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How to fit two triathlon bikes into a really small private airplane

There’s some smart nuggets amongst ya’ll yesterday in the guessing game around details about the picture I posted.  You can read all the guesses here.  And here’s the original the picture: Some of you picked up on two key items … Read More Here

Pushing the envelope

It finally happened, almost 6 years to the day from when it first started.  What happened you ask?  Well, first, some history. I moved from Seattle to Washington DC on May 1st, 2004 (6 years ago tomorrow) – and when … Read More Here

Adventures in triathlon RV’ing

I have officially discovered there is no better way to do local or semi-local race weekends than renting out a little RV and going full tilt at the race site.  Let’s do a not-so-quick recap on how it all goes … Read More Here

Free National Park Access for a week, starting Saturday! Wootage!

As many of you know, over the past few years I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time up on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, which…is part of the National Park System. Not only is it probably the best cycling … Read More Here

Someone left a floater

Due to a flip-flop in the weekly schedule of runs, both the Girl and I were in position to be able to enjoy a nice 10 mile run with our friends on Saturday morning.  Normally the 10m run run occurs … Read More Here

St. Patrick’s 8K Race Report

Alternative Title I: Finally! Alternative Title II: Adventures of blurry cam! But more on the alternative titles in a bit.  Let’s get to the start first. And getting to the start required the Metro.  It’s just so much easier for … Read More Here

Time Trialing with the subway

Sunday night after I got home from New York City around 5PM I still had one minor item left to knock out…a 2hr and 45 minute ride. Now, I could do this indoor on the trainer – but I’m sick … Read More Here

Weekend Tidbits

This weekend was full of all sorts of stuff – to start off with, The Girl was busy making Valentines cookies…and I was busy eating them: Of course, post-cookies there was some brief running to do – in the Cupid’s … Read More Here

Snow and Stuff (or stuffed with snow)

The last two days have been pretty busy.  Really busy.  It was all about trying to fit in every possible last detail before heading out on a awesome series of trips.  All while at the same time trying to fit … Read More Here

Tidal Basin 3K Race Report: Things that hurt…a lot.

It seemed like a good idea yesterday. It did not seem like a good idea at mile 1. But first…let’s rewind to last year. Last December DC runner/blogger Peter was taunting me to show up at the monthly Tidal Basin … Read More Here

Running from the police (Part II)

I was downtown (DC) today for a series of meetings and related stuffs, which is somewhat unusual in that I generally work from home.  I had finished up my day and was heading out of a building and made it … Read More Here

Cycling and cupcakes

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind, sorta like the time-lapse video I put together. Saturday morning was spent trying to catch up on sleep before heading down to Prince William Forest National Park to get in a solid … Read More Here

2009 Army 10 Miler Time-lapse

I went out earlier this morning to watch a bit of the Army 10 Miler race, which has over 21,000 folks running in it.  I was also playing with a new digital camera, so I ended up creating this time-lapse … Read More Here

Weekend Part II – Just hanging around

Following a few days of triathlon related goodness in Luray, the Girl and I bailed back up into Shenandoah National Park to our mountainous hideaway for a few days away from it all.  We stayed at Skyland (within the park) … Read More Here

Soccer, Sockeye, and Sights

Outside the realm of training, the weekend was also full of all sorts of other things.  In particular, Sunday was rather busy…here’s a recap. Following a Sunday noon-time 4,100 yard swim, we rushed out the door and off to Fedex … Read More Here

A sporting weekend

This weekend turned out to be full of sports, and not just of the Cupcake Creation variety either (which, of course, is an official sport around these parts).  But I see no reason to skip over the cupcakes.. As I … Read More Here

Per the schedule: “Rest and Recover”

Before we can get to the rest and relaxation part, we gotta get through the less than relaxing part.  But it was pretty fun! Ok, well, actually, back to rest and relaxation first.  Friday evening post-long-swim, the Girl and I … Read More Here

Washington DC ITU Pro Race Spectator Report

If you’ve been following along in the tri world you likely know that this past Sunday here in little ole Washington DC there was a major pro triathlon as part of the Dextro Energy ITU World Championship Series that’s stopping … Read More Here

2009 Washington DC Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Race Report

The first order of business in any triathlon is packet pickup, which I accomplished the day before downtown at the Hyatt.  It as pretty cool seeing a number of the pro’s hanging out in the lobby, preparing for their race … Read More Here

Dinner with the First Lady

I feel like I should at least mention it, albeit briefly.  Tonight, when The Girl and I arrived at the restaurant (Tosca) in downtown DC for dinner, we were met with Secret Service agents and wands to check us for … Read More Here

New DC triathlon race announced to go with ITU World Cup Race

I’ve heard about this for months and even had some e-mails with the ITU folks about it – and as of today, it’s FINALLY announced – The US Dextro Energy Triathlon.  As many of you already know, there’s an ITU … Read More Here

Cherry Blossoms and gazillions of people

Every year about this time about 2,000 Cherry Trees around DC explode with little flowers.  Not only does it seem to usher in the start of spring, but also the start of the main tourist season.  I generally try to … Read More Here

Ya win some, ya lose some: National Half Marathon

I knew on Tuesday things were going to be rough.  My HR’s were way higher than normal – both on and off the track.  I was hoping I might slide by with enough recovery such that by Saturday things would … Read More Here

Packing your nuts

Tonight I handled a lot of peoples nuts.  Thousands of them…and it was spectacular! Tonight Rob and I pitched in and helped with the National Marathon and Half Marathon setup.  This is the same race we’re both running on Saturday … Read More Here

Cycles and Cupcakes

There are few things I like less than waking up early.  I define early as any time before the sun rises, or any time before 10AM, whichever happens to occur first on that day. Saturday however brought a 10K race … Read More Here