, many folks asked how I thought the race might go – and my only answer was to sum it up simply as a ‘Hail Mary’ of sorts. The last week has been far from ideal as … Read More Here

National Half-Marathon Race (Pace) Report

You know what’s the nice part about a running race?  You don’t have a massive pile of junk that you have to setup anywhere. It’s really rather simple actually.  You’ve got shoes, shorts, top and a race chip.  Perhaps you … Read More Here

Flight, Run, Soccer, Bike…oh, and tailgate.

A busy weekend was in store…but first, I had to get myself home from a brief 24 hours in Charlotte.  Actually, I think it was more like 22 hours to be exact.  Either way, a 45 minute flight is so … Read More Here

Steaks, Ducks and Planks

Now that I’m home for a short bit, I’ve been enjoying kicking off the weekend with a bit of cooking – just like last weekend.  After consulting with The Girl, I checked in and see what she wanted.  Turned out … Read More Here

Nation’s Tri Athletes: Just ignore the 8’ Bull Sharks…

The biggest triathlon event in the DC area – and one of the biggest in the nation/world is just a few days away.  The Nation’s Triathlon will kickoff this Sunday with 4,000-6,000 athletes on a redesigned course that takes you … Read More Here

New–Washington DC Tri Resource Section/Post

I get a ton of requests for the best places for triathletes to train, so I started putting them all together in a single cohesive (updatable) post. Now, there are a gazillion places to train in the DC area, but … Read More Here

A very hot 4th of July…and lots of BBQ.

After leaving San Diego on Thursday, I arrived back into relatively cool mid-70’s weather late Thursday night. However, my acclimatization period would be decidedly short, as by Friday it was well on it’s way to the 90’s.  Luckily, my easy … Read More Here

2-Mile Swim Race & a bunch of other stuff

Saturday brought a whole bunch of tiresome activities.  First, there was the waking up early thing.  That in and of itself is tiring.  7:30AM?  On a Saturday?  It’s almost as if we’re training for an event or something.  Need to … Read More Here

DC Bike to Work Day 2010

Bike to Work Day in the DC area is probably one of the best days out there to get free stuff if you’re a cyclist.  Not sure what I mean?  Well, let me take you along on my journey this … Read More Here