Per the schedule: “Rest and Recover”

Before we can get to the rest and relaxation part, we gotta get through the less than relaxing part.  But it was pretty fun!

Ok, well, actually, back to rest and relaxation first.  Friday evening post-long-swim, the Girl and I and some friends went to the Nat’s game (that’s the baseball team for you non-baseball folk).  The weather turned out great for it, despite my current streak of it pouring for every Nationals game I’ve gone to.

IMGP4814 IMGP4835

Early Saturday morning (well, actually, this time they arrived at a reasonable hour into close by DCA instead of far away BWI or IAD), my parents arrived for the weekend.  After a nice breakfast with the girl in Alexandria, we headed down to Prince William Forest National Park to get in our short brick workout for the day.  By ‘we’, I mean me – the girl, and my parents.  With my Mom also doing the run portion of the brick in preparation for her first tri later this summer, while my Dad cycles his way towards his first century ride later this summer as well.

My workout consisted of three loops around the 7.1 mile main scenic loop, which is a combination of a few miles of up and down hills and then the remainder of the miles in a shallow false flat (climbing).


Though, this wasn’t just a normal Z2 long ride effort, instead it was a set where each loop increased in heart rates to a higher zone.  So, the plan was:

Loop 1: Z2/Warmup – @ 95rpm (139-149bpm)
Loop 2: Z4A @ 95rpm (157-162bpm)
Loop 3: Z4B @ 95rpm (163-166bpm)

And with that, off I went.

The first loop was a pretty solid warm-up loop that I knocked out in 21:44, or 19.6MPH.  After that it was time to kick it up a notch.

The second loop came in at 19:47, or 21.6MPH.  By far the fastest split I’ve ever recorded there, so I was super happy about that, especially since I wasn’t even riding race wheels.  But…

IMGP4844(Sorry, not a great pic…but I was working my ass off)

…I wasn’t done yet.  I still had one more lap to do.  And on this last one I knocked out a 19:44, edging out my just established record by a few seconds.  Of course, I did spend the last half a mile going a bit easier to prepare for the upcoming run transition.

Speaking of the run…I had a short 35 minute run that quickly built up through the following zones:

2 Mins Z3 (157-163)
15 Mins Z4A (164-169)
10 Mins Z4B (170-173)
3 Mins Z5A (174-177)
5 Mins Cool down

One little twist though…I decided to take along my semi-new Camelbak.  I’ve found though my recent runs that I am really significantly faster and more in control of my hydration and nutrition when I’m carrying the Camelbak.  Even though it was only 35 minutes, I wanted to see if it would fair as well in a much faster paced tempo run as sort, as well as just how it would feel running off the bike with it.

While I could simply type out how the run went…I think this picture accurately describes it:


Booyeah!  That’s all there is to say about that run. 

Oh, and I’m about 80% sure I’ll actually run this weekend’s Rhode Island 70.3 race with the Camelbak.  The extra weight will easily be negated by being in complete and total control of my hydration and nutrition strategy.

Later on Saturday night we rambled on bikes to watch the big 4th of July fireworks over DC.  We stayed on the Virginia side of the river, but we were still plenty close for the action.


That’s the Lincoln Memorial lit up across the river, with the pile of bikes on this side of the river.

IMG_9979 Many many people both walked, ran and biked down to watch the fireworks…


IMG_9987A IMG_9989

…oh, right – the purpose of my post: Rest and Recover

See, on my official schedule for Sunday, it had the following:


So what did we do Sunday?


Absolutely nothing.

Yup, we sat around on the couch all day long and watched cycling, reruns of movies on TV, and more cycling…and more reruns of movies on TV.

And at the end of the day, the parents, the Girl and I made some food on the BBQ:



So, that was my relaxing weekend.  Now I’ve got a week’s worth of sweet bricks ahead of me leading up to the big dance on Sunday.  More to come…


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  1. Nice job! Sounds like you are on your way with the taper :) I remember those fireworks – used to be able to watch them from my balcony at Pentagon City. Quite a show!

  2. I see that you took the Cervelo down to the fireworks. With all the other people doing the same thing by riding their bikes down, I’d imagine you yelled “On your left” quite a bit. Kinda hard to go “normal people” speed.

    Looks like you’re ready to rock RI!

  3. good job out there rest and recover for your big race

  4. Yum the bell pepper and squash mix looks great! Way to go Mom and Dad for having their own endurance sport goals!

    Remember to train smart this week leading up to the race. Get lots of sleep and just go ahead and wear the Camelbak around all the time.

  5. You’ve got a very inspiring, down-to-earth blog which is very motivating for someone like myself who is looking to compete in my first triathlon. Keep it up!

    Also, you’ve referenced your trainer a few times lately. I was hoping you could shed some light on what bicycle trainers you’ve tried and would recommend and why. There is quite a price variation out there.


  6. That’s awesome that your workout was a family affair! Nice!!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend. Nicely done on the brick workout. Things are obviously coming together for your race on Sunday!

  7. Very nice brick. Good luck in RI!

  8. What camera did you use to capture those fireworks? Those pics came out great.

  9. A the Canon Digital Rebel xTi with a Canon 50mm lens.


  10. Hi slemecha,

    Re Trainers…

    I primarily use the CompuTrainer when inside (since it requires electricity). But outside I’ve been using one of two different trainers. The first is ‘little red’, which is the little red trainer that’s always on sale from Performance Bike for $89. But, this one I’ve found tops out when I hit about 275w (for me, easy Zone 4), so I’ve recently had to switch to the slightly more expensive model – the Travel Track Century 5 Fluid+ model, which is about $150 I think (though again, Performance has sales every week, so you can get it quite a bit cheaper). This one I don’t have any issues with getting and staying in Zone 4 for my outdoor workouts near the track.

    I would highly recommend this last one because it has an adjustable thingy to change resistance. Now, to some degree that’s overrated, since you can functionally do the same thing just by changing gears. But it is kinda handy. Also, check Craigslist and eBay – people are ALWAYS trying to dump trainers after never using them. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any other questions, I’m always happy to answer!

  11. TH

    I see that you have a fry basket on the grill…does it work? How did they turn out?