Cycling and cupcakes

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind, sorta like the time-lapse video I put together.

Saturday morning was spent trying to catch up on sleep before heading down to Prince William Forest National Park to get in a solid brick.


The brick was relatively simple in nature, with the bike being on the flats all-aero-all-the-time forming a 10 mile out and back loop that I’d repeat four times, the first two loops in Z2, and the 3rd/4th loops in Z3.


I’ve still gotta work through the logistics of using Gel bottles, but for this simple sub-2 hour ride, simply attaching them to my aero-bottle using the already in place massive rubber band worked well.


The bike portion went quite well, and I averaged some pretty solid speeds and wattages:

Lap 1: 28:08 – 21.7 mph – 240w (Z2)
Lap 2: 27:21 – 22.1 mph – 247w (Z2)
Lap 3: 26:36 – 22.6 mph – 270w (Z3)
Lap 4: 27:01 – 22.4 mph – 264w (Z3)

After that, it was time to run!

Except, somehow along the way (about 1 foot from my car), I realized that I forgot a shirt to run in, and just decided to run sans-shirt.  Given it was relatively warm (about 80*F), this wasn’t going to be a problem.  However, I still needed my CamelBak for run.

So I ran – and ran very well.

However, one little detail I didn’t consider would be the lack of skin I’d have on my back where the CamelBak was rubbing. It didn’t hurt during the run…but it certainly hurts now (days later).  I have a photo too of the massive red/white spots like a horrible rug burn (in four places)…but I’ll spare you that.  Fail.

Anyway…10 miles later I was done, and time to head home and get on with the cupcake making.  Well, to be clear, I wasn’t doing a ton of cupcake making, but The Girl was.  She did virtually everything, I just attached the ladies butts to them (really, that was my job!).

Oh, and the cupcakes were for a friends party that we went to Sunday, they are getting married next weekend.  So little bride and groom cupcakes seemed appropriate.  Yes, she made all those chocolate creations herself, pretty impressive.

IMG_0052 IMG_0055 IMG_2941 IMG_2943 IMG_2946 IMG_2947 IMG_2948 IMG_2954 IMG_2958 IMG_2964 IMG_2967 IMG_2977

As we leave the cupcakery behind, we move onto an early morning on Sunday.  A friend of ours came up Saturday evening to run in the Army 10-miler.  While I had a bib this year, it just didn’t fit my training and race plan for the next few weeks, so I ended up skipping it and taking photos instead.

If you didn’t get a chance to see my short little time-lapse video – check it out here. Otherwise, here’s a few other random photos from yesterday.  I also have 3 other shorter time-lapses I photographed, but at the moment I’m too lazy to post-process them given how short they are (plus, they wouldn’t be as cool as the initial one).  I have ice cream to eat after all…

IMG_1983 IMG_1978 IMG_2390 IMG_2396 IMG_2580

Following all this, Sunday afternoon I spent a bit of time at the pool knocking out four sets of 1,000y at a time on pace.  I was screaming along, but then again – doing it in your wetsuit affords you that advantage (as well as getting more used to wetsuit swimming).  Either way, things are looking good.

So with that,  it’s back into another week of…well…the usual.

Have a good week all!


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  1. the cupcakes look delicious! nice work on the ride and the run.
    enjoy your ice cream!

  2. Mmm, cupcakes look good. I just finished a gingerbread one. I could go one of those penguin ones as well.

    Great brick workout. Frankly, I am curious to see how bad your Camelbak burn is on your back.

  3. CUte army guys! Brings back memories of the Marine COrps marathon….

  4. Beautiful cupcakes! Certainly if you two ever lose your jobs you should be opening a bakery :-)

    Interesting that you swim with a wetsuit on in the pool. What temp is your pool? Are you able to swim 4000 yards at race pace w/o overheating?

  5. My initial reaction on the cupcakes: ohhhh myyyyyyyyyy goddddddddddddddd

    they ARE beautiful creations!

    what races do you have coming up? anything imp before the ‘off-season’?

  6. Ian

    Why not just run with your bike jersey on? Am I missing something obvious?

  7. I made the mistake of wearing a cotton bike jersey (the only one I have), as it was supposed to be cooler than that. So while it was barely passable (on an 80*F) day) on the bike on a shady course, I would have overheated like a pot-pie during a long run.

  8. Nat

    I can’t believe those cupcakes! Wow! I also can’t believe it’s still hot. We’re getting snow in MN this weekend! Brrrr!

  9. Catching up…

    All good stuff. In particular the time lapse was outstanding and the flattened river swim analysis was some mad science. Nicely done.

  10. I think all the riding and running you did made up for the Fail.
    Cupcakes look awesome.

  11. Jen

    If you had kept the cotton shirt on, you would have wound up with Camelbacne. So it was a lose-lose situation from the get-go. Bummer!

    On a more pleasant note, those cupcakes are amazing. You and The Girl are going to have to elope, ‘cuz I doubt there’s a baker out there who can keep up with the likes of you.

  12. Dang that girl’s got some mad skillz!