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Paris Blog: Bertie’s CupCakery Opening in Paris!

Since this is a Paris life post I thought it was important to give everyone the fantastic news of how Paris life for us as we know it is about to change!  This is because Bertie’s CupCakery is now officially … Read More Here

Windy 43MPH Weekend Runs

This weekend saw a nice little kick up in both run and bike training.  As you may have surmised, most of my focus this year has actually been on the run – tentatively aiming for a 10-miler race in late … Read More Here

Friday Distractions

When it comes to getting things done, Friday is never a terribly successful day for me.  Though, sometimes I find that spills into Thursday’s as well.  Take for example, yesterday.  As I was pondering getting on the bike for my … Read More Here

This weekend: Race Pacing & Cake Competitions

Quick side note: If you haven’t had a chance to either enter the FR310XT giveaway, or at least read the various ‘Funny training stories’ entrants, definitely take a moment and do some browsing (or entering).  Some hilarious stories in there … Read More Here

My Movie Star Trip to New York City

Despite having just arrived back home in the US, that didn’t mean I was going to stay put for very long.  Early Friday morning I joined The Girl, her sister and her parents for a weekend in NYC.  We all … Read More Here

Corned Beef, Pools, and Cupcakes (though, not all together)

The weekend started like any good weekend should – with cupcakes being made.  The Girl was back at it after her adventures to the NYC’s Magnolia bakery, making loads of cupcakes. Though, the Girl’s were far better – plus, they … Read More Here

Me and the clock…and cupcakes.

Let’s be honest, for any competitor, it’s all about the clock – even when racing against others, you’re still racing against the clock.  But, over the past few months the clock has played a new role in my workouts – … Read More Here

Cycling and cupcakes

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind, sorta like the time-lapse video I put together. Saturday morning was spent trying to catch up on sleep before heading down to Prince William Forest National Park to get in a solid … Read More Here

A week in review (aka: Cupcakes in review)

While the focal point of the past 7-10 days has been Ironman Rhode Island 70.3, it’s actually been rather busy otherwise as the Girl and I spent time with my family and relatives in both Rhode Island and Connecticut. Here’s … Read More Here

Sweet and Sour Peaks

There are two workouts per week I dislike very much.  The first is the treadmill from hell workout on Tuesdays, and the second is the trainer from hell workout on Wednesday. Regrettably…today is Tuesday.  This is sad for two reasons.  … Read More Here

Ya win some, ya lose some: National Half Marathon

I knew on Tuesday things were going to be rough.  My HR’s were way higher than normal – both on and off the track.  I was hoping I might slide by with enough recovery such that by Saturday things would … Read More Here